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Why Pigs Ear?

Because it’s Cockney rhyming slang for beer.

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Social Diary  

21st Oct - Crawl "City Road EC1"  - Administered by Kim Scott/ The Masque Haunt - 7pm, The Old Fountain - 7.45pm, Royal Star - 8.30pm, The Eagle - 9.15pm, William IV - 9.45pm, The Wenlock - 10.15pm   30th-31st Oct Autumn Ale Festival. Leyton Orient supporters club, Oliver Road Leyton E10. Featuring a variety of 30+ ales ,plus ciders and perry Snacks available doors open 5pm. 11th Nov 7.30pb Branch Meeting The Bell Walthamstow E17. This meeting will also cover GBG Selection dates and scores will be available to view so please try to attend. What Pub stationery shall also be available. 12th Nov - Branch Social Waltham Forest Sports and Social Club Festival. Meet from 6:30pm 20th Nov - Crawl "Bethnal Green Jackets"  - Alleged by Matt Barrowcliffe Marksman, E2 - 7:30pm, Albion E2, Seabright Arms E2, + 2 more stops TBC.
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We have been requested to support the threats to close the George Tavern 373 Commercial Road, London, E1 0LA  From here you will find out how and where to write to. You can never have enough letters. They are really really important. We have till the 5th March to get everything in. People can also sign the petition. we have over 1500 signatures in just over a week. This appeal is over 6 private flats next to a pub and live music venue. It makes no sense what so ever. There has been live Music at the George for over 50years possibly even longer. It is a historic site The 6 flats would block all the windows in the old theatre upstairs and all the windows on the east wall which includes bed rooms landings hall toilet kitchen. They would dearly love to buy the club, restore it along with George and Theatre. bringing it back into community use. Weddings Christenings Wakes Party's live music ballroom dancing. It has an amazing lit up dance floor. If you could get people to tweet re tweet fb that would be fantastic. Spread the word According to Mick O’Rorke If the George goes, he believes there will not be any real ale the length of Commercial Road and East India Dock Road!
"Whatpub (whatpub.com) is CAMRAs new online pub national guide. This relies on surveys and updates from CAMRA members. We have identified a number of pubs where we feel there could be more info and classed them as Red and Amber depending on how lacking they are ie the red pubs are  number one priority to survey. Please find a survey form here. Please enter the details under feedback for the relevant pub or email the form to the branch email address." Thanks.