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Photograph some pubs? Have some old photographs of pubs?

Have a digital  camera? Do you think you can photograph pubs? All pubs in the 1991 edition of the East London & City Beer Guide have now been photographed.  This includes the empty spaces that once were occupied by a pub and pictures of what the buildings are now or what they have become.  My thanks to Colin Price who almost single handedly took most of the photos.  However the work is not done as we now have to load all the pictures that were taken in the mid 1980's (and later).  Whatpub shows there are some pubs that need photographing so if you find a photoless pub on Whatpub dust off your camera or set your phone onto its highest picture setting and give us a hand.

Email them me with the word photograph in the subject box and rename the picture “postarea - pub.jpg, e.g.E1-Alma.jpg. 

If you have old photos of pubs then send them to me and I will update Whatpub.

If you know of any pub offering CAMRA members discount then please go to the Whatpub site and update it. Or let us know and we can do it

for you.