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Pub History

Links to on line East London Beer Guides and more.

1983-June 2017. All the known updates from London Drinker and other sources.

1991 to December 2012.

All the updates since the 1991 beer guide to December 2012.

1991 Beer Guide.

How the beer scene looked then. ePub version 1986 Beer Guide The second guide we produced and the first using a database (Datastar) and mailmerge. In 1985 the branch started a project to photograph all the pubs in our area. It took until 1994 before they were all done. We are now in the process of populating Whatpub with all these pictures. So far E1-E16 have been done and it has thrown up two anomalies. In E14 the Marshall Keate at 29 Prestons Road does not appear in our database though it appears in our 1983 beer guide. It does appear with a line drawing in the 1986 guide albeit on page 151 amongst the E15 pubs stating it had been demolished in 1986. In E16 the same can be said of Bentleys 23 Barking Road though there is no mention of the pub anywhere in the 1986 guide. Formally the Bridge House it was demolished sometime after August 1988 when the above photograph was taken. If you have any photos of our pubs from another era then send them to us stating the date the photo was taken. Thanks to Sue who has sent two pictures. 1983 Beer Guide. The original mass produced guide, Every word typed using a golfball typewriter I imagine. This was the typed beer guide issued to branch members in March 1983. PDF available here. The latest pub information appears here. Updates since 1991
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