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Closure EC3A 5BU  Adriatico - Closed due to pandemic. EC2V 5HA Davy's Wine bar -closed lease expired E4 6EL   Dovecote - has re-opened under new manager. E13 0AJ  Victoria Tavern - lease expired May 2020. Not renewed. Awaiting demolition as site is to convert to housing.


E4 Kings Ford is up for sale or rent. E7 9BB Forest

Tavern, 173 Forest Lane E8 3DF Farrs School of

Dancing, 17-19 Dalston Lane. The two pubs will

be operated by Portabello brewery when they re-

open. One of Antic's financial backers has forced

the change. E14 0NU  Tommy Flowers Pub, 50

Aberfeldy St. Opened in May 2018. Community

owned pub. Opens 5-11 Thurs-Sat & 3-7pm Sun.

Keg beer.


E1 Mechanic Brewery and taproom - will close on Nov 3rd. Olga hopes to re-open at new premises in the new year. EC4M 7AU  Union Bar & Grill Ludgate, 35 Old Bailey - has been permanently closed. E1 4DU Horn Of Plenty, 'Closed until further notice.'  E4 6AN Mo-Bo's, Being converted into a Japanese restaurant. E1 8AH Duke Of Somerset, Open but no cask currently available. EC1Y 1AG Singer Tavern, Visit 2.10.20 handpumps all out of use, keg beer only. Also not accepting cash payments.


E8 2EB Brewers Bar. The website says that this place is closed until further notice. EC4M Four Sisters Townhouse - went out of business late 2019 for financial reasons. E1  Dean Swift - currently a building site. Planning permission refused March 2020 to demolish building and redevelop site retaining pub. E15 Britannia - Closed November 2019 due to structural reasons. Planning permission refused July 2020 to demolish the building and redevelop site. retaining pub.  Lease expired December 2019. Acorn 149 Queensbridge Rd, E2 8PB - In 2018 planning permission was granted to demolish the current  pub and redevelop the site retaining a pub in the development. E1 6PG,  Momento Lounge Bar, This now appears to be a bar now called The Edge. E17 4QH, Victoria. Now appears closed as part of the re-furbishment of the theatre. Sign outside says "Goodbye and thanks for all the fish". EC1N 8SQ, Bleeding Heart Tavern has no real ale. E11 3NW Rookwood Village, 314 Cann Hall Road - 4 cask ales -Doombar + 3 guests. Food is burgers/pizzas. Based on ground floor of previous Lord Rookwood. Reopened by Urban Village pubs following extensive refurbishment. E15 4PH, Loading Bar-Secret Weapon renamed Escape originally Princess of Wales. Conflicting information as to real ale. Given its title probably not.  E3 3PJ, Widows Son has a handwritten sign in window saying closed for foreseeable future. EC1M 6HR, Simmons Farringdon still  closed and boarded up on 13 September. Incidentally, the pub, which was rebuilt in its current form in 1871, was until 1952 known as the Red Cow and this may explain the cow head motifs to each end of the fascia.  E16 2JB, Henley Arms found shuttered 18th August, not sure if it was a temporary thing.


E4  Stag & Lantern is now fully open [Hours Wed- Fri 4-9pm, Sat 1-9pm, Sun 2-6pm] but with a limited number of tables. E4 Dovecote. Licence surrendered, pub boarded up - future uncertain. E14 E14 Prince Alfred, 86 Locksley St - pub closed in 2011 - planning permission granted in June 2019 to convert ground floor to flats. EC4 3QH Northbank Bar & Restaurant - not reopening. E11 2RL Manor House, 129 High Street, is now The Bull. Whatpub news: E14 3BW Watermans (under new management) on the Isle of Dogs is now serving real ale - Black Sheep - on hand pull.. Great new menu and Sunday roasts. A string of pubs have been reported a no longer selling real ale but it is not know if this is due to Covid.  E9 5LN Beer Merchants. Tap. No real ale on a visit a week ago. E3 5HD Green Goose. No real ale. E9 5EN Crate Brewery & Pizzeria.  No real ale on a visit a week ago.


EC2A  Rust & Rose - now a Korean restaurant EC2A Eighty Four. - Closed and building demolished for site re-development. E4 County Arms postcode should read E49PB. I think that has been incorrect since I entered the data in 1985/86. Wouldn't have mattered before mobile phones.  All the pubs were plotted on maps so any incorrect postcodes would not have been noticed. In those days postcodes would not have assisted you to find the pub. Three Sods brewery have opened their taproom at 339 Mentmore Terrace, E8 3PH. Open weekends - not sure of hours. 3 Cask Ales. E1 - Urban Bar - has reverted to it's previous name London Hospital Tavern. E2 - Old Shoreditch Station - Closed 2018. E14 - Davy's Wine Bar - Closed - Lease expired. E20 - Bumpkin -  Closed. EC2A - Green Vic - Closed - looking for new premises. EC3R - Roma - Now a sushi bar. E14 Great Eastern - has had major refurbishment and will re-open as Waterman Arms, it's previous name. Pub and boutique hotel E16 Beckton Arms- reported has closed. E8 The Five Points Brewery have opened a taproom in their warehouse, The Warehouse– 61 Mare Street,  E8 4RG. E11 Lord Rookwood - Planning application made in March to re-develop the ground floor and re-open as a pub - The Rookwood Village. Here is a list of the pubs reopening dates that we have to date (July 06).
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Whatpub update 41 (December 2020)

EC1, ARTISAN (OF CLERKENWELL) (Greene King/Metropolitan). Closed, unlikely to reopen under Greene King management. Was PRIORY. EC1, BARSMITH (Marylebone Leisure Group). Closed for refurbishment in December 2019; still a building site October. Was LONGROOM and the GATE. EC4, UNION (Union Bar & Grill Ltd) Reported not reopening. E1, MOMENTO LOUNGE BAR. Renamed EDGE. E1, DEAN SWIFT (Wellington). Closed. Planning permission to redevelop site retaining pub was refused March 2020. However in September the pub was a building site. E1, MECHANIC BREWING COMPANY TAPROOM. Brewery closed 3 November; looking to relocate in 2021. E4, MO-BO’S. Now Japanese restaurant. Was LOCO LOUNGE, MCQUEENS, LUSH and GIO’S E4, WINE FACTOR , 75 Station Rd. Wine bar with craft beer in back of off licence. E10, GRAVITY WELL TAPROOM , Arch 155 Midland Rd. Relocated taproom of Gravity Well brewery. Aims to cover a broad range of the craft beer spectrum while maintaining the focus on their signature hazy, juicy pales and IPAs. E10, GRAVITY WELL TAPROOM. Closed. Brewery taproom relocated to another nearby railway arch (see openings above). E14, TOMMY FLOWERS PUB , 50 Aberfeldy St. Community owned pub opened summer 2018, named after Tommy Flowers (1905-1998) born a short walk away at 160 Abbott Rd, Poplar. He first worked as an engineer with the Post Office, then went on to design Colossus, ‘the world’s first programmable electronic computer’. The building operates as a community space on Mon- Wed. Beer is Guinness/Carlsberg. E15, BRITANNIA. Closed November 2019 due to identified structural problems. Planning permission refused July 2020 to demolish pub and develop the site retaining a pub. E16, BECKTON ARMS, 1 Beckton Rd. Reopened. No real ale.
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