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Branch Updates: E10 William IV has been sold to Camden Brewery? Whtpub Updates:  E8 Fox, Only 2 Beer handpumps and 1 cider now. Wanstead Golf Club Overton Drive E11 2LW, Has 3 hand pumps and sells Shepherd Neame Spitfire, Whistable Bay Pale Ale + a Guest (currently Orkney Brewery Corncrake. E2 Well & Bucket, No real ale available on Janaway 3rd 2018. New Years rush on? E1 White Hart Mile End Rd pub offers a 10% discount on all cask ales to CAMRA members. EC3 Alice, Regular beers: Sharp's Doom Bar,Fullers London Pride,St Austell Tribute. EC1 Sekforde, from the management “This pub is now open. Do come and have a pint with us and tell us how we could do better.” E3 Young Prince, no beer despite notice in the window to the contrary. E3 Lord Tredegar, Regular beers: Now Fuller's London Pride and three guests, I last found 360 IPA, Marble Pint and Saltaire Triple Chocoholic. Number of changing beers: 3. E13 Sultan, was also called "Moonlights" when it was a pub/wine bar/night club in the 1980s as it had a late license.



Branch Updates: E8 Lord Cecil is now in retail use.

Crown & Castle is now an eatery called The Diner.

The Railway Tavern 11 Dalston Lane is now a

cafe.  Once a William Hill the pub closed in the

early 1970’s.

Whatpub Updates: Rusty Bike: 588 Mile End Road, Bow, E3 4PH E8 SELLS dOOM bAR. London Fields Brewery tap room, no handpumps let alone real ale. E2 Knave of Clubs, has reopened as Dirty Bones - a restaurant - see here.  Farr's School of Dancing does not sell real cider. EC1 Sekforde Arms, according to a front page article in The Islington Tribune (free newspaper) of 24 Nov 2017, (a) it is now owned by David Lonsdale, a barrister, and (b) it will re-open on 15 December 2017.
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Whatpub update 23 (December 2017)

EC1V         9HE,         CANVAS         BAR         (Enterprise),         233         Old         St.         Was GLUEPOT,MURPHY’STAVERN,NELSON’SRETREAT.Having       closed       in       January, reopened   in   September   as   the   eighth   CRAFT   BEER   CO.   Eight   cask   beers.   Over   twenty keg beers and over 200 bottles and cans. EC1M    6DH,    SPORTS    BAR    &    GRILL    (Bar    Holdings).    Was    HOGSHEAD,    SLUG    & LETTUCE. Acquired in September by Stonegate. EC2A 2BA, ALLEGORY (Drake & Morgan), 1a Principal Pl, Worship St. Opened in October in the Principal Place devel-opment, one of their few new openings to have no cask beer. EC2A   3BS,   ELBOW   ROOM.   Renamed   c.2014   FAR   ROCK AWAYbut   not   reported   at   the time.Renamed again this year BALLIE BALLERSON, a ‘ball-pit’ bar, still no cask beer. EC2A    4LB,    FOX    (Enterprise).    Operator    Handmade    Pubs    acquired    in    October    by Glendola Leisure. Sharp’s Doom Bar and three guests. EC4Y      1DE,      PUNCH     TAVERN (Punch).   Taken   over   in   September by   Urban   Pubs   &   Bars.   Three   cask beers. E1   7EZ,   PIPELINE,   78   Middlesex St.    Was    OLD    MONK,    PUZZLE. Closed   last   year   and   operated   as   a restaurant,          repositioned          in September   by   Calabrese   as   their second   WRINGER   &   MANGLE,   a restaurant & bar with no cask beer. E1   8AH,   STILL   &   STAR.   Closed, future uncertain. E1W   2PA, TURK’S   HEAD,   1   Green Bank.    Having    closed    in    the    late 1950s,   it’s   been   a   café   since   1993 and   in   2015   added   a   bar   with   keg beer and bottles. E1   6JJ,   WHITE   HORSE   (Wellington),   64   Shoreditch   High   St.   Closed   last   year   following a   rent   review,   having   been   run   by   the   same   family   since   1978.The   Truman’s   wood panelling has been stripped out, now a Thai restaurant. E2   0LJ,   RAILWAY   TAVERN   (ex-Pubs’n’Bars).   Having   closed   in   2014,   demolished   within a couple of years. E10   5EL,   LION   &   KEY,   475-477   High   Rd.   Having   closed   in   2010and   served   as   social services accommodation, reopened as a hotel with bar open to public. No cask beer. E11   4EA,   HEATHCOTE   ARMS,   345   Grove   Green   Rd.   Reopened   as   the   sixth   pub   for Electric Star, renamed HEATHCOTE & STAR. Three changing cask beers. E13   9AR,   DUKE   OF   EDINBURGH,   299   Green   St.   Having   closed   in   2014,   now   a   clothes shop with residential upstairs. E14 8BP, NARROW (Gordon Ramsay). Was BARLEY MOW. Cask beer discontinued. E14 5AR, SPORTS BAR & GRILL (Bar Holdings). Acquired in September by Stonegate. E14    4DH,    TEA    MERCHANT    (Fuller).    Was    CAT    &    CANARY.    Name    shortened    to MERCHANT. Fuller’s cask beers and now a wider range of keg beers. E16 2BX, BRICK LANE BREWS (Truman). Cask beer discontinued. E17    3PR,    EMPIRE    E17.    Was    RISING    SUN,    RS    LOUNGE.    Renamed    CYPRUS EMPIRE. Still no cask beer. E17   5RB,   WILD   CARD   BREWERY   LOCKWOOD   BAR,   Unit   2,   Lockwood   Way.   The brewery’s   second   taproom.   Open   Fri   5-12;   Sat   12-12.   Cask,   keg   and   bottled   beers   from Wild Card and other micros. E20   3BS,   FOUR   QUARTERS   EAST,   8   East   Bay   La,   QE2      Park.   Opened   early2017,bar with retro games, their second outlet after  SE15. No cask beer.
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