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Branch updates: EC1 Gunmakers visited 9/11/2017 had only two handpumps with only one beer on. Horseshoe visited the same day had two beers, UBU Purity and Bombardier Pale Ale. A revue of the demolished pubs on Whatpub has revealed a change in status when we photographed within the last four years. These are: Bricklayers Arms E1 3AQ, Now flats. Duke of Cumberland E13 8LS, Closed in 2012, demolished by Dec 2013. Woolpack E2 0JU Whatpub pic shows flats. Ancient Briton  E3 3QS Whatpub picture taken in Nov 2013 shows replacement by flats. Milton Arms E3 5LD Whatpub picture taken in May 2014 shows replacement by flats. Tenterden Arms E3 3PN Whatpub picture taken in Nov 2013 shows replacement by flats. Royal Oak E4 7RG Whatpub picture. Now Ashbrook Court Care Home. Prince of Wales E4 6LP, Replaced by a care home. Golden Shoe E5 0EA, Replaced by flats, Whatpub picture April 2015. Camden Arms E7 9DL, Replaced by flats, Whatpub picture August 2015. Odessa Arms E7 9BQ, Replaced by two houses, Whatpub picture August 2013. Princess Alice ground floor is now Superdrug 329, Forest Gate, E7 9HA, Black Bull E8 4HU Replaced by flats, Whatpub picture April 2015. Brownlow Arms E8 4HX, Replaced by flats, Whatpub picture April 2015. District/Earl Amhurst E8 1LL, Replaced by flats, Whatpub picture May 2015. Earl of Zetland E8 4DY, Replaced by flats, Whatpub picture April 2015. Florfield Arms E8 1DT Replaced by flats, Whatpub picture May 2015. Middleton Arms E8 3LX, replaced by flats, Whatpub picture April 2015. Norfolk Arms E8 2ES Flats by January 2014. Paget Arms E8 4LL Replaced by flats, Whatpub picture May 2015. White Horse E8 1BG, replaced by Christopher Addison House a Housing Association- whatpub picture June 2015. Frampton Arms E9 7NU Replaced by flats, Whatpub picture June 2015. Northumberland ArmsE9 7JA, replaced by flats, Whatpub picture June 2015. Retreat E9 6RQ Six storey flats by June 2015.  Stag E9 6DA Residential by Aug 2013. Thirty Nine Steps E9 7LL Undated picture on Whatpub shows flats. 32 EC1V 7NA, replaced by flats, Whatpub picture taken August 2015. Anexo EC1M 5NP, in 2016 became a bar/restaurant called Albion. 


Branch Updates: Andy from the Bell confirmed as taking over Hare and Hounds on Lea Bridge Rd E10. There will be a refurb so will find out when it's planned to reopen. EC1: Smithfield Tavern. Will be reopening late Jan 2018 as a pub. The pub is the ground floor and basement. Floors one, two and three will be residential. E11: The Heatcote is opening on the 26th and will be called The Heathcote and Star. Whatpub updates: Narrow, E14 8BP, no real ale.   Victoria E8 3AS. No real ale reported but may be temporary? EC1 Brewhouse & Kitchen: Brewer left? Down to one beer from six handpumps. EC1 White Bear, consent granted on appeal for a scheme moving the kitchen and toilets to the cellar from the 1st floor, conversion of 1st floor to pub manager's accommodation and further non- ancillary flats on 2nd & 3rd floors. Present tenants leaving the premises Dec 2017 but the pub remains open until January 2018. E13 Duke Of Cumberland has been demolished. E2 Railway Tavern, demolished by September 2016. Blade Bone: This pub had been demolished by September 2016. Here this day, gone today,  
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Whatpub update 22 October 2017

EC1V 3NR, Shoreditch Grind, 213 Old St. Opened last November, chain coffee shop, the only one to have a bar attached. No cask beer. Three keg beers, e.g. Fourpure. EC1M 7AH, Sourced Market, 7-21 Goswell St. Opened in spring, one of a small chain of farmers’ markets cum convenience stores, with a separate bar area. No cask beer. ‘Craft’ beers in keg, bottles and cans. EC2A 2DX, LONG ARM PUB & BREWERY (ETM), 20-26 Worship St. Opened in July. Six daily changing beers, ‘fresh from tank to glass, cutting out the keg, cask and bottling process’. EC2M 3AB, Rocket (Novus). Having been acquired by Novus in January, renamed in August as the second TANK & PADDLE, offering ‘tank beer’ and pizza. No cask beer. EC3M 1AB, Corney & Barrow (Drake & Morgan), 2b Eastcheap. Closed, now a ‘London Cocktail Club’ bar with no draught beer. EC4A 3BF, Corney & Barrow (Drake & Morgan), 12 New St Sq. Renamed in March REFINERY NEW STREET SQUARE. Still no cask beer. EC4V 5BR, DUKE & DUCHESS (Applefritterbeer Co). Was BIERREX, COOLIN, OCHRE. Renamed WOLFGANG’S BIER HAUS, with German food and drink. Still has one cask beer. E1 7EZ, Pipeline. Was OLD MONK, PUZZLE. Closed last year, taken over by Calabrese as a poultry restaurant called ‘Holy Birds’ with a cocktail bar in the basement, already closed pending further changes. E1W 3SH, PROSPECT OF WHITBY (Greene King). Now has Greene King IPA, London Glory and three guests.  E1W 1YW, TRADE UNION (Grand Union). The operator was acquired in June by the Draft House chain; this outlet will apparently continue as is.  E1 0ND, White Horse (MacNeil Ltd), 48 White Horse Rd. Closed, future uncertain. E2 0AN, Bar Valiente. Was ALBION, BOHOLA HOUSE. Closed, now a French bistro with no draught beer. E2 7SB, FANNY NELSONS (Andy Bird), 32 Horatio St. Run by the same management as Chesham Arms, E9 and Dartmouth Arms, NW5. Reverted to NELSONS HEAD. Cask beer reintroduced, three e.g. Five Points. E3 2NQ, Plough At Swan Wharf. Was CYGNET. Closed, now a wargaming establishment. E4 8HH, WISHING WELL (Enterprise), 11 Hall La. Was ARTISAN. Cask beer restored, Sharp’s Doom Bar. E6 3BD, Central (Punch). Sold in 2013. Closed, permission granted to demolish to make way for residential development. E8 2EB, Brewers Bar, 77 Shacklewell La. New bar. No cask beer. Keg beers include Camden. Bottled beers include Partizan. E8 3RL, Forest Road Brewery Taproom, 1348 Netil La. Opened last year. No cask beer. Keg beers from Forest Road and others, e.g. Five Points, Kernel. E8 3RL, Netil 360, 1 Westgate St. Rooftop bar, in winter only open Fri-Sat 5-11. No cask beer. Keg beers include Five Points, Truman’s. E14 4AY, Henry’s (Tattershall Castle Group), 16 Hertsmere Rd. Was BAR 38. Having closed in 2015, reopened in May by Drake & Morgan as BOTHY and quickly renamed again SIPPING ROOM. Briefly had cask beer, Woodforde Wherry, now discontinued. E14 6NL, Royal Charlie (Wellington). Having closed, permission granted for demolition to make way for flats. E14 4QQ, Slug & Lettuce (Stonegate). Cask beer discontinued this year. E15 2QQ, Jhankaar. Was WOODMAN. Closed and demolished. E16 2BX, BRICK LANE BREWS (Truman), Airside, Gate 2B, London City Airport. Opened in January, the first of a new bar chain from Truman’s, serving traditional East End food. Cask and other beers from Truman’s. E17 5AL, DOG & DUCK (Enterprise), 222 Chingford Rd. Taken over by Dirty Liquor, a ‘managed expert’ partnership between Ginger Jones and Enterprise. Cask beer reintroduced, three local e.g. Signature, Truman’s. E17 9HX, Lord Raglan (Trust Inns). Cask beer reintroduced in 2014 but not reported at the time, now discontinued. E18 2QD, Napier Arms (Enterprise). Having closed last summer, now a Turkish restaurant.
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