East London & City Beer Guide 1991 with updates to June 2016.

The areas covered.   East London Brewery History Updated 2001.   ABC List of Pubs and Former Names.

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In 2003 the year of the updates was added. Please note that the information here was gathered early in 1991. As with the published guide establishments calling themselves bars, cafes etc have been (largely) ignored. There are other web sites with more up-to-date information though not all reviews mention real ale, try www.fancyapint.com and www.beerintheevening.com. The bracketed figures refer to map references and there are maps but you can use the map links. Also added in 2008 are postcodes and the Lat/Lon reference for those of you using a Sat Nav or whatever. <> indicates when the pub information was udpated, numbers refer to dates thus:- Numbers 1-5 1992, 6-11 1993, 12-15 1994, 16-18 1995, 19-21 1996, 22 1997, 23 March 1998, 24 September 1998, 25 February 1999, 26 November 1999, 27 May 2000, 28 November 2000. 29 May 2001, 30 November 2001, 31 May 2002, 32 November, 2002, 33 May 2003., 34 November 2003, 35 May 2004, 36 November 2004, 37 May 2005, 38 December 2005,39 June 2006, 40 December 2006, 41 June 2007, 42 December 2007, 43 July 2008, 44 December 2008, 45 July 2009, 46 December 2009, 47 June 2010, 48 December 2010, 49 June 2011, 50 December 2011, 51 June 2012, 52 December 2012 . If you want the pub phone number then use ukphonebook.com . There is also the BT based site.Check postcodes can also be obtained from the Royal Mail . Use this link to the London Underground map to get to your pub. Or to hop on a bus use the London Bus maps. Whilst updates have been issued there is no guarantee that this information has been transferred to the database below. Therefore the correct way to use this online guide is to search for your pub here and then refer to the 1991 to now update file. then to the latest update and here it is ! New establishments opening without real ale have been omitted from this list. For a list of all "pubs" then refer to John Adams list http://www.pigsear.org.uk/central.html

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East London & City Beer Guide online APPENDIX ! May 2011. STONEGATE PUB COMPANY Acquisitions from Mitchells and Butlers, October 2010. The Stonegate Pub Company, based in Birmingham, was set up to acquire 333 predominantly ‘drinks-led’ pubs from the (also Birmingham based) Mitchells & Butlers pub company in October 2010 for £373 million, financed by TDR Capital. Fifty three are within Greater London and former M&B ‘brandings’ are gradually being changed or removed. Of these, two thirds were from the erstwhile Bars & Venues, Community Pubs, Scream and Town Pubs brands which, except for Edwards, Goose and Scream pubs, had no external badging. The remaining third were, however, from the All Bar One, Castle, Ember Inns, Harvester, Nicholson, O’Neills, Sizzling Pub Co and Vintage Inns estates, many of which were predominantly ‘food-led’ and appear to have been transferred to the Town or Suburban (ex-Community) brands in preparation for disposal. The All Bar One and O’Neills pubs have subsequently been renamed by Stonegate. Former M&B brandings are shown in italics below and an asterisk indicates pubs last reported with no real ale. It is known that Stonegate is currently in merger talks with the Town & City Pub Company, operators of Hogshead, Slug & Lettuce and Yates’s brands, so expect more changes.

E1 Aldgate, Whitechapel, Stepney Green.

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Stations Aldgate East & Stepney Green (District), Whitechapel (District/East London), Tower Gateway & Shadwell (DLR), Shadwell, Wapping & Shoreditch (East London).

Shadwell Station in map b2 should be in c2 on Watney Street.



E1:  ALDGATE EXCHANGE,  133/137 Whitechapel High Street. E1 7PT. (/). Free House. Version <23 > Courage Best, Greene K IPA, .  New free house opened Dec 97.  Opens all permitted hours. Range 2006:- Courage Best, Greene King IPA. Beer range may vary from time to time. Bass has recently been available in addition to the above two, for instance. Thorley Tavern Free House.   (Lat/Lon 51.515082 -0.073002) map



E1:  Alma, 41 Spelman Street. E1 5LQ. (A1/1). Free House. Version <34>No longer a pub.   Home to the Providence Housing Trust.   (Lat/Lon 51.5185127258300 -0.06898935139179230)



E1:  Anchor & Hope-Arkwrights, 90 Duckett Street. E1 4SY. (D1/2). Ascot Estates. Version <16>No longer a pub.       (Lat/Lon 51.5188598632812 -0.04106713458895680)



E1:  Archers, 42 Osborn Street. E1 6TD. (A1/3). Whitbread. Version <37>No real ales.  Open all hours  No real ale no handpump 2005. Typical one-bar locals pub. Lunchtime snacks.   (Lat/Lon 51.5167961120605 -0.06984849274158480) map



E1: ARTFUL DODGER, 47 Royal Mint Street. E1 8LG. (A2/4). Free House. Version <39 >Websters, Youngs Bitter, Fullers London Pride, Courage Best, Flowers IPA, Ruddles County.  Ex Ind Coope pub called the Crown & Seven Stars,  it is a Grade II listed building. It originally got its licence in 1904 and was closed for four years before finally being re-opened in September 1985. Upstairs is a wine bar while downstairs the bar is smartly decorated.  Home cooked food lunchtimes . Darts and shove halfpenny. Function room. Open Monday - Friday 11-11,  Saturday 11-4,  Sunday 11-3.Beer range varies - up to three real ales - usually based around Courage Best.  (Lat/Lon 51.5103530883789 -0.07053580880165100) map



E1:  Artichoke, 91 Stepney Way. E1 3BG. (C1/5). G Met Watneys. Version <29>Closed.   Closed and gutted 2001.   (Lat/Lon 51.5173988342285 -0.05472753942012790) map



E1:  Australian Arms, 18 Bigland Street. E1 2NQ. (/). Courage. Version <1c>No longer a pub.    Now a supermarket.   (Lat/Lon 51.5124969482421 -0.05919509753584860)



E1:  Bancroft Arms, 410 Mile End Road. E1 4RQ. (D1/6). G Met Trumans. Version <47 > Now Keg.   (Lat/Lon 51.5227241516113 -0.04003616049885750) map



E1:  Barley Mow, 42 Headlam Street. E1 5RT. (C1/7). G Met Watneys. Version <31>Pub Demolished.      Demolished and converted to flats 2002.   (Lat/Lon 51.5223808288574 -0.05782046169042590)



E1:  BELL-MARKET TRADER, 50 Middlesex Street. E1 7EX. (A1/8). Free House. Version <47 > Courage Best, Wells Bombardier. Reverted to Bell.  Ex G Met Trumans. Now a Thorley Taverns (1997).   (Lat/Lon 51.5156822204589 -0.07526110857725140) map



E1:  Black Bull-Bar Nakoda, 199 Whitechapel Road. E1 1DE. (B1/9). Free House. Version <48 >    Renamed BAR NAKODA. Converted to ‘Bombay Grill’ Indian restaurant.  (Lat/Lon 51.5187721252441 -0.06228801980614660) map



E1:  BLACK HORSE-BAR BED-ZEPPELIN SHELTER, 40 Leman Street. E1 8EU. (A2/11). Free House. Version <47>Taylor: Landlord; guest beers. Former Courage pub. 2002 a free house renamed Bar Bed. Closed following a drugs raid. Owned by the Wentworth Pub Co? Closed again in December 2008. Reopened and renamed ZEPPELIN SHELTER.   (Lat/Lon 51.5128440856933 -0.07019215077161790) map



E1:  Black Horse-E One Club, 168 Mile End Road. E1 4LJ. (D1/10). Bass. Version <40>No real ales.    Was (2002) a bar and club opening late evenings only. Renamed E-ONE CLUB, now (2005) a pub/club with restricted opening hours.   (Lat/Lon 51.5213508605957 -0.04759663715958600) map



E1:  BLIND BEGGAR, 337 Whitechapel Road. E1 1BU. (C1/12). G Met Watneys. Version <46>Fuller: London Pride; +Greene King: OSH. Open all hours   Large and well decorated one bar pub popular with the young and old. It supposedly gets its name from the 'Ballad of the Blind Beggar of Bethnal Green' which is 60 verses long. General Booth gave one of his first sermons from around here in 1865. The pub was the scene of a Kray gangland killing in the 1960s. The pub itself was built in 1895. Lunchtime food.  Garden.  Now Enterprise, ex-Watney via Unique. (Lat/Lon 51.5199737548828 -0.05721906200051310) map



E1:  Brewery Tap, 500 Commercial Road. E1 0HY. (D2/13). G Met Watneys. Version <1c>No real ales.       (Lat/Lon 51.512914 -0.042554) map



E1:  Bricklayers Arms, 71 Redmans Road. E1 3AQ. (D1/14). Free House. Version <36>Pub Demolished.  .  , 2004 Demolished and replaced by a hole in the ground.   (Lat/Lon 51.5190277099609 -0.05043181404471400)



E1:  Britannia, 232 Cable Street. E1 0BL. (C2/15). Ind Coope. Version <39>No Longer a pub     Closed pre July 96. Still closed Dec 2006.Ex-Taylor Walker, now in residential use but retaining pub signage.   (Lat/Lon 51.5108680725097 -0.05971058085560800)



E1:  Britannia, 44 Morris Street. E1 2NP. (C2/16). Belhaven. Version <37>No longer a pub.    2005 now a fast food shop. Former Ind Coope Taylor Walker (July 96).   (Lat/Lon 51.5121574401855 -0.05730497837066650)



E1:  British Prince, 49 Bromley Street. E1 ONB. (D1/17). Free House. Version <40>Closed     Fomer Ind Coope Taylor Walker. Re-opened pre July 96, now free? Closed 2006.  



E1:  BROWN BEAR, 139 Leman Street. E1 8EY. (B2/18). Ind Coope. Version <39 > Fullers London Pride, Adnams Bitter,    A Grade II Listed Building because part of original glass remains with brass letters on sills and brass rails inside. An excellent Edwardian decorateass rails inside. An excellent Edwardian decorated pub,  superb facilities and very comfortable. Menu combines beer with food. Lunchtime cooked food ann  snacks at other times. Open at 8.30 for breakfasts (not for beer),  then Monday - Friday 11-11,  Saturday 11-3 only,  closed Sunday. Darts and bar billiards.plus 1-2 guests from the 'Finest Cask' list.  (Lat/Lon 51.5117225646972 -0.06881751865148540) map



E1:  BULL & PUMP-PACIFICOS-RAINBOW (SPORTS BAR), 72 Shoreditch High Street. E1 6JJ. (A1/19). Ind Coope. Version <24 > Bass, Fullers London Pride.  , Renamed Pacificos and now (1998) Rainbow(Sports Bar).   (Lat/Lon 51.5241012573242 -0.07620617002248760) map



E1:  CAPTAIN KIDD, 108 Wapping High Street. E1W 2NE. (C2/20). Samuel Smith. Version <33>  Sam Smiths OBB.  Open all hours  A new pub converted from a warehouse and decorated in a style that befits the new clientele of the area. Views overlooking the river. Darts. Restaurant and childrens room. Garden.2 Samuel Smiths Bitters on tap (2003), Old Brewery is only £1:64 a pint.   (Lat/Lon 51.503026 -0.060125) map



E1:  Carlton, 238 Bancroft Road. E1 4BS. (D1/21). Free House. Version <40>No real ales.    Former Bass pub.   (Lat/Lon 51.5259895324707 -0.04630792140960690) map



E1:  CARPENTERS ARMS, 135 Cambridge Heath Road. E1 5RN. (C1/22). Bass. Version <44>  Fullers London Pride.    London Pride but not always available. Now run by Pubs ’n’ Bars chain, ex-Bass.   (Lat/Lon 51.5234146118164 -0.05541485548019410) map



E1:  CASTLE (DOYLES CORNER), 44 Commercial Road. E1 1LN. (A2/23). Free House. Version <39 > Courage Best, Courage Directors, John Smiths.  Former Courage pub.They tell me (SH) that they sell Greene King IPA and, sometimes, another Greene King beer. But there seems precious little evidence of this.   (Lat/Lon 51.5147323608398 -0.06933300942182540) map



E1:  CAUTHENSs-BAR LOCKS, 21 White Church Lane E1 7QR. (A1/24). G Met Trumans. Version <50>London Pride and Landlord clip rotate.  Renamed in September 1989,  was the Horse & Groom.Former 19th century coaching inn, now revamped as a modern split-level bar decorated mainly decorated with sporting pictures. Darts. Restaurant. Function room. Open Monday - Friday 11-11,  Saturday 11-3 only and Sunday 12-3 only. Renamed Bar Locks, originally Horse & Groom. Looks to be freshly re-decorated. Was FAGINS for a while before being renamed BAR LOCKS.  (Lat/Lon 51.5155067443847 -0.06916117668151860) map



E1:  Caxton, 50 The Highway. E1W 2BG. (B2/25). G Met Watneys. Version <51 > Now a dominos Pizza Takeaway. Formerly the Artichoke. (Lat/Lon 51.509176 -0.063308) map



E1:  China Ship, 4 Orton Street. E1 9LN. (B2/26). Bass. Version <1c>No longer a pub.    Demolished. Now modern office blocks. 2005  



E1:  CITY DARTS-PRINCESS ALICE, 40 Commercial Street. E1 6LP. (A1/27). Free House. Version <39 > Courage Best, Fullers London Pride, Spitfire.  On the Local List of Listed Buildings. Busy darts orientated pub formerly called the Princess Alice after the Thames river boat which sunk last century.y with heavy loss of life. Pool. Function room. Cooked meals lunchtime and snacks other times. Open Monday - Friday 11-11,  Saturday 11-3 and 7-11,  normal Sunday hours. Now Free, ex-Thornley.  (Lat/Lon 51.5162773132324 -0.07225409895181660) map



E1:  City of Carlisle, 61 Royal Mint Street. E1 8LG. (A2/28). G Met Trumans. Version <34>No longer a pub.    2003 Is now a restaurant the Rosemary Lane .   (Lat/Lon 51.5103530883789 -0.07053580880165100) map



E1:  Colet Arms, 94 White Horse Road. E1 0NL. (C1/29). Wiltshire. Version <43>No Longer a pub.  Was Wiltshire Brewery owned, now run by Inn Business and reported closed 2003. Now converted to residential use.   (Lat/Lon 51.5151634216308 -0.04063756018877030) map



E1:  COMMERCIAL TAVERN, 142 Commercial Street. E1 6NU. (A1/30). Bass. Version <39 > Fullers London Pride.    No longer pool or darts but the interior has been sympathetically renovated recently. Is in Commercial Street not Commercial Road . Lunchtime food. A Grade II Listed Building. Function room.  Open Monday to Friday 11-11,  Saturday 11-5 only,  Sunday 12-3 only. plus two guest beers (from Brains and Black Sheep breweries on recent visit). Also real cider here. Electric redecoration since my (Stephen Harris) last visit.  (Lat/Lon 51.5218658447265 -0.07603433728218080) map



E1:  Crown & Dolphin, 56 Cannon Street Road. E1 0BH. (B2/31). Wiltshire. Version <4>No longer a pub.    Former Charrington pub 1992.Was Wiltshire Brewery owned. Converted to flats.   (Lat/Lon 51.5103530883789 -0.06056972593069080)



E1:  Crown & Leek, 11 Deal Street. E1 5AH. (/). G Met Trumans. Version <1c>No longer a pub.       (Lat/Lon 51.5209236145019 -0.06701331585645680)



E1:  Crown & Sceptre, 84 Ben Jonson Road. E1 4QH. (D1/32). Shepherd Neame. Version <21>No longer a pub.    Converted  to a fried chicken shop 1996.   (Lat/Lon 51.5179977416992 -0.03831787034869190)



E1:  Crown & Shuttle, 226 Shoreditch High Street. E1 6PJ. (A1/33). G Met Trumans. Version <1c>Closed     Closed 2001.   (Lat/Lon 51.5223808288574 -0.07826811820268630)



E1:  Dean Swift, 2 Deancross Street. E1 2QA. (C2/34). G Met Watneys. Version <39>No real ales.  Open all hours  Expensive side street pub with a mixed clientele of locals and young drinkers. Pool and shove halfpenny. Outside drinking area and car park.Keg since early 1993. Still Keg 2006.   (Lat/Lon 51.5136184692382 -0.05489937216043470) map



E1:  DICKENS INN,  St Katherines Dock. E1W 1LB. (A2/35). Courage. Version <39 > Adnams Bitter, Fullers London Pride, Worthington BB, C. Wells Bombar      Dickens Own Traditional Bitter (og 1035) is also available if you want to pay 180p a pint. Expensive tourist attraction in style of beams,   benches and sawdust. Behind an 18th century warehouse stood the present structure made of European redwood The building was moved 75 yards to its present site. Two restaurants and a function room. Handy forvisitors to the Tower and St Katherines Dock. Ops Monday - Saturday 11-11. (Usual price warning applies with this pub - e.g. London Pride is currently £3.05 a pint)   (Lat/Lon 51.506071 -0.071365) >a href="http://www.streetmap.co.uk/streetmap.dll?Postcode2Map?code=E1W+1LB "> map



E1:  Docks & Co-Fusion Lounge, 66 Royal Mint Street. E1 8LG. (A2/). Davys Free House. Version <47>No Real Ales     New pub (1998) reported keg in 2004. Renamend Fusion Lounge. Closed and converted to office use 2010.   (Lat/Lon 51.510392 -0.07052) map



E1:  DOG & TRUCK, 72 Back Church Lane. E1 1LX. (B2/36). G Met Watneys. Version <1B > Websters, Ruddles Best, Ruddles County.  Smart and comfortable local with a collection of chamberpots and plates. Darts. Garden. Snacks at all times. Open Monday to Friday 11-11,  Saturday 11.30-2.30 and 8-11.   (Lat/Lon 51.5129318237304 -0.06675557047128680) map



E1:  Dover Castle, 55 Sutton Street. E1 0AY. (C2/37). Ind Coope. Version <38>No longer a pub.  Open all hours  Now a Hotel.   (Lat/Lon 51.5128440856933 -0.05343882367014880) map



E1:  Duke of Norfolk, 30 Massingham Street. E1 4EW. (D1/38). Ind Coope. Version <33>No longer a pub.    Planning granted 1996. Converted to flats by 2003    (Lat/Lon 51.5243568420410 -0.04699523374438290)



E1:  DUKE OF SOMERSET, 14 Little Somerset Street. E1 8AH. (A2/39). Ex Bass. Version <49 >Old Speckled Hen,Renamed Thirst & Last the back to Duke of Somerset. Appears to be selling only Greene King Old Speckled Hen at present (on the strength of two recent visits). Town, see appendix above.  (Lat/Lon 51.5138740539550 -0.07457379251718520) map



E1:  DUKE OF WELLINGTON, 12 Toynbee Street. E1 7NE. (A1/41). Bass. Version <1c>  Bass, Fullers London Pride.  Well lit,  two-bar locals' pub with basic public bar and comfortable lounge. Cooked food lunchtime. Darts. Garden. Facilities for the disabled. Open Monday - Friday 11-1,  Saturday 11-3 and Sunday 11-3 only.  (Lat/Lon 51.5177383422851 -0.07465970516204830) map



E1:  Duke of Wellington, 63 Brady Street. E1 5DW. (C1/40). Free House. Version <52> Jim Gardner confirmed its demolition some years back and replaced by flats.(Lat/Lon 51.5227241516113 -0.06048381328582760) map


ENGLISH RESTAURANT, 50/52 Brushfield St. Two varying Redemption beers. Established as an independent restaurant and coffee shop in 2001 in former commercial premises, a revamp has seen the installation of a bar with two handpumps. Beers will vary and beers from other London micros are planned. Formerly ‘Market Coffee House’. Grade II-listed building with dining room upstairs. Salvaged interior from Bell, Carter Lane, demolished in 1999.


E1:  Fifth Avenue, 169 Mile End Road. E1 4AQ. (D1/43). Courage. Version <1c>No longer a pub.    Converted to flats March 96   (Lat/Lon 51.5219497680664 -0.04733889177441600)



E1:  Fish & Ring, 141 White Horse Road. E1 0NW. (D1/44). Free House. Version <26>No Longer a pub     Converted to flats 1999.   (Lat/Lon 51.5171394348144 -0.04046573489904400)



E1:  Forty Five, style='font-weight:normal'> 45 Mile End Road style='font-weight:normal'>. E1 4TT. (C1/45). Ind Coope. Version <51>Renamed BAR 45 in early 2011, Punch, ex-Allied (Taylor Walker), closed and boarded up. Formerly THREE CRANES >Wood panelled one-bar pub with old photos of Billingsgate Fish Market above the bar. Darts and pool . Lunchtime food.   (Lat/Lon 51.5208358764648 -0.05275150761008260) map



E1:  Fountain-La Luna-Chaz, 438 Mile End Road. E1 4PE. (D1/46). Bass. Version <43>No real ales.   Open all hours  Renamed La Luna. Now Chaz a bar and restaurant.   (Lat/Lon 51.5230674743652 -0.03900518640875820) map



E1:  Frying Pan, 13 Brick Lane. E1 6PU. (/). G Met Trumans. Version <1c>No longer a pub.    Now an Indian resturant.   (Lat/Lon 51.5182533264160 -0.07148087024688720)



E1:  GEORGE TAVERN, 373 Commercial Road. E1 0LA. (C2/47). Free House. Version <45>  Bass.    Was renamed Mad George.  Modernised old pub with live music and door charge on occasions. Has retained huge tiled painted mural.   (Lat/Lon 51.5143051147460 -0.05292333662509920) map



E1:  Gloster Arms,  93/95 Commercial Road. E1 1RS. (B2/48). G Met Watneys. Version <28>No longer a pub.    Converted to a shop 2000.   (Lat/Lon 51.5144729614257 -0.06434996426105500)



E1:  GOLDEN HEART, 110 Commercial Street. E1 6LZ. (A1/49). G Met Trumans. Version <39 > Adnams Bitter, Adnams Broadside.  , Pleasant wood panelled pub with engraved names of old Truman beers. Frequented by locals and Spitalfields Market workers (until it closed they took advantage of the early morning licensing hours)Open Monday to Friday 6am-9am and 11-11,  Saturday 6-9 and 11-5. Cooked meals at lunchtim e and snacks at all times. Restaurant and wine bar.  (Lat/Lon 51.5198898315429 -0.07423013448715210) map



E1:  GOOD SAMARITAN, 87 Turner Street. E1 2AE. (B1/50). Scottish&New. Version <39 > Theakston Best, Courage Directors.  , Formerly G Met Trumans. Sammys to generations of staff and students from the London Hospital. Lively pub with a young cliente le and a dubious choice of wallpaper. Patients from the hospital have been known to nip in for a quick drink. Cooked food lunchtime. Open Monday - Saturday 11-11,  Sunday 7-10.30 only.   (Lat/Lon 51.5173110961914 -0.06117112934589390) map



E1:  GOODMANS FIELDS,  87-91 Mansell St . E1 8AP. (/). Wetherspoons. Version <31>     New Wetherspoons. Opened Nov 2001. Open all permitted hours at the moment.   (Lat/Lon 51.511651 -0.072715) map



E1:  Grave Maurice-Q Bar, 269 Whitechapel Road. E1 1BY. (C1/51). G Met Trumans. Version <49> closed and converted to a Paddy Power betting shop by December 2010. Pub established in 1723.  Renamed Q Bar 2004. Was officially titled "Q Bar at Grave Maurice"    (Lat/Lon 51.5195465087890 -0.05936692282557490) map



E1:  GUN, 54 Brushfield Street. E1 6AG. (A1/52). G Met Trumans. Version <39 > Courage Best, Adnams Broadside, C. Wells Bombar, Youngs Bitter      Range 2006. On its 3rd site in 300 years. The firstsite was in Artillery Lane,  the second site isnow part of Spitalfield Market. It has been onthe present site since 1926. This comfortable pub no longer uses its early licence since Spitalfelds Market moved. Pool,  restaurant and functi on room. Open all permitted hours except Sunday when it is closed.  (Lat/Lon 51.5188598632812 -0.07654982805252080) >a href="ttp://www.streetmap.co.uk/streetmap.dll?G2M?X=533550&Y=181756&A=Y&Z=1 "> map



E1:  HALF MOON,  212-223 Mile End Road. E1 4AA. (/). Wetherspoons. Version <24 >    New Wetherspoons pub 1998.   (Lat/Lon 51.522243 -0.045513) map



E1:  Hayfield Tavern, 158 Mile End Road. E1 4LJ. (D1/53). Bass. Version <46> M&B, closed, future uncertain.   Was a bright cocktail style (at one time called the Pearly Queen) bar but formerly the brewery tap of Charrington: the brewery opposite closed in 1975. The site is now a retail park.The upstairs room used to be the brewery directors dinning room used by the Charrington family owners. (Lat/Lon 51.5213508605957 -0.04759663715958600) >a href="ttp://www.streetmap.co.uk/streetmap.dll?G2M?X=535515&Y=182061&A=Y&Z=1 "> map



E1:  Hearts of Oak, 36 Dock Street. E1 8JP. (B2/54). Courage. Version <1c>Pub Demolished. .    Demolished 2002.   (Lat/Lon 51.5100059509277 -0.06847386062145230) map



E1:  Henrys Cafe & Bar, 8 Balkan Walk-Tobacco Dock Shopping Centre. E1 9SG. (B2/55). Greenhalls. Version <33>Closed     Closed 2003.  



E1:  Hollands,  Brayford Square. (ex 9 Exmouth Street). E1 0SG. (C3/56). Youngs. Version <47>Closed.     A Grade II Listed Building. terior with boarded ceiling,  pine panelling and settles. Engraved and painted glasswork. Elaborate fireplaces and overmantles. Listed for Interior'. PUB CLOSED 1997. Now converted to residential use.      (Lat/Lon 51.5141334533691 -0.05034590139985080)



E1:  Horn Of Plenty-Horns, 36 Globe Road. E1 4DU. (D1/57). Free House. Version <40>No real ales!   closed for a few years with doors blocked off but bar fittings in situ. Remains open Fri, Sat and Sun only. Former Truman. Reverted to HORN OF PLENTY,    (Lat/Lon 51.5225524902343 -0.04673749208450320) map



E1:  Horns & Horseshoe, 10 Cable Street. E1 8JG. (B2/58). Bass. Version <22>No longer a pub.    Is no longer a pub (1997) though it's hard to tell what it has been turned into with its two doors and one doorbell   (Lat/Lon 51.5107002258300 -0.06813020259141920)



E1:  Hungerford Arms, 240 Commercial Road. E1 2NB. (C2/59). G Met Watneys. Version <39>No real ales.   Open all hours  One long bar with wood panelling and a red and pink decor. Collection of pots,  jugs,  plates and other bric-a-brac. Darts. Snacks at all times.   (Lat/Lon 51.5143928527832 -0.05825003609061240)



E1:  Ivories-Millennium-Moorings, 43 East Smithfield. E1 9AP. (A2/60). Bass. Version <38>Pub Demolished. .       Demolished 2004.  



E1:  Jolly Butchers, 157 Brick Lane. E1 6SB. (A1/61). G Met Trumans. Version <22>No longer a pub.    Converted to retail use July 97.   (Lat/Lon 51.5239257812500 -0.07165270298719410)



E1:  Jolly Sailor, 8 Garnet Street. E1 9QT. (C2/62). Charles Wells. Version <26>Pub Demolished.     Former Charrington pub 1993. Demolished and replaced by flats 1999.  



E1:  Katherine Wheel, 50 Cephas Avenue E1 4AR. (D1/63). Wiltshire. Version <27>No longer a pub.    First Wiltshire Brewery pub in the East End. Converted to flats 2000.   (Lat/Lon 51.5222053527832 -0.04897126927971840)



E1:  KINGS ARMS, 513 Cable Street. EW1 3ER. (D2/64). G Met Watneys. Version <1c > Websters, Ruddles Best. Lively comfortable locals' pub with pleasant atmosphere to suit most tastes. Darts and pool. Food at lunchtimes only. Open Monday to Friday 11-3 and 5-11,  Saturday 11.30-4.00 and 7.30-11.   (Lat/Lon 51.511713 -0.045517) map



E1:  Kings Arms-Mariners, 514 Commercial Road. E1 0HY. (D2/66). Bass. Version <51>  Now residential use.  Subtitled Montys 1996. Mariners: Is not a new pub but the Kings Arms renamed in December 2001.  (Lat/Lon 51.5128440856933 -0.04252768307924270) map



E1:  Kings Arms-Soma, 230 Mile End Road. E1 4LJ. (D1/65). Ind Coope. Version <43>Closed.    .  , Renamed Soma. Closed and the lease for sale/rent.   (Lat/Lon 51.5213508605957 -0.04759663715958600) map



E1:  Kings Head, 128 Commercial Road. E1 1NL. (B2/67). Labatts. Version <28>No longer a pub   , Now a Labatts' Free House'. Closed and pub/brewery signs removed and being converted to a shop 2000.   (Lat/Lon 51.5145606994628 -0.06314716488122940) map



E1:  KINGS STORES, 14 Widegate Street. E1 7HP. (A1/68). Greene King. Version <52> Everard: Truman Runner; +3 guests (e.g. Old Dairy Blue Top, Sharp’s Cornish Coaster). Now transferred by Greene King from main estate to ‘Real Pubs’ subsidiary. Open 11.30-11 (11.30 Thu/Fri, midnight Sat), 12-10 Sun. Now Greene King, ex-Whitbread via Laurel. (Lat/Lon 51.5180854797363 -0.07818220555782320) map



E1:  Knave of Clubs, 25 Bethnal Green Road. E1 6LA. (A1/69). Ind Coope. Version <29>No longer a pub.    Was owned by Maple Leaf Inns. Closed July 94. Now a restaurant called Les Trois Garcons in 2001.   (Lat/Lon 51.5241813659667 -0.07380056381225590)



E1:  Lion, 8 Tapp Street. E1 5RE. (C1/70). G Met Trumans. Version <31>No longer a pub.    Converted to residential use 2002.   (Lat/Lon 51.5229797363281 -0.05953875556588170)



E1:  Little Star, 164 White Horse Road. E1 0NW. (D1/71). G Met Watneys. Version <1c>No real ales!   Two bar local community pub with pictures of ships and churches. Darts,  pool and shove halfpenny. Snacks lunchtime only. Open all permitted hours.Reported keg Nov 2002.   (Lat/Lon 51.5171394348144 -0.04046573489904400) map



E1:  Location, 67 Mile End Road. E1 4TT. (C1/72). Version <18>No longer a pub.   Now (1995) a Thai restaurant.   (Lat/Lon 51.5208358764648 -0.05275150761008260)



E1:  LONDON HOSPITAL TAVERN-URBAN BAR, 176 Whitechapel Road. E1 1BJ. (C1/73). Ind Coope. Version <39 > Taylors Landlord, Fullers London Pride, Spitfire    , Open all hours  Renamed Urban Bar and has applied for a 5am licence. It has been painted in tiger's stripes!Three beers available though quality seems a problem. Real ale may not always be available.   (Lat/Lon 51.5192871093750 -0.05730497837066650) map



E1:  Lord Nelson, 230 Commercial Road. E1 2NB. (C2/74). Bass. Version <1c>No longer a pub.  Was a shop 2005.  Already reported converted to shop, now (2010) an Indian restaurant. (Lat/Lon 51.5143928527832 -0.05825003609061240)



E1:  Lord Rodneys Head-Flunky Monkey, 285 Whitechapel Road. E1 1BY. (C1/75). Banks & Taylor. Version <36>No longer a pub. .  Renamed Flunky Monkey. Now a shoe shop (Shoebox) although again the hanging sign is still there.   (Lat/Lon 51.5195465087890 -0.05936692282557490)



E1 Mason & Taylor, 51-55 Bethnal Green Rd. Independent. Confirmed acquired by BrewDog Brewery and renamed BREWDOG in late October. No cask ale; handpumps removed as forecast. Note subsidiary name ‘Shoreditch’ does not appear on external signage. Refurbished with bar moved alongside windows with usual range of predominantly high gravity and expensive BrewDog keg beers and bottled beers from the UK and abroad. The loss of one of the early outlets for London microbrewers’ cask ales. Basement to be used for a beer and spirit cocktail bar with no sign yet of brewing equipment. Open 12-midnight (1am Fri/Sat). Formerly ‘Green & Red’ cocktail bar and originally O2 BRASSERIE (BAR).



E1:  Mercers Arms, 34 Belgrave Street. E1 0NQ. (D1/76). Free House. Version <40 >    Former Bass pub. Free, closed and boarded up, construction work under way.   (Lat/Lon 51.5150756835937 -0.04123896360397340)    map



E1:  Mint, 60 East Smithfield. E1W 1AP. (A2/). Fullers. Version <46>    New pub opened 1992. Fuller, closed, lease not renewed by Fuller’s, future uncertain.     (Lat/Lon 51.508642 -0.07019000000000000) map



E1:  MR PICKWICKS, 70 Leman Street. E1 8EU. (A2/77). G Met Trumans. Version <49 > Reopened and renamed OLIVER CONQUEST in October 2010. Fuller: London Pride; Taylor: Landlord. Currently open Mon-Fri and Sat evening only. A Grade II Listed Building now with a Dickensian theme.   Enterprise, closed after revocation of licence by Tower Hamlets Council, future uncertain but has since re-opened. (Lat/Lon 51.5128440856933 -0.07019215077161790) map



E1:  Nags Head, 15 Whitechapel Road. E1 1DU. (A1/78). Courage. Version <39>No real ales  .  , Keg 2006.   (Lat/Lon 51.5169639587402 -0.06838794797658920) map



E1:  Norolk Village, 199 Shoreditch High Street. E1 6LG. (A1/79). Bass. Version <35>Pub Demolished.  .  , Demolished 2004.   (Lat/Lon 51.5234947204589 -0.07766671478748320)



E1:  OLD BLUE ANCHOR-INDO, 133 Whitechapel Road. E1 1DT. (B1/80). Bass. Version <42>  C. Wells Bombardier.    Run by Mercury Taverns. Renamed Indo .   (Lat/Lon 51.5177383422851 -0.06606825441122060) map



E1:  Old Carpenters Arms, 78 Ben Jonson Road. E1 3NN. (D1/81). G Met Watneys. Version <26>No longer a pub.    No longer a pub 1999.   (Lat/Lon 51.5177383422851 -0.03977841883897780) map



E1:  OLD DISPENSARY-DISPENSARY,  19a Leman Street. E1 8EN. (/). Free House. Version <50>Dark Star American IPA, Hogsback TEA, Brewdog Trashy Blonde. They use lined glasses. New Regent Inns free house. Opened Nov 1997 in former hospital premises. Was owned by Poetry Bars & Restaurants' pub chain.Closed on visit Nov 2005. Reopened in October 2006 and renamed DISPENSARY. Adnams: Broadside; +Harvey: Best Bitter; +3 varying guests. Leased by Regent Inns to enterprising couple with a keen interest in real ale and quality food, albeit rather expensive. Tastefully refurbished with cream décor and ceiling fans,bare boards and tiled flooring, low lighting and mirrors. Spiral staircase leads to dining area at mezzanine level over bar. Open 11-11 Mon- Fri (food available 12-10).  (Lat/Lon 51.514426 -0.070897) map



E1:  OLD GLOBE, 191 Mile End Road. E1 4AA. (D1/82). Free House. Version <48 >Closed then converted to a betting office.  Was free, ex-Wells.   (Lat/Lon 51.5222053527832 -0.04544877260923390) map



E1:  Old House at Home, 87 Watney Street. E1 2QE. (C2/83). G Met Watneys. Version <42>No Longer a pub      No real ale no handpump Freehold for sale (Strettons) 2005.Pub closed and covered in scaffolding. Appears to be under conversion to residential use - but watch this space. Ex-Watney. Ground floor now converted to small supermarket with upper floors extended and converted to residential use.    (Lat/Lon 51.5112953186035 -0.05644583329558370) map



E1:  OLD MONK-PUZZLE E1-Renamed PIPELINE.   94-98 Middlesex Street . E1 7EZ. (/). Free House. Version <46 > Fullers London Pride, . .   Opened October 1999 in former commercial premises. Open 11-11 Mon-Fri and Sun 10-5 only. Accquired by Puzzle Pub Co and renamed PUZZLE E1 then PIPELINE retaining real ale. (Lat/Lon 51.516877 -0.076645) map



E1:  OLD MONK-THOMAS MORE-CAPE,  Thomas Moore Sq/Nesham Street. E1W 1YY. (/). Free House. Version <44 > Fullers London Pride, Taylors Landlord, .  New free house opened Summer 1997.Accquired by Barracuda pub chain from Old Monk Pub Co. Renamed Thomas More. CAPE (THE SPIRIT OF SOUTH AFRICA)  (Lat/Lon 51.507211 -0.067959) map



E1:  Old Monk-Whites Gentlemans Club, 32 Leman Street. E1 8EW. (/). Free House. Version <40>No longer a pub.  .  New free house opened Dec 97. Closed Nov 2005. Reopened and believed to be the only surviving OLD MONK having been bought back by the Sprinbok chain.  (Lat/Lon 51.513997 -0.071059) map



E1:  Old Red Lion, 217 Whitechapel Road. E1 1DE. (B1/84). Version <9>No longer a pub.     Now a supermarket 1993.   (Lat/Lon 51.5187721252441 -0.06228801980614660)



E1:  Old Rose-Rose, 128 The Highway. E1W 2BX. (B2/85). G Met Trumans. Version <49 >Enterprise, ex-Truman via Unique, closed and boarded up, future uncertain. Pub established in 1839.  Renamed Rose. Locals' one bar pub with lunchtime snacks.(Lat/Lon 51.50914 -0.061667) map



E1:  Old Two Brewers, 154 Brick Lane. E1 6RU. (A1/86). G Met Trumans. Version <1c>No longer a pub.       (Lat/Lon 51.5215187072753 -0.07130904495716090)



E1:  Oxford Arms, 43 Stepney Way. E1 2JJ. (C1/87). Magic Pub Co  Version <44>Pub Demolished. .    Former Magic Pub Co, was Stanwood Taverns. Closed and boarded 2004. Now demolished and part of a major development site.   (Lat/Lon 51.5172233581542 -0.06142887473106380) map



E1:  Peacock, 145 Aylward Street. E1 0QW. (D1/88). Free House. Version <7>No real ales.    Former Watney pub 1993.   (Lat/Lon 51.5157623291015 -0.04622200503945350) map



E1:  Peasants Revolt-Guvners, 56 Cleveland Way. E1 4UF. (C1/89). Free House. Version <28>No longer a pub.    Former Watney pub 1993  Demolished and converted to flats 2000. Originally Golden Eagle.   (Lat/Lon 51.5221252441406 -0.05300925299525260)



E1:  PEWTER PLATER TAVERN-POET-WATER POET, 11 Folgate Street. E1 6BX. (A1/). Free House. Version <42>  Taylors Landlord, Flowers IPA.  , New pub opened December 1992.Renamed Poet 2005 then Water Poet. Now leased by David Bruce's Honeypot Inns chain.Open 12-11 Mon-Fri .Open Mon-Fri only. Snacks and meals all day.Pub re-opened in early March following redecoration. Retains four-room layout. Has the current obligatory decor of dark-painted walls, chandeliers and candles. www.poetrybars.com Short measure is the rule here rather than the exception.  (Lat/Lon 51.5209236145019 -0.07732305675745010) map



E1:  Poet,  82/84 Middlesex Street . E1 7EZ. (/). Free House. Version <50 >Closed November 2011 Opened 2001. Open 11-11 Mon-Fri only.   (Lat/Lon 51.516877 -0.076645) map



E1:  PRIDE OF SPITALFIELDS, 3 Heneage Street. E1 5LJ. (A1/90). Free House. Version <1c > Fullers London Pride, Fullers ESB, .  Formerly the Romford Arms. A single bar pub with photos of old East End street scenes on the walls. Appealing to visitors and locals alike. Good value pints and handy for the curry houses of Brick Lane.   (Lat/Lon 51.5189476013183 -0.07062172144651410) map



E1:  Pride of Stepney, 269 Stepney Way. E1 3DH. (D1/91). G Met Trumans. Version <38>No longer a pub.    Closed (2000).  Original pub sign for Clare Hall revealed. Now a fast food shop/flats c2000    (Lat/Lon 51.5168838500976 -0.04639383405447010)



E1:  Prince of Wales, 14 Waley Street. E1 4SZ. (D1/93). G Met Watneys. Version <30>Pub Demolished. .    Demolished and replaced by flats 2001.  



E1:  Prince of Wales-Charlies, 124 Globe Road. E1 4DZ. (D1/94). Free House. Version <45>Closed     Re-opened (March 1995) and renamed Charlie's. Now a free house. Ex Watneys.Closed, future uncertain.   (Lat/Lon 51.5246162414550 -0.04845578223466870) map



E1:  Prince Regent, 105 Globe Road. E1 4LB. (D1/92). G Met Trumans. Version <45>No Longer a pub     All signs that it is/was a pub have been removed. Now converted to offices named ‘Windsor House’.   (Lat/Lon 51.5251312255859 -0.04948675632476810)



E1:  PRINCESS OF PRUSSIA, 15 Prescot Street. E1 8AZ. (A2/95). Shepherd Nea. Version <39 > Kents Best, Sheps Master Br, Spitfire.  Former G Met Trumans. Former S&N pub accquired by Shepherd Neame in March 2005. Two room pub with beer garden at rear. Open Mon-Fri only.   (Lat/Lon 51.5114707946777 -0.07053580880165100) map



E1:  PROSPECT OF WHITBY, 57 Wapping Wall. E1W 3TJ. (D2/96). Scottish&New. Version <48 >Fuller: London Pride; +Greene King: IPA; +Marston: Pedigree; +occasional guest. Now Punch Pub Co, ex-S&N via Spirit.  Former G Met Watneys. 18th century panelling on first floor. Restaurant upstairs, childrens room, Snacks and cooked meals at all times. Riverside balcony. Outside drinking area. Opening hours: Monday to Wednesday 11.30 - 3 and 5.30 to 11. Thursday- Saturday 11.30 - 11.00.   (Lat/Lon 51.506744 -0.053324) map



E1:  Queens Head, 57 Greatorex Street. E1 5NP. (B1/97). G Met Watneys. Version <39>Pub Demolished. .     Demolition in progress 2002.New residential block now under construction on site of this pub.   (Lat/Lon 51.5185127258300 -0.06735697388648990)



E1:  Queens Head-Taggles, 83 Fieldgate Street. E1 1JU. (B1/98). Free House. Version <1c>No longer a pub.    Former G Met Trumans. Converted (2001) to an Indian Restaurant named Tayyabs.   (Lat/Lon 51.5170516967773 -0.06598234176635740)



E1:  Railway Arms, 60 Sutton Street. E1 0AY. (C2/99). G Met Watneys. Version <45>Pub Demolished.    Closed and boarded up 2001.   (Lat/Lon 51.5128440856933 -0.05343882367014880)



E1:  Roebuck, 27 Brady Street. E1 5DG. (C1/100). G Met Watneys. Version <18>Pub Demolished.     Demolished Aug 95.   (Lat/Lon 51.5198020935058 -0.05842186510562900)



E1:  Rose & Punchbowl, 7 Redmans Road. E1 3AQ. (C1/101). Belhaven. Version <36>Pub Demolished. .    Not Ascot Leisure owned.Demolished and replaced by flats 2004.   (Lat/Lon 51.5190277099609 -0.05043181404471400)



E1:  Royal Duchess,  543/547 Commercial Road. E1 0HQ. (D2/102). Bass. Version <31>No real ales.    2002 Handpumps sighted but no real ale? News anyone?   (Lat/Lon 51.5135307312011 -0.04708115011453630) map



E1:  Royal Duke, 474 Commercial Road. E1 0JN. (D2/42). G Met Trumans. Version <40>No Longer a pub     Royal Duke since 1992. Now converted to shop.Former G Met Trumans   (Lat/Lon 51.5129318237304 -0.04647974669933320)



E1:  Royal George, 7 Selby Street. E1 5BX. (B1/103). G Met Trumans. Version <25>No longer a pub.    Now a charity shop? 1999.   (Lat/Lon 51.5219497680664 -0.06245984509587290)



E1:  Royal Oak, 120 Whitechapel Road. E1 1JE. (/). G Met Watneys. Version <1c>No longer a pub.       (Lat/Lon 51.5179977416992 -0.06374856829643250)



E1:  Scarborough Aarms, 35 St. Marks Street. E1 8DJ. (A2/104). Free House. Version <49 >ex-Punch, ex-Bass, closed with planning permission from Tower Hamlets Council for conversion to ten flats. Pub established by 1856. Interior building work underway in February 2011.  Ex Charrington. Named after one of James II's henchmen who was made Earl of Scarborough for his success in smashing the rebels at theBattle of Sedgemoor in 1685,  the last battle on English soil. Darts. Function room.    (Lat/Lon 51.5126724243164 -0.07087946683168410) map



E1:  Scots Arms, 1 Wapping High Street. E1 9LS. (A2/105). G Met Trumans. Version <38>Pub Demolished. .    Demolished c2004.  



E1:  Seven Stars, 112 Whitechapel High Street. E1 7PT. (A1/106). Ind Coope. Version <27>Pub Demolished.  .  , Demolished 2002.   (Lat/Lon 51.5149879455566 -0.07294141501188280)



E1:  Seven Stars, 49 Brick Lane. E1 6PU. (A1/107). G Met Watneys. Version <32>Closed.   Open all hours  Closed again in 2002.  (Lat/Lon 51.5182533264160 -0.07148087024688720)



E1:  Ship, 387 Cable Street. E1 0AH. (C2/108). Ind Coope. Version <33>No longer a pub.    Closed 2003.Converted to Flats.   (Lat/Lon 51.5110397338867 -0.05163461714982990)



E1:  Ship on the Green, 60 Stepney Green. E1  3LE. (D1/109). Tolly Cobbold. Version <28>No longer a pub   , Conversion to flats reported in 2005.  



E1:  SHOOTING STAR,  125-129 Middlesex Street. E1 7JF. (/). Fullers. Version <24 >    New Fullers pub 1998. Open Mon-Fri 11-11 and 12-3 Sun only.   (Lat/Lon 51.517772 -0.078611) map



E1:  Sir John Falstaff, 111 Cannon Street Road. E1 2LX. (B2/110). G Met Watneys. Version <30>Pub Demolished. .    Closed and boarded 2001. Demolished c2003.   (Lat/Lon 51.5134468078613 -0.06177252903580670)



E1:  Sir Sidney Smith-Pepperpot Pepperpot House, 22 Dock Street. E1 8JP. (A2/111). G Met Trumans. Version <52>Renamed back to the Pepperpot. Now Pepperpot House and open. (Lat/Lon 51.5100059509277 -0.06847386062145230) map



E1:  Slug & Lettuce,  The Courtyard. E1 7BH. (/). Version <33 >    Mentioned in an offer in the Evening Standard of October 17th 2003. News anyone?   (Lat/Lon 51.5152473449707 -0.07732305675745010) map



E1:  Star & Garter, 233 Whitechapel Road. E1 1DB. (B1/112). Charles Wells. Version <30>No longer a pub   , Now (2001) a fried chicken establishment.   (Lat/Lon 51.5191154479980 -0.06091338396072390)



E1:  STILL & STAR, 1 Little Somerset Street. E1 8AH. (A2/113). Bass. Version <52> sold six beers. London Pride, Youngs Bitter, Doom Bar, Adnams Lighthouse, Marstons Single Hop and Vale Brewery Best Bitter.   Small one-bar pub. Snacks at all times.Probably the only pub in the country so named.It may derive from the combination of distillation apparatus (still) and the symbol of an early licensees' association (star). Open Monday - Friday 11-3 and 5-9. Closed weekends.   (Lat/Lon 51.5138740539550 -0.07457379251718520) map



E1:  TEN BELLS, 84 Commercial Street. E1 6LY. (A1/114). G Met Trumans. Version <39 > C. Wells Bombardier.  19th century tiling which depicts a 18th century street scene gave this pub a Grade II Listing. Oneof the unfortunate victims during the murderous reign of Jack the Ripper (a former name) was last seen live leaving this pub. Lunchtime food. Open Monday to Friday 11-11,  Saturday 11-5 and Sunday lunchtime only. Plus one guest (often from Wooden Hand Brewery of Truro in 2006.  (Lat/Lon 51.5186004638671 -0.07414422184228900) map



E1:  Thomas Neale, 39 Watney Market. E1 2PP. (C2/115). Free House. Version <39>No real ales.  Open all hours  One-bar pub in a shopping precinct/market. Darts.Snacks at all times.   (Lat/Lon 51.5135307312011 -0.05661765858531000) map



E1:  THREE CROWNS-L'OASIS-R BAR., 237 Mile End Road. E1 4AA. (D1/116). Wiltshire. Version <47 > Adnams Bitter, Taylors Landlord.  , Ex Wiltshire now run by Inn Business. Renamed L'Oasis.Adnams is regular, second beer may vary from time to time).Unusually on gravity dispense (G) direct from the cask. Good beer and food in a nice unpretentious environment (2007). Renamed R BAR.   (Lat/Lon 51.5222053527832 -0.04544877260923390) map



E1:  Three Suns, 61 Garnet Street. E1 9SX. (/). G Met Trumans. Version <1c>No longer a pub.       



E1:  Three Swedish Crowns, 83 Wapping Lane. E1W 9RW. (C2/117). G Met Watneys. Version <28>No longer a pub.    Converted to a restaurant, Le Spice 2000.  



E1:  TOWN OF RAMSGATE, 62 Wapping High Street. E1W 2PN. (B2/118). Bass. Version <48 > Fullers London Pride, Young: Bitter; +guest beer.  A Grade II Listed Building because of 'Inside beamed ceiling,  benches,  plank panelling and engraved glass screen'. Judge Jeffreys was reputedly captured at this Inn. Grade II for 'interior,group valu e and historical association'. The cellars were dungeons for those awaiting deportation to Australia. Near to site of Execution Dock. Has gallow on river terrace. Food at all times. Open Monday- Friday 12-3 and 5.30-11,  Saturday 12-3 and 7-11.  (Lat/Lon 51.503364 -0.062085) map



E1:  TURNERS OLD STAR, 14 Watts Street. E1W 2QG. (B2/119). Ind Coope. Version <33 > Greene K IPA, ., .  Good pint of Greene King IPA reported 2003. Formerly the Old Star. Named after the great British painter Joseph Turner 1775-1851. Corner locals' pub,  once very basic,  but now renovated to reflect the upward trend of the area. Darts. Garden. Sn acks and cooked meals at all times. Open Monday -Wednesday 11-3.30 and 5.30-11,  Thursday - Saturday 11-11.  (Lat/Lon 51.505361 -0.059392) map



E1:  Vibe Bar, 91-95 Brick Lane. E1 6QL. (/) Free House. Version <23>No real ales.       (Lat/Lon 51.521706 0.07229) map



E1:  VINEYARD, 1 St Katherines Way. E1W 1UN. (A2/120). Davys Free House. Version <1c > Davys Old Wallop.    Commissionaire on the door. Real ale in downstairs bar only. A 'basic style' ale bar with sawdust on the floor with interesting signs and collections of old wine barrels. Quite expensive (a till receipt given with every purchase). Pints only - from pewter tankards. Restaurant and function room. Open Monday - Friday 11-3 and 5-8.30,  closed weekends. No Jeans.   (Lat/Lon 51.507315 -0.073719) map



E1:  Water Poet-Slug & Lettuce,  9 Stoney Street c/o White Kennet Lane. E1 7BH. (A1/). Free House. Version <49>Fuller: London Pride.    Was Adnams tied pub opened July 95. Open Mon-Fri 9am - 11pm and Sunday lunchtime.Renamed SLUG & LETTUCE  Former free house acquired by SFI.  Now Town & City, ex-SFI via Laurel and Bay Restaurant Group. (Lat/Lon 51.515333 -0.077387) map



E1:  WHITE HART, 1 Mile End Road. E1 4TP. (C1/122). Free House. Version <39>Harvey: Sussex Bitter. Open all hours.  No longer run by Honeypot Inns. Was owned by Capital Pub Co. Now operated again by Mulligans. Basic and clean boozers pub with a superb glass partition and mirrors. Known as Murphys. No food. Pool.    (Lat/Lon 51.5204887390136 -0.05455571413040160) map



E1:  WHITE HART-CLUTTERBUCKS, 89 Whitechapel High Street. E1 7RA. (A1/121). Ind Coope. Version <24 > Taylor Walker, Fullers London Pride, Spitfire    , Open all hours  Renamed back to White Hart (from Clutterbucks). intrusive. Old photos of local area and collection of china plates around the walls. Has a long bar running back through the pub which makes its size deceptive. Cheap pint. Cooked food lunchtime.   (Lat/Lon 51.5156822204589 -0.07113721221685410) map



E1:  WHITE HORSE, 64 Shoreditch High Street. E1 6JJ. (A1/123). G Met Trumans. Version <1c > Websters, Ruddles Best.  , There has been a pub on the site since 1462,  its history is shown in the bar. Has an eight foot TV screen which can receive 43 channels. Striptease acts are performed on Thursday and Friday 6.30-9.30 and Sunday lunchtimes. Open Monday - Friday 11-3 and 5-11. Closed Saturday and Sunday evenings. Cooked meals lunchtime and snacks at all times. Snooker,  darts and pool.   (Lat/Lon 51.5241012573242 -0.07620617002248760) map



E1:  White Horse, 48 White Horse Road. E1 0ND. (D2/124). Bass. Version <40>No real ales   Open all hours  Small ,  old-fashioned and friendly one-bar pub just off Commercial Road. Snacks lunchtime only. Dart s and pool. Outside drinking area.   (Lat/Lon 51.5136184692382 -0.04063756018877030) map



E1:  WHITE SWAN, 21 Alie Street. E1 8DA. (A2/125). Shepherd Neame. Version <39 > Sheps Master Brew, Spitfire,    Bishops Finger as well as a guest beer. Former free house that re-opened in 1989 after a fire. Grade II listed building with wood fronted bar and half wood wall panelling. Display of old photographs and news sheet editions. Shepherd Neame makes a welcome addition to the beers available in this area. Restaurant and function room. Open Mond ay - Friday 11-11. Might open on Saturdays in the future but currently closed weekends. Shame about the rather loud music,  no doubt for the barstaff.  (Lat/Lon 51.5136184692382 -0.07113721221685410) map



E1:  WHITE SWAN & CUCKOO, 97 Wapping Lane. E1W 2RW. (C2/126). Enterprise Inns. Version <52> Sharp:Doom Bar. Reinstatement of real ale.   Comfortable locals pub previously called the White Swan. Wood panelling with old photos and beer names long since gone. Also ships' badges. Darts. Snacks and meals lunchtime only. Enterprise, ex- Truman.   (Lat/Lon 51.505345 -0.057894) map



E1:  WILLIAMS-WILLIAMS WINE & ALE HOUSE,  22/24 Artillery Lane. E1 7LS. (A1/127). Whitbread. Version <44 > Greene King Abbot, Greene K IPA, .  Formerly the Ship. Recreated Georgian style wine and ale pub with beamed ceiling and wall curios. Darts. Cooked food lunchtime. Open Monday - Friday 11-11 but closed weekends.Reverted to simply WILLIAMS +guest or seasonal beer.   (Lat/Lon 51.5183410644531 -0.07809628546237950) map



E1:  Yorkshire Grey, 180 Brady Street. E1 5DW. (C1/128). Free House. Version <24>No longer a pub.   Converted to flats 1998. Formerly JJ's Free House.   (Lat/Lon 51.5227241516113 -0.06048381328582760)



E2 Bethnal Green

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Stations - Bethnal Green (Central), Bethnal Green & London Fields (BR Liverpool Street).

Unfortunately the area is one of our worst for real ale and that is available has historically been dominated by the and Watney/Truman (due to their large breweries in East End), but watch out for the enterprising free houses and brewers' pubs, a recently expanding sector and one which deserving of support. The only notable local brewery in this was Wests, whose Three Crowns Brewery (with 60 pubs) was taken over by Hoare (itself then bought by Charrington) in 1929 and closed. One or two pubs still have relics of the company.

E2:  Acorn, 149 Queensbridge Road. E2 8PB. (A2/1). Ascot Estates. Version <24>     Ascot Estates owned. Reopened. Mayfair Taverns sign.   (Lat/Lon 51.5338935852050 -0.07019215077161790) map



E2:  Angel & Crown, 170 Roman Road. E2 0RY. (B1/2). Free House. Version <40>No real ales     Ex Charrington pub (1993). Reported keg in 2006.   (Lat/Lon 51.529272 -0.045832) map



E2:  APPROACH TAVERN, 47 Approach Road. E2 9LY. (A1/3). Free House. Version <32 > Ridleys Prospect, Ridleys Old Bob, Ridleys IPA, Fullers London Pride    Open all hours  Range mid 2002. Now a Remarkable Restaurants Free house.   (Lat/Lon 51.5312309265136 -0.05180644989013670) map



E2:  Beehive, 230 Roman Road. E2 0RY. (B1/4). G Met Watneys. Version <22>No longer a pub.    No longer a pub 1997.   (Lat/Lon 51.5292549133300 -0.04579243063926700)



E2:  Birdcage, 80 Columbia Road. E2 7QB. (B2/5). G Met Trumans. Version <39>No real ales.       (Lat/Lon 51.5284805297851 -0.07053580880165100) map



E2:  Bishop Bonner, 21 Bonner Street. E2 0QP. (A1/6). Ind Coope. Version <22>No longer a pub.    Owned by Maple Leaf Inns 1993. Closed 1997. Now flats.   (Lat/Lon 51.5299415588378 -0.04819803684949870)



E2:  Black Horse, 67 Roman Road. E2 0QN. (B1/7). Belhaven. Version <16>No longer a pub.    No longer a pub 1995. Retail.   (Lat/Lon  )



E2:  Blade Bone, 185 Bethnal Green Road. E2 6AB. (B2/8). Bass. Version <27>No longer a pub.     Now Noodle King Chinese takeaway 2000.   (Lat/Lon 51.5261573791503 -0.06770063191652300)



E2:  Bohola House, 423 Bethnal Green Road. E2 0AN. (B2/9). Free House. Version <39>No real ales.    No real ales 2006.   (Lat/Lon 51.527164 -0.059719) >a href="http://www.streetmap.co.uk/streetmap.dll?Postcode2Map?code=E2+0AN+ "> map



E2:  Britannia - Juke Box, 206 Globe Road. E2 0LW. (B1/10). G Met Watneys. Version <36>Pub Demolished. .    Was named Juke box for a while. Will be redeveloped into flats 2004.   (Lat/Lon 51.5274467468261 -0.05051773041486740)



E2:  British Lion, 193 Hackney Road. E2 8JL. (A2/11). Whitbread. Version <52>Closed and boarded up.    (Lat/Lon 51.5305442810058 -0.07354281842708590) map



E2:  BROWNS, 1 Hackney Road. E2 7NX. (B2/12). G Met Watneys. Version <32 > Tetley Bitter.    Range 2002. Formerly the Horns. Large cafe style pub with large pool area at rear. Working clothes allowed,  but no dirty boots/overalls. Cooked meals lunchtime and 5.30-8 Thurs/Fri. Open Monday - Saturday 11-3 and 5.30-11.   (Lat/Lon 51.527761 -0.076849) map



E2:  Buskers-Ye Olde Hope, 2 Pollard Row. E2 6NB. (B2/13). Free House. Version <41>Pub Demolished.     Was named Buskers for a while before reverting to original name. Ye Olde Hope: 2 Pollard Row. (B2/13). Free House. Renamed back to Ye Olde Hope (1993). Demolished 2007.   (Lat/Lon 51.5271911621093 -0.06357673555612560)



E2:  CAMDENS HEAD-MISTY MOON, 456 Bethnal Green Road. E2 0EA. (B1/14). Free House. Version <45 > Greene King Abbot, Courage Best, ., Spitfire      Former Charrington pub 1992.Became a Wetherspoon free house. No longer Wetherspoons. .Run by Valeart Design.+guest beers (e.g.Jennings). Thatcher Heritage cider also on H.   (Lat/Lon 51.5269317626953 -0.05790637806057930) map



E2:  CAMEL, 277 Globe Road. E2 0JD. (B1/15). Free House. Version <45>  .  , Closed and for sale 2001.Has reopened after 5/6 years.nice pies and mash. a very nice pub, and really good news that it has resurfaced, having won a reprieve from demolition earlier in 2005.Crouch Vale: Brewers Gold; +guest beer.   (Lat/Lon 51.5283088684082 -0.05129095911979680) map



E2:  CARPENTERS ARMS, 73 Cheshire Street. E2 6EG. (B2/16). Free House. Version <42>  Adnams Bitter, Taylors Landlord.  , Reopened and pleasantly furnished.   (Lat/Lon 51.5240135192871 -0.06666965782642360) map



E2:  Cavalier, 89 Dunbridge Street. E2 6JJ. (B2/17). Free House. Version <44>No longer a pub.    Converted to offices 2001. Was the Lord Hood (Trumans). Now closed and boarded up following a fire.   (Lat/Lon 51.5241012573242 -0.06048381328582760)



E2:  Chiltons-Britannia, 12 Chilton Street. E2 6DZ. (B2/18). Ascot Estates. Version <29>Closed     . Closed 2001. Formerly the Britannia. Renamed back to Britannia 2005.   (Lat/Lon 51.5244407653808 -0.07019215077161790) map



E2:  City of Paris-Hanana's, 178 Old Ford Road. E2 9PW. (A1/19). Free House. Version <44>Closed.     Former Truman pub 1993. Renamed Hanana's Wine Bar 2004. Keg (2003).   (Lat/Lon 51.5307159423828 -0.04948675632476810) map



E2:  Conqueror,  2/4 Austin Street. E2 7NB. (B2/20). Free House. Version <39>Closed.     Closed and boarded 2001. Remains closed and boarded up. Tower Hamlets Borough Council are currently considering a planning application to demolish this pub and replace it with a new residential development of six flats.  (Lat/Lon 51.5270195007324 -0.07603433728218080)



E2:  Crown, 144 Whiston Road. E2 8RR. (A2/21). Belhaven. Version <23>No longer a pub.    Being Converted to flats? Jan 98?   (Lat/Lon 51.5348358154296 -0.06718514114618300)



E2:  Dolphin, 85 Redchurch Street. E2 7DJ. (B2/22). G Met Trumans. Version <31>Closed     Converted to residential use 2002.   (Lat/Lon 51.5245285034179 -0.07465970516204830)



E2:  Dover Castle, 118 Old Bethnal Green Road. E2 9RG. (A1/23). Ascot Estates. Version <37>No longer a pub.    Belhaven according to RW,  was Trumans and never badged in Belhaven livery.Looks like converted into a hostel 2005.   (Lat/Lon 51.5301094055175 -0.05790637806057930)



E2:  Duke of Cambridge, 25 Cambridge Crescent (formerly Felix St). E2 9EJ. (A2/25). Belhaven. Version <44>Closed.    Closed 1998. Still closed 2008.   (Lat/Lon  )



E2:  Duke of Cambridge, 101 Queensbridge Road. E2 8PB. (A2/24). Bass. Version <44>No Longer a pub     Demolished and now flats built on site and occupied.   (Lat/Lon 51.5338935852050 -0.07019215077161790) map



E2:  DUKE OF SUSSEX-ALBION, 94 Goldsmith's Row. E2 8QY. (A2/26). Free House. Version <49 > Taylors Landlord plus Brodies beers.  Former Shepherd Neame pub renamed the Albion. Excellent Landlord.   (Lat/Lon 51.5333786010742 -0.06469362229108810) map



E2:  Duke of Wellington, 52 Cyprus Street. E2 0NN. (A1/27). G Met Watneys. Version <37>Closed  Websters.  Open all hours  Closed and for sale 2005.  Grade II Listed Building.  (Lat/Lon 51.5301094055175 -0.05025998875498770)



E2:  Duke of York-Yorkies, 65 Ellsworth Street. E2 0AX. (B2/28). G Met Trumans. Version <44>Pub Demolished.     Renamed Yorkies. Closed and boarded up 2006 . Now demolished.   (Lat/Lon 51.5282211303710 -0.05825003609061240)



E2:  Dundee Arms, 339 Cambridge Heath Road. E2 9LH. (B1/29). Ind Coope. Version <39>No real  ales. Open all hours  Note the sunken hook on the right hand side of the entrance to facilitate the handling of barrels to and from the cellar. Unusual curved glass frontage. Locals' pub opposite the York Hall where the Pigs Ear Beer Festival was founded. Handy for the fisticuffs held there. Food at all times. Hot toddies with lemon ancloves etc.   (Lat/Lon 51.5284805297851 -0.05601625889539720) map



E2:  Durham Arms, 408 Hackney Road. E2 7AP. (A2/30). Enterprise Inns. Version <45>Closed     Closed and appears to be undergoing conversion to residential use. The pub was established before 1814.   (Lat/Lon 51.5314903259277 -0.06211618706583980) map



E2:  Earl Grey, 272 Bethnal Green Road. E2 0JD. (B2/31). Enterprise Inns. Version <38>No longer a pub.    Owned by Ascot Estates then Mayfair Taverns. Now Enterprise Inns run. Became a shop Aug 2005    



E2:  Flamingos, 163 Gossett Street. E2 6NR. (B2/32). Version <1c>No longer a pub.    Originally Westminster Arms, converted to flats 1995.   (Lat/Lon 51.5284805297851 -0.06477953493595120)


E2:  FLEA PIT,49 Columbia Road. Version <47>New pub? "there's a good choice of hard-to-find beers, including a selection from the excellent Battersea, Pitfield and Freedom breweries; mainly in bottles, there's one on tap, too."


E2:  FLORIST, 255 Globe Road. E2 0JD. (B1/33). G Met Watneys. Version <45>  Fullers London Pride.  Open all hours  +Sharp: Doom Bar.   (Lat/Lon 51.5283088684082 -0.05129095911979680) map



E2:  Flying Scud, 137 Hackney Road. E2 8ET. (A2/34). G Met Trumans. Version <16>Demolished.     Closed July 94.   (Lat/Lon 51.5294265747070 -0.07543294131755830)



E2:  Fountain, 123 Sceptre Road. E2 0JU. (B1/35). G Met Watneys. Version <49> Still trading but planning permission granted by Tower Hamlets Council for pub to be replaced by new residential development.      (Lat/Lon 51.5258178710937 -0.05103321745991710) map



E2:  George & Dragon, 2 Hackney Road. E2 7NS. (B2/36). Free House. Version <39>No real  ales.    Was Brent Walker owned according to RW. Ex Truman.Converted to a shop Feb96. Just become a pub again, still called the George and Dragon, full of the Shoreditch crowd but basic inside.   (Lat/Lon 51.5273666381835 -0.07663574069738390) map



E2:  Globe-Stingray Globe Cafe, 109 Columbia Road. E2 7RL. (A2/37). Belhaven. Version <45>Closed       Report 2003: No real ale reported and renamed Stingray Globe Cafe.   (Lat/Lon 51.5302848815917 -0.06813020259141920) map



E2:  Green Gate,  228/230 Bethnal Green Road. E2 0AA. (B2/38). Ind Coope. Version <18>No longer a pub.    Converted to retail use 1995.   (Lat/Lon 51.5259017944335 -0.06718514114618300) map



E2:  Green Man, 287 Cambridge Heath Road. E2 0EL. (B1/39). G Met Trumans. Version <35>No longer a pub.  Open all hours  Closed and boarded end of March 2002. No longer a pub. Part fish and chip shop part shop.Update - ground floor was converted to convenience store and a fish and chip shop, upper floor now 'City Inn Hotel' advertising bed & breakfast.   (Lat/Lon 51.5266761779785 -0.05584442988038060)



E2:  Greyhound, 32 Old Ford Road. E2 9PJ. (A1/40). Courage. Version <33>No longer a pub   , Closed since early 2000. Converted to flats and lovely greyhound heads removed from site.   (Lat/Lon 51.5299415588378 -0.05395431071519850)



E2:  Halfway House-Atomic Music Bar-Jo Jo's, 388 Hackney Road. E2 7AP. (A2/41). Ind Coope. Version <43>No Longer a pub     Owned by Sycamore Taverns. Renamed the Atomic Music Bar in August 2000 then renamed Jo Jo's.for sale by auction. Now converted to a restaurant.    (Lat/Lon 51.5314903259277 -0.06211618706583980)



E2:  HARE, 505 Cambridge Heath Road. E2 9BU. (A1/42). G Met Trumans. Version <41 > Greene King IPA, Taylors Landlord      Open all hours  Horseshoe shaped bar now under new management so expect facilities to change. Darts. TV  Snacks at all times.Greene King Abbot Ale is occasional and they have the Greene King seasonal beer.   (Lat/Lon 51.5332908630371 -0.05747680366039280) map



E2:  Jeremiah Bullfrog, 68 Warner Place. E2 7DA. (A2/43). G Met Watneys. Version <22>No longer a pub.    Is now (1997) a place of learning if the word school in its new title is anything to go by. Was Warners and originally Old Horns  (Lat/Lon 51.5296821594238 -0.06555277109146120)



E2:  Joiners Arns,  116/8 Hackney Road. E2 7QL. (B2/44). Enterprise Inns. Version <44>No real ales!   , One roomed pub with central bar. Darts and pool. Open Monday to Saturday 11.30-5 and 7-11. Was Ascot Estates owned. Now Enterprise Inns.   (Lat/Lon 51.5304565429687 -0.07276958972215650) map



E2:  King & Queen, 89 Cheshire Street. E2 6EG. (B2/45). Belhaven. Version <19>No longer a pub.     Converted to flats after being fire damaged 1996.   (Lat/Lon 51.5240135192871 -0.06666965782642360)



E2:  Kings Arms, 67 Old Bethnal Green Road. E2 6QA. (B2/47). G Met Watneys. Version <30>No longer a pub.    Converted to flats 2001.   (Lat/Lon 51.5294265747070 -0.06099930033087730)



E2:  Kings Arms, 11 Buckfast Street. E2 6EY. (B2/46). Courage. Version <1c>No real ales.       (Lat/Lon 51.5253028869628 -0.06624008715152740) map



E2:  Kings Head, 257 Kingsland Road. E2 8AS. (A2/48). Ind Coope. Version <40>No real ales   Open all hours  H removed 2006  Island bar with plastic beams. Darts and pool. Cooked meals lunchtime and snacks other times.   (Lat/Lon 51.5357818603515 -0.07706531137228010) map



E2:  Limes, 324 Hackney Road. E2 7SJ. (A2/49). Version <1c>No longer a pub.       (Lat/Lon 51.5308837890625 -0.06864569336175920)



E2: The Little Wonder, 155 Hackney Road. E2 8JL. (A2/50). Version <12>No longer a pub.    Closed Jan 94. Converted to flats/shop 1994. Originally was the Manchester Arms  (Lat/Lon 51.5305442810058 -0.07354281842708590)



E2:  Lyons Corner-Van Tromp, 121 Bethnal Green Road. E2 7DG. (/). Version <1c>No longer a pub.    Former Charrington pub which was a free house before closure.   (Lat/Lon 51.5253028869628 -0.07113721221685410)



E2:  MARKSMAN, 254 Hackney Road. E2 7SJ. (A2/51). Free House. Version <43>  Taylors Landlord.  Former West Brewery (was near the Childrens Hospital) pub and only one of 3 pubs out of a dozen to sell real ale in Hackney Road. Cooked meals at lunchtime and snacks other times. Pool. Opens all permitted hours if custom warrants.   (Lat/Lon 51.5308837890625 -0.06864569336175920) map



E2:  Marquis of Cornwallis, 304 Bethnal Green Road. E2 0AG. (B2/52). G Met Trumans. Version <29>No real  ales.    Comfortable island bar pub. Darts. Cooked meals lunchtime and snacks other times.   (Lat/Lon 51.5262451171875 -0.06469362229108810) map



E2:  Metropolis, 234 Cambridge Heath Road. E2 9NN. (A1/53). G Met Watneys. Version <1B>No real ales.  Open all hours     (Lat/Lon 51.5321731567382 -0.05661765858531000) map



E2:  Montys, 111 Gosset Street. E2 6NR. (B2/54). Free House. Version <18>No longer a pub.    Former free house  Converted to five flats 1996. Was Knights and originally Gosset Arms.  (Lat/Lon 51.5284805297851 -0.06477953493595120)



E2:  NELSONS HEAD, 32 Horatio Street. E2 7SB. (A2/55). Free House. Version <44>  Courage Best.  Small dim pub often with loud music. Darts and pool. Open Monday - Friday 12-3 and 5-11. Currently for sale. Ex Charrington and Gibbs Mew.Run by Pubs ’n’ Bars chain.   (Lat/Lon 51.5308036804199 -0.06984849274158480) map



E2:  Nice Little Earner-OARSMAN-CK BAR  MELANGE, 281 Kingsland Road. E2 8AS. (A2/56). Free House. Version <44>Closed  .    Renamed OARSMAN 2001. Renamed CK BAR and now renamed again MELANGE.   (Lat/Lon 51.5357818603515 -0.07706531137228010) map



E2:  Norfolk Arms (Pickles)-Sobar-Raizes, 460 Hackney Road. E2 9EG. (A2/57). Free House. Version <41>     Reopened and renamed RAIZES. No real ale. Now a Free House/Brazilian bar and restaurant.   (Lat/Lon 51.5320053100585 -0.05893735215067860) map



E2:  Old Basing House-Titles Nite Spot-On the Rocks, 25 Kingsland Road. E2 8AA. (A2/58). Courage. Version <28>Closed.    Renamed Titles Nite Spot. Now renamed On the Rocks.   (Lat/Lon 51.5284805297851 -0.07818220555782320) map



E2:  Old Friends, 129 Roman Road. E2 0QN. (B1/60). G Met Watneys. Version <46>No Longer a Pub.      converted to Chinese restaurant. Pub was established by 1869.  (Lat/Lon 51.5285682678222 -0.04948675632476810) map



E2:  OLD GEORGE, 379 Bethnal Green Road. E2 0AN. (B2/61). Enterprise Inns. Version <42 > 6X.  Open all hours  Large plush pub with interesting prints on walls and separate pool area. Cooked meals lunchtime and snacks at other times.Enterprise, ex-Truman.   (Lat/Lon 51.5271072387695 -0.05971058085560800) map



E2:  Old King Johns Head, 90 Whiston Road. E2 8BW. (A2/62). Charles Wells. Version <28>No real ales.    Former Charrington pub 1992.   (Lat/Lon 51.5341529846191 -0.07654982805252080) map



E2: Ye Olde Axe, 69 Hackney Road. E2 8ET. (B2/59). Free House. Version <51 > Now a strip club.   Victorian pub that for a long time was a warehouse. Has wood panelling and secluded alcoves.   (Lat/Lon 51.5294265747070 -0.07543294131755830) map



E2:  ORANGE-CATCH, 22 Kingsland Road. E2 8DA. (/). Free House. Version <28>Adnams Regatta. Adnams Bitter.    New (2000) free house that opens 4-11 Mon-Thurs and 4-2 Fri- Sat.Renamed CATCH.   (Lat/Lon 51.527921 -0.077794) map



E2: THE OWL & PUSSYCAT, 34 Redchurch Street. E2 7DP. (B2/63). Free House. Version <43 > Fullers London Pride, 6X, Greene King IPA.    , Formerly Taylors,  Alternative and the Crown. Roomy pub with open fireplace and garden area at back,  upstairs bar/function room. Cooked food at all times. Open Monday - Friday 11-11,  Saturday 11-3 and 5-11. Grade II Listed Building. Ex Charrington.   (Lat/Lon 51.5242691040039 -0.07491745054721830) map



E2:  Panther, 15 Turin Street. E2 6NJ. (B2/64). Whitbread. Version <36 >Pub Demolished. .    Demolished 2004.   (Lat/Lon 51.5265045166015 -0.06804428994655610)



E2:  Partners, 32 Cremer Street. E2 8HD. (A2/65). Free House. Version <40>Pub Demolished.     Closed 2000. Formerly the Marquis of Lansdowne. Demolished 2006.  (Lat/Lon 51.5304565429687 -0.07612024992704390)



E2:  Penny Farthing-Spread Eagle, 3 Kingsland Road. E2 8AA. (B2/66). Free House. Version <15 >    Closed in September 94. Re-opened Aug 95 as Spread Eagle.   (Lat/Lon 51.5284805297851 -0.07818220555782320) map



E2:  Perseverance, 112 Pritchards Road. E2 9AP. (A2/67). G Met Watneys. Version <1c>No real ales.       (Lat/Lon 51.5337219238281 -0.06211618706583980) map



E2:  Perseverance, 125 Gosset Street. E2 6NR. (B2/68). Free House. Version <29>Pub Demolished. .    Former G Met Watneys. Demolished 2003.   (Lat/Lon 51.5284805297851 -0.06477953493595120)



E2:  Prince of Wales, 76 Bishops Way. E2 9HL. (A1/71). Charles Wells. Version <45>No longer a pub. Charles Wells Eagle.    No longer (2000) a pub though ok if you want to buy one. Previously reported as converted to property agency, now converted to residential use.   (Lat/Lon 51.5332908630371 -0.05172053351998330)



E2:  Prince of Wales, 59 Barnet Grove. E2 7BJ. (B2/70). Free House. Version <16>No longer a pub.    No longer a pub 1995    (Lat/Lon 51.5291671752929 -0.06770063191652300)



E2:  Prince of Wales, 1 Teale Street. E2 8RA. (A2/69). Magic Pub Co  Version <39>No Longer a pub     Closed (1994)? Now Magic owned. Not Greene King owned.Now a nursery.   (Lat/Lon 51.5329475402832 -0.06495136767625810)



E2:  Queen Victoria, 72 Barnet Grove. E2 7BJ. (B2/72). Belhaven. Version <23>>No longer a pub.     Converted to flats 1998.   (Lat/Lon 51.5291671752929 -0.06770063191652300)



E2:  Railway Tavern, 131 Globe Road. E2 0LJ. (B1/73). Free House. Version <41>No real ales.    Free ex Bass, . Handpumps removed in 2007.   (Lat/Lon 51.5269317626953 -0.05094730481505390) map



E2:  Red Deer, 393 Cambridge Heath Road. E2 9RA. (A1/74). G Met Watneys. Version <30>No longer a pub.    Converted to retail use 2001. r times.  (Lat/Lon 51.5299415588378 -0.05635991692543030)



E2:  Royal Alfred-Nu Poqodi-Bar NP (A10), 267 Kingsland Road. E2 8AS. (A2/75). Belhaven. Version <40>No real ales.    Now (2003) a Russian owned pub. Still keg. Renamed BAR NP (A10) in 2006.   (Lat/Lon 51.5357818603515 -0.07706531137228010) map



E2:  Royal Cricketers, 211 Old Ford Road. E2 9PT. (A1/76). Whitbread. Version <33>No longer a pub   , Converted to flats 2003. On the local List of Listed buildings.   (Lat/Lon 51.5311431884765 -0.04605017602443700)



E2:  Royal Oak, 73 Columbia Road. E2 7RG. (B2/77). Enterprise Inns. Version <39>  Adnams Bitter, Taylors Landlord.   A fine pub, now supplying good beer. Towards the end of last year a visit here saw Fullers London Pride and Badger Tanglefoot - so it may be that beer range is variable.Weekday opening from 6pm. Normal weekend hours. Now Enterprise, ex-Ascot and Belhaven.   (Lat/Lon 51.5293426513671 -0.06950483471155170) map



E2:  Royal Standard-Plaza-Korsan Bar, 165 Kingsland Road. E2 8AL. (A2/78). Whitbread. Version <38>No real ales    Renamed The Plaza.  Live music venue (2005).KORSAN BAR (2008).   (Lat/Lon 51.5326042175292 -0.07749488949775700) map



E2:  Salmon & Ball, 502 Bethnal Green Road. E2 0EA. (B1/79). G Met Watneys. Version <39>No real ales.   Open all hours  No real ale 2001. Cafe-style one-bar pub. A Listed Building. Cooked food lunchtimes and snacks at other times.   (Lat/Lon 51.5269317626953 -0.05790637806057930) map



E2:  SEBRIGHT ARMS, 31 Coate Street. E2 9AG. (A2/80). Free House. Version <51 > Open all hours  Formerly Sollys (ex Gibbs Mew). Restaurant. Large comfortable smart wood-panelled pub off Hackney Road down Sebright Passage. Live music wed-Sun evenings and jazz Sunday lunchtime.Up to five varying micro-brewed beers mainly from London, including Brodies, Dark Star, London Fields, Sambrook’s and Redemption, plus Redchurch in bottles and cask cider. Closed since 2009 but not previously reported, it has been reopened by independent operator Charles Ross following refusal by Tower Hamlets Council of at least two planning applications by the previous owner for demolition and replacement by flats. The cumulative loss of pubs in the area, its colourful past as a cabaret pub and its conservation area status, appear to have influenced the refusal on ‘loss of amenity’ grounds. At last a positive outcome and an example of what can be achieved by Councils if the will is there.   (Lat/Lon 51.5319175720214 -0.06331899017095570) map



E2:  Septembers, 428 Hackney Road. E2 7AP. (A2/81). Bass. Version <27>Pub Demolished. .    Demolished. Replaced by flats 2000. Originally the Temple Street Tap.  (Lat/Lon 51.5314903259277 -0.06211618706583980)



E2:  SHAKESPEARE, 460 Bethnal Green Road. E2 0EA. (B1/82). G Met Trumans. Version <42>  Fullers London Pride.    London Pride – not always available.   (Lat/Lon 51.5269317626953 -0.05790637806057930) map



E2:  Ship, 473 Bethnal Green Road. E2 9QH. (B1/83). G Met Watneys. Version <27>No longer a pub.    Turned into retail premises 2000.   (Lat/Lon 51.5276184082031 -0.05696131661534310)



E2:  Ship & Blue Ball, 13 Boundary Street. E2 7JE. (B2/84). Pitfield. Version <23>No longer a pub.  , Flats 1998  Converted to flats 1998. (Lat/Lon 51.5259017944335 -0.07646390795707700)



E2:  Sporting Life, 36 Wilmot Street. E2 0BP. (B2/85). Free House. Version <14> No longer a pub. For sale as flats June 94.   (Lat/Lon 51.5246162414550 -0.05910918116569520)



E2:  Sportsman, 181 Whiston Road. E2 8BW. (A2/86). Ascot Estates. Version <29>Pub Demolished.      Demolished and replaced by flats 2001. (Lat/Lon 51.5341529846191 -0.07654982805252080)



E2:  Stick of Rock, 143 Bethnal Green Road. E2 7DG. (B2/87). Ascot Estates. Version <51> Former pub in retail use since c1993 until 2011, acquired by Barworks Pub Co who plan to reopen it as a pub under its original name, WELL & BUCKET in April 2012.      In retail use 1996. Ex Trumans and had Belhaven sign before closure. (Lat/Lon 51.5253028869628 -0.07113721221685410)



E2:  SUN, 441 Bethnal Green Road. E2 0AN. (B2/88). Whitbread. Version <52> Sharp: Doom Bar; +3 guest beers. Now Independent, ex-Whitbread via Punch.   Refurbished pub with mood lighting and candles, soft furnishings, carpet and other chintz. Now independent, ex-Whitbread.   (Lat/Lon 51.5271072387695 -0.05971058085560800) map



E2:  Tantrums/Focus Nite Spot & Images Wine B, 481 Hackney Road. E2 9ED. (A2/89). Free House. Version <12>No real ales.    Was Hop Picker and Keeleys.   (Lat/Lon 51.5324325561523 -0.05859369412064550) map



E2:  Three Loggerheads, 57 Virginia Road. E2 7NF. (B1/90). Ascot Estates. Version <25>No longer a pub.      Was Turtles. Closed July 96. Converted to flats. (Lat/Lon 51.5267639160156 -0.07577659189701080)



E2:  VICTORIA-RAVENSCROFT, 4 Ravenscroft Street. E2 7QG. (B2/91). Free House. Version <40 > Greene K IPA.    Former G Met Watneys. Now a free house. Sells a seasonal beer. Former G Met Watneys. Now a free house.Renamed RAVENSCROFT.   (Lat/Lon 51.5295944213867 -0.07070764154195790) map



E2:  VICTORY, 27 Vyner Street. E2 9DQ. (A1/92). Free House. Version <44>  Fullers London Pride, Old Speckled Hen.  ,    (Lat/Lon 51.5344924926757 -0.05481345579028130) map



E2:  Weavers Arms, 100 Roman Road. E2 0RN. (B1/93). Ind Coope. Version <20>No longer a pub   , Ex Ind Coope.  Owned by Maple Leaf Inns, converted to office use May 96. (Lat/Lon 51.5284805297851 -0.04759663715958600)



E2:  Weymouth Arms, 80 Weymouth Terrace. E2 8LR. (A2/94). G Met Watneys. Version <19>No longer a pub.      Converted to flats Feb 96. (Lat/Lon 51.5332069396972 -0.07182452827692030)



E2:  White Hart-Cock & Comfort-Pleasure Unit-Star, 359 Bethnal Green Road. E2 6LG. (B2/95). G Met Trumans. Version <44>No real ales.    Renamed Tommy Tuckers: April 92 a free house. Renamed back to the White Hart July 1993.Closed and re-opened as the Cock & Comfort 1997. Then renamed the Pleasure Unit. Advertised bar lounge art. Renamed STAR (OF BETHNAL GREEN).  (Lat/Lon 51.5267639160156 -0.06263167411088940) map



E2:  White Horse, 236 Cambridge Heath Road. E2 9DA. (A1/96). Whitbread. Version <44>Closed.       (Lat/Lon 51.5332069396972 -0.05661765858531000) map



E2:  Woolpack, 89 Sceptre Road. E2 0JU. (B1/97). G Met Watneys. Version <23>Pub Demolished.       Closed September 1993. Demolished Jan 98. (Lat/Lon 51.5258178710937 -0.05103321745991710)



E3 Bow

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Stations - Mile End (Central/District), Bow Road and Bromley by Bow (District), Bow Church and Devons Road (DLR).  

Taylor Walker had a strong influence here, much derived from their purchase of Smith Garrett in 1927 which they then closed.


E3:  Albert, 74 St Stephens Road. E3 5JL. (A1/1). Belhaven. Version <33>No real ales.    Enterprise Inns run (2003).   (Lat/Lon 51.5326042175292 -0.03221793845295910) map



E3:  Albion, 25 St. Pauls Way. E3 4AG. (A2/2). Belhaven. Version <38>Pub Demolished. .      Demolished by Aug 2006. (Lat/Lon 51.5174827575683 -0.03230385482311250)



E3:  Ancient Briton, 44 Glaucus Street. E3 3QS. (B2/3). Bass. Version <41>Pub Demolished.     Demolished after rumour printed in East London Advertiser (2003). Closed 2005.   (Lat/Lon 51.5200614929199 -0.01812796108424660)



E3:  BAR-RISA, 221 Grove Road - Bow Wharf. E3 5SN. (/). Free House. Version <23 > Courage Best, Theakston XB.  , New Regent Inns free house. Opened late Summer 1997.   (Lat/Lon 51.531953 -0.042113) map



E3:  Beehive, 104 Empson Street. E3 3LT. (B2/4). Enterprise Inns. Version <40>No real ales!   , Closed for a while in 2005 but reopened in Dec. Lively backstreet local behind St Andrews Hospital. It has an unusual collection of ties and over 200 key rings. Darts and pool. Childrens room. Cooked meals at all times . Open Monday - Saturday 11-3 and 5-11. Handpump removed in 2007  (Lat/Lon 51.521515 -0.013933) map



E3:  BLUE ANCHOR, 67 Bromley High Street. E3 3EN. (B2/5). Free House. Version <45 > Courage Best.  Traditional East End local with darts and shove half penny. Lunchtime snacks.Originally owned by the Kings Arms Brewery,  part of the London & BurtonBrewery Co.,  who were taken over by Watney Combe Reid in 1929. The freehold was sold to the LCC in 1950. Open Monday - Saturday 11-3 and 5-11. Taylor: Golden Best (£2.20/pint).  (Lat/Lon 51.5280532836914 -0.01529278233647350) map



E3:  Bombay Grab, 246 Bow Road. E3 3AP. (B2/6). Free House. Version <2>No longer a pub.      Closed again 1992. Now the Bow Muslim Community Centre. (Lat/Lon 51.5290832519531 -0.01451955176889900)



E3:  BOW BELLS, 116 Bow Road. E3 3AA. (B2/7). Ind Coope. Version <41 > Fullers London Pride, Brakspears PA.  , Large comfortable pub with interesting collection of toby jugs,  prints and,  as you might expect considering its name,  a collection of bells. The onlypub in Bow with a genuine guest beer policy,  it could be anthing! Fives dartboard. Live music at lunchtime on Sunday. Lunchtime cooked food. Open Monday - Saturday 11-3 and 7-11 +Guest beer (e.g. Wooden Hand brewery).  (Lat/Lon 51.5277938842773 -0.02027582377195360) map



E3:  Bridge House, 14 Bow Common Lane. E3 4AX. (B2/8). Free House. Version <38>No Longer a Pub.     Ex Belhaven.  Was a free house, now (2000) pub and brewery signs removed. Converted to flats 2005.  (Lat/Lon 51.5173110961914 -0.02208002842962740)



E3:  Britannia, 185 Bow Common Lane. E3 4HH. (A2/9). Courage. Version <51 >Now demolished and new flats under construction. ex-Enterprise, ex-Courage via Unique.  (Lat/Lon 51.5214385986328 -0.03032782115042210) map



E3:  Bromley Arms, 51 Fairfield Road. E3 2QA. (B1/10). Shepherd Neame. Version <25>No Longer a pub     Permission applied and granted for flats 2004.   (Lat/Lon 51.5300292968750 -0.02156454138457780)



E3:  Caledonian Arms, 62 Fairfield Road. E3 2QP. (B1/11). Shepherd Neame. Version <25>No longer a pub.     Permission applied for flats 2004. Ex-Shepherd Neame, upstairs now converted to residential use and ground floor boarded up and unoccupied by November 2007.   (Lat/Lon 51.5322647094726 -0.02336874604225160)



E3:  COBORN ARMS, 8 Coborn Road. E3 2DA. (A1/12). Young & Co. Version <1c > Youngs Bitter, Youngs Special, Youngs Winter Warmer.  Until 1984 was a Whitbread pub. Dartboards in constant use. Former Lacon Brewery pub. Outside drinking area. Cooked food lunchtime. Open Monday - Saturday 11-2.30 and 5-11 except Friday (11-11).   (Lat/Lon 51.5270195007324 -0.03058556467294690) map



E3:  CROWN HOTEL-Mar i Terra-CROWN, 223 Grove Road. E3 5SN. (A1/13). Version <49> Geronimo pub acquired by Young’s in December 2010.    No longer Belhaven owned. Not Ascot Estates owned. Was Mar i Terra a spanish style tapas bar.   (Lat/Lon 51.5320053100585 -0.04175445064902310) map



E3:  Crystal Tavern-Wheelwrights, 25 Burdett Road. E3 4TU. (A2/14). Ind Coope. Version <1c>No longer a pub.      Renamed Wheelwrights and converted to flats July 96. (Lat/Lon 51.5241012573242 -0.03419397398829460)



E3:  Duke of Wellington, 16 Newmill House - Devas Street. E3 3LL. (B2/15). Ascot Estates. Version <48> Ex-Phoenix, closed and boarded up.    No real ale no handpump 2003.   (Lat/Lon 51.5228996276855 -0.01237168908119200) map



E3:  Duke of York, 129 Antill Road. E3 5BW. (A1/16). Ind Coope. Version <29>No longer a pub.     Retains Smith Garrett facade.Former Smith Garrett (Bow Brewery) pub as can be seen by the original tiling. Converted to residential use 2002.   (Lat/Lon 51.5295944213867 -0.03333482891321180)



E3:  Earl of Elesmere, 19 Chisenhale Road. E3 5QY. (A1/17). Ind Coope. Version <29>No longer a pub   , Converted to residential use 2001.   (Lat/Lon 51.5332069396972 -0.03848969936370850)



E3:  ELEANOR ARMS, 460 Old Ford Road. E3 5JP. (A1/18). Shepherd Neame. Version <43>     Frankie Colclough (07896208707) is the new Tenant at The Eleanor Arms E3 5JP and says "We have 2real ales - Kents Best and a rotation of Spitfire, Bishops Finger, Early Bird and Sheps One Offs of Special Brews".   (Lat/Lon 51.5349273681640 -0.03307708725333210) map



E3:  FAT CAT CAFE BAR,  Grove Road. E3 5SN. (/). Free House. Version <26 > Boddingtons, Courage Directors, Theakstons XB, 6X      New pub chan run free house.Open all hours including at 1000 for breakfast.   (Lat/Lon 51.531953 -0.042113) map



E3:  George & Dragon-New Cotton Inn, 92 St Pauls Way. E3 4AL. (A2/19). Belhaven. Version <38>Pub Demolished. .      Closed and boarded 2001.Demolished c2004. (Lat/Lon 51.5179138183593 -0.02620392479002480)



E3:  Hand  & Flower, 72 Parnell Road. E3 2RU. (B1/20). Enterprise Inns. Version <52> No longer a pub. Has been turned into a restaurant, Sini.      (Lat/Lon 51.5339813232421 -0.02620392479002480) map



E3:  Horn of Plenty-Flautist & Firkin-Milestone, 588 Mile End Road. E3 4PH. (A2/21). Ind Coope. Version <42>No real ales!   No longer a pub. Renamed MOMENT IN TIME in 2000. Reopened and renamed VIRTUE after refurbishment. Renamed MILESTONE, still no real ale. Now (2012) Zains Restaurant & Grill see http://www.zains-grill.co.uk/  (Lat/Lon 51.5253028869628 -0.03264751285314560) map



E3:  Iceland-Lighthouse, 421 Wick Lane. E3 2JG. (B1/22). G Met Watneys. Version <38>No real  ales.  Open all hours  Renamed Lighthouse 2005. Basic mock Tudor pub just off the motorway. Pool and shove halfpenny. Lunchtime snacks.   (Lat/Lon 51.5353546142578 -0.02165045589208600) map



E3:  Imperial Crown, 50 St Leonard's Street. E3 3BT. (B2/23). Sycamore Taverns. Version <34>No longer a pub.    Ex Ind Cooped. Owned by Scamore Taverns.  Closed. Tower Hamlets Town Planning has an application to turn it into a shop unit and flats 2003 (Lat/Lon 51.5263328552246 -0.01245760358870030)



E3:  John Bull, 490 Roman Road. E3 5LU. (A1/24). Ind Coope. Version <35>No longer a pub.      Now (2004) a property services agency, (Lat/Lon 51.5319175720214 -0.03376439958810810)



E3:  Kings Arms, 167 Bow Road. E3 2SG. (B1/25). Ind Coope. Version <47> Closed and boarded up.   (Lat/Lon 51.5284805297851 -0.01864344812929630) map



E3:  Kitsons-Liquor Inn, 171 Devons Road. E3 3QX. (B2/26). G Met Watneys. Version <38>No real ales.    Renamed Liquor Inn.   (Lat/Lon 51.5197143554687 -0.02036173827946190) map



E3:  LITTLE DRIVER, 125 Bow Road. E3 2AN. (B1/27). Bass. Version <45> London Pride. Enormous,  50 year old Hoare & Co Celebrated Stout. mirror on the wall near the dartboard. Cooked food lunchtime. Garden. Open Monday - Thursday 11-3 and 5-11,  Friday and Saturday 11-11.   (Lat/Lon 51.5276184082031 -0.02397014759480950) map



E3:  LORD CARDIGAN, 12 Anglo Road. E3 5HD. (B1/28). Ind Coope. Version <7 > Tetley Bitter, Burton, Adnams Bitter.  Now (1993) in Taylor Walker livery. Sells Youngs beers occasionally. Lively pub just off Roman Road market. Live music Saturday nights. Darts,  pool and shove halfpenny. Garden. Open Monday - Saturday 11-3 and 5-11.   (Lat/Lon 51.5320854187011 -0.02817995846271510) map



E3:  LORD MORPETH, 402 Old Ford Road. E3 5NR. (A1/29). Whitbread. Version <50>Wells: Bombardier. Now Enterprise, ex-Whitbread        (Lat/Lon 51.5343208312988 -0.03582635149359700) map



E3:  Lord Palmeston, 45 Hewlett Road. E3 5NA. (A1/30). Free House. Version <35>No longer a pub.      Converted to flats 2004. (Lat/Lon 51.5324325561523 -0.03574043512344360)



E3:  Lord Tredegar, 50 Lichfield Road. E3 5AL. (A1/31). Inn Business. Version <49>No real  ales.    Open all hours  Was owned by Sycamore Taverns, ex Ind Coope . II Listed Building. Garden. Now run by Inn Business. Freehold £600,000 + VAT from Fleurets.   (Lat/Lon 51.5285682678222 -0.03256159648299220) map



E3:  Match Maker,  580/586 Roman Road . E3 5ES. (/). Wetherspoons. Version <37 >New Wetherspoons pub (opened July 2001) in Roman Road market almost opposite the closed Ranlagh Arms.Former indoor market and before that an old fashioned grocers (Caters). Name refers to the Bryant and May matchmaking factory which still stands in nearby Fairfield Road though these days is in residential use. Sold by Wetherspoon. Now a Poundland.  (Lat/Lon 51.5326550000000 -0.03034600000000000) map



E3:  Melody Park Inn-Outpost-Twlight Zone, 2 Midlothian Road. E3 4SE. (A2/32). G Met Watneys. Version <26>No longer a pub.    No longer a pub since July 96.  Now TFG Pizza in part. (Lat/Lon 51.5211791992187 -0.03367848694324490)



E3:  Milton Arms, 28 Wright's Road. E3 5LD. (B1/33). Free House. Version <43>Closed     Closed by July 2007.   (Lat/Lon 51.5334663391113 -0.03135879337787630) map



E3:  Moulders Arms, 50 Bromley High Street. E3 3EP. (B2/34). G Met Watneys. Version <41>Pub Demolished.  .  , Demolished 2007.   (Lat/Lon 51.5273666381835 -0.01718290150165560)



E3:  Needle Gun-Trader, 527 Roman Road. E3 5EL. (A1/35). Ind Coope. Version <52> Converted to City View Hotel. As this building has only one floor and faces south it is hard to see what city you can view.       Renamed Trader 2005. (Lat/Lon 51.5331192016601 -0.02972641959786420) map



E3:  New Globe, 359 Mile End Road. E3 4QS. (A1/36). Enterprise Inns. Version <48 >Reported as Courage: Best Bitter; Greene King: IPA. Reopened. Now leased by Active Pub Co from Enterprise.  On the local list of Listed Buildings. Ex-Whitbread.   (Lat/Lon 51.5247001647949 -0.03625592216849330) map



E3:  Old Duke Of Cambridge, 22 Reeves Road. E3 3PH. (B2/37). Belhaven. Version <47> No real ales!        (Lat/Lon 51.5232391357421 -0.01675332896411420) map



E3:  Old Ford Tavern, 393 Old Ford Road. E3 2LU. (B1/38). Free House. Version <30>No longer a pub.    Converted to flats 2001.   (Lat/Lon 51.5360412597656 -0.02680532634258270)



E3:  Ordell Arms, 22 Ordell Road. E3 2DS. (B1/39). Free House. Version <30>No longer a pub.    Closed its doors June 15th 2001 and developed into housing by a private company.   (Lat/Lon 51.5305442810058 -0.02714898437261580)



E3:  PALM TREE, 24 /26 Haverfield Rd. E3 5BH. (A1/40). Free House. Version <48> Canalside pub that has been isolated by what is known as Mile End Park. Darts. Well worth finding (if you can). Was Brent Walker owned. Garden. Serves two varying guest beers .  (Lat/Lon 51.5288110000000 -0.03924900000000000) map



E3:  Pearly King, 94 Bromley High Street. E3 3EG. (/). Version <47>No longer a pub.    Former Ind Coope pub that became a free house before closure.   (Lat/Lon 51.5280532836914 -0.01357449218630790)



E3:  PLAYWRIGHTS-MORGAN ARMS, 43 Morgan Street. E3 5AA. (A1/41). Version <50 > Acquired by Greene King from CPC in July 2011. Former G Met Watneys   (Lat/Lon 51.5271072387695 -0.03445171564817430) map



E3:  Prince of Wales, 2 Grove Road. E3 5AX. (A1/42). G Met Watneys. Version <47>Closed 2005 Now converted to ‘Greedy Cow’ restaurant.        (Lat/Lon 51.5264167785644 -0.03548269346356390)



E3:  Priory Tavern, 37 St Leonards Street. E3 3BS. (B2/43). G Met Trumans. Version <22>No longer a pub.    Converted to flats 1997.   (Lat/Lon 51.5268516540527 -0.01237168908119200)



E3:  Queen Victoria, 1 Gillender Street. E3 3WJ. (B2/44). Free House. Version <30>Closed     Reopened after being closed and for sale notices posted. Closed and boarded up 2001.  



E3:  Railway Tavern, 30 Grove Road. E3 5AX. (A1/45). Free House. Version <27>No longer a pub.    Converting to flats 2000.   (Lat/Lon 51.5264167785644 -0.03548269346356390)



E3:  Ranelagh Arms, 599 Roman Road. E3 2RN. (B1/46). Courage. Version <37>No longer a pub.    Now a Costcutter supermaket 2005.   (Lat/Lon 51.5338935852050 -0.02757855691015720)



E3:  Rising Sun-American Diner, 14 Gillender Street. E3 4JW. (B2/47). Ascot Estates. Version <26>Pub Demolished.     Pub demolished 1999 after renaming    (Lat/Lon 51.5261573791503 -0.02671941183507440)



E3:  Rose & Crown, 8 Stroudley Walk - Devons Road. E3 3HA. (B2/48). Ind Coope. Version <40>Closed.   Open all hours  Owned by Maple Leaf Inns.  A Grade II Listed Building.   (Lat/Lon 51.527168 -0.017421) map



E3:  Rose of Denmark, 612 Roman Road. E3 2RW. (B1/49). Belhaven. Version <47>Closed     For sale without a license 2004. Has all pub indications taken away and is now a fast food outlet.   (Lat/Lon 51.5336341857910 -0.02732081338763240)



E3:  Tenterden Arms, 224 Devons Road. E3 3PN. (B2/50). G Met Trumans. Version <51> Demolished.     Closed and boarded up in 2007.   (Lat/Lon 51.5208358764648 -0.01984625123441220)



E3: Ye Olde Three Tuns, 185 Bow Road. E3 2SJ. (B1/51). Whitbread. Version <25>No longer a pub.    Converted to flats 1999.   (Lat/Lon 51.5290832519531 -0.01683924347162250)



E3:  Unicorn, 27 Vivian Road. E3 5RE. (A1/52). Free House. Version <35>No longer a pub.    Converted to flats 2004.   (Lat/Lon 51.5320053100585 -0.03917701542377470)



E3:  Victoria, 110 Grove Road. E3 5TH. (A1/53). Charles Wells. Version <40>No real  ales.  Open all hours  Former Charrington pub acquired by Charles Wells in March 1991. Pool. Garden. Lunchtime food.   (Lat/Lon 51.5305442810058 -0.03969250246882440)



E3:  Wentworth Arms, 127 Eric Street. E3 4SR. (A2/54). Charles Wells. Version <49> No real  ales.  Open all hours  Acquired in 1991 from Charrington. Expensive. Lunchtime food.  Situated behind Mile End Station. Handpump removed.   (Lat/Lon 51.5238418579101 -0.03350665792822840) map



E3:  White Horse-Lounge Bar, 473 Roman Road. E3 5LX. (A1/55). G Met Watneys. Version <38>No longer a pub.    Converted to a shop Sept 96. After being a clothes shop it is now the Lounge Bar. Appears closed 2005. Converted to Dominos Pizza.   (Lat/Lon 51.5320854187011 -0.03453763201832770)



E3:  Whitethorn, 30 Whitethorn Street. E3 4DB. (B1/56). Belhaven. Version <22>Pub Demolished. .    Closed August 1994. Demolished July 96.   (Lat/Lon 51.5201492309570 -0.02233777195215230)



E3:  Widows Son, 75 Devons Road. E3 3PJ. (B2/57). Ind Coope. Version <52> Punch, ex-Allied (Taylor Walker), sold and said to be at risk of closure.  Shove h'p and darts in this single bar pub. Live music at weekends. A Grade II Listed Building because: 'Interior retains almost completely its circa 1870s fittings,   including engraved mirrors,  decorated panels to pilasters, gilt capitals and glass fronted cabinets containing assorted china. Ornamen tal lettered panels states: 'Importer and bonder of choice Foreign cigars: The Widow's Son. Family Wine Spirit and Malt Liquor Establishment'.  (Lat/Lon 51.5222053527832 -0.01795613206923010) map



E3:  Young Prince, 448 Roman Road. E3 5LU. (A1/58). Free House. Version <1B>No real ales.       (Lat/Lon 51.5319175720214 -0.03376439958810810) map



E4 Chingford

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Station - Chingford and Highams Park (BR Liverpool Street).


E4:  COPPERMILL-THE MOUNT-OBELISK,  30/32 Church Road E4 8DD. (/). Barracuda. Version <40 > Adnams Bitter, Adnams Broadside, Youngs Bitter.  New Greenhalls pub 1992. Renamed THE MOUNT then OBELISK. Former Greenalls pub acquired by Barracuda and branded as a 'Smith & Jones' pub.   (Lat/Lon 51.618017 -0.017826) map



E4: THE COUNTY ARMS, 420 Hale End Road. E4 9BP. (B2/1). Scottish & New. Version <18 > Websters, Ruddles County.  , Former G Met Trumans.  Decorated with dray horses and knick-knacks. Function room. Disabled welcome. Snacks at all times. Opens 11-3 and 5.30 to 11 Monday to Thursday and 11-11 on Friday and 11-3 and 7-11 on Saturday.   (Lat/Lon 51.6125907897949 -0.01701107248663900) map



E4:  Crooked Billet,  Chingford Road. E4 8SP. (/). Ind Coope. Version <1c>Pub Demolished.        (Lat/Lon 51.6017684936523 -0.01718290150165560)



E4:  Fountan, 51 Sewardstone Road. E4 7PU. (A1/2). Ind Coope. Version <22>No longer a pub.    Converted into a MacDonalds 1997.   (Lat/Lon 51.6350173950195 -0.01357449218630790)



E4:  Fox & Hounds,  Sewardstone Road E4 7SD. (A1/3). G Met Watneys. Version <34>No longer a pub.    It is now a childrens nursery 2003.   (Lat/Lon 51.6482467651367 -0.01091114245355130)



E4:  Gardeners Arms, 18 Burnside Avenue. E4 8YJ. (/). Version <29 >    2001 New pub? Details anyone? Replaced the Greyhound we presume?   (Lat/Lon 51.608667 -0.023259) map



E4: The GREENE MAN, 195 Old Church Road. E4 6RB. (A2/4). Greene King. Version <46 >Greene King: IPA or Abbot. Run by Greene King as part of their Hungry Horse chain.   (Lat/Lon 51.6259956359863 -0.01357449218630790) map



E4: The Greyhound, 2 Silver Birch Avenue. E4 8QS. (A2/5). Wiltshire. Version <29>Pub Demolished. .    Former Charrington pub 1992.Was Wiltshire Brewery owned. Demolished 2001.   (Lat/Lon 51.6092414855957 -0.02474337816238400)



E4:  Harvester, 175 Unit 5 Larkswood Leisure Pk New Road. E4 9EY. (/). Version <30>No real  ales.    In New Road where a new swimming pool is. Reported keg.Opened 2001.   (Lat/Lon 51.617063 -0.005575) map



E4:  KINGS FORD,  250/252 Chingford Mount. E4 8JL. (/). Wetherspoons. Version <22 >    New pub opened Oct 96(?). Wheelchair access.   (Lat/Lon 51.61599 -0.017076) map



E4:  KINGS HEAD,  2b Kings Head Hill. E4 7EA. (A1/6). Ember Inns. Version <52 >Has three regular beers Pride, Landlord and Doom Bar alongside three guest beers. Ex Ind Coope. Now run by Ember Inns. Garden and function room. Food till 9pm.  Ember, ex-Six Continents, ex-Bass. See appendix above. (Lat/Lon 51.6319198608398 -0.00189011916518211) map



E4: THE LARKSHALL,  Larkshall Road. E4 6NT. (B2/7). Courage. Version <45 > Courage Directors, Adnams Broadside, Greene K Abbot.  Superb old looking pub with various little rooms and large ornate eating section. The only thing against it are the artificial fires. Larkshall Farmwas on this site from 1890 till the pub was built. Disabled welcome. Food at lunchtime only. Darts.Open Monday to Friday 11-3 and 5.30 to 11. Saturday 12-4 and 7-11.   (Lat/Lon 51.6171455383300 -0.00025774352252483) map



E4:  OLD HALL TAVERN,  Hall Lane. E4 8EY. (A2/8). Scottish & New. Version <1c > Websters, Ruddles County      Open all hours  Formerly G Met Watneys. Restaurant and garden gone since last survey but food lunchtimes. Darts and pool.   (Lat/Lon 51.6167144775390 -0.02835178747773170) map



E4:  PLOUGH,  Sewardstone Road E4 7RJ. (A1/9). McMullens. Version <36 > McMullens AK, McMullens Country, Stronghart.  Surrounded by superb walking countryside but when visiting the pub check the frequency of the busservice as it is 2 hourly after 6 with the last bus to un-civilisation at 9.30. The previous Plough can be seen around the corner. Darts,  pool and shove halfpenny as well as bar billiards. Garden. Food at all times except Monday evening. Open Mon to Sat 11-2.30 (3.30 Sat) and 6(7 Sat)-11.   (Lat/Lon 51.666592 0.001415) map



E4:  Prince Albert-Bar PA, 1 Old Church Road. E4 6SJ. (A2/10). Whitbread. Version <52> Closed and boarded 2004.  Reopened June 2005. Closed again 2009 but reopened as the Birdcage Bar. Renamed Chanz. It used to be at ground level before it became the Iceland store. Now called Mount Terrace some kind of night club apparently.    (Lat/Lon 51.6179199218750 -0.01726881600916390) map



E4:  Prince of Wales, 71 Hatch Lane. E4 6LP. (B2/11). Bass. Version <47>Demolished 2010.    .  , Now owned/run by Arena Pubs. M&B, ex-Six Continents.   (Lat/Lon 51.6184310913085 0.00386615283787251) map



E4:  QUEEN ELIZABETH, 95 Forest Side. E4 6BA. (B1/12). Scottish & New. Version <52 > Sold Brains SA during a Cask Ale Festival. A festival consisting of one beer! Indications were that they sold Directors and Abbot. Formerly G Met Trumans. Was run by the Spirit Group. Now Orchid, ex-S&N via Spirit.   (Lat/Lon 51.6285705566406 0.01666741445660590) map



E4:  ROYAL FOREST HOTEL,  Rangers Road. E4 7QH. (B1/13). Whitbread. Version <46>Fuller: London Pride. Still Whitbread Brewers Fayre branded.    Now Whitbread owned . Charges £2 for your child to use a room full of balls. Open all permitted hours.   (Lat/Lon 51.6343307495117 0.01752655953168870) map



E4:  ROYAL OAK, 219 Kings Head Hill. E4 7PP. (A1/15). McMullens. Version <32 > McMullens AK, McMullens Country, Stronghart.  Had a range of two McMullens ales plus Courage Directors and Pedigree when visited in August 2002. Meals in separate lounge area at lunchtime and evenings (7-9). Two distinctive bars - public clean a nd comfortable,  lounge quiet and plush. Darts,  shove halfpenny and bar billiards. Garden. Car park.Open Monday to Friday 11-3 and 5.30 to 11,  public bar open all day Saturday.  (Lat/Lon 51.634529 -0.010473) map



E4:  Royal Oak (Venners),  Sewardstone Road. E4 7RG. (A1/14). Free House. Version <45>Pub Demolished. Renamed Freddies and painted a nice lilac. Now closed and it and the surrounding land are boarded up Boards are marked Construction ZoneKeep Out and with a Builders name and phone No. There was a report some time back that planning permission had been granted 2004.   (Lat/Lon 51.6601867675781 -0.00438163988292217)



E4:  ROYSTON ARMS 83 Chingford Mount Road. E4 8LU. (A2/16). Bass (M&B). Version <47> Black Sheep Bitter, Youngs Bitter. Community. See appendix above.  (Lat/Lon 51.6097564697265 -0.01795613206923010) map



E4:  Sirloin-Forest Edge-Sirloin,  Friday Hill. E4 6EL. (B1/17). G Met Watneys. Version <52>No real  ales.   Was closed following a runner by the licensee/manager in March. Reopened 23rd February 2001 and renamed Forest Edge. Now keg. Renamed back to Sirloin. losed its doors on the 9th Nov or before. Owners Enterprise took possession when the lease expired.    (Lat/Lon 51.6217880249023 0.00876327976584435) map



E4:  Slug & Lettuce-Bull & Crown-Molly K's,  The Green. E4 7ES. (A1/18). Ind Coope. Version <48> Renamed back to the BULL & CROWN then to MOLLY K's THEN BACK TO BULL & CROWN:  Closed following a drug raid.  Reopened as Bull on the Green, still keg. Has applied to become an Italian restaurant. (Lat/Lon 51.6309776306152 -0.00008591450750828) map



E4:  THOMAS WILLINGALE-STATION HOUSE,  136/8 Station Road . E4 6AN. (/). Wizard Inns. Version <46>Marston: Pedigree; +Banks: Bitter; +occasional guest from Marston portfolio. Now Marston, ex-W&D. Sublet by Marston to an independent operator.      New Wizard Inns free house opened November 1999 in former grocery shop named Chesneys. Open all permittedhours. Renamed STATION HOUSE 2006    (Lat/Lon 51.63386 -0.009815) map



E4:  Wheelwrights, 94 Hatch Lane. E4 6LQ. (B2/19). Whitbread. Version <34>Pub Demolished. Demolished 2003. Nows flats and a nursery.   (Lat/Lon 51.6190376281738 0.00618584454059601)



E4:  Wishing Well-Artesan, 11 Hall Lane. E4 8HH. (/). Enterprise Inns. Version <52> Closed and boarded. New pub 1999.   (Lat/Lon 51.616728 -0.019226) >a href="http://www.streetmap.co.uk/streetmap.dll?Postcode2Map?code=E4+8HH "> map



E5 Clapton

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Station - Clapton (BR Liverpool Street).



E5:  ANCHOR & HOPE, 15 High Hill Ferry. E5 9HG. (B1/1). Fullers. Version <1c > Fullers London Pride, Fullers ESB.  , No food,  just good beer. One-bar pub on the waterfront. Darts. Opens at 6pm Saturday evenings.   (Lat/Lon 51.5678291320800 -0.05223602056503300) map



E5:  British Oak, 130 Lea Bridge Road. E5 9RB. (B2/2). G Met Watneys. Version <33>No longer a pub.    Looks like a conversion to flats 2003.   (Lat/Lon 51.5609550476074 -0.04751072451472280)



E5:  Clapton Park Tavern, 9 Chatsworth Road. E5 0LH. (B2/3). Bass. Version <30>No longer a pub.    Converted to an oriental restaurant 2001.   (Lat/Lon 51.5532226562500 -0.04493328556418420)



E5:  CROOKED BILLET-Jack Beards at the Crooked Billet, 84 Upper Clapton Road. E5 9JP. (A1/4). G Met Watneys. Version <1c > Websters.  Open all hours  Renamed Jack Beards at the Crooked Billet. Large one bar pub with restaurant in the old saloon bar. Darts.   (Lat/Lon 51.5612144470214 -0.05696131661534310) map



E5: The Downs-Downs Hotel., 75 Downs Road. E5 8QP. (A2/5). Ind Coope. Version <42>No Longer a pub     Ex-Taylor Walker, converted to residential use.   (Lat/Lon 51.5556297302246 -0.06194436177611350) map



E5:  Duke of Clarence, 78 Clarence Road. E5 8HB. (A2/6). G Met Trumans. Version <31>No longer a pub.    Converted to flats 2002.   (Lat/Lon 51.5508155822753 -0.05532894283533100)



E5:  Duke of York (Pudlocks), 2 Charnwood Street. E5 8SH. (A1/7). G Met Watneys. Version <27>Pub demolsihed.    Closed 2000. Demolished c2003.   (Lat/Lon 51.5626754760742 -0.06022606790065770)



E5:  Elephants Head-Fitxgeralds, 43 Lower Clapton Road. E5 0NS. (A2/8). Courage. Version <40>No real ales!   , Live Irish music weekends. Darts,  pool and TV. Open Monday to Friday 11-11,  11-3 and 7.30-11 Saturday.Renamed FITZGERALDS early 2005.Enterprise, ex-Courage via Unique, no real ale.   (Lat/Lon 51.5508155822753 -0.05283742025494580) map



E5:  Fountain, 211 Lower Clapton Road. E5 8EG. (A2/9). G Met Watneys. Version <42>Closed        (Lat/Lon 51.5567474365234 -0.05601625889539720) map



E5:  George, 171 Glyn Road. E5 0JT. (B2/10). Courage. Version <49> No real ales.     Enterprise, ex-Courage via Unique, closed c2007 and has been used for several one-off music events. There is a local campaign and petition for it to be reopened as a pub.  (Lat/Lon 51.5530509948730 -0.04158262163400650) map



E5:  Glyn Arms, 1 Mandeville Street. E5 0DH. (B2/11). Ind Coope. Version <45>Closed        (Lat/Lon 51.5565719604492 -0.03926292806863780) map



E5:  Golden Shoe, 47 Meeson Street. E5 0EA. (B2/12). G Met Watneys. Version <38>Pub Demolished. .    Closed 2002. Demolished c2003.   (Lat/Lon 51.5523643493652 -0.03617000952363010)



E5:  Hope & Anchor, 30 Rossington Street. E5 8SP. (A1/13). Belhaven. Version <27>No longer a pub.    Converted to flats 2000.   (Lat/Lon 51.5637016296386 -0.06142887473106380)



E5:  Jubilee, 278 Millfields Road. E5 0AR. (B2/14). Belhaven. Version <30>No real ales.    Closed and boarded 2001.   (Lat/Lon 51.5570907592773 -0.04407414421439170)



E5:  Kings Head, 44 Middlesex Wharf. Mount Pleasant Hill. E5 9NF. (B1/15). G Met Watneys. Version <38>Pub demolished.      Closed Nov 2003. Demolished in 2007.   (Lat/Lon 51.5637893676757 -0.05086138844490050)



E5:  London Tavern, 92 Rendlesham Road. E5 8PA. (A2/16). Bass. Version <1c>No real ales.       (Lat/Lon 51.5592384338378 -0.06271759420633320) map



E5:  Lord Cecil, 42 Lower Clapton Road. E5 0PD. (A2/17). Courage. Version <40>Closed.  Closed 2007 and bought for redevelopment.   (Lat/Lon 51.5504760742187 -0.05180644989013670)



E5:  Old Kings Head, 28 Upper Clapton Road. E5 8BQ. (A2/18). G Met Trumans. Version <30>No longer a pub.    Converted to flats 2000.   (Lat/Lon 51.5598411560058 -0.05550077185034750)



E5:  PRINCE OF WALES-PRINCESS OF WALES, 146 Lea Bridge Road. E5 9RB. (B2/19). Young & Co. Version <52> Wells: Young’s Bitter £3.55/pint); +Wells: Young’s London Gold, Waggledance. Transferred to Geronimo control, although remaining a tenanted pub.The one Youngs pub in the East End that did not revert to Whitbread. Darts. Food at all times. Open all permitted hours if custom allows.  (Lat/Lon 51.5609550476074 -0.04751072451472280) map



E5:  PRIORY TAVERN-ELIPSE-ELDERFIELD, 57 Elderfield Road. E5 0LF. (B2/20). Bass. Version <46> Adnams: Broadside; +Fuller: London Pride; +Harvey: Best Bitter; +Taylor: Landlord.  Darts,  pool and garden. Opens Monday to Friday 11-3 and 5-11,  Saturday 11-11. Renamed ECLIPSE by early 2005 and now renamed again to ELDERFIELD.   (Lat/Lon 51.5536499023437 -0.04665157943964000) map



E5:  Robin Hood,  High Hill Ferry. E5 9HG. (B1/21). Courage. Version <46>Pub Demolished.    Demolished 2001.  Site now occupied by ‘Heron Court’ flats. (Lat/Lon 51.5678291320800 -0.05223602056503300)



E5:  ROYAL SOVEREIGN, 64 Northwold Road. E5 8RL. (A1/22). Bass. Version <51 >Three beers reported.   Open all hours  One-bar pub with collection of regulars' ties cut whilst being worn. Open brickwork on most walls. Darts and pool. Children's outdoor area and garden with fish pond and aviary. Snacks at all times.   (Lat/Lon 51.5625877380371 -0.06245984509587290) map



E5:  Shamps-Cricketers, 181 Clarence Road. E5 8EE. (A2/23). Ascot Estates. Version <47>No real ales.    Reverted to Cricketers 2001.   Closed following police raid. (Lat/Lon 51.5545997619628 -0.05627400055527690) map



E5:  Ship Aground, 144 Lea Bridge Road. E5 9RB. (B2/24). Bass. Version <46> Punch, ex-Bass, closed and boarded up. Despite local opposition to closure, there are plans to convert the ground floor to café use with residential accommodation above. (Lat/Lon 51.5609550476074 -0.04751072451472280) map



E5:  Swan, 73 Clapton Common. E5 9AA. (A1/25). Bass. Version <45>Closed.  ., .  Closed January 2009 and in process of being sold, possibly for a non-pub use.   (Lat/Lon 51.5701484680175 -0.06477953493595120) map



E5:  THREE SISTERS, 35 Queensdown Road. E5 8NN. (A2/26). Enterprise Inns. Version <41>  Fullers London Pride.    Now Enterprise, ex-Ascot. London Pride in 2007.   (Lat/Lon 51.5542564392089 -0.05799229443073270) map



E5:  WHITE HART-(Pegasus)-Chimes Bar- CLAPTON HART, 231 Lower Clapton Road. E5 8EG. (A2/27). Bass. Version <52>  Was a nightclub c2002.  Acquired in February 2011 by Antic. Confirmed reopened and renamed CLAPTON HART in May 2012 following acquisition by Antic. Eight guest beers (e.g. ELB, Ha’penny, Ilkley and Redemption). Open 4-11 Mon-Thu, 12-midnight Fri/Sat, 12-11 Sun. Kitchen open until 9.30. (Lat/Lon 51.5567474365234 -0.05601625889539720)



E5:  WINDSOR CASTLE, 135 Lower Clapton Road. E5 8EQ. (A2/28). G Met Watneys. Version <49 > Handpump removed.    Darts,  pool and garden. Cooked meals till 10pm. Disco. Opens Monday to Thursday 11-3 and 5-11,  Frid ay 11am-2am,  Saturday 11-5 and 8-2am.  (Lat/Lon 51.5549430847167 -0.05498528480529790) map



E5:  Woodman, 199 Mount Pleasant Lane. E5 9JG. (B1/29). G Met Watneys. Version <29>No longer a pub   , Converted to housing 2001.   (Lat/Lon 51.5670547485351 -0.05481345579028130)



E6 East Ham

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Stations - none. East Ham and Upton Park (District) are just outside the area and Beckton (DLR).

West Ham United (a lesser known club than Leyton Orient) have their football ground near Upton Park station.


E6:  Alpine Bar,  Mountain Top Dri Ski Slope - Alpine Way. E6. (A1/1). Free House. Version <32>Pub Demolished. .    Demolished 2002.   (Lat/Lon  )


E6:  Boleyn Tavern, 1 Barking Road. E6 1PW. (B2/2). Ind Coope. Version <33>No real  ales.    Open all hours  Large three-bar Victorian pub close to West Ham FC. Darts in public bar,  pool in the saloon. History lesson now starts: Anne Boleyn married Henry VIII secretly in 1533 and was the mother of Elizabeth I. Three years later she died of a sore neck. Lunchtime snacks. Now (2003) keg.  (Lat/Lon 51.5306282043457 0.03917701542377470) map



E6:  Central-Central Hotel, 150 Barking Road. E6 3BD. (B2/3). Ind Coope. Version <40>No real ales!   , Keg again in 2006.Three-bar Victorian pub. Darts and pool in basic public bar. Live music and talent nights Thursday to Sunday in the saloon. Lounge bar entrance in Macaulay Road. Snacks lunchtime. Function room and garden. Open Monday to Wednesday 11-11 and till midnight Thursday to Saturday.  (Lat/Lon 51.531224 0.044854) map



E6:  Cock, 56 High Street North. E6 2HJ. (A2/4). Bass. Version <20>Pub Demolished.     Demolished June 1996, replaced by a bank!   (Lat/Lon 51.5341529846191 0.05369656905531880)



E6:  Denmark Arms, 381 Barking Road. E6 1LA. (A2/5). Ind Coope. Version <1c>No real  ales.    Open all hours  No real ale on recent visit though handpump remains. Still keg in 2003. Large Victorian corner pub recently refurbished into one bar. Darts and function room. Cooked food l unchtime and snacks at other times.  (Lat/Lon 51.5328598022460 0.05257967859506610) map



E6:  Dukes Head, 593 Barking Road. E6 2LW. (A2/6). Bass. Version <42>Closed     A Stanwood Tavern.   (Lat/Lon 51.5341529846191 0.06331899017095570) map



E6:  Earl of Wakefield, 72 Katherine Road. E6 1EN. (B2/7). Bass. Version <33>No real ales.    East London Pub Co. Still keg in December 2002. Comfortable two-bar side street pub with mainly local clientele but still welcoming. Darts and pool . Snacks and meals at lunchtime.Garden. Live music at weekends. Open Monday to Thursday 12-11,  Friday 11-11,  Saturday 11-4 and 7-11.  (Lat/Lon 51.5346679687500 0.04682340845465660) map



E6:  Ferndale Hotel-Ferndale, 40 Cyprus Place. E6 5NW. (B2/8 on the E16 map http://web.onetel.com/~annemmerson/maps/e16.tif). Bass. Version <31>No real  ales.    Handpump free zone. Dropped the hotel. A pub whose fortunes have been revived by a new housing estate. Recently renovated with pictures of Old Beckton and local docks. Large variety of live music,  discos and karaoke on Wed,  Fri to Sun nig hts. Darts and pool. Lunchtime snacks. Restaurant/function room. Open all permitted hours unless there is no custom.  (Lat/Lon 51.509245 -0.06695600000000000) map



E6:  Golfer,  East Ham Manor Way. E6. (A1/9). Free House. Version <34>Pub Demolished. .    Correct address was Woolwich Manor Rd. Demolished 2003.   (Lat/Lon  )



E6:  Green Man, 190 Plashet Grove. E6 1DH. (B2/10). Ind Coope. Version <46> Demolished.     7-11. S&N Pub Enterprises ex-Taylor Walker, closed and for sale 2007.  (Lat/Lon 51.5402526855468 0.04974450170993800) map



E6:  HAMMERS, 80 High Street South. E6 6ET. (A1/11). G Met Watneys. Version <35 >Adnams Broadside, Fullers London Pride, John Smiths. Open all hours   Open to 1am Thurs-Sat but no re-entry a er 11pm.  In 1959 it was called the Red Lion. Small friendly one-bar pub with numerous pictures of West Ham FC decorating the walls. Darts,  lunchtime meals. Occasional barbecues in the garden.   (Lat/Lon 51.530714 -0.05554400000000000) map



E6:  Overdraft Tavern,  200-202 High Street E6 2JA. (A2/). Free House. Version <47 >no rea ales!  Former Barclays Bank. VT Free house 1998.   (Lat/Lon 51.538996 -0.051446) map



E6:  Perseverance, 33 Vicarage Lane. E6 4DQ. (A1/12). Free House. Version <35>No longer a pub.    Converted to a religious centre called Tranformation Powerhouse 2004.  



E6:  Roding,  Southend Road. E6 2AN. (A2/13). Ind Coope. Version <23>No real ales     Large corner pub with one rambling bar. Stuffed animals and assorted nick-nacks on the walls. Occasional discos and barbecues in the garden. Darts and pool. Open Monday to Thursday 11-3 and 5.30-11,  Friday to Saturday 11-11. The pub name relates to the nearby tributary of the Thames.  Now (2002) keg .  (Lat/Lon 51.5414543151855 0.06091338396072390) map



E6:  Spirits Bar-MILLERS WELL,  419/429 Barking Road. E6 2JX. (A2/14). Wetherspoons. Version <7 >    Formerly Biancos/Spirit Bar. Became Wetherspoons 1993.   (Lat/Lon 51.533533 0.05681) map



E6:  Tollgate Tavern, 16 Mary Rose Mall - Frobisher Road. E6 5LX. (B1/15 on the E16 map http://web.onetel.com/~annemmerson/maps/e16.tif). Whitbread. Version <27>No real ales.  Open all hours  Now (2000) keg.   (Lat/Lon 51.514514 0.057812) map



E6:  White Horse, 125 High Street South. E6 6EJ. (A1/16). Bass. Version <27>No real  ales.    Open all hours  Modern one-bar pub recently renovated with numerous portraits of horses. Darts and pool. Cooked mea ls lunchtime. Outside drinking area. Reported as keg 1995.  (Lat/Lon 51.529686 0.056175) map



E6:  Winsor House,  Winsor Terrace. E6 6LE. (B1/ on the E16 map http://web.onetel.com/~annemmerson/maps/e16.tif). Whitbread. Version <18>No real  ales.    Whitbread Brewers Fayre. New pub opened March 95,attached to the Travel Inn.  Open all hours - Sunday afternoon for diners. Near the DLR Beckton station. NOW KEG.   (Lat/Lon 51.5151634216308 0.06744288653135300) map



E7 Forest Gate

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Stations - Forest Gate (BR Liverpool Street), Wanstead Park and Woodgrange Park (BR Barking line). Upton Park (District) is just outside the area.

Much of the Taylor Walker influence in this and adjoining districts derives from Holt's, who operated the Marine Brewery in Ratcliff Road from 1837 until it was taken over by the Cannon Brewery in 1912, with 27 pubs. Cannon were themselves acquired by Taylor Walker in 1930.


E7:  Albion Hotel, 141 Boleyn Road. E7 1QA. (A2/1). G Met Watneys. Version <31>No longer a pub.    Converted to flats 2002.  



E7:  Camden Arms, 70 Field Road. E7 9DL. (A1/2). G Met Watneys. Version <43>Pub Demolished.   , Closed in November 2007 and demolished in January 2008.   (Lat/Lon 51.5516777038574 0.01941667869687080) map



E7:  Duke of Fife, 350 Katherine Road. E7 8NW. (B2/3). Courage. Version <1c>No real ales.       (Lat/Lon 51.5418014526367 0.03806012496352200) map



E7:  Eagle-Eagle & Child, 112 Woodgrange Road. E7 0EN. (A1/4). Ind Coope. Version <38>Closed     Renamed Eagle 1993. Closed, planning application submitted for redevelopment for flats in 2005.   (Lat/Lon 51.5497894287109 0.02517295069992540)



E7:  Earl of Derby, 16 Station Road. E7 0ER. (A1/5). Courage. Version <31>No longer a pub   , Converted to a nursery school 2002.   (Lat/Lon 51.5508155822753 0.02311100251972680)



E7:  FOREST GATE HOTEL, 105 Godwin Road. E7 0LW. (B1/6). Ind Coope. Version <47>Fuller: London Pride; Wells: Bombardier.  , One-bar pub with lunchtime snacks. Darts and pool. Function room for 150 people. Garden. Entertainment Friday and Saturday night and Sunday lunchtime. Open Monday - Friday 11-3 and 5-11,  Saturday 11-11.   (Lat/Lon 51.5536499023437 0.03385031595826150) map



E7:  Forest Glen, 39 Dames Road. E7 0DR. (A1/7). Bass. Version <51> Ex-Bass, closed and for sale. Signage in window says ‘new restaurant opening soon’.     (Lat/Lon 51.5534820556640 0.02354057505726810) map



E7:  Fox & Hounds, 178 Forest Lane. E7 9BB. (A2/8). G Met Watneys. Version <47>No real ales! Unusual array of army buttons and cap badges. Darts. Snacks at all times. Open all permitted hours.   (Lat/Lon 51.5492744445800 0.02216594293713570) map



E7:  HOLLY TREE, 129 Dames Road. E7 0DZ. (A1/9). Bass. Version <38>  Greene K IPA, Speckled Hen.  , Large public house with a restaurant. Darts. Garden. Open Monday - Friday 11-3 and 5-11,  Saturday 11-4 and 7-11.   (Lat/Lon 51.5552864074707 0.02079131081700330) map



E7:  HUDSON BAY,  1-5 Upton Lane . E7 9PA. (A2/). Wetherspoons. Version <26 >    Opened February 1999.   (Lat/Lon 51.544999 0.02629) map



E7:  Live & Let Live, 264 Romford Road. E7 9HZ. (A2/10). Bass. Version <44>No real ales!  .  ,    (Lat/Lon 51.545662 0.022295) map



E7:  Mickey Finns-Gatsby, 76 Woodgrange Road. E7 0EN. (A2/11A). Version <22>No longer a pub.    Closed Dec 93. A shop Nov 96.  (Lat/Lon 51.5497894287109 0.02517295069992540)



E7:  Odessa Arms, 53 Odessa Road. E7 9BQ. (A1/11). Courage. Version <23>Pub Pub Demolished.     1998 demolished.   (Lat/Lon 51.5501289367675 0.01872936263680460)



E7:  Old Spotted Dog, 212 Upton Lane. E7 9NP. (A2/12). G Met Watneys. Version <41>Closed.    .  , For sale signs up - closed 2004. Still closed in 2007.   (Lat/Lon 51.5416221618652 0.02242368645966050)



E7:  Princess Alice-Bar Monastery, 329 Romford Road. E7 9HA. (A2/13). Ind Coope. Version <42>Closed.  Open all hours  Renamed Bar Monastery.Ex-Taylor Walker, closed. Sign outside says it will reopen ‘soon’ as an Asian bar, club and restaurant.   (Lat/Lon 51.5465240478515 0.02431380562484260) map



E7:  Railway Tavern, 173 Forest Lane. E7 9BB. (A2/14). Ind Coope. Version <47>  No real ales!    One-bar pub with darts and pool. Snacks at all times. Open Monday to Wednesday 11-3 and 5-11,  Thursday to Saturday 11-11.   (Lat/Lon 51.5492744445800 0.02216594293713570) map



E7:  Rising Sun, 528 Romford Road. E7 8AD. (B2/15). Bass. Version <1c>No real ales.       (Lat/Lon 51.5478935241699 0.03711506724357600) map



E7:  Simpsons, 342 Romford Road. E7 8BS. (A2/16). G Met Trumans. Version <40>No real ales.    Also now carries a sign for 'Galaxy Restaurant'.   (Lat/Lon 51.5466918945312 0.03084330819547180) map



E7:  Towers-Tower Arms, 83 Tower Hamlets Road. E7 9DD. (A1/17). G Met Watneys. Version <31>No longer a pub.    Renamed Tower Arms 1993, was a free house and is in map area Al not B2. Closed March 96. Converted to flats 2002.   (Lat/Lon 51.5510749816894 0.01675332896411420)



E7:  Travellers Rest, 12 Cemetery Road. E7 9DG. (A1/18). Free House. Version <47> Converted to flats.       (Lat/Lon 51.5517616271972 0.01563644036650660)



E7:  Waggon & Horses, 392 Romford Road. E7 8DF. (B2/19). G Met Watneys. Version <38>No longer a pub.   Was Labatts owned and an  Enterprise Inns free house. Members only Temptation Night Club  The 'London & Burton Brewery Sparkling Ales' sign outside refers to the brewery that was in Medland Street, Stepney.   (Lat/Lon 51.5472068786621 0.03462354838848110)



E7:  White Hart-Terry Spinks MBE-Mo's Bar,  249/251 Green Street. E7 8LJ. (B2/20). Bass. Version <42>No real ales     Open all hours  Predominantly cosmopolitan pub with music at weekends. Snacks at all times.Renamed TERRY SPINKS MBE.  Reopened and renamed MO’S BAR after extensive internal refurbishment. Still no real ale.   (Lat/Lon 51.5401649475097 0.03273342922329900) map



E8 Hackney

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Stations - London Fields and Hackney Downs (BR Liverpool Street), Hackney Central and Dalston Kingsland Road (BR North London).

Pubs B1/9 & 10 are reversed.


E8:  Albion Tavern, 33 Albion Drive. E8 4LX. (A2/1). Shepherd Neame. Version <31>No longer a pub.    Converted to residential use 2002.   (Lat/Lon 51.5392189025878 -0.06855978071689610)



E8:  Amhurst Arms, 240 Amhurst Road. E8 2BS. (A1/2). Free House. Version <40>No Longer a pub  Nov 2005 -has been shut for the last 16 months. Renamed DE BYSTO, handpumps removed. Free, ex-Watney. Now an African pub and restaurant.   (Lat/Lon 51.5536499023437 -0.06795837730169300)



E8:  BAXTERS COURT,  282/284 Mare Street . E8 1HE. (/). Wetherspoons. Version <33 >    New Wetherspoon pub opened Feb 2003.   (Lat/Lon 51.544399 -0.05515) map



E8:  Belgrave Arms, 217 Queensbridge Road. E8 4LA. (A2/3). Bass. Version <51> Closed. Punch, ex-Marr Taverns, closed and boarded up. ow demolished in 2011 and new flats under construction on site. Pub established in 1837.   Now Marr Taverns owned.   (Lat/Lon 51.5369834899902 -0.07062172144651410) map



E8:  Black Bull, 217 Haggerston Road. E8 4HU. (A2/4). Belhaven. Version <14>Pub Demolished.     Demolished 1995.   (Lat/Lon 51.5380172729492 -0.07259775698184970)



E8:  Brewery Tap-Sammy J's-New Brewery Tap, 525 Kingsland Road. E8 4AR. (A1/5). Free House. Version <48>Closed, signage removed and interior cleared.    Ex Belhaven. No longer Belhaven owned. Renamed Sammy J's pre July 96 then New Brewery Tap, keg 2006.   (Lat/Lon 51.5454902648925 -0.07612024992704390) map



E8:  Brownlow Arms, 10 Scriven Street. E8 4HX. (A2/6). Wiltshire. Version <38>No longer a pub.    Formerly Charrington 1993. Closed but retains signs 2001.Converted to flats c2000.   (Lat/Lon 51.5379295349121 -0.07130904495716090)



E8:  Castle - Father Ted's, 148 Kingsland High Street. E8 2NS. (A1/7). Courage. Version <31>No longer a pub.    Cconverted to Nando's restaurant 2002 .   (Lat/Lon 51.5492744445800 -0.07500336319208150)



E8:  CAT & MUTTON, 76 Broadway Market. E8 4QJ. (B2/8). Bass. Version <52> Sambrook: Junction or Wandle. Now Punch ex Bass.    Open all hours  Loud music pub overlooking London Fields. Nice handpumps. Snacks at all times. Darts and pool.Confirmed as selling real ale in Sep 05. Two small handpumps hidden behind high fronted bar, and easy to miss, selling Adnams and Landlord. Refurbed earlier in the year as a gastropub but shame the real ale is not more prominant like other gastropubs   (Lat/Lon 51.5367279052734 -0.06142887473106380) map



E8:  COCK TAVERN, 315 Mare Street E8 1EJ. (B1/9). G Met Trumans. Version <52>2-3 varying ‘Howling Hops’ beers from microbrewery located in cellar, plus up to 8 guest beers from other microbreweries and up to 4 ciders or perries on 16 handpumps. Independent pub (ex-Truman) acquired by operators of Southampton Arms NW5 in July.    (Lat/Lon 51.5460929870605 -0.05541485548019410) map



E8:  Crown & Castle, 600 Kingsland Road. E8 4AH. (A1/11). G Met Watneys. Version <30>No longer a pub.    Converted to a Chinese restaurant 2001.   (Lat/Lon 51.5451507568359 -0.07551885396242140)



E8:  Crown-O'Neill's Bar-Fiddlers-Wishing Well., 418 Mare Street. E8 1HP. (B1/10). Enterprise Inns. Version <40>No real ales     Open all hours  Renamed O'NEILLS BAR, FIDDLERS.  Renamed again to WISHING WELL. Enterprise, ex-Truman, no real ale 2006.   (Lat/Lon 51.5492744445800 -0.05481345579028130) map



E8:  Dolphin, 165 Mare Street. E8 3RH. (B2/12). Enterprise Inns. Version <39>No real ales.     Websters Reported 1993. Enterprise, ex-Truman, no real ale. 2006.   (Lat/Lon 51.5393066406250 -0.05661765858531000) map



E8:  DOVE-DOVE FREE HOUSE & KITCHEN, 24 Broadway Market. E8 4QJ. (B2/13). Free House. Version <47 >Range now Flowers: IPA; +Fuller: London Pride; +Greene King: Abbot; +Taylor: Landlord; +two guest beers (e.g. Crouch Vale), plus Belgian keg beers and a menu of 100 bottled Belgian beers.  Open all hours  One-bar brought back to original Victorian look,  (wood bar,  walls and window frames). Very well decorated. Yucca trees and plants in windows. Only one number on the clock - 11. Jazz on Sunday at lunchtime. Garden. Former Taylor Walker pub named the Goring Arms. Cooked food and snacks 11-10.   (Lat/Lon 51.5367279052734 -0.06142887473106380) map



E8:  Duke of Marlborough, 212 Richmond Road. E8 3QN. (B2/14). Shepherd Neame. Version <12>Pub Demolished.     Demolished prior to July 96.   (Lat/Lon 51.5431709289550 -0.06194436177611350)



E8:  Duke of Richmond-LMNT, 316 Queensbridge Road. E8 3NH. (A2/15). Whitbread. Version <42>No longer a pub.    Re-opened keg then converted to restaurant 2001.No real ale – keg beer added to bottled beers in this bar/restaurant.   (Lat/Lon 51.5418815612792 -0.06967666745185850)



E8:  Duke of Sussex-Overdraft, 151 Haggerston Road. E8 4JA. (A2/16). Whitbread. Version <29>Closed     Renamed Overdraft and still keg  Confirmed as closed & boarded in Sep 05.   (Lat/Lon 51.5375022888183 -0.07173861563205720)



E8:  DUKE OF WELLINGTON, 260 Haggerston Road. E8 4EP. (A2/17). Courage. Version <49> London Pride.    The pub took its present name to celebrate the adoption of the Duke as Prime Minister. Haggerston appears in the Doomsday Book as Hergodstone after Hergod a local Saxon leader who erected a stone memorial in the area. Darts and pool. Lunchtime meals and snack at other times. Open Monday - Friday 11-2.30 and 5-11  Saturday 11-4 and 7-11.  (Lat/Lon 51.5400810241699 -0.07457379251718520) map



E8:  Earl Amhurst-District, 19 Amhurst Road. E8 1LL. (B1/18). Bass. Version <51> Demolished by September 2004, site still vacant.  Open all hours  Now closed? Medium sized one-bar town centre pub near HackneyCentral BR Station. Collection of washing jugs and basins and poes over the bar. Pool. Snacks and limited meals at all times.  (Lat/Lon 51.5478134155273 -0.05721906200051310) map



E8:  Earl of Zetland, 50 Lee Street. E8 4DY. (A2/19). Whitbread. Version <41>Pub Demolished.     Was a honeymoon hotel 1994. Demolished in April 2007.   (Lat/Lon 51.5385322570800 -0.07586251199245450)



E8:  Florfield Arms, 40 Florfield Road. E8 1DT. (B2/21). Belhaven. Version <40>Pub Demolished. Closed and boarded up 2002. ex-Ascot, demolished by May 2003. (Lat/Lon 51.5444641113281 -0.05739089101552960)



E8:  FOX, 372 Kingsland Road. E8 4DA. (A2/21). G Met Watneys. Version <52> 4 varying real ales (e.g. Bristol, Castle Rock, Dark Star, Oakham, Thornbridge etc) +3 varying real ciders/perries. Also a range of interesting keg and bottled beers from small breweries in the UK, the Continent and USA. Now independent, originally Watney, and operated by same owners as the Howl at the Moon, Hoxton, N1. Wholesome food and bar snacks. Open 4 (12 Sat/Sun)-midnight.    (Lat/Lon 51.5400810241699 -0.07629208266735080) map



E8:  Grange Tavern, 6 Richmond Road. E8 3HY. (A2/22). Wiltshire. Version <29>No longer a pub.    Ex Charrington 1992. Was Wiltshire Brewery owned. Demolshed and replaced by flats 2001.   (Lat/Lon 51.5426559448242 -0.07345690578222270)



E8:  GREEN MAN, 71 Shacklewell Lane. E8 2EB. (A1/23). G Met Watneys. Version <50 > Was erronious reported as demolished.   Renamed SHACKLEWELL ARMS by February 2004 but not previously reported. Two varying Adnams beers including seasonal, Meantime London Pale Ale (brewed by Adnams); Copper Dragon: Golden Pippin. Now Enterprise, ex-Watney via Unique and primarily a music venue. Open 5-midnight Mon-Thu, 5-3am Fri, 3-3am Sat and 3-midnight Sun. Admission charges often apply after 8pm weekdays or 10pm weekends.    (Lat/Lon 51.5528831481933 -0.07027806341648100) map


E8: HACKNEY DOWNS STUDIOS. Amhurst Terrace London E8 2BT, "The Russet is a tradional British Apple and the name of a new cafe come creative venue soon to be a restaurant at Hackney Downs Studios." Opened on 10 December in a former industrial premises the Russet offers two London Fields Brewery beers on gravity "Session" and "Landlord" this is complimented by three ciders from Herefordshire maker, Olivers. The intention is to offer live music, storytelling and a curated performance programme. This venue was spawned from the creative arts centre Netil house in Hackney. Directions: If you are facing the former: Amhurst Arms, 240 Amhurst Road. E8 2BS take the sloping path (Amhurst Terrace) on the left hand side of the pub and continue towards the subway under the railway line. The Russet is last on the right.


E8:  Havelock Arms, 113 Albion Drive. E8 4LT. (B2/24). Whitbread. Version <42>Pub Demolished.     Closed and boarded up 2002.ex-Whitbread, now demolished. Now replaced by flats.   (Lat/Lon 51.5396461486816 -0.06589642912149430)



E8:  Hobsons Choice-Maddigans (of Mare Street)-Amp, 255 Mare Street. E8 3NS. (B2/25). Free House. Version <51>Renamed -Anatolia Bar 2010. .  Former Charrington pub, the Horse & Groom. Reopened and renamed AMP. No real ale. Extensively rebuilt in early November 2006. Renamed back to Maddigans.    (Lat/Lon 51.5426559448242 -0.05558668822050090)



E8:  Kings Arms, 18 Kingsland High Street. E8 3JP. (A1/26). Free House. Version <44>Closed.    .  , Ex Charrington.  Now Free, ex-Wells. Free. Now demolished and whole area cleared for railway construction work. (Lat/Lon 51.5430831909179 -0.07139495760202410) map



E8: The Kingsland, 37 Kingsland High Street. E8 2JS. (A1/27). Ind Coope. Version <1B>No real ales.       (Lat/Lon 51.5473861694335 -0.07577659189701080) map



E8:  L.A. 64 Clarissa Street. E8 4HA. (A2/28). Free House. Version <47>Pub Demolished. Demolished 2001. Reported demolished but frontage, at least, remains intact behind a hoarding.(Lat/Lon 51.5378456115722 -0.07337098568677900)



E8:  LADY DIANA-PRNCE ARTHUR, 95 Forest Road. E8 3HB. (B2/29). Free House. Version <52> Adnams: Bitter; +Caledonian: Flying Scotsman; +Sambrook: Junction.    Closed 2001. Formerly the Prince Arthur. Reasonably priced,  comfortable,  relaxed pub in fashionable part of Hackney. Photographs of the area c1900. Attractive lettering above the bar. Cooked meals and snacks at all times. Reopened after careful refurbishment.   (Lat/Lon 51.5407676696777 -0.06271759420633320) map



E8:  London Fields, 137 Mare Street. E8 3RH. (B2/30). Ind Coope. Version <45>No real ales. Open all hours. Formerly the Warburton Arms. Modernised in tasteful style with pictures of early Hackney and cricket scenes. Darts. Cooked food lunchtimes and snacks till 7pm.   (Lat/Lon 51.5393066406250 -0.05661765858531000) map



E8:  Lord Stanley, 136 Sandringham Road. E8 2HJ. (B1/31). Courage. Version <31>No longer a pub.    Converted to flats 2002.   (Lat/Lon 51.5497894287109 -0.06658374518156050)



E8:  Lord Truro, 180 Dalston Lane. E8 1NG. (/). G Met Trumans. Version <1c>No longer a pub.       (Lat/Lon 51.5480728149414 -0.06787245720624920)



E8:  Marion Arms, 46 Lansdowne Drive. E8 3ER. (B2/32). Wiltshire. Version <3>No longer a pub.    Was Wiltshire Brewery owned, Converted to flats in 1994!   (Lat/Lon 51.5413665771484 -0.06400630623102190)



E8:  MARKET HOUSE, 30 Broadway Market. E8 4QJ. (B2/33). Belhaven. Version <52> Fuller:London Pride, seasonal beer. Reopened and refurbished as a bar and restaurant in late June after over 13 years closure. Open-to-view kitchen. Now independent, ex Watney via Ascot, Brent Walker and Belhaven. (Lat/Lon 51.5367279052734 -0.06142887473106380)



E8:  Middleton Arms, 303 Queensbridge Road. E8 3ND. (A2/34). Wiltshire. Version <38>Pub Demolished. .    Ex Charrington 1992.Demolished c 2002.   (Lat/Lon 51.5397338867187 -0.07062172144651410)



E8:  Mitford Tavern, 133 Amhurst Road. E8 2AW. (B1/35). Ind Coope. Version <31>No longer a pub.    Maple Leaf Inns owned 1993.  Demolished and replaced by flats 2002.   (Lat/Lon 51.5508155822753 -0.06529502570629120)



E8:  Nineteenth Hole, 216 Haggerston Road. E8 4JA. (A2/36). Belhaven. Version <29>No longer a pub.    Demolshed and replaced by flats 2001.   (Lat/Lon 51.5375022888183 -0.07173861563205720)



E8:  Nolans-Acton  Arms, 296 Kingsland Road. E8 4DG. (A2/37). Free House. Version <29>No longer a pub.    Now (2001) a hairdressers.   (Lat/Lon 51.5380172729492 -0.07637799531221390)



E8:  Norfolk Arms, 49 Cecilia Road. E8 A2ES. (A1/38). Free House. Version <38>Pub Demolished.    .  Demolished c 2002.   (Lat/Lon  )



E8:  OLD SHIP, 2 Sylvester Path. E8 1EN. (B1/39). Enterprise Inns. Version <45 > Taylors Landlord.  Open all hours  Was owned by Unique and leased to Honeypot Inns.Now Enterprise, ex-Unique (Honeypot). One-bar pub with darts and pool. Basic town pub.Also has an entrance in Mare St up a tiled corridor. Lunchtime food. listed; + Sharp: Doom Bar; Enterprise, leased to Urban Inns.   (Lat/Lon 51.5460929870605 -0.05575851723551750) map



E8:  Paget Arms-Careys 3, 197 Middleton Road. E8 4LL. (B2/40). Free house. Version <45>Pub Demolished. Former Courage Pub. Renamed Careys 3. Confirmed as closed & boarded in Jul 05. Demolished 2009. (Lat/Lon 51.5404205322265 -0.06581051647663120)



E8:  PEMBURY TAVERN, 90 Amhurst Road. E8 1JH. (B1/41). Free House. Version <39 >   Run by the Milton Brewery (Cambs) Ex Truman. Good range of 10 beers on out of 16 handpumps. For a while was tied to Banks & TaylorHuge barn of a place with bare walls and shiny wooden floor. Even with only nine people in the pub, it was too noisy, all the noise echoing around the place. Needs carpet and something on the walls to soak up the noise" (Report from John Adams) More information:- The Pembury Tavern is now open 12-11 Mon-Sat and 12-10.30 Sunday.  (Lat/Lon 51.5487556457519 -0.05807820707559590) map



E8:  PRINCE GEORGE, 40 Parkholme Road. E8 3AG. (A1/42). Remarkable Restaurants Free house. Version <32 > Fullers London Pride, Adnams Bitter, Brakspears PA, ., .    , Now a Remarkable Restaurants Free house. Ex Whitbread. Large one bar pub. Sparsely furnished with interesting prints of Brighton and pub sign of Prince Regent in flagrante. Decorated with bust of Brunel an d stuffed birds in glass cages. Pool. Food at all times with monthly theme dinners. 10'x8' map of the world. Mercator protection and ionisers. Two real fires and function room. Renamed back  to Prince Arthur.  (Lat/Lon 51.5444641113281 -0.06804428994655610) map



E8:  Prince of Wales, 447 Kingsland Road. E8 4AU. (A2/43). G Met Trumans. Version <29>No longer a pub.    Converted to flats but retains signs 2001.   (Lat/Lon 51.5435142517089 -0.07654982805252080) map



E8:  Queen Elizabeth, 9 Graham Road. E8 1DA. (A1/44). Free House. Version <47>No longer a pub.     Confirmed in Sep 05 as closed & boarded on the inside. Now used as church by ‘New Connection International Church.  A lready reported converted to religious use, now converted to residential use. (Lat/Lon 51.5461769104003 -0.06727106124162670)



E8:  Railway Tavern, 59 Kingsland High Street. E8 2JS. (A1/45). Version <51> No real  ales.    Ex Charrington 1993. Was Charles Wells owned. Now Punch, ex-Bass, still no real ale. (Lat/Lon 51.5473861694335 -0.07577659189701080) map



E8:  Railway Tavern, 339 Mare Street. E8 1HY. (B1/46). Bass. Version <49> Closed in 2009 and now converted to a betting shop..       (Lat/Lon 51.5483283996582 -0.05532894283533100) map



E8:  Ridley Arms, 17 Ridley Road. E8 2NP. (A1/47). Free House. Version <38>No longer a pub.    No longer a pub c2005. Now a shop.   (Lat/Lon 51.5483283996582 -0.07328507304191590)



E8:  Robin Hood, 42 Shacklewell Lane. E8 2EZ. (A1/48). Ascot Estates. Version <38>No longer a pub. Converted to flats c2000.   (Lat/Lon 51.5508155822753 -0.07268367707729340)



E8:  Rose & Crown,  13/15 Mare Street. E8 4RP. (B2/49). Whitbread. Version <26>No longer a pub.    Former Youngs pub. No longer a pub 1999.   Was apparently renamed CAMBRIDGE before closure in 1998; Enterprise, ex- Whitbread, now converted to residential use. (Lat/Lon 51.5347480773925 -0.05764863640069960)



E8:  Rosie O'Gradys, 27 Marlborough Avenue. E8 4JP. (B2/50). Belhaven. Version <31>Closed     Closed and boarded up 2002.   (Lat/Lon 51.5378456115722 -0.06675557047128680)



E8:  Royal Oak, 83 Wilton Way. E8 1BG. (B1/51). Belhaven. Version <31>No longer a pub.    Converted to residential/office use 2002.   (Lat/Lon 51.5456657409667 -0.06168661639094350)



E8:  Samuel Pepys-MARIE LLOYD BAR, 289 Mare Street. E8 1EJ. (B1/52). Ind Coope. Version <38>  Greene K IPA, Greene K Abbot, Speckled Hen.  Closed. Demolished c2001.Theatre bar in the newly built SE corner of the Hackney Empire Theatre replacing the old Samuel Pepys on the same spot. Address of Theatre is 291 Mare Street, bar has two entrances from the main street. Possibly owned by Greene King, confirmed in Jul 05 that it sells Greene King IPA, Abbot and Old Speckled Hen on handpump.   (Lat/Lon 51.5460929870605 -0.05541485548019410) map



E8:  Sir Walter Scott, 2 Broadway Market. E8 4QJ. (B2/53). Whitbread. Version <52>  Renamed MARKET CAFÉ and reopened in March as an independent bar and restaurant after at least 13 years as a restaurant. No real ale. Formerly a Whitbread pub.    (Lat/Lon 51.5367279052734 -0.06142887473106380)



E8:  SPURSTOWE ARMS, 68 Greenwood Road. E8 1AB. (B1/54). Free House. Version <42 > Black Sheep Bitter, Brakspears PA, Greene K Abbot.  The food menu is quite expensive and gastro pub-esque (£10.50 for shepherd's pie in a local Hackneyboozer!) Also apart from gourment crisps, loose/jarred smoked nuts and olives there are no snacks/plates to share only full meals for a minimum of £7+. An all day breakfast is £7.95 and doesn't contain anything out of the ordinary). Haven't tried it but it looks good and plenty of people eating. Verywhite/middle class for the area. Beer tres expensive - £3.20 for a pint of Staropramen/ San Miguel compared to usual local price of £2.40). Still it's quite nicely laid out, has a few sofas and a large pleasant beer garden. (Report from Abby Sneade).A Free House owned by Jobo Developments.  (Lat/Lon 51.5445442199707 -0.06288941949605940) map



E8:  Taylors-PUB ON THE PARK, 19 Martello Street. E8 3PE. (B2/55). Free House. Version <50 >Adnams: Bitter, +varying Adnams beers; +Wells: Bombardier; + one or two guests. Reopened and renamed 1992.   (Lat/Lon 51.5417137145996 -0.05816411972045900) map



E8:  THREE COMPASSES, 99 Dalston Lane. E8 1NH. (A1/56). Free House. Version <51>One hand pump which usually appears to have an East London Brewery beer on.  Open all hours  Former Bass pub.lounge,  basic public bar and spartan private bar. Lunchtime snacks. Darts and shove halfpenny. Facilities for the disabled.  (Lat/Lon 51.5482406616210 -0.06838794797658920) map



E8:  Uncle Sams, 438 Kingsland Road E8 4AA. (A2/57). Belhaven. Version <40>Closed     ex-Ascot, closed and premises empty in 2006.   (Lat/Lon 51.5414543151855 -0.07594842463731770)



E8:  Victoria, 451 Queensbridge Road. E8 3AS. (A1/58). Bass. Version <1c>No real ales.       (Lat/Lon 51.5447196960449 -0.07019215077161790) map



E8: The Village at Dalston--Bar 512, 512 Kingsland Road. E8 4AE. (A2/59). Free House. Version <49> Closed.Free, now converted to flats. Large one-bar pub which for a short time (1990) was the Flock & Firkin and the Lamb (Roses) before that  Owned by Wessex Taverns.   (Lat/Lon 51.5431709289550 -0.07577659189701080) map



E8:  White Horse, 76 Wilton Way. E8. (B1/61). Ind Coope. Version <7>Pub Demolished.      Demolished 1993.   (Lat/Lon  )



E9 Homerton

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Stations - Homerton and Hackney Wick (BR North London).

Pub on map A2/27 should be A2/31.


E9:  Adam & Eve, 155 Homerton High Street. E9 6AS. (A1/1). Ind Coope. Version <37>No real  ales.    Handpump removed. Now badged as a 'Main Event' pub.   (Lat/Lon 51.5488395690917 -0.04055164754390720) map



E9:  ALBION, 36 Lauriston Road. E9 7EU. (B2/2). Free House. Version <1c > Ruddles County.    Very old building with ship's beams dating from 1600s. The front part is modern - only 200 years old! It had its own brewery in late 1800s. Large ske leton of bird found in upstairs chimney. The upper part was hit by a Zeppelin in First World War. The back room includes bar billiards. Lots of prints and bric-a-brac. Pool and shove halfpenny. Snacks lunchtimes and early evenings. Very friendly. Open Monday - Saturday 11-4 and 7-11. Garden.  (Lat/Lon 51.5411949157714 -0.04802620783448220) map



E9:  ALEXANDRA-Alex-BRB@The Alex-Lauriston, 162 Victoria Park Road. E9 7JN. (B2/3). Bass. Version <47>Renamed BRB@The Alex and now renamed again to LAURISTON then back to Alexandra. Wells: Bombardier. Specialises in pizza. Now independent free house, ex-Bass.    (Lat/Lon 51.5379295349121 -0.04613608866930010) map



E9:  Alma, 41 Barnabas Road. E9 5SD. (A1/4). Whitbread. Version <47> No longer a pub. Converted to residential use in 2007.      (Lat/Lon 51.5458374023437 -0.04158262163400650)



E9:  Bedford Hotel, 220 Victoria Park Road. E9 7HD. (B2/5). Bass. Version <26>No logner apub.    Coverted to flats 1999?   (Lat/Lon 51.5381851196289 -0.04347274079918860)



E9:  Bridge House-Roundhouse-Kente Sport, 179 Ponsford Street E9 6JU. (A2/6). Free House. Version <49> Reopened and renamed ARTIFEX, a wine bar and restaurant with keg beer, and as ‘Fiesta’ wine bar (with no draught beer). Originally DUCHESS OF KENT.    Renamed Kente Sport. Closed and boarded 2001.Open again after sometime. closed. Was converted to church use.   (Lat/Lon 51.5470390319824 -0.04802620783448220)



E9:  Brunswick Arms-Milki Spot 2, 237 Well Street. E9 6RG. (B2/7). Bass. Version <49> Closed and interior gutted.    Renamed 2005 Milki Spot 2.   (Lat/Lon 51.5444641113281 -0.04699523374438290) map



E9:  Butlers, 69 Cadogan Terrace. E9. (B1/8). G Met Trumans. Version <2>No longer a pub. Was Manhattans and originally Morpeth Castle.    Converted to flats 1992.   (Lat/Lon  )



E9:  CHESHAM ARMS, 15 Mehetabel Road. E9 6DU. (A2/9). Free House. Version <52> http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/hackney-council-must-refuse-planning-permission-for-the-chesham-to-be-converted-into-flats 3 changing guest beers, mostly from small brewers. Rare free house with good beer in an area swamped by keg beer. Victorian pub now with one large bar. Shove halfpenny. Cooked food and snacks lunchtime. Open Monday - Saturday 11-4 and 5.30-11.   (Lat/Lon 51.5475540161132 -0.05043181404471400) map



E9:  Claddagh-39 Steps, 171 Well Street. E9 7LJ. (B2/10). G Met Watneys. Version <38>Pub Demolished. .    Demolished c2004.   (Lat/Lon 51.5420532226562 -0.04905718564987180)



E9:  Clarendon, 86 Balcorne Street. E9 7AU. (B2/11). Courage. Version <38>No longer a pub.    Re-opened but converted to flats 2002.   (Lat/Lon 51.5399055480957 -0.04811212420463560)


E9 CRATE (BREWERY & PIZZERIA), Unit 7, The White Building, Queens Yard, off White Post Lane, Hackney Wick. Entrance from rear or from riverside. Crate: Golden Ale (3.8%), IPA (5.8%); guest beer (e.g. Williams: Cock O’ the North). New independently operated bar on ground floor of converted warehouse with artist’s studios above, next to the River Lee Navigation overlooking the Olympic Park, opened in mid-July. Brewery visible in room off bar area. Basic decor with railway sleeper bar top and front, concrete floor, breeze block walls, tall windows, wooden trestle tables and benches and a unique ‘ratchet’ seat. The Crate Lager (4.8%) is contract brewed at an unknown Scottish brewery. Limited quantities of the three beers have been bottled. Open-to-view pizza oven. Riverside patio. Open 12-11 (last orders 10.30).


E9:  Dagmar Arms, 47 Danesdale Road. E9 5DB. (B1/12). Belhaven. Version <43>No Longer a pub     Confirmed as closed and boarded in Jul 05. Converted to corner shop by November 2007.   (Lat/Lon 51.5439453125000 -0.03634183481335640)



E9:  Duke of Cambridge, 28 Loddiges Road. E9 6PN. (B2/13). Belhaven. Version <43>Pub Demolished. Enterprise, ex-Ascot, closed, derelict and fire damaged. Demolished (by November 2007). (Lat/Lon 51.5423965454101 -0.05180644989013670)



E9:  Duke of Devonshire, 72 Darnley Road. E9 6QH. (B2/14). Belhaven. Version <30>Pub Demolished. Closed and boarded 2001. Confirmed as demolished in Jul 05. (Lat/Lon 51.5440292358398 -0.05163461714982990)



E9:  DUKE OF WELLINGTONn, 90 Morning Lane. E9 6NA. (A2/15). Ind Coope. Version <49> Marston:Pedigree and second Marston stable beer (e.g. Wychwood: Hobgoblin). New believed independent, ex-Punch.       (Lat/Lon 51.5466117858886 -0.05206419155001640) map



E9:  Eagle, 103 Wick Road. E9 5AE. (A1/16). G Met Watneys. Version <1c>No real ales.       (Lat/Lon 51.5453186035156 -0.04020798951387410) map



E9:  Falcon & Firkin-Victoria Park-BRITANNIA, 360 Victoria Park Road. E9 7BT. (B1/17). Broadway Inns. Version <51> Their range WJ King: Brighton Bes, Brighton Blonde; +one or two guests from LocAle brewers. At any given time they usually have 4 ales. Check them out here http://www.drinkinhackney.co.uk/britannia  , Renamed Victoria Park. Was a Firkin pub since 1986. Previously the Queens Hotel (Truman). Large open-plan pub.Broadway Inns, ex-Punch. Renamed BRITANNIA.   (Lat/Lon 51.5392189025878 -0.04046573489904400) map



E9:  FOLLIES-EMPRESS OF INDIA, 130 Lauriston Road. E9 7LH. (B2/). Ind Coope. Version <41>  Greene King IPA, Taylors Landlord.  , Reopened and reverted to original name, EMPRESS OF INDIA.  Now a gastropub.   (Lat/Lon 51.5369834899902 -0.04484737291932110) map



E9:  Frampton Arms, 47 Well Street. E9 7NU. (B2/18). Courage. Version <46>Closed     Closed 2002.   Demolished. (Lat/Lon 51.5414543151855 -0.04940084367990490)



E9:  GLOBE-GLOBE ON MORNING LANE, 20 Morning Lane. E9 6NA. (A2/19). Whitbread. Version <40 > Youngs Bitter, Fullers London Pride.  , One bar locals' estate pub with video screen for satellite TV and numerous boxing photographs.They also have superb free live music, usually RnB (Monday nights Billy Chong and his group and lots of contributions from other people too.). Report from Maris Ozols. ! Darts and pool. Garden. Lunchtime food. Open Mon and Tues 11-3 and 7.30-11,  Wed and Thurs 11-3 and 5-11 with Fri and Sat 11-11.  (Lat/Lon 51.5466117858886 -0.05206419155001640) map



E9:  Gun, 235 Well Street. E9 6RG. (B2/20). Whitbread. Version <1c>No real ales.       (Lat/Lon 51.5444641113281 -0.04699523374438290) map



E9:  Jackdaw & Stump, 224 Homerton High Street. E9 6AS. (A1/21). Free House. Version <30>No real  ales.    Open all hours  Island bar with unusual decor. Mixture of modern and traditional,  eg large collection of plates around the walls and Coke drinking-mannequin behind ba r. Pool. Garden. Live music Saturday evenings and discos,   karaoke. Formerly the Spread Eagle.  (Lat/Lon 51.5488395690917 -0.04055164754390720) map



E9:  Kenton Arms, 38 Kenton Road. E9 7AB. (B2/22). Bass. Version <47>No real  ales.    Now a Labbatt's Free House. Built 1858 by Sir Benjamin Kenton. It has been in the same family since 1973. The interior could have been designed by Liberace  , including the bejewelled fire!  Darts. Garden. Open Monday - Saturday 11-3 and 5-11.  Now simply KENTON by May 2009. (Lat/Lon 51.5439453125000 -0.04424596950411800) map



E9:  Lea Tavern, 90 White Post Lane. E9 5EN. (B1/23). Free House. Version <47>Demolished.     Closed and boarded up. Pub was established before 1874  Former Trumans pub. (Lat/Lon 51.5425682067871 -0.02336874604225160) map



E9:  Lord Napier, 25 White Post Lane. E9 5EN. (B1/24). Free House. Version <18>Closed.    Closed 1995.   (Lat/Lon 51.5425682067871 -0.02336874604225160)



E9:  Lord Nelson, 143 Morning Lane. E9 6LH. (A2/25). Belhaven. Version <18>No longer a pub.    Converted to flats 1995. Ex Belhaven   (Lat/Lon 51.5469512939453 -0.04948675632476810)



E9:  McCANNS - VILLAGE INN-VILLAGE TAP, 235 Victoria Park Road E9 7HD. (B2/26). Wiltshire. Version <28 > Hancock HB.  Open all hours  Also sells McCanns Bitter. Opened in 1989. One-bar young persons' pub with traditional wood and mirrors. Jazz every other Thursday. Cooked food at all times.   (Lat/Lon 51.5381851196289 -0.04347274079918860) map



E9:  Northumberland Arms, 78 Well Street. E9 7JA. (B2/27). Courage. Version <21>Pub Demolished.     Demolished July 96.   (Lat/Lon 51.5404205322265 -0.05043181404471400)



E9:  Penshurst Arms, 25 Penshurst Road. E9 7DT. (B2/28). Free House. Version <46> Closed.   Former Ind Coope pub.       (Lat/Lon 51.5396461486816 -0.04287134110927580) map



E9:  Plough-Jerrys (Bar & Restaurant)., 23 Homerton High Street. E9 6JP. (A2/29). Belhaven. Version <38>No real ales     Closed and to let 2002.After sometime closed, confirmed in Jul 05 as now open again .   (Lat/Lon 51.5482406616210 -0.04776846617460250) map



E9:  Prince Edward, 97 Wick Road. E9 5AB. (A1/30). G Met Trumans. Version <30>No real  ales.  Open all hours  Very friendly Victorian two-bar locals' pub with original etched glass and excellent collection of mirrors. Very active charity fund raiser. Darts an d shove halfpenny. Food at all times.  Facilities for the disabled.  (Lat/Lon 51.5454063415527 -0.04192627966403960) map



E9:  Rising Sun-Retreat, 226 Morning Lane. E9 6RQ. (A2/31). Whitbread. Version <38>Pub Demolished. .    Closed and boarded up 1999. Confirmed in Jul 05 as now demolished.   (Lat/Lon 51.5453186035156 -0.04639383405447010)



E9:  ROYAL HOTEL-ROYAL INN AT THE PARK,  Lauriston Road. E9 7HJ. (B2/32). Remarkable Restaurants Free house. Version <42 > Adnams Bitter, Fullers ESB.  , Ex Belhaven but not Ascot Estate owned.Reopened as a free house ROYAL INN AT THE PARK. Now a Remarkable Restaurants Free house. +Fuller: Discovery, +guest beer.   (Lat/Lon 51.5372428894042 -0.04424596950411800) map



E9:  ROYAL STANDARD-PENNETHORNE, 84 Victoria Park Road. E9 7JL. (B2/33). Free House. Version <47> Friendly two-bar locals' pub. The tenant has now bought the lease from Courage.Monthly gourmet evening. Darts. Open Monday -Friday 12-3 and 5.30-11. Lunchtime food. Renamed GARBOS by May 2009 and renamed again PENNETHORNE in August 2009, only London Pride. Renamed PENNETHORNE after the architect who created nearby Victoria Park.  (Lat/Lon 51.5374183654785 -0.04742480814456940) map



E9:  Stag, 37 Brooksby's Walk. E9 6DA. (A1/34). Belhaven. Version <24>Pub Demolished.     Demolished Mid 98.   (Lat/Lon 51.5507354736328 -0.04321499913930890)



E9:  Tiger, 245 Wick Lane. E9 7HJ. (A1/35). Whitbread. Version <37>No real  ales.     , Open all hours  Basic locals' pub. One basic bar with a small bar at the back. Previously leased by Youngs. Darts. Lunchtime snacks.   (Lat/Lon 51.5372428894042 -0.04424596950411800) map



E9:  Top o' the Morning, 129 Cadogan Terrace. E9 5HP. (B1/36). Free House. Version <1c>No real ales.       (Lat/Lon 51.5408515930175 -0.02792221494019030) map



E9:  Victoria, 359 Wick Road. E9 5DH. (B1/37). Whitbread. Version <37>No longer a pub.    Now a block of private flats: Victoria Appartments 2005.   (Lat/Lon 51.5450630187988 -0.03041373565793040)



E9:  Welsh Harp - Hospital Tavern, 32 Homerton Row. E9 6EA. (A2/38). Free House. Version <39>No real ales.    Now a keg free house.   (Lat/Lon 51.5485877990722 -0.04948675632476810) map



E9:  White Lion - Genevas-Silvar Link, 331 Wick Road. E9 5DH. (B1/39). G Met Trumans. Version <41>Closed again.   Closed and was for sale by auction Nov. 94. Renamed Genevas reopened and keg.Reopened and renamed SILVAR LINK on banner over old Genevas signage still present.    (Lat/Lon 51.5450630187988 -0.03041373565793040) map



E10 Leyton

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Stations Leyton (Central), Leyton Midland (BR Barking line).

The area around the church is a redeeming feature and they also have a famous club, which since the last Guide has even made the Third division. Leyton Orient is said to be the friendliest club in it has to be really, there are enough supporters for them all to be on first name terms. Visit their Supporters Club on mactchdays for anything uo to eight beers on tap. Pubs are a it of a mixture but you should find some good free houses, which have done a great deal for the beer range, and a number of corner locals remain.


E10:  Alma-Four Finches, 50 Church Road. E10 5JP. (B2/1). Bass. Version <36>No longer a pub.    Renamed Four Finches. Converted to flats, named Alma Point 2004.   (Lat/Lon 51.5634498596191 -0.01434772275388240)



E10:  Antelope, 201 Church Road. E10 7BQ. (A2/2). Ind Coope. Version <38>No real  ales.    Keg again 2003-05.   (Lat/Lon 51.5667953491210 -0.02139271236956120) map



E10:  Bakers Arms, 575 Lea Bridge Road. E10 7EQ. (A1/3). Ind Coope. Version <47>Converted to a betting office.     (Lat/Lon 51.5750503540039 -0.01366040669381620) map



E10:  Beaumont Arms, 31 Beaumont Road. E10 5AG. (A1/4). Bass. Version <52> Nas been demolished and there is no trace of it left. Has had several planning applications turned down. Closed by July 2007.   (Lat/Lon 51.5727233886718 -0.01065339893102650) map



E10:  COACH & HORSES, 391 High Road. E10 5NA. (B2/5). Bass. Version <36>  Adnams Bitter, Fullers London Pride.  , Real ale again in the form of London Pride Or Adnams.   (Lat/Lon 51.5609550476074 -0.01022382639348510) map



E10:  DRUM, 557 Lea Bridge Road. E10 7EQ. (A1/6). Wetherspoons. Version <1c > Scotch Youngers, Greene K IPA, Theakston XB, Eldridge P Roy, Greene King Abb  , Open all hours  Formerly Nancys. Split-level pub. Food lunchtimes. Cheap pints and cheaper beer offers.  (Lat/Lon 51.5750503540039 -0.01366040669381620) map



E10:  Greyhound, 91 Lea Bridge Road. E10 2QL. (A2/7). Free House. Version <38>No longer a pub.    Closed 1997. Converted to flats c2003.  



E10:  HARE & HOUNDS, 282 Lea Bridge Road. E10 7LD. (A2/8). Enterprise Inns. Version <45 > Harvey: Sussex Best Bitter.  Open all hours  Family pub just in front of Leyton Wingate Football Ground. Better than most pubs in the area. Garden. Darts and pool. Lunchtime food.  GK IPA & a 'guest beer' 2006.Harvey: Sussex Best (not always available). Now Enterprise, ex-Bass via Unique.   (Lat/Lon 51.569073 -0.028094) map



E10:  Holly Bush, 32 Grange Road. E10 5JD. (A2/9). Free House. Version <23>No longer a pub.    Converted to flats 1995.   (Lat/Lon 51.5660285949707 -0.01795613206923010)


E10 LEYTON TECHNICAL, Leyton Town Hall, 256B High Rd. Changing cask beers from London micros served from the cask (G). A ‘pop-up’ pub opened by Antic in July with a temporary licence covering the Olympics and Paralympics period in the old town hall not far from the Leyton entrance to the Olympic Park. Basic decor and quirky furniture with temporary bar serving three interconnected rooms on the ground floor of the former office building. Sports related paintings adorn the walls and cabinets contain sports trophies. TV for sports. A petition has been launched to allow extension of the licence. Open 2-11 Mon-Thu, 12-12 Fri/Sat. 12-11 Sun. Has been closed for refurbishment since early November.


E10:  Lion & Key, 475 High Road. E10 5EL. (B2/10). Labatts. Version <52> No longer a pub having been turned into a support and living centre. Now a Labatts 'Free House'. Renamed House/Hot House Bar and keg. Renamed back to Lion & Key. Ex Bass.   (Lat/Lon 51.5638771057128 -0.01125480048358440) map



E10:  Lord Clyde, 175 Capworth Street. E10 5AR. (A1/11). Ind Coope. Version <52> Closed and boarded.    Now Pubmaster. Ex Ind Coope.   (Lat/Lon 51.5704956054687 -0.01606601290404800) map



E10:  Oliver Twist, 90 Church Road. E10 5JP. (B2/12). Whitbread. Version <49> Closed, now planning application submitted to Waltham Forest Council for conversion to nine flats.     Went real in 2005 but closed early 2006.   (Lat/Lon 51.5634498596191 -0.01434772275388240)



E10:  Prince of Wales-Shoe Laces, 777 High Road. E10 5AB. (A1/13). Bass. Version <25>No real ales.    Renamed Shoe Laces.   (Lat/Lon 51.5729827880859 -0.00876327976584435) map



E10:  TAP n SPILE-BOOTLACES, 596 Lea Bridge Road. E10 7DN. (A1/14). Free House. Version <30 > Greene K IPA,   ., Old Devil    Formerly the Auctioneers. Brent Walker free housewith eight handpumps. Enthusiastic landlord. Bar b illiards,  nine pin skittles and dice. Snacks lunchtime. Open Monday to Thursday 11-3.30 and 5.30-11,  Friday and Saturday 11-11.  (Lat/Lon 51.5743560791015 -0.01366040669381620) map



E10:  Three Blackbirds, 640 High Road. E10 6RN. (A1/15). Scottish & New. Version <45>No longer a pub.  Former G Met Trumans. Closed 2007. Now converted to Taj Mahal restaurant.   (Lat/Lon 51.5692901611328 -0.00807596370577812) map



E10:  Wakefield Arms, 14 Park Road. E10 7BZ. (A2/16). G Met Trumans. Version <33>Pub Demolished. .    Demolished 2003.   (Lat/Lon 51.5666275024414 -0.01924484968185420)



E10:  WILLIAM IV or FOURTH or KING WILLIAM THE FOURTH, 816 High Road. E10 6AE. (A1/17). Free House. Version <49 >Former Ind Coope pub. Busy, cosmopolitan. Darts and pool.Now up to 16 Brodies beers, plus two or three guest beers (all at £1.99/pint) on 21 handpumps (and four in reserve). The Brodie beers are brewed at the former Sweet William brewery plant at the rear of the premises.   (Lat/Lon 51.5746154785156 -0.01108297146856780) map



E11 Leytonstone

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Stations Leytonstone, Wanstead and Snaresbrook (Central), (Leytonstone High Street (BR Barking line).



E11:  BELL, 468 High Road. E11 3HN. (B2/1). Enterprise Inns. Version <52> Open all hours. Pub with three distinct rooms,  games (darts,  pool and shove halfpenny),  small lounge and largish saloon. Snacks and cooked meals at lunchtime. Now Enterprise, ex-Bass via Unique. Three real ales from: Fullers London Pride, Greene King Abbot Ale, Greene King IPA, Adnams Bitter and possibly others from time to time (2006).   (Lat/Lon 51.5610427856445 0.00884919427335262) map



E11:  BIRKBECK TAVERN, 45 Langthorne Road. E11 4HL. (A2/2). Free House. Version <52 >    Former Bass pub selling serveral ales.   Sarumdale, ex-Delaney. Financial problems of the owning company Sarumdale have resulted in a threat of closure of this GBG pub. It has now been bought by a publican. (Lat/Lon 51.5560569763183 0.00068731606006622) map



E11:  Britannia-Thirst & Last-Britannia, 493 High Road. E11 4PG. (B2/3). Whitbread. Version <52> Demolished. Renamed THIRST & LAST then back to Britannia. (Lat/Lon 51.5593261718750 0.00713090412318707)



E11: British Queen Tavern, 63 New Wanstead. E11 2SA. (A1/4). Scottish & New. Version <49> Enterprise, ex-S&N, converted to ‘Queens British’ steakhouse & grill restaurant.   Former G Met Watneys. (Lat/Lon 51.5769348144531 0.01967442221939560) map



E11:  CLUTTERBUCKS - D LAFFERTYS & SONS-Bar Room Bar, 34 High Street Wanstead. E11 2RJ. (/). Ind Coope. Version <33>No real  ales. Speckled Hen.    Former wine bar called Woodbine which appeared inour 1986 edition. Renamed D Laffertys & Sons in 1998. Renamed Bar Room Bar and keg.  (Lat/Lon 51.5760765075683 0.02732081338763240) map



E11:  Colegrave Arms, 145 Cann Hall Road. E11 3NJ. (B2/5). Enterprise Inns. Version <51>Enterprise, now sold to an Islamic community and by October 2011 being converted to a mosque, apparently without planning permission being sought. Pub dates from 1869. Enterprise, ex-Unique, ex-Bass.   (Lat/Lon 51.5554580688476 0.01211394555866720) map



E11:  Cowley Arms-Fase II-Erosion-Loaded Dog, 483 High Road. E11 4PG. (B2/6). Bass. Version <51 Renamed Fase II. Renamed Erosion - a wine bar, restaurant and nite club.Renamed the LOADED DOG:  Late licence music venue. Old interior torn out and is now one bar pub/bar affair.  Now Enterprise, ex-Labatts. Renamed Shepherds Inn. Independent pub, now part of Lithuanian pub/restaurant chain ‘berneliu užeiga’ (‘Lads Pub’). Primarily operates as a restaurant but retains a small bar area. Still no real ale. (Lat/Lon 51.5593261718750 0.00713090412318707) map



E11:  Crown - Sheepwalk, 692 High Road. E11 3AA. (B1/7). Bass. Version <50>No real ales.  Open all hours  Former East Lond Pub owned now renamed Sheepwalk. Now Punch, ex Bass, still no real ale.    (Lat/Lon 51.5685157775878 0.01151254400610920) map



E11: The CUCKFIELD, 31 High Street Wanstead. E11 2AA. (A1/8). Bass. Version <42>  Black Sheep Bitter, Fullers London Pride, Old Speckled Hen, C. Wells Bombardier      Refurbished as a gastropub.   (Lat/Lon 51.5795974731445 0.02439972013235090) map



E11:  Dirty Nellies - Greens, 575 High Road. E11. (B2/9). Free House. Version <33>No longer a pub.    Renamed Bugsys, Broadway then Old Shelaghs, Greens. Now a restaurant (Kingsway Old Timers).   (Lat/Lon  )



E11:  DUKE OF EDINBURGH, 79 Nightingale Lane. E11 2EY. (B1/10). Ind Coope. Version <1c > Tetley Bitter, Burton, Adnams Bitter    , Open all hours  Two bars (one doubles as a function room). Real locals' pub,  always popular. Plently of prints,  plat es etc with an aquarium in the bigger front bar. Lunchtime food is all homemade. Garden.  (Lat/Lon 51.5821762084960 0.02809404395520690) map



E11:  Eagle Hotel - Toby Carvery-Eagle, 76 Holly Bush Hill. E11 1PE. (A1/11). Bass (M&B). Version <48> Caledonian: Deuchars IPA; Fuller: London Pride. Mr Toby's Carvery. Games (darts and pool) in separate bar. Large pub popular with visitor (of all types) from the nearby Crown Courts.Renamed EAGLE. Now M&B, ex-Bass and still a Toby Carvery.   (Lat/Lon 51.5830345153808 0.02104905433952810) map



E11:  GEORGE,  High Street Wanstead. E11 2RL. (B1/12). Wetherspoons. Version <1c >  Open all hours  Became a Wetherspoon free house in April 92 dropping the 'Hotel' from its name. See Hamilton Hall EC2 for range of beers. Three bars. Photo's of old Wanstead and famous Georges (ie Best, Bush and my favourite Gabby Hayes) around the walls.   (Lat/Lon 51.5766792297363 0.02775038592517380) map



E11:  Halfway House - Croppy Acre, 345 High Road. E11 4JT. (B2/13). Free House. Version <41>No longer a pub.     Former G Met Watneys. Renamed Croppy Acre. Pub closed and interior gutted. Waltham Forest Borough Council are currentlyexamining a Change of Use application for conversion from public house to residential useage. Now converted to cash & carry shop.   (Lat/Lon 51.5556297302246 0.00541261397302151)



E11:  HEATHCOTE ARMS, 344 Grove Green Road. E11 4EA. (A2/14). Bass (M&B). Version <49> Marston: EPA. Refurbished and new bar fitted by Stonegate, ex-M&B. See appendix above.   Large pub divided into three areas,  public,  saloon and games room (four pool tables). Various bric- a-brac,  photos decorate.  Outside extensively tiled withvarious sculptures on upper parts. Darts. Function room. Opens Monday to Friday 12-11,  Saturday 11-11.Now M&B, ex-Bass (East London Pub Co).   (Lat/Lon 51.5650825500488 0.00283517874777317) map



E11:  Kirkdales Wine Bar, 25 Kirkdale Road. E11 1HP. (A2/15). Free House. Version <51>Free, converted to an olive meze restaurant by August 2011.   (Lat/Lon 51.5694618225097 0.00970833934843540) map



E11:  Lincoln - Big Hand Mo's, 566 High Road. E11 3DH. (B2/16). Scottish & New. Version <52> Fenced off with scaffolding around it and sign for demolition company on the fencing but nothing has happened yet.    Former G Met Clifton Inns. Now S&N owned. Renamed Big Hand Mo's (Good Time Emporium). Originaly the Elms.  Closed through drug and noise problems.(Lat/Lon 51.5637893676757 0.01013791188597680) map



E11:  LORD ROOKWOOD, 314 Cann Hall Road. E11 3NW. (B2/17). Labatts. Version <33>  Deuchars IPA.    Now a Labbatt's free house. Ex Bass.   (Lat/Lon 51.5578651428222 0.01778430305421350) map



E11:  NIGHTINGALE, 51 Nightingale Lane. E11 2EY. (B1/18). Unique Pub Co. Version <36 > Spitfire, C. Wells Bombardier, Wadworths 6X, .    Open all hours  Ex Courage. Now owned by Unique. A wide selection of ales:Spitfire,  Bombardier, Guest Ale, Youngs, Courage Best, Pride etc. Very good pub food.   (Lat/Lon 51.5821762084960 0.02809404395520690) map



E11:  NORTH STAR, 24 Browning Road. E11 3AR. (B1/20). Enterprise Inns. Version <52> Wells: Bombardier; +Hop Back: GFB; +guest beers.     Open all hours  Loads of railway photos adorn the pub,  including a rare picture of the Great Eastern 'Decapod'. Unfortunately the decor is the result of a Charrington refurbishment,  and the pub is actually namedafter a ship called the North Star. Very much a locals pub ,  two small bars,  can be lively in the evenings. Darts and shove halfpenny. Lunchtime meals and snacks at other times. Now Enterprise, ex-Bass via Unique.  (Lat/Lon 51.569779 0.015588) map



E11:  Northcote Arms, 110 Grove Green Road. E11 4EL. (A2/19). Bass. Version <40>No real ales.    Renamed Northcote Arms.   (Lat/Lon 51.5604400634765 -0.00128871761262417) map



E11:  O'NEILL'S, 762 High Road. E11 3AW. (/). Bass. Version <22 >    Irish theme pub open all hours: (B1/above pub 20). Formerly the Green Man and Cube. Omitted fron the last two East London guides as it was operating purely as a music venue. Went keg since this update?   (Lat/Lon 51.570205 0.014322) map



E11:  Plough & Harrow, 419 High Road. E11 4JU. (B2/21). Courage. Version <1c>No real ales.       (Lat/Lon 51.5580329895019 0.00644358806312084)



E11:  RED LION-ZULU'S, 640 High Road. E11 3AA. (B2/22). Ind Coope. Version <50> Reopened mid-June and reverted to RED LION. Beer range still settling down but likely to include Adnams and Purity beers plus guest beers from local micros (e.g. Brodies, Meantime and Redemption). Ten handpumps available. Now brews its own beer RED ROAR 4.4%. Now Antic, ex-Punch.    Open all hours  Formerly Luthers. Central to the shopping area with plenty of comfortable seating.    (Lat/Lon 51.5685157775878 0.01151254400610920) map



E11: SIR HITCHCOCK HOTEL, 145 Whipps Cross Road. E11 1NP. (A1/23). Free House. Version <51 >Fuller:London Pride. Free house operated by Albar. Open all hours  One of the few pubs in the East London area with accommodation. Overlooking Epping Forest. Real log fires. Various alcoves leading off from the bar. Photos of 'The Master' (who was born in Leytonstone) and stars of his films on the walls.  (Lat/Lon 51.5764236450195 0.01177028752863410) map



E11:  Thatched House-All Seasons, 245 High Road. E11 4HH. (B2/24). Free House. Version <40>No longer a pub.    Former Bass pub. now West African bottled beers only; Converted to Spanish restaurant and tapas bar named Corazon Latino and keg. Closed and gutted then reopened as a pub renamed All Seasons, still keg.  Free, already reported converted to ‘All Seasons’ bar/nightclub with no draught beer, which closed in 2010. Now converted to betting shop. (Lat/Lon 51.5533981323242 0.00498304143548012)



E11:  WALNUT TREE,  857-861 High Road E11 1HH. (A1/). Wetherspoons. Version <22 >    Opened April 97 in former gym.   (Lat/Lon 51.569497 0.012097) >a href="http://www.streetmap.co.uk/streetmap.dll?Postcode2Map?code=E11+1HH "> map



E11:  Woodhouse Tavern, 119 Harrow Road. E11 3PX. (B2/25). Bass. Version <42>No real  ales.    Tidy,  large two bar pub with club room. Ex Savill's pub. Facilities: Darts,  pool,  shove halfpenny and function and childrens rooms. Open Monday to Thursday 11-3 and 5-11,  Friday 11-4 and 5-11  ,  Saturday 11-4 and 7-11   (Lat/Lon 51.559274 0.012526) map



E12 Manor Park

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Stations Manor Park (BR Liverpool Street), East Ham (District).on the west side of Ilford just over the River Roding the below the enormous Relief Road), this area extends from flats in the north as far as the District line in the . It is mainly suburban, from the late 1800s on, and has to match dominated by the Big Four and regrettably not too well off for real ale.



E12:  Avenue Hotel, 90 Church Road. E12 6AF. (B2/1). Bass. Version <5>No longer a pub.    No longer a pub 1992.   (Lat/Lon 51.5482406616210 0.05550077185034750)



E12:  BLAKESLEY ARMS, 53 Station Road. E12 5BP. (A1/2). Bass. Version <46> Greene King: IPA. Now Enterprise, ex-Bass.  Open all hours.  Friendly two-bar pub next to Manor Park BR Station. Darts in public bar,  shove halfpenny in the saloon. Snacks lunchtime.   (Lat/Lon 51.5515899658203 0.04682340845465660) map



E12:  Burnell Arms, 241 High Street North. E12 6SL. (A2/3). Bass. Version <46> Demolished. May be turned into flats 2003. Still closed and boarded up 2005.  (Lat/Lon 51.5424842834472 0.04991633072495460)



E12:  Earl of Essex, 616 Romford Road. E12 5AF. (A2/4). Courage. Version <52>Now closed and boarded up. (Lat/Lon 51.5497894287109 0.04596426337957380) map



E12:  GOLDEN FLEECE, 166 Capel Road. E12 5DB. (A1/5). Spirit Group. Version <51 >Recently taken over by the Barras brand (still Spirit I understand). Jackie the manager has turned this pub around. She now has a varying range of well kept ale on tap. Recently these have been Adnams Explorer, Taylor Landlord, Oxford Gold, Black Sheep, Adnams Broadside, Hobgoblin, Summer Lightning, Bombardier and Spitfire. She is also welcome to advice and recommendations on ales to have on for the future The pub has the regular pub entertainment, but also has a jamming session for local musicians on a Friday evening, cabaret on a Saturday and an open mic session on Sunday afternoons. Currently she, with customers help, is trying to have the Sky Sports removed which was imposed upon her by the pub group. Former G Met Watneys. changed hands to Spirit Group and serving selection of beers. Displayed hours are Mon Thurs 11am-midnight Fri Sat 11am-1am Sun noon midnight beer garden. Very busy in the summer when it is popular with famlies. The interior is wood panelled and beamed and has a comfortable atmosphere. Han dy for the cementries.  Lunchtime food.  (Lat/Lon 51.5545120239257 0.04424596950411800) map



E12:  Ruskin Arms, 386 High Street North. E12 6PH. (A2/6). Bass. Version <47> Closed and fenced off with side and rear demolished.       (Lat/Lon 51.5440292358398 0.05000224336981770) map



E12:  Star, 30 Snowshill Road. E12 6BB. (A2/7). Belhaven. Version <31>No longer a pub.    Converted to residential use 2002.   (Lat/Lon 51.5492744445800 0.04931492730975150)



E12:  Three Rabbits - Pharoahs Bar/Backstage, 833 Romford Road. E12 6EA. (B1/8). Bass. Version <39>No longer a pub.     Was a Labatts 'Free House': Part renamed Pharoahs Bar after being LJ's part called Backstage a food and cabreret bar. Seems to have been acquired by Toynbee Housing .Now a chemists.   (Lat/Lon 51.5527076721191 0.05283742025494580)



E12:  Victoria Cross,  Jack Cornwell Street. E12 5NN. (B1/9). Ind Coope. Version <52> According to internet search it reopened October 2011.       (Lat/Lon 51.5513343811035 0.06434996426105500) map



E12:  William the Conqueror,  628/630 Romford Road. E12 5EQ. (A1/10). G Met Watneys. Version <32>No real ales.       (Lat/Lon 51.5625000000000 0.03702915459871290) map



E13 Plaistow

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Stations Plaistow(District),West Ham (BR North London/District).


E13:  Abbey Arms, 384 Barking Road. E13 8HL. (A2/1). Ind Coope. Version <34>No real ales.       (Lat/Lon 51.5211791992187 0.02079131081700330) map



E13:  ARMY & NAVY, 12 New Barn Street. E13 8JA. (A2/2). Ind Coope. Version <12 > Flowers IPA, Tetley Bitter.  ,    (Lat/Lon 51.5215187072753 0.02311100251972680) map



E13:  BLACK LION, 59 Plaistow High Street. E13 0AD. (A1/3). Courage. Version <46> Courage: Best Bitter; +four guest beers (e,g, Adnams Bitter and Mighty Oak beers).  Large pub with two contrasting bars. Restaurant. Bar billiards. Garden. Open Monday - Thursday 11-3 and 5-11,  Friday and Saturday 11-11.  (Lat/Lon 51.5310592651367 0.02053356729447840) map



E13:  Castle, 546 Barking Road. E13 9JU. (B1/4). Bass. Version <39>No real ales.    Two comfortable spacious bars. Darts and pool. Lunchtime food. Open all permitted hours except between 3.30 and 7 on Saturday.   (Lat/Lon 51.5260772705078 0.03015599213540550) map



E13:  Coach & Horses, 100 High Street. E13 0AJ. (A1/5). G Met Watneys. Version <1c>No real ales.       (Lat/Lon 51.5299415588378 0.02190819941461090) map



E13:  Duke of Cumberland, 101 Cumberland Road. E13 8LS. (A2/6). Free House. Version <26>No real  ales.    Forrner Bass pub then a free house now Ridleys owned.   (Lat/Lon 51.5196342468261 0.02603209577500820) map



E13:  Duke of Edinburgh, 9 Jutland Road. E13 8JH. (A2/8). Bass. Version <39>No real ales.    Handpumps removed 2002.   (Lat/Lon 51.5210914611816 0.02259551547467710) map



E13:  Duke of Edinburgh, 299 Green Street. E13 9AR. (B1/7). Bass. Version <31>No real  ales.    Darts and pool. Open Monday - Friday 11-11.   (Lat/Lon 51.5367279052734 0.03513903543353080) map



E13:  Earl Derby, 119 London Road. E13 0DA. (A1/9). Ind Coope. Version <37>No real  ales.    Pricey pub with plush lounge bar and basic public. Lively unpretentious local. Pool.   (Lat/Lon 51.5284805297851 0.02001808024942870) map



E13:  Earl of Beaconsfield, 211 Grange Road. E13 0HF. (A1/10). Bass. Version <32>No real  ales.    Closed and boarded up 2002.   (Lat/Lon 51.5247001647949 0.01194211654365060)



E13:  Foresters Arms, 9 Whitwell Road. E13 8BP. (A2/11). Ind Coope. Version <1c>No real ales.       (Lat/Lon 51.5239257812500 0.02070539630949500) map



E13:  Golden Lion, 343 Barking Road. E13 8EE. (A2/12). G Met Watneys. Version <1c>No real ales.       (Lat/Lon 51.5218658447265 0.02122088335454460) map



E13:  Green Gate-Greengate, 523 Barking Road. E13 9EZ. (B1/13). Bass. Version <44>No real ales.       (Lat/Lon 51.5272789001464 0.03101513721048830) map



E13:  Greyhopund & Hare, 174 Balaam Street. E13 8RD. (A1/14). G Met Watneys. Version <46> Unique, ex-Watney, closed since 2004, future uncertain.         (Lat/Lon 51.5259895324707 0.02465746365487580) map



E13:  Lamb, 85 Pelly Road. E13 0NL. (A1/15). Ind Coope. Version <1c>No real ales.       (Lat/Lon 51.5338935852050 0.02165045589208600) map



E13:  LIBRA ARMS, 53 Stratford Road. E13 0JN. (A1/16). Bass. Version <32>  Greene K IPA.       (Lat/Lon 51.5334663391113 0.01829979009926320) map



E13:  Lord Raglan, 9 High Street. E13 0AD. (A1/17). Courage. Version <26>Pub Demolished. .    Closed Dec 97. Demolished Dec 99.   (Lat/Lon 51.5310592651367 0.02053356729447840) map



E13:  Lord Stanley, 15 St Mary's Road. E13 9AE. (B1/18). Free house. Version <29>No real  ales.    Former Watney pub then Shepherd Neame now a free house.   (Lat/Lon 51.5314025878906 0.02465746365487580) map



E13:  Manhattans-Wine Bar, 749 Barking Road. E13 8HL. (B1/19). Bass. Version <30>No real ales.    Renamed Wine Bar. Was Pinkies.   (Lat/Lon 51.5211791992187 0.02079131081700330)



E13:  Prince Albert, 135 High Street. E13 9HH. (A1/20). G Met Watneys. Version <37>No real ales.    No real ales 2005. Wrongly placed on the map, place it between Stirling amd Dundee Roads.   (Lat/Lon 51.5295143127441 0.02474337816238400) map



E13:  Prince of Wales, 35 Princes Terrace. E13 9AJ. (B1/21). Trumans. Version <38>Pub Demolished. .    Demolished 2005.   (Lat/Lon 51.5335464477539 0.03015599213540550) map



E13:  Queens, 410 Green Street. E13 9JT. (B1/22). Ind Coope. Version <39>No real ales.    To let sign Fleurets 2005.   (Lat/Lon 51.5321731567382 0.03153062611818310) map



E13:  Raffles-Memory Lane, 244 Barking Road. E13 8HR. (A2/23). Free House. Version <24>No longer a pub.    Converted to flats July 1998.   (Lat/Lon 51.5200614929199 0.01838570460677150) map



E13:  Red House, 299 Barking Road. E13 8EQ. (A2/24). G Met Trumans. Version <1c>No real ales.       (Lat/Lon 51.5203170776367 0.01778430305421350) map



E13:  Sultan, 112 Grange Road. E13 0EP. (A1/25). Free House. Version <44>Pub Demolished. (Lat/Lon 51.5255584716796 0.01933076418936250) map



E13:  Swan, 1 Balaam Street. E13 8EB. (A2/26). Ind Coope. Version <1c>No real ales.       (Lat/Lon 51.5229797363281 0.02242368645966050) map



E13:  Upton Manor Tavern, 48 Plashet Road. E13 0PU. (B1/27). Bass. Version <1c>No real ales.       (Lat/Lon 51.5368156433105 0.02345466054975990) map



E13:  Victoria Tavern, 28 High Street. E13 0AJ. (A1/28). G Met Watneys. Version <1c>No real ales.       (Lat/Lon 51.5299415588378 0.02190819941461090) map



E13: The Village at Plaistow, 140 Balaam Street. E13 8RD. (A1/29). Free House. Version <32>Pub Demolished. .    Formerly the Phantom and Firkin and the Red Lion and owned by Wessex Inns. Closed Nov 96. Now (2002) demolished.   (Lat/Lon 51.5259895324707 0.02465746365487580)



E14 Poplar

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Stations Limehouse (formerly Stepney East, BR Fenchurch Street/DLR), West Ferry, West India Quay, Heron Quays, Canary Wharf, South Quay, Crossharbour, Mudcute, Island Gardens, Poplar and All Saints (DLR).

E14:  ABERFELDY TAVERN, 26 Aberfeldy Street. E14 0NU. (B1/1). Whitbread. Version <1c > Greene King Abbott.  Open all hours  Recently refurbished pub with two bars. Pleasant and relaxing. Frequented by staff from the nearby F inancial Times during the day and by locals in the evening and weekends. Canning Town BR Station is 15 minutes walk away. Darts. Cooked food lunchtime. Outside drinking area.  (Lat/Lon 51.513383 -0.005812) map



E14:  African Queen (Bogart's), 46 Grundy Street. E14 6DR. (B2/2). Free House. Version <31>No longer a pub.    Former Ind Coope Taylor Walker pub. Now (2002) a free house renamed African Queen (Bogarts). Closed and boarded up and to be converted to residential use (2002).   (Lat/Lon 51.5119819641113 -0.01778430305421350) map



E14:  ALL BAR ONE, 42 McKenzie Walk - South Colonade E14 5EH. (/). Bass. Version <47 > Bass.    Opened 1996. Caledonian: Deuchars IPA; Fuller: London Pride.   (Lat/Lon 51.5043250000000 -0.02053000000000000)



E14:  Anchor & Hope, 41 West Ferry Road. E14 8JH. (C2/3). Courage. Version <44>Closed     Closed 2005. Reopened by August 2007. Closed again and lease for sale.   (Lat/Lon 51.5013275146484 -0.02568843774497510) map



E14:  BARLEY MOW-NARROW STREET (PUB & DINING ROOM). 44 Narrow Street-Limehouse Basin. E14 8BP. (/). Ind Coope. Version <41 > Fullers London Pride, Deuchars IPA      Open all hours  Opened in 1989. Spirit Group ex Punch. Converted from a gate keepers house,  the pub is situated on the entrance of gates te,  the pub is situated on the entrance of gates to Limehouse Basin. The Basin itself was constructed by the Regent Canal Company in 1812,  hence as abarge basin and in 1819 the company took powers t o enlarge the dock to admit sea-going ships. It is not part of PLA but owned by the Britsh Waterways Bd who ceased to opperate it in 1969. Restaurant and garden.Spirit pub acquired by Gordon Ramsay, celebrity chef, the first in a planned chain of gastropubs. No obvious changes yet. Still has Fuller's London Pride.Renamed NARROW (THE) by new owner Gordon Ramsay, +Caledonian: Deuchars IPA.  (Lat/Lon 51.5086364746093 -0.03273342922329900) map



E14:  Beehive, 12 Robin Hood Lane. E14 9PR. (B1/4). Courage. Version <46>Pub Demolished.        (Lat/Lon 51.5107002258300 -0.00773230567574501)



E14:  Blacksmiths Arms-ROGUE TRADER, 25 West Ferry Road. E14 8JH. (C2/5). G Met Trumans. Version <51 > Now ‘Aniseed’ and just a Indian restaurant.



E14:  Bootys Riverside Bar,  92a Narrow Street. E14 8BP. (B2/). Free House. Version <51> This appears to have been converted to residential with no trace of the original pub appearing.   There was the Watermans Arms at 92 up to 1891.  (Lat/Lon 51.5086364746093 -0.03273342922329900) map



E14:  British Oak, 28 Robin Hood Lane. E14 9PR. (B1/6). Free House. Version <38>Pub Demolished.     Demolished c2003.   (Lat/Lon 51.5107002258300 -0.00773230567574501)



E14:  Brunswick Arms, 78 Blackwall Way. E14 9QG. (B1/7). G Met Watneys. Version <43>Pub Demolished. Closed and boarded up in 2007. Demolished by 2008. (Lat/Lon 51.5066604614257 -0.00678724609315395) map



E14:  Buccaneer, 73 West India Dock Road. E14. (B2/8). Version <1c>Pub Demolished.   Former Ind Coope pub that became a free house before closure.



E14:  Builders Arms, 162 Brownfield Street. E14 6NF. (B1/9). Courage. Version <41>Pub Demolished.     Reported on the Dead Pubs WWW site as being closed and boarded in Nov 04. Now demolished c. November 2006.   (Lat/Lon 51.5124969482421 -0.01211394555866720) map



E14:  Callaghanns, 55 Chrisp Street. E14 6LP. (B1/10). Free House. Version <39>No real ales.    Now Free, ex-Watney.   (Lat/Lon 51.5129318237304 -0.01426180824637410) map



E14:  Cartys, 72 Poplar High Street. E14 0DL. (B2/11). Free House. Version <33>Pub Demolished. Demolished for flats 2003. Formerly the Green Man. (Lat/Lon 51.5090637207031 -0.02044765278697010)



E14:  CAT & CANARY,  Fishermans Walk - back of 10 Cabot Square. E14 4DH. (B2/). Fullers. Version <1B >    New Fuller's pub selling their three beers. Open 11-9 Mon-Fri and 12-3 weekends. Closed weekend evenings.   (Lat/Lon 51.5059100000000 -0.02171500000000000) map



E14:  Charlie Browns, 116 West India Dock Road. E14 8JD. (B2/12). Bass. Version <1c>Pub Demolished. (Lat/Lon 51.5095787048339 -0.02628983929753300)



E14:  Chimes, 212 Hind Grove. E14 6HP. (B2/13). Ascot Estates. Version <1c>No real ales.       (Lat/Lon 51.5129318237304 -0.02311100251972680) map



E14:  City Pride, 1 West Ferry Road. E14 8JH. (B2/14). G Met Watneys. Version <51> Closed and boarded up ready for demolition.    Formerly the City Arms. Pub and its land sold to developers Glenkerrin for a reported £32 million. (Lat/Lon 51.5013275146484 -0.02568843774497510) map



E14:  Conant Arms, 41 Stainsby Road. E14 6JP. (A2/15). G Met Trumans. Version <1c>No real ales.       (Lat/Lon 51.5137062072753 -0.02474337816238400) map



E14:  CROWN, 667 Commercial Road. E14 7HA. (B2/16). Free House. Version <1c > Websters.    Basic pub two minutes walk from Limehouse (formerly Stepney East) BR and Docklands Light Railway Sta tions. Darts and pool.  (Lat/Lon 51.5113830566406 -0.02860953100025650) map



E14:  Cubitt Arms, 262 Manchester Road. E14 3HW. (C1/17). G Met Trumans. Version <49> Enterprise, ex-Truman via Unique, closed by January 2010. Planning application recently submitted to Tower Hamlets Council for conversion to flats and ‘artist studio’.       (Lat/Lon 51.4942820000000 -0.00791300000000000) map



E14:  DAVY'S,  31/35 Fishermans Walk E14 4DH. (B2/). DavysFreeHouse. Version <21 > Courage Best, Courage Directors.  ,    (Lat/Lon 51.5059100000000 -0.02171500000000000)



E14:  Dockmasters House,  West India Dock Gate E14. (/). Free House. Version <40>>No real ales!   , .   (Lat/Lon  )



E14:  Dorset Arms, 379 Manchester Road. E14 9HN. (C1/18). G Met Watneys. Version <52> Demolished by July 2004 and housing built on site. Closed 1997.   (Lat/Lon flats? )



E14:  Drummonds At The Quay-Heron, 3 Heron Quay-Marsh Wall. E14 4JB. (/). Bass. Version <43> No longer a pub. Renamed HERON. Closed. Now converted to offices (by August 2007).   (Lat/Lon 51.5034790039062 -0.02422789111733440) map



E14:  Earl of Ellesmere, 36 Ellesmere Street. E14 5QX. (A1/19). Ind Coope. Version <38>Pub Demolished.     Maple Leaf Inns owned. Demolished c2003.  



E14:  Enterprise, 145 Three Colt Street. E14 8AP. (B2/20). G Met Watneys. Version <32>Pub Demolished.  .  , Demolished and replaced by flats 2002.   (Lat/Lon 51.5085487365722 -0.02998416312038900) map



E14:  Falcon, 202 East India Dock Road. E14 7SQ. (B1/21). G Met Trumans. Version <1c>Pub Demolished.



E14:  FERRY HOUSE, 26 Ferry Street. E14 9DT. (D1/22). Courage. Version <1c > Courage Best, Courage Directors, Youngs Special.  Pleasant,  small one bar pub that is two minutes walk from DLR Island Gardens Station. Darts. Lunchti me food.  (Lat/Lon 51.486412 -0.012563) map



E14:  Festival Inn, 71 Grundy Street. E14 6AD. (B1/23). G Met Trumans. Version <38>No real  ales.  Open all hours  Two-bar pub in Chrisp Street Market and near DLR All Saints station. Darts and lunchtime snacks.   (Lat/Lon 51.5123291015625 -0.01563644036650660) map



E14:  FINE LINE, 10 Cabot Square - Fishermans Walk. E14. (/). Fullers. Version <24 > Fullers London Pride.    New Fullers pub open 11-11 Mon-Fri only.   (Lat/Lon 51.5034250000000 -0.02424400000000000)



E14:  FIVE BELLS & BLADEBONE-5B URBAN BAR, 27 Three Colt Street. E14 8HH. (B2/24). Ind Coope. Version <49 >Range now Wells: Bombardier; guest beer (e.g. Young: London Gold). Now Independent, ex-Punch.    Open all hours  Renamed 5B URBAN BAR. London Pride and a guest beer reported. Near the site of the Taylor Walker Brewery. Bar Billiards,  musak,  Snacks lunchtimes. Opposite St Annes church,  built by Nicholas Hawksmore i n 1727,  burnt down in 1850. Small one bar pub packed with nautical paraphenalia,  tea chests,  model ships etc. (Lat/Lon 51.5111274719238 -0.02972641959786420) map



E14:  Foresters Arms, 253 St Leonards Road. E14 6PH. (A1/25). Bass. Version <1c>No real ales.       (Lat/Lon 51.5160217285156 -0.01228577457368370) map



E14:  Freemasons Arms,  96/8 Salmon Lane. E14 7PQ. (B2/26). Ind Coope. Version <38>Pub Demolished. Is being demolished 2005. (Lat/Lon 51.5135307312011 -0.03359257429838180)



E14:  Galloway Arms, 43 Thomas Road. E14 7BE. (A2/27). Ind Coope. Version <27>No longer a pub.    Closed (June 97). Converted to a café.   (Lat/Lon 51.5161094665527 -0.02525886520743370)



E14:  GEORGE, 114 Glengall Grove. E14 9ND. (C1/28). Enterprise Inns. Version <44 > Deuchars IPA, Fullers London Pride, Taylors Landlord, Youngs Bitter      Relaxing three bar pub with extension built on with a greenhouse effect restaurant. Darts by arrangement. Open Monday - Saturday 11-3 and 5-11.+guest beer. New emphasis on real ale. Now Enterprise,ex-Watney via Unique.   (Lat/Lon 51.4977951049804 -0.01821387559175490)



E14:  George IV, 7 Ida Street. E14 6LT. (B1/29). G Met Watneys. Version <39>No real ales.    Now subtitled 'Regency Hotel', offering B&B.   (Lat/Lon 51.5120697021484 -0.01159845851361750) map



E14:  GRAPES, 76 Narrow Street. E14 8BP. (B2/30). Spirit Group. Version <39 > Tetley Bitter, Burton      Open all hours  Very nice riverside pub with views of the Thames.Grade II Listed Building with frosted glass window s that you can imagine go back in time,  hence a reminder painted sign dated 1949 in the bar is on show. Restaurant.  Now Spirit, ex-Taylor Walker.   (Lat/Lon 51.5086364746093 -0.03273342922329900) map



E14:  GREENWICH PENSIONER, 2 Bazeley Street. E14 0ES. (B1/31). Ind Coope. Version <43>    Fullers London Pride.  Now a gastro pub?   (Lat/Lon 51.5097503662109 -0.01065339893102650) map



E14:  Guidlford Arms, 93 Goldalming Road. E14 6BJ. (A1/32). Bass. Version <37>Pub Demolished.  .  , Was a Labatts 'Free House'. Demolished 2005 see http://www.dead-pubs-.org.uk/index.php/The_Guildford_Arms.   (Lat/Lon  )



E14:  GUN, 27 Coldharbour. E14 9NS. (C1/33). Punch Taverns. Version <52>Adnams: Bitter;+Otter: Amber; + Sambrook: Junction; +guest beer (e. g. Harviestoun Bitter & Twisted). Now ETM Group, ex Punch since 2010.    Ex Ind Coope. Closed and boarded after a fire. Reopened as a gastropub. Run by same management as the Well EC1 and White Swan EC4. Garden.   (Lat/Lon 51.5024452209472 -0.00756047666072845) map



E14:  HARRY'S BAR-PUZZLE E14-PEPPER SAINT ONTIOD, 21 Pepper Street, Crossharbour. E14. (/). Version <46> Accquired by Puzzle Pub Co from the Old Monk Pub Co. Bar has been around for 10 years. Open all permitted hours. Open Mon-Fri 12-11 only. Renamed PEPPER SAINT ONTIOD. Ex-Puzzle, now acquired by Antic Ltd, the same operators as run the eclectic ‘Balham Bowls Club’ SW12 and ‘Tooting Tram & Social’, SW17. Pubs in the Antic chain all sell real ale and nine have Cask Masque. They will open White Hart in Clapton (231 Clapton Road, E5) and call it the Clapton Hart when it opens later this year. The Red Lion E11 opened in June (15th).  (Lat/Lon 51.4961990000000 -0.01808800000000000) map



E14:  HENRY ADDINGTON,  22/28 Mackenzie Walk. E14. (B2/). Bass. Version <50 >Range now Fuller:London Pride; St Austell: Tribute; Sharp: Doom Bar; guest beers mainly from micros from seasonal list. Now M&B (Nicholson), ex-Bass. New (1992) pub south of Canary Wharf Tower near Cubitt Steps. Open weekends. +Guest beer (eg Adnams, Hop Back).   (Lat/Lon 51.5045130000000 -0.02207800000000000) map


50 HENRY'S-BAR 38, Unit C, Port East Building, Hertsmere Road. Local rag reports it reopened 12 October as Henry’s Cafe Bar selling cask ales. Wadworth: Henry’s IPA. Now TCG, ex-Spirit in 2005 and S&N in 2003.


E14:  HOPE & ANCHOR-JACK BEARDS AT THE HOPE & ANCHOR, 14 Newby Place. E14 0EY. (B1/34). G Met Watneys. Version <18>   Courage Best  Courage Best.  Renamed back to the Hope & Anchor, it was never named Anchor & Raj but was named Hope & Raj. Renamed JACK BEARDS AT THE HOPE & ANCHOR.   (Lat/Lon 51.5104408264160 -0.01262943260371690) map



E14: The House They Left Behind-House-House-X Unders, 27 Ropemaker's Fields. E14 8BX. (B2/35). G Met Watneys. Version <44>Closed.  Open all hours  Formerly the Black Horse. Renamed House.Renamed X UNDERS, a bar/restaurant, ex-Inntrepreneur, ex-Watney, closed, future uncertain. Renamed MELAKA, still closed and boarded up.   (Lat/Lon 51.5091514587402 -0.03342074155807500) map



E14:  Kingsbridge Arms,  154/6 West Ferry Road. E14 8RY. (D2/36). Free House. Version <38>Pub Demolished. Former Whitbread pub.Now a free house. Boarded up and will become a 5 story apartment block with 14 new homes according to the East London Advertiser 2003. Demolished 2004.



E14:  LEDGER BUILDING, 4 Hertsmere Road, West India Quay. E14. (/). Wetherspoons. Version <40 >    New Wetherspoon in former docks administration building dating from 1800 and converted late June 2000.Now branded as a 'Lloyds No 1 bar' by Wetherspoon, Shepherd Neame: Spitfire; Courage: Best Bitter; Fuller: London Pride; Greene King: IPA; Marston: Pedigree; retains four guests and Addlestone cider on handpump. TV screens installed but thankfully no 'music' on visit.  (Lat/Lon 51.5076450000000 -0.02384500000000000) map



E14:  LORD NELSON, 1 Manchester Road. E14 9BD. (D1/37). Punch Taverns. Version <45>  C. Wells Bombardier.       



E14:  Lord Stanley, 55 Carmen Street. E14 6NW. (A1/38). Ascot Estates. Version <29>Closed     Ascot Estates owned. Re-opened keg then closed again.   (Lat/Lon 51.5149078369140 -0.01529278233647350)



E14:  Lovat Arms, 301 Burdett Road. E14 7EL. (A2/39). G Met Trumans. Version <38>Pub Demolished.     Planning permission applied for conversion into 14 x 2 bed flats. Demolished c2004.  (Lat/Lon 51.5143051147460 -0.02775038592517380)



E14:  Manor Arms, 150 East India Dock Road. E14 0BP. (B2/40). Ascot Estates. Version <15>No real ales.       (Lat/Lon 51.5108680725097 -0.01572235487401490) map



E14:  NORTH POLE, 74 Manilla Street. E14 8LG. (C2/41). G Met Watneys. Version <44 > Fullers London Pride, Old Speckled Hen, Taylors Landlord, Pedigree      Backstreet local with East London Fives dartboard. Friendly landlord. Relaxed atmosphere. Lunchtime snacks.   (Lat/Lon 51.5008926391601 -0.02362648956477640) map



E14:  Old Ship, 17 Barnes Street. E14 7NW. (B2/42). Magic Pub Co  Version <44>No real ales!   , Now Magic owned (Selling Websters Green Label cheap?). Not Greene King owned. Very relaxing small bar pub with prints on the walls taken from old sea battles. A stones throw from DLR and BR Limehouse station. Darts and pool .  (Lat/Lon 51.5138740539550 -0.03986433148384090) map



E14:  OPORTO TAVERN, 43 West India Dock Road. E14 8EZ. (B2/43). Punch ex Bass. Version <51>Shepherd Neame: Spitfire; +Wells: Bombardier.    Smart one bar pub still with no games room. Two minutes from DLR West Ferry station. Cooked meals lunchtime and snacks at other times. Open all permitted hours except Saturday (11-5 and 7-11). Range now guests (e.g. Bass, Brains, Brakspear);  (Lat/Lon 51.5110397338867 -0.02654758282005790) map



E14 PARLOUR, Park Pavilion, 40 Canada Sq. Fuller: London Pride. Large Drake & Morgan bar and restaurant opened October 2009. Mixture of seating and lighting, grey decor, separate restaurant area with open-to-view kitchen. Outdoor eating/drinking area. Open 8am-11pm Mon-Wed, 8ammidnight Thu/Fri, 10am-midnight Sat, 10am-7pm Sun.  


E14:  Phoenix, 104 East India Dock Road. E14 0BP. (B2/44). Ind Coope. Version <43>No real ales     Open all hours  Small L shaped bar busy at weekends. Cooked food lunchtime.   (Lat/Lon 51.5108680725097 -0.01572235487401490) map



E14:  PIER TAVERN, 299 Manchester Road. E14 3HN. (D1/45). Whitbread. Version <1c > Whitbread Flowe, Boddingtons Bitter      Open all hours  Pleasant,  recently refurbished L-shaped bar with split-level drinking area ( presuably for the business deals in mind). Frequented by the young and old alike in the evening. Tem minutes walk from DLR Island Gardens Station. Garden.   (Lat/Lon 51.4933242797851 -0.00807596370577812) map



E14:  Prince Alfred, 86 Locksley Street. E14 7EJ. (A2/46). G Met Trumans. Version <40>No real ales.    Still Keg 2005.   (Lat/Lon 51.5166244506835 -0.03127288073301320) map



E14:  Prince Regent, 81 Salmon Lane. E14 7PR. (A2/47). Ind Coope. Version <1c>No real ales.       (Lat/Lon 51.5141334533691 -0.03651366382837300) map



E14:  Princess of Wales, 130 Brownfield Street. E14 6NF. (B1/48). Belhaven. Version <31>Pub Demolished.     Demolished and replaced by flats 2002.   (Lat/Lon 51.5124969482421 -0.01211394555866720)



E14: The Queen of the Isle, 571 Manchester Road. E14 9NX. (C1/49). Free House. Version <38>Pub Demolished.     Former Ind Coope Taylor Walker pub. Was owned by Maple Leaf Inns? Renamed Queen of the Isle and a free house. Will be 14 new homes according to the East London Advertiser 2003.Demolished c2004.   (Lat/Lon 51.4982430000000 -0.00974300000000000) map



E14:  Queens Head, 491 The Highway. E14. (B2/51). G Met Watneys. Version <1c>Pub Demolished.



E14:  QUEENS HEAD, 8 Flamborough Street. E14 7LS. (B2/50). Young & Co. Version <1c > Youngs Bitter, Youngs Special, Youngs Winter Warmer.  A Grade II Listed Buildingsituated in a conservation area. London Fives dart board. Lunchtime food.  (Lat/Lon 51.5136184692382 -0.03883335739374160) map



E14:  RAILWAY TAVERN, 576 Commercial Road. E14 7JD. (B2/52). Inn Business. Version <47>London Pride.     Ex Bass. Now Punch, ex- Inn Business. One bar pub next to Limehouse BR and DLR Station (formerly Stepney East,  a name that obviously did not gell with the new yuppie locals). Darts and lunchtime snacks. Open Monday - Saturday 11-2.30 and 5-11.   (Lat/Lon 51.5125846862792 -0.04020798951387410) map



E14:  Resolute tavernN, 210 Poplar High Street. E14 0BB. (B1/53). Ind Coope. Version <51> Punch, ex-Taylor Walker, closed by February 2011. Tower Hamlets Council has approved its demolition and replacement by flats. Dropped the tavern.   (Lat/Lon 51.5085487365722 -0.01013791188597680) map



E14:  Richard Cobden, 34 Repton Street. E14 7PX. (A2/54). G Met Watneys. Version <28>Pub Demolished.     Demolished 2000.   (Lat/Lon 51.5152473449707 -0.03685732185840610)



E14:  Robert Burns, 248 West Ferry Road. E14 8RS. (D2/55). G Met Trumans. Version <38>No longer a pub.    A community centre c2004   (Lat/Lon 51.5066604614257 -0.02800812944769860)



E14:  Rose & Crown, 17 Pennyfields. E14 8HP. (B2/56). G Met Watneys. Version <27>No longer a pub.    Converted to residential use 2000.   (Lat/Lon 51.5096664428710 -0.02465746365487580)



E14:  Royal Charlie, 116 Chrisp Street. E14 6NL. (A1/57). G Met Watneys. Version <1c>No real ales.       (Lat/Lon 51.5146484375000 -0.01460546627640720) map



E14:  Royal Navy, 53 Salmon Lane. E14 7NA. (A2/58). Belhaven. Version <38>No longer a pub.    Closed 1999. Converted to flats c2003.   (Lat/Lon 51.5144729614257 -0.03857561573386190)



E14:  Sabbarton Arms-Gambols, 99 Upper North Street. E14 6DT. (A2/59). Belhaven. Version <25>No longer a pub.    Converted to flats 1999.   (Lat/Lon 51.5146484375000 -0.01976033672690390)



E14:  Ship, 290 West Ferry Road. E14 9AG. (D2/61). G Met Watneys. Version <37>No real  ales.    Basic one bar pub with fives dartboard. Lunchtime meals. Open Monday - Saturday 11-2.30 and 6-11.   (Lat/Lon 51.4880610000000 -0.01862800000000000) map



E14:  Sir Charles Napier, 697 Commercial Road. E14 7LA. (B2/62). Belhaven. Version <38>Pub Demolished.     Ex Belhaven owned but not Ascot Estates owned. Closed (June 97).Demolished c2003.   (Lat/Lon 51.5125846862792 -0.03470946103334430)



E14:  Sir John Franklin, 269 East India Dock Road. E14 0EG. (B1/63). G Met Watneys. Version <51> Demolished by October 2011. Closed and boarded 2005.   (Lat/Lon 51.5114707946777 -0.01048156991600990)



E14:  Slug & Lettuce, 30 South Colonade - Mackenzie Walk. E14. (/). Laurel. Version <48> Wells: Bombardier. Now Bay Restaurant Group, ex-Laurel.    New pub opened Feb 98. Open 11-11 Mon-Fri and 11-3 Sat only. Laurel, ex-SFI, H removed.   (Lat/Lon 51.5043250000000 -0.02053000000000000) map



E14:  SPINNAKER,  Harbour Island-Marsh Wall E14. (/). Greene King. Version <22 > Greene K IPA, Rayment Special, Greene King Abbot.  Modern one bar pub lacking in atmsphere,  seems very cold with white washed walls,  very bare. Not cat ering for the people of the area and open only from Monday to Friday 11-8,  closed weekends. Reopened August 97  (Lat/Lon 51.4988420000000 -0.01432800000000000) map



E14:  St Leonards Arms, 162 St Leonards Street. E14. (A1/60). Free House. Version <32>No longer a pub.    Ex Trumans and Brent Walker owned according to RW.Converted to flats 2002.   (Lat/Lon  )



E14:  Star of the East, 805 Commercial Road. E14 7HG. (B2/64). Courage. Version <30>No real ales.  Open all hours  A Grade II Listed Building. Pool tables and dart board kept very clear of drinking area. Cooked food lunchtime.   (Lat/Lon 51.5122413635253 -0.02903910353779790) map



E14:  STEAMSHIP, 24 Naval Row. E14 9PS. (B1/65). G Met Watneys. Version <38>  Fullers London Pride.    Free House ? Owned by ABA Taverrns? Confirmed (2005) as still selling real ale in Jun 05, London Pride.   (Lat/Lon 51.5090637207031 -0.00463938340544701) map



E14:  Telegraph, 194 West Ferry Road. E14 8RQ. (D2/66). G Met Watneys. Version <38>Pub Demolished.     Closed Dec 95. Demolished c2001.   (Lat/Lon  )



E14:  TOLLESBURY BARGE,  Millwall Inner Dock of Marsh Wall E14. (/). Free House. Version <38>No longer a pub.    Not sure what is going on here but it is reported that the Barge sunk on 19th September 2005!   (Lat/Lon  )



E14:  Tooke Arms, 165 West Ferry Road. E14 8NH. (C2/67). G Met Watneys. Version <1c>No real ales.       (Lat/Lon 51.4981384277343 -0.02551660872995850) map



E14:  Tradewinds, 1 Beaufort  Court - Admirals Way E14. (/). Free House. Version <2>No real ales.       (Lat/Lon  )



E14:  VIA-VIA FOSSA,  Unit C, Port East Building, e14. (B1/). Version <52> Now simply VIA, rains: Dark, SA Gold. The mild is a rarity in London and increasingly also in South Wales! A TCG bar/restaurant. Run by Tattersall Castle group (not Free).  New pub opened in 1999. Open all permitted hours.   (Lat/Lon 51.50476 -0.023941) map



E14:  Volunteer, 238 East India Dock Road. E14 0EQ. (B1/68). Bass. Version <1c>Pub Demolished.



E14:  Vulcan, 240 West Ferry Road. E14 8RQ. (D2/69). Fullers. Version <14>No longer a pub.    Now a supermarket 1994   (Lat/Lon  )



E14:  Waterfront, 187 Marsh Wall-South Quay Plaza. E14 9SH. (B1/70). Free House. Version <51> Now a strip club call Berjingo’s.   (Lat/Lon 51.5005493164062 -0.01726881600916390) map



E14:  WATERMANS ARMS, 1 Glenaffric Avenue. E14 9BW. (D1/70). Ind Coope. Version <51 >Renamed GREAT EASTERN after refurbishment, Range now; Greene King: Abbot; +up to three guest beers. Now Punch, ex-Taylor Walker and leased to Best Place Inns. A Grade II Listed Building decorated in nautical style. Five minutes walk from Island Gardens DLR St ation. Darts and pool. Restaurant. Open Monday - Saturday 11-3 and 6-11.  (Lat/Lon 51.4887350000000 -0.00641200000000000) map



E14:  Wellington Arms, 145 St. Leonard's Road. E14 0RZ. (A1/71). G Met Watneys. Version <48>Closed by 2006.      (Lat/Lon 51.5152473449707 -0.01228577457368370) map



E14:  White Horse, 9 Poplar High Street. E14 0DJ. (B2/72). G Met Trumans. Version <33>Pub Demolished. Was closed and boarded up but has reopened keg. Demolished 2003. Outside statue is Listed.   (Lat/Lon 51.5092315673828 -0.01907302066683770)



E14:  White Swan, 130 Blackwall Way. E14 9QG. (B1/73). Free House. Version <38>Pub Demolished. Fomer G Met Watneys pub. Demolished c2003.   (Lat/Lon 51.5066604614257 -0.00678724609315395) map



E14:  White Swan-BJ's White Swan, 556 Commercial Road. E14 7JD. (B2/74). Free House. Version <41>No Longer a pub     Now trades as BJ'S WHITE SWAN. Restricted opening hours. Reopened as a pub/club with no real ale,   (Lat/Lon 51.5125846862792 -0.04020798951387410) map



E14:  Young Prince, 60 Cordelia Street. E14 6AS. (A1/75). Whitbread. Version <49> Enterprise, ex-Whitbread, closed and converted to housing association office’.       (Lat/Lon 51.5137863159179 -0.01872936263680460) map




E15 Stratford

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Stations Stratford (BR Liverpool Street/BR North London/Central/DLR/Jubilee)
Maryland (BR Liverpool Street), Pudding Mill Lane (DLR) .

Maryland Road Savills Brewery operated from 1856 until acquired by Charrington in 1925


E15:  Adam & Eve, 126 Abbey Road. E15 3LZ. (B2/1). Bass. Version <1>Pub Demolished.     May 1994 for extension to Jubilee Line.   (Lat/Lon 51.5331192016601 0.00541261397302151) map



E15:  Albert House-Queen Vic, 39 Forest Lane. E15 1HA. (B1/2). Free House. Version <51> Free, now demolished by November 2011.  Renamed Queen Vic. Now a free house. Closed 2002.   (Lat/Lon 51.5469512939453 0.00919285230338573)



E15:  Amelia-Taffy Bradys-Wee Jack-Cleos, 80 Henniker Road. E15 1JZ. (A1/3). G Met Watneys. Version <38>  .  , Renamed Taffy Bradys-Wee Jack. Reopened and renamed Cleo's. Handpumps removed. Reported closed 2005?   (Lat/Lon 51.5490150451660 0.00343658030033112)



E15:  Angel, 21 Church Street. E15 3HU. (B2/4). Bass. Version <34>Closed     Closed and boarded up 2003.   (Lat/Lon 51.5362091064453 0.00738864764571190)



E15:  Bacchus's Bin-Thailander,  7/9 Leytonstone Road. E15 1JA. (A1/5). Free House. Version <49> No Real Ales!Attached to its own off licence. Pub cum wine bar with licensed restaurant downstairs and eating area in main b ar and function room. Excellent value food. Outside drinking area. Open Monday - Saturday 11-3 and 5-11.  (Lat/Lon 51.5468673706054 0.00584218651056290) map



E15:  Bakers Arms, 70 Pitchford Street. E15 4RX. (A2/6). Bass. Version <51> ex-Bass, now converted to residential use by November 2011.  Appeared closed 2001.   (Lat/Lon 51.5382728576660 0.00326475128531456)



E15:  Bay Tree, 59 Vicarage Lane. E15 4HG. (B2/7). Bass. Version <34>No real  ales.    Local drinkers' pub with island bar,  settees and other comfortable chairs. Makes a nice change from the ususal pub seats. Decorated in brown and light green with a collectin of old photos of Stratford around the walls. Darts and pool. Function room. Lunchtime snacks. Open Monday - Friday 12-11,  Saturday 11-11.  (Lat/Lon 51.5405921936035 0.01091114245355130) map



E15:  Britannia, 2 Plaistow Grove. E15 3ER. (B2/8). Ind Coope. Version <51>H removed by November 2011.  Wood panelled walls made to look like the side of a ship with mock port holes. A small corner street local.   (Lat/Lon 51.5340652465820 0.01271534711122510)



E15:  British Lion, 46 West Ham Lane. E15 4PT. (B2/9). Ind Coope. Version <45>Pub Demolished. Demolished in September 2008. (Lat/Lon 51.5375022888183 0.00567035749554634) map



E15:  Builders Arms, 302 High Street. E15 1AJ. (A2/10). G Met Watneys. Version <39>No real  ales.  Open all hours  Darts and pool.   (Lat/Lon 51.5384445190429 -0.00171829015016556) map



E15:  Burford Arms, 11 Burford Street. E15 2SP. (A2/11). Bass. Version <12>Pub Demolished. Demolished Jan 1994. (Lat/Lon 51.5374183654785 -0.00042957253754139)



E15:  Canteen, 195 Vicarage Lane. E15 4HJ. (B2/12). Version <1c>No longer a pub.    Became a youth club June 94.   (Lat/Lon 51.5382728576660 0.01039565540850160)



E15:  Carpenters Arms, 17 Carpenters Road. E15 2JH. (A2/13). Ind Coope. Version <36>No real ales.    Closed. Reopened keg 2004.   (Lat/Lon 51.5375900268554 -0.00549852848052979) map



E15:  Cart & Horses, 1 Maryland Point. E15 1PF. (A1/14). Bass. Version <36>No real ales.    No real ale no handpump 2004.   (Lat/Lon 51.5458374023437 0.00429572537541389) map



E15:  Charleston, 16 Leytonstone Road. E15 1JA. (B1/15). Bass. Version <34>Pub Demolished.     Demolished 2003.   (Lat/Lon 51.5468673706054 0.00584218651056290)



E15:  Chatsworth Arms, 27 Chatsworth Road. E15 0LH. (B1/16). G Met Watneys. Version <32>No longer a pub.    Converted to residential use 2002.  



E15:  Chevy Chase, 11 Leytonstone Road. E15 1JA. (A1/17). Ind Coope. Version <51>Punch, now converted to ‘D’Graf’ restaurant. Originally HOPE.    Was Sycamore Taverns owned - was Inn Business.   (Lat/Lon 51.5468673706054 0.00584218651056290) map



E15:  Chobham Arms, 62 Chobham Road. E15 1LU. (A1/18). G Met Trumans. Version <32>No longer a pub.    Converted to residential use 2002.   (Lat/Lon 51.5494422912597 0.00317883677780628)



E15:  Dew Drop Inn, 22 Brydges Road. E15. (A1/19). Bass. Version <49> Punch, ex-Marr Taverns, closed and boarded up, future uncertain. Pub established by 1874.    (Lat/Lon 51.550114 0.001809) map



E15:  DOROTHYS AT THE WOODMANS-JHANKAR,  119/121 High Street. E15 2QQ. (A2/51). G Met Watneys. Version <22 > Websters, Ruddles Best.  , Games room in public bar for darts and pool. Lunchtime snacks. Open Monday - Saturday 11-3 and 5.30- 11.  (Lat/Lon 51.5312309265136 -0.01022382639348510) map



E15:  Eagle, 157 Chobham Road. E15 1LX. (A1/20). Free House. Version <1c>No real ales.       (Lat/Lon 51.5492744445800 -0.00042957253754139) map



E15:  Essex Arms, 82 Leytonstone Road. E15 1SQ. (B1/21). Bass. Version <52> Enterprise.  East London Pub Co. Reopened February 2011. Closed. Insignia and name on the pub removed although separate post with sign remains. All furniture, bars etc removed from the ground floor. Presume some kind of conversion to flats or shop will follow.  (Lat/Lon 51.5491867065429 0.00541261397302151) map



E15:  Falmouth Arms, 53 Maryland Road. E15 1JL. (A1/22). Free House. Version <47>No longer a pub.     Closed 2001. Former Watney pub. Pub remained closed. Now converted to residential use.   (Lat/Lon 51.5477256774902 0.00128871761262417)



E15:  Flappers-Wax,  Temple Mill Lane. E15 2EN. (A1/23). Bass. Version <18>Pub Demolished.     Demolished Sept 95.   (Lat/Lon 51.5509910583496 -0.01340266317129140)



E15:  FOX @ STRATFORD,  108-110 The Grove. (A1/). Free House. Version <52>  Taylors Landlord, Fullers London Pride, Adnams Bitter, C. Wells Bombardier      London & City Taverns. Varying guest beers gravity served. Opened in September 2002 in former commercial premises. Open all hours. Restaurant area. Renamed 012 Bar & Grill Restaurant.   (Lat/Lon 51.546527 0.006988) map



E15:  GOLDENGROVE,  146/148 The Grove. E15 1NS. (A1/). Wetherspoons. Version <8 >   (Lat/Lon 51.5443763732910 0.00420981086790562) map



E15:  GOOSE ON BROADWAY,  78/102 The Broadway. E15. (A1/). Version <49> Range now; Marston; EPA; guest beers. Now Stonegate, ex-Bass via M&B (see appendix at above).    New pub opened in March 2001. (Lat/Lon 51.541641 0.001913) map



E15:  Green Gate,  225/227 High Street. E15 2LS. (A2/24). Ind Coope. Version <47>Pub demolished.    Closed as the Gate and re-opened as the Green Gate. Was for sale (May 97). Closed Sept 97. Demolished by January 2010.   (Lat/Lon 51.5357818603515 -0.00438163988292217)



E15:  Green Man, 196 High Street. E15 2NE. (A2/25). G Met Trumans. Version <38>Pub Demolished.     Demolished and replaced by a Holiday Inn Express hotel 2002.   (Lat/Lon 51.5346679687500 -0.00678724609315395)



E15:  Greyhound, 136 West Ham Lane. E15 4PT. (B2/26). Courage. Version <34>No real  ales.    Open all hours  Pleasant well appointed pub with two bars. Darts and pool.   (Lat/Lon 51.5375022888183 0.00567035749554634) map



E15:  KING EDWARD VII, 47 The Broadway. E15 4BQ. (A2/27). Bass. Version <49> Range now; house beer from Nethergate; +three varying beers from regional brewers; +occasional guest beer (e.g. Otter Ale).    Formerly (pre First World War) the King of Prussia. Three bars and cooked food lunchtimes and Sundays. Open all permitted hours. It is a Listed Building and one of the original windows has the outline of Edward VII etched in it. Darts. Back upstairs bar now restaurant only (www.kingeddy.co.uk).  (Lat/Lon 51.5408515930175 0.00249152071774006) map



E15:  King Harold, 116 High Road Leyton. E15 2BX. (A1/27). Bass. Version <39>No real  ales.  Open all hours  Very large neighbourhood pub near Leyton Station.   (Lat/Lon 51.5545120239257 -0.00506895594298840) map



E15:  Kings Head, 11 Church Street. E15 3HU. (B2/29). Bass. Version <46>No real ales.    Re-opened without real ale or handpump. Now KINGS HEAD GUEST HOUSE with a bar at the front entered via side door past reception. Still no real ale. (Lat/Lon 51.5362091064453 0.00738864764571190) >a href="http://www.streetmap.co.uk/streetmap.dll?Postcode2Map?code=E15+3HU "> map



E15:  Lock Stock n Barrel-Drum-Trowel & Telegraph., 51 Church Street. E15 3JR. (B2/30). Belhaven. Version <34>No real ales.    Originally the Telegraph. Recent names are Lock Stock n Barrel and Drum. Renamed Trowel & Telegraph. No real ale no handpump.   (Lat/Lon 51.5357818603515 0.01082522794604300) map



E15:  Lord Henniker-Coronet, 119 The Grove. E15 1EN. (A1/31). Free House. Version <38>Pub Demolished.     Former Bass pub. Now a free house. Renamed Coronet (Bar & Restaurant, keg. June 97). Closed 2003.Demolished c2004?   (Lat/Lon 51.5446319580078 0.00472529791295528)



E15:  MANBY ARMS, 19 Water Lane. E15. (B1/32). Enterprise Inns. Version <40 > Fullers London Pride.    Cosy one bar pub with darts and pool. Cooked meals lunchtime. Open Monday to Thursday 11-11,  Friday and Saturday closed 3.30-5. Garden. Now Enterprise, ex-Bass.   (Lat/Lon 51.545502 0.007505) map



E15:  Mulligans-Mooneys-BLACK BULL, 13 Broadway. E15 4BQ. (A2/33). G Met Watneys. Version <43>  Deuchars IPA, Greene K IPA, C. Wells Bombardier    , Open all hours  Formerly Moonlights,  Mooro's and originally the Olde Black Bull as can be seen by the statue near the roof. Very Irish pub as the name would indicateRefurbished.   (Lat/Lon 51.5408515930175 0.00249152071774006) map



E15:  Pigeons Hotel,  120/122 Romford Road. E15 4EH. (B1/34). Bass. Version <51>Enterprise, ex-Bass via Unique, converted to a Tesco Express convenience store by November 2011.     (Lat/Lon 51.5423088073730 0.01056748442351820) map



E15:  Princess of Wales, 25 West Ham Lane. E15 4PH. (A2/35). Ind Coope. Version <47>Caledonian: Deuchars IPA. Real ale reinstated. Now Punch, ex-Taylor Walker.   Redecorated in 1990. Comfortable pub with darts and cooked meals lunchtime including Sundays.  Open Monday to Friday 11-11,  Saturday 11-3 and 7-11.  (Lat/Lon 51.5395660400390 0.00395206734538078) map



E15:  QUEENS HEAD, 5 West Ham Lane. E15 4HP. (A2/36). ex Bass. Version <51> Enterprise, H unused November 2011.    Darts and pool. Lunchtime snacks. Open all permitted hours.   (Lat/Lon 51.5386199951171 0.00910693779587746) map



E15:  Railway Tavern, 196 Plaistow Road. E15 3HJ. (B2/38). Bass. Version <52> Independent, ex-Bass via Punch. Ground floor converted to ‘Plaistow Local Express’ supermarket by September 2012. .       (Lat/Lon 51.5334663391113 0.01383223570883270) map



E15:  RAILWAY TAVERN, 131 Angel Lane. E15 1DB. (A1/37). Punch Taverns. Version <45 > Greene K IPA, ., .    , Open all hours  A very pleasant one-bar,  large Victorian corner pub with games room to the rear for darts and pool. Opens at 6am until 8am Monday to Saturday and all permitted hours. Garden and car park. Food lunchtime and snacks at other times.  (Lat/Lon 51.5450630187988 0.00017182901501656) map



E15:  Royal Oak, 83 Leytonstone Road. E15 1JA. (A1/39). G Met Watneys. Version <48> Reopened and renamed GLITTER BALL in May 2010. No real ale. Now a ‘bar and restaurant’.  Enterprise.   (Lat/Lon 51.5468673706054 0.00584218651056290) map



E15:  Sparrows,  North Mall - Stratford Shopping Centre. E15 1XF. (A1/40). Bass. Version <33>No longer a pub.    Now a retail outlet 2003.   (Lat/Lon 51.5418815612792 0.00034365803003311)



E15:  Spread Eagle, 1 Manor Road - Leywick Street. E15 3DD. (B2/41). Bass. Version <47> Now converted to retail use. Converted to ‘Tom & Jerry’ wine bar with no draught beer by November 2011.       (Lat/Lon 51.5320854187011 0.00661541707813740)



E15:  Steamship, 14 Bramall Close E15 9PS. (B1/42). Courage. Version <32>No longer a pub.    Converted to a shop 2002.  



E15:  Swan, 31 The Broadway. E15 4BQ. (A2/43). Free House. Version <37>No Longer a pub  .  , Ex G Met Watneys. Now Wizard Inns. ex-Wizard. Ground floor now converted to shop and betting shop and upper floor to flats. The loss of a large landmark pub built as a hotel in 1925.   (Lat/Lon 51.5408515930175 0.00249152071774006)



E15:  THEATRE ROYAL BAR,  Gerry Raffles Square. E15. (A1/44). Free House. Version <45>  Fullers London Pride.    Bar open to general public.   (Lat/Lon 51.542512 0.000956)



E15:  Toby Tavern-Park Tavern Hotel, 81 Portway. E15 3QJ. (B2/45). Free House. Version <40>>No real ales   Open all hours  Renamed the Park Tavern Hotel. Whether this means a change of use as well is not clear. Darts and pool. Function room for 150. Hot food lunchtime.   (Lat/Lon 51.5369033813476 0.01366040669381620) map



E15:  Two Brewers, 197 High Street. E15 2LS. (A2/46). Wiltshire. Version <46> Now demolished and whole surrounding stretch behind hoardings.    Now Wiltshire Brewery owned, closed 1995.   (Lat/Lon 51.5357818603515 -0.00438163988292217)



E15:  Two Puddings-Latin 1/4, 27 The Broadway. E15 4BQ. (A2/47). G Met Watneys. Version <47> ex-Watney via Unique. Lat/Lon 51.5408515930175 0.00249152071774006) map



E15: The Village Wine Bar, 4 Romford Road (Stratford Office Village). E15 4EA. (B1/48). Free House. Version <38>Pub Demolished     Closed November 98. Demolished c2003.   (Lat/Lon 51.5414543151855 0.00455346889793873)



E15:  Wheelers, 156 Leyton Road E15 1DR. (A1/49). Free House. Version <49> No real ale. Reopened under new management in December 2010.    Free, Was closed but reopened in December 2006.   (Lat/Lon 51.5488395690917 -0.00335066579282284) map



E15:  Windmill, 49 Waddington Road. E15 1QL. (A1/50). G Met Watneys. Version <51> Punch, ex-Watney, closed and boarded up by November 2011.      (Lat/Lon 51.5460929870605 0.00111688859760761) map



E15:  YATE'S WINE LODGE,  12/14 The Broadway. E15. (A2/). Free House. Version <50>Renamed LANGTHORNE in 2010, + Courage: Best Bitter. Formerly YATES’S WINE LODGE.    Opened in November 1999 in former shop premises. Open all permitted hours. (Lat/Lon 51.540456 0.000246) map



E15:  Yorkshire Grey-Old Log Cabin,  335/337 High Street. E15 2TF. (A2/52). Free House. Version <30> Closed.     s  Former Bass pub. Renamed the Old Log Cabin and now a free house, keg (July 97). Closed and for sale 2001.   (Lat/Lon 51.5363845825195 -0.00352249480783939)



E16 Silvertown - Victoria Dock

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Stations Canning Town, Silvertown, Custom House and North Woolwich (BR North London). The DLR Beckton. New DLR Stations (map ref in brackets): *Canning Town (but not until 1997) (A2) near pub 42. -Royal Victoria (B2) near pub 5. *Custom House (B2) near pubs 2 & 3. *Prince Regent Lane (B2) near pub 26. Connaught (B1) near pub 9. **Royal Albert (B1) c/o Stansfield Road. **Beckton Park (B1). **Cyprus (RI) c/o East Ham Manor way. Gallions Reach (B1) right of pub 8 in E6. Beckton (Al) below Winsor Terrace, right of pub 15 in E6. *= all stations are in Victoria Dock Road. **= all pubs are in Royal Albert Dock Spine Road.


E16:  Anchor, 20 Star Lane. E16 4RG. (A1/1). Courage. Version <43>No Longer a pub     Closed 2001. Now in use as commercial premises although there is planning permission for conversion to student accommodation.   (Lat/Lon 51.5204887390136 0.00515487045049667)



E16:  Artful Dodger, 272 Victoria Dock Road E16. (A2/2). Free House. Version <29>Pub Demolished. Demolished 2001.



E16:  Barge, 271 Victoria Dock Road. E16 1DH. (A2/3). Free House. Version <31>No longer a pub.    Converted to housing accommodation 2002.  Originally the Freemasons Tavern and once Kilkenny Castle.



E16:  Beckton Arms, 8 Beckton Road. E16 1PU. (A1/4). Ind Coope. Version <1c>No real ales. (Lat/Lon 51.5173110961914 0.01417589373886590) map



E16:  British Flag, 190 Victoria Dock Road. E16 3BS. (A2/5). G Met Watneys. Version <43>Pub Demolished. Closed and boarded up 2001. Demolished by 2008. (Lat/Lon 51.5087165832519 0.01598009839653970)



E16:  California, 12 Albert Road. E16 2DW. (B2/6). Free House. Version <43>Closed.     (Lat/Lon 51.5022697448730 0.04630792140960690) >a href="http://www.streetmap.co.uk/streetmap.dll?Postcode2Map?code=E16+2DW "> map



E16:  Chandelier, 61 Victoria Dock Road. E16 1DH. (A1/7). G Met Watneys. Version <32>Pub Demolished. Demolished 2002.



E16:  Churchills-Jimmy Dean's,  Albert Road. E16 2DW. (B2/8). Free House. Version <26>Closed.    Renamed Jimmy Deans' and closed. The Kent Arms (Ind Coope) was formery on the site. Closed and boarded up 1999.   (Lat/Lon 51.5022697448730 0.04630792140960690)



E16:  Connaught Tavern-FOX @ CONNAUGHT. 11 Connaught Road. now Lynx Way, E16 2RP. (B2/9). Trumans. Version <46>Greene King: IPA.     Closed and boarded up 2002. A survivor from the Docklands era, it was reopened in 2003 by the small Fox pub chain as a Free House after 17 years of closure, but not previously reported. A tall, imposing red brick building,it now stands in glorious isolation, surrounded by new roads and adjacent to new hotels serving City Airport and the Excel exhibition centre. Spacious interior carpeted throughout except around the bar with dark wood panelling and cream décor. Bar food and separate restaurant area behind glass partition to side. Large outdoor patio and grassed area with benches and a small children's play area. Car park. Disabled WC. Open all regular hours.  (Lat/Lon 51.504685 0.038781) map



E16:  Dartmouth Arms, 162 Bidder Street. E16 4ST. (A1/10). Bass. Version <28>No real ales.    No real ales reported in 2000.   (Lat/Lon 51.5177383422851 0.00378023833036423) map



E16:  DURHAM ARMS, 24 Stephenson Street. E16 4SA. (A1/11). Bass. Version <41>  Greene King IPA.    Back street pub a bit hard to find but well worth looking for. Friendly locals pub with pleasant g lass and mirrors. Darts. Garden. Small function room. Open Monday - Friday 11-3.30 and 5-11,  Saturday 11-11. Lunchtime cooked meals and snacks at all times.  (Lat/Lon 51.5192871093750 0.00360840931534767) map



E16:  Essex Arms-Peacock, 92 Victoria Dock Road. E16 1DA. (A1/12). Courage. Version <40>No real ales     Possibly now a  free house. Is now Peacock. No real ale no handpump. Pub is connected with Peacock gym over the road. Ex Pheonix now possibly free.Friday 11-3 and 5.30-11,  Saturday 12-3 and 7.30-11 .  (Lat/Lon 51.5106086730957 0.01116888597607610)



E16:  Figurehead-VICTORIA-VICTORIA (PUB & KITCHEN), 272/283 Victoria Dock Road . E16 3BY (A2/). Free House. Version <51 >H removed. Custom House Hotel, Custom House Square . New free house opened in May 2001 opposite Custom House DLR Station. Geronimo Inns? On the site of the Railway Tavern. Renamed VICTORIA (PUB & KITCHEN). Now completely separated from hotel. Address is 265 Victoria Dock Rd.   (Lat/Lon 51.509863 0.026935) map



E16:  Flying Scud, 76 Rathbone Street. E16 1JQ. (A1/13). Bass. Version <38>No longer a pub.    Converted to flats 1995.   (Lat/Lon 51.5139617919921 0.01194211654365060)



E16:  FOX @ EXCEL,  Warehouse 'K', Mace Gateway, . (A2/). Free House. Version <33 > Fullers London Pride, Greene K IPA, C. Wells Bombar.  Open 11-11 Mon-Wed, 11-1am Thu, 11-2am Fri/Sat, 12-10.30 Sun. Food.   (Lat/Lon 51.50888 0.025033) map



E16:  Graving Dock Tavern, 353 North Woolwich Road. E16 2BS. (A2/14). G Met Watneys. Version <38>Closed     Closed and boarded up. Also a neighbouring cafe is closed and boarded up (Georges Diner). The train captain was talking to someone and said that an aquarium, to be run by London Zoo, was going to built in the area.   (Lat/Lon 51.5029602050781 0.04020798951387410)



E16:  Ground Rent Tavern-Une Deux Trois, 62 Rogers Road. E16 1LR. (A1/15). Watney Combe. Version <408>Pub Demolished.     Renamed Une Deux Trois and a bar and hotel. Demolished 2006.   (Lat/Lon 51.5144729614257 0.01598009839653970)



E16:  Hallsville Tavern, 57 Hallsville Road. E16 1EE. (A1/16). Free House. Version <28>No real  ales.    One bar pub with darts and pool. Snacks at all times.   (Lat/Lon 51.5132713317871 0.01159845851361750) map



E16:  Henley Arms, 268 Albert Road. E16 2JB. (B2/17). Bass. Version <41>No real ales     A locals' pub with two pool teams.   (Lat/Lon 51.5008125305175 0.05833595246076580) map



E16:  Huntingdon Arms, 66 Burke Street. E16. (A1/). Version <1c>No longer a pub.    Sold in 1986. Now a launderette!   (Lat/Lon  )



E16:  Jubilee Tavern, 9 Barnwood Court. E16 2AL. (A2/18). Ind Coope. Version <38>Pub Demolished.     Demolished 2005.  



E16:  Marquis of Salisbury, 110 Hermit Road. E16 4LD. (A1/19). Free house. Version <33>Closed.     Former Bass pub. Then Wiltshire owned. Now a free house? Upper floors converted to flats. Bar remains closed 2003.   (Lat/Lon 51.5215187072753 0.01254351809620860)



E16:  New Gog,  Freemasons Road. E16 3NA. (A1/20). Courage. Version <32>Closed.     Closed 2002.   (Lat/Lon 51.5125846862792 0.02525886520743370)



E16:  Nottingham Arms, 371 Prince Regent Lane. E16 3JP. (A1/21). G Met Watneys. Version <40>Pub Demolished. Closed 1999. Being demolished 2006. (Lat/Lon 51.5133590698242 0.03204611316323280)



E16:  Ordnance Arms - Orange Kipper, 110 Barking Road. E16 1EN. (A1/22). Free house. Version <51> Admiral, closed and to let. Was ORANGE KIPPER for a while.  Ex Magic Pub Co. was renamed Orange Kipper.Renamed Orange Kipper then back to Ordnance Arms. A free house. No real ale no handpump.  Now Admiral Taverns, ex- Greene King since 2005. Was ORANGE KIPPER for a while. Still no real ale. (Lat/Lon 51.5174827575683 0.01245760358870030) map



E16:  Pauls Head, 1 Watford Road. E16 3QU. (A1/23). G Met Watneys. Version <40>Closed     Closed and lease for sale 2006.   (Lat/Lon 51.5169639587402 0.02216594293713570)



E16:  Peacock, 115 Freemasons Road. E16 3PH. (A1/24). Bass. Version <40>Closed.    Closed and derelect 2003. Being demolished 2006.   (Lat/Lon 51.5138740539550 0.02482929266989230)



E16:  Pitts Head, 2 Fords Park Road. E16 1NL. (A1/25). Bass. Version <40c>Closed     Closed and boarded up 2006.   (Lat/Lon 51.5144729614257 0.01872936263680460)



E16:  Prince of Wales, 388 Prince Regent Lane. E16 3DH. (A2/26). Whitbread. Version <40>Pub Demolished.     Closed and boarded up 2002. Demolished 2006.   (Lat/Lon Not in MapPoint )



E16:  Princess Alexandra, 219 Barking Road. E16 4HH. (A1/27). Courage. Version <1c>No real ales.       (Lat/Lon 51.5192871093750 0.01555052585899830) >a href="http://www.streetmap.co.uk/streetmap.dll?Postcode2Map?code=E16+4HH "> map



E16:  Railway Hotel, 2 Connaught Road. E16 2DB. (B2/28). Free House. Version <31>No real  ales.    Open all hours  Now a free house (ex Ind Coope). Pool. Snacks at all times.   (Lat/Lon 51.5024452209472 0.04553468897938730) map



E16:  Ram Tavern, 26 North Woolwich Road. E16 2AB. (A2/29). G Met Trumans. Version <34>No longer a pub.    Now a nite (sic) club 2003. Renamed Guvnor Bar. (Lat/Lon 51.5044250488281 0.01744064502418040)



E16:  Rose of Denmark, 78 Shirley Street. E16 1HU. (A1/30). G Met Watneys. Version <43>Pub Demolished.     Closed Nov 93. Almost demolished 2002. Demolished (by February 2008).   (Lat/Lon 51.5129318237304 0.01228577457368370)



E16:  Roundhouse, 19 Woolwich Manor Way. E16 2NJ. (B2/31). Watney Combe. Version <33>No longer a pub.    Closed.Converted to flats 2003.   (Lat/Lon 51.5011520385742 0.06933300942182540)



E16:  Royal Albert, 74 Albert Road. E16 2NQ. (B2/32). G Met Watneys. Version <34>No longer a pub.    No longer a pub (residential) 2002.   (Lat/Lon 51.5010681152343 0.05610217526555060)



E16:  ROYAL OAK, 83 Woodman Street. E16 2LN. (B2/34). Belhaven. Version <40>  Youngs Special.       (Lat/Lon 51.5008926391601 0.06374856829643250) map



E16:  Royal Oak, 67 Barking Road. E16 4HB. (A1/33). Courage. Version <42>No longer a pub.    It appears it will be a pub/bar on the ground floor with flats above.   (Lat/Lon 51.5162773132324 0.00884919427335262)



E16:  ROYAL PAVILION HOTEL, 2 Pier Road. E16 2JJ. (B2/35). Courage. Version <33>Pub Demolished. Demolished 2003. (Lat/Lon 51.4997749328613 0.06306125223636630) map



E16:  Royal Standard-Royal Standard Hotel, 116 Albert Road. E16 2NQ. (B2/36). G Met Watneys. Version <31>No real ales.       (Lat/Lon 51.5010681152343 0.05610217526555060) >a href="http://www.streetmap.co.uk/streetmap.dll?Postcode2Map?code=E16+2NQ "> map



E16:  Shakespeare's Head-New Shakespeares Head, 29 Ruscoe Road. E16 1JA. (A1/37). Belhaven. Version <32>No real  ales.    Converted to residential use 2002.   (Lat/Lon 51.5137863159179 0.01426180824637410)



E16:  Spanish Steps, 277 Victoria Dock Road. E16 1DH. (A2/38). Version <5>Pub Demolished.     Demolished 1992.  



E16:  Streeties, 15 Shirley Street. E16 1HU. (A1/39). G Met Watneys. Version <37>No real ales.       (Lat/Lon 51.5129318237304 0.01228577457368370) map



E16:  Three Crowns, 1 Pier Road. E16 2JJ. (B2/40). Bass. Version <38>No longer a pub.    Now (2005) flats.   (Lat/Lon 51.4997749328613 0.06306125223636630)



E16:  Tidal Basin Tavern, 31 Tidal Basin Road. E16 1AD. (A2/41). Fullers. Version <22>Closed.    Closed 1997. Formerly Rivers.   (Lat/Lon 51.5083770751953 0.01572235487401490)



E16:  Windsor Castle, 73 Silvertown Way. E16 1DJ. (A1/42). Free House. Version <30>Pub Demolished.     Demolished 2001.  



E17 Walthamstow

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Stations - Blackhorse Road (BR Barking/Victoria), Walthamstow Central (BR Liverpool Street/Victoria), Walthamstow Queens Road (BR Barking), Wood Street and St James Street (BR Liverpool Street).



E17: The Artful-Central Station-The East, 80 Brunner Road. E17 7NW. (A2/1). G Met Watneys. Version <41>Closed     Renamed EAST (THE), closed after fire 2007.   (Lat/Lon 51.5810623168945 -0.03092922270298000)



E17: THE BELL, 617 Forest Road. E17 4NE. (B1/2). Enterprise Inns. Version <49> Range now Greene King: IPA. Refurbished in autumn 2010. Enterprise, ex-S&N.  Fomer G Met Watneys. Was S&N owned. Now Enterprise Inns. Darts and pool. Opens 11-3 and 5.30-11 Monday to Friday. Saturday from 11-11. Normal Sunday hours.  (Lat/Lon 51.5899963378906 -0.01598009839653970) map



E17:  Bentleys-Boogies, Hannover -Bentleys., 300 Hoe Street. E17 9PQ. (B2/3). Free House. Version <1c>No real ales.    Renamed Boogies, Hannovers and now reverted to Bentleys.   (Lat/Lon 51.5832939147949 -0.01211394555866720) map



E17:  CASTLE, 15 Grosvenor Rise East. E17 9LB. (B2/4). Bass. Version <30 > Bass.    Apart from the live music this house could almost be described as a traditional East London local. Darts and pool. Outside drinking area consists of j ust a couple of tables. Cooked meals at all times. Open Monday - Friday 12-11,  Saturday 11-4 and 7-11.  (Lat/Lon 51.5807151794433 -0.01091114245355130) map



E17:  Chequers, 145 High Street. E17 7BX. (A2/5). Ind Coope. Version <52> Independent, ex-Punch since 2010, formerly Allied (Taylor Walker), closed July 2012 and acquired by Antic.     (Lat/Lon 51.5838088989257 -0.02551660872995850) map



E17:  Chestnut Tree-Waltham Oak, 757 Lea Bridge Road. E17 9DZ. (C2/6). Ind Coope. Version <52> No real ales!  Large well maintained house. Tends to attract youngsters Friday/Saturday nights when there is live music. Darts and pool. In 1846 it was called 'The Little Wonder'. Rebuilt in 1854. The original address was Chestnut Walk. When Lea Bridge Road was wid ened in 1863 the pubs name was changed to commete it. There was a pub 'next door' called 'The Volunteer' 1863-1897. Cooked food lunchtime and snacks. Function room. Open Monday - Saturday 12-11. Freehold £925,000. Still keg. (Lat/Lon 51.5793418884277 -0.00558444298803806) map



E17:  Coach & Horses, 63 St James' Street. E17 7PJ. (A2/7). Scottish & New. Version <43>Closed.    .  , Former G Met Watneys pub.Food at lunchtime only. Opens Monday to Thursday 11-3 and 5.30 -11,  Friday and Saturday 11-11. Normal Sunday hours. Large corner house where customers are made to feel welcome.   (Lat/Lon 51.5807151794433 -0.03273342922329900) map



E17:  Cock, 67 High Street. E17 7DB. (A2/8). Punch Taverns. Version <33>No real  ales.    Open all hours  Ex Ind Coope. Darts,  pool and shove halfpenney. Cooked meals lunchtime and snacks other times.  Market pub very busy during market hours.  (Lat/Lon 51.5826034545898 -0.02946867607533930) map



E17:  College Arms, 807 Forest Road E17 4SD. (C1/9). Free House. Version <46> Keg .       Former Wetherspoons free house. Formerly Cheeks American Bar. Open all permitted hours. Guest beers . Formerly two shops. Now owned by Devenish.  (Lat/Lon 51.5893096923828 -0.01829979009926320) map



E17:  COPPERMILL, 205 Coppermill Lane. E17 7HF. (A2/10). Free House. Version <47 >Fuller: London Pride; +Greene King: IPA; +guest beer (e.g. Mighty Oak beers) Open all hours  Also currently selling Morlands Bitter. Formerly the Lord Kitchener. Darts. Snacks at all times.  Small pub converted from an off licence. Very good ale and worth seeking out.  (Lat/Lon 51.5800285339355 -0.04055164754390720) map



E17:  Dog & Duck, 222 Chingford Road. E17 5AL. (B1/11). Scottish & New. Version <35>No real ales.    Former G Met Watneys pub.   (Lat/Lon 51.5983314514160 -0.01503503881394860) map



E17:  Duke of Cambridge, 178 Boundary Road. E17 8NG. (A2/12). Ridleys. Version <49> Has just been completely demolished; it had not appeared to have traded as a pub, or anything, for the last year or so.    Ex Ind Coope.    (Lat/Lon 51.5735855102539 -0.02354057505726810) map



E17:  DUKES HEAD, 112 Wood Street. E17 3HX. (C2/13). G Met Watneys. Version <44>  Bass, Greene K IPA.  , Single bar pub with car park,  restaurant,  garden,  darts and pool.   (Lat/Lon 51.5881881713867 -0.00446755439043045) map



E17:  Essex Arms, 82 Forest Road. E17 6JR. (A1/14). G Met Watneys. Version <50>Demolished.    .  , Closed 2007. Enterprise, now sold for ‘alternative use’ and rumoured to be about to be demolished.  Planning application from Tesco approved by Waltham Forest Council for construction of a four storey building with a retail unit on the ground floor and 17 flats above. Demolished to make way for Tesco and flats by November 2010 (Lat/Lon 51.5872459411621 -0.03788829967379570) map



E17:  Essex BreweryTap-Tap-Fear-New Angel, 2 Markhouse Road. E17 8BD. (A2/15). Bass. Version <44>Closed     Renamed THE TAP then Fear Jazz and Night Club then Fat Sids. Renamed yet again to New Angel, a cabaret bar. Now being converted to residential use.   (Lat/Lon 51.5784835815429 -0.03049965016543870)



E17:  FLOWERPOT, 128 Wood Street. E17 3HX. (C2/16). Bass. Version <36 > Bass, Deuchars IPA.  , One of the best pints of Bass anywhere in London.A must for genuine drinkers. Snacks at all times. Built in 1863 as an Essex Brewery pub. Open 11-3 and 5.30-11 Monday to Friday and all day Saturday.  (Lat/Lon 51.5881881713867 -0.00446755439043045) map



E17:  Grove Tavern, 74 Grove Road. E17 9BN. (B2/17). Free House. Version <43>Closed.  ., .  Former Bass pub. Built in 1868 as 'The Britannia'. Very noisy Fri/Sat nights with live music. Darts and bar biliards. Function room. Lunchtime snacks.   (Lat/Lon 51.5786552429199 -0.01460546627640720) map



E17:  Lord Brooke, 47 Shernhall Street. E17 3EY. (C2/18). Bass. Version <47> No real ales! (Lat/Lon 51.5869865417480 -0.00773230567574501) map



E17:  LORD PALMERSTON, 252/4 Forest Road. E17 6JG. (A1/19). Bass (M&B) Community, (see appendix at above). Version <51> Marston:EPA; +Wells: Young’s Bitter. Open all hours  Interesting architecture and windows.   (Lat/Lon 51.5883636474609 -0.03178836777806280) map



E17:  LORD RAGLAN, 199 Shernhall Street. E17 9HX. (C2/20). Scottish & New. Version <45 > Adnams Bitter.    Former G Met Watneys pub. Garden. The name commemorates the Crimean War Commander Lord Raglan who was Commander-in-Chief of the British Expeditionary Army to the East in 1854. He died of Crimean fever in 1855.   (Lat/Lon 51.5817489624023 -0.00309292227029800) map



E17:  Lorne Arms, 64 Queen's Road. E17 8PX. (B2/21). Bass. Version <43>Closed     Ex-Bass, closed and premises empty.   (Lat/Lon 51.5798568725585 -0.02018990926444530) map



E17:  Marneys-Market Inn, 30 St James's Street. E17 7PF. (A2/22). Free House. Version <23>No real ales.       (Lat/Lon 51.5809745788574 -0.03342074155807500) map



E17:  McCanns-Monkey Business-Barlocks-Trinny's,  883/7 Lea Bridge Road E17. (C2/). Wiltshire. Version <38>No real ales.    Renamed Russell's (Aug 2002) then Barlocks. Closed again 2005. Renamed Trinny's a Trinida & Tobago Wine Bar. No real ale.   (Lat/Lon  )



E17:  NAGS HEAD, 9 Orford Road. E17 9LP. (B2/23). G Met Watneys. Version <36 > Websters, Ruddles County, Greene King Abb    , Open all hours  Listed Building. Darts and pool. Function room. Food lunchtimes. Shove halfpenny. Childrens room. Super pub - what a pity Grand Met own it. And what a pity they knocked it into one bar!   (Lat/Lon 51.5834693908691 -0.01073931343853470) map



E17:  Pig & Whistle-FAMOUS PIG & WHISTLE, 185 Wood Street E17 3NU. (C2/24). Greenhalls. Version <49> No real ale, H unused. Reopened February 2011. Was owned by Devenish. Now owned by Greenhalls.   (Lat/Lon 51.5858688354492 -0.00180420465767384) map



E17:  Plough - Hectors-Plough, 173 Wood Street. E17 3NU. (C2/25). Free House. Version <49> Independent by 2003, ex-Watney, closed at end of December 2010 and sold to ‘Curtain House Properties’. Planning application for ten flats apparently under preparation, but there is a local campaign to retain this popular music venue, hosting folk and blues clubs, as a pub. Pub established by 1724, probably earlier.    Ex Watneys. Renamed Hectors for a while.  (Lat/Lon 51.5858688354492 -0.00180420465767384) map



E17:  Prince of Wales, 58 St Andrews Road. E17 6BD. (A1/26). G Met Watneys. Version <1c>No real ales.       (Lat/Lon 51.5931739807128 -0.03685732185840610) map



E17:  QUEENS ARMS, 42 Orford Road. E17 9NJ. (B2/27). Enterprise Inns. Version <45 > Courage Best, Fullers London Pride, Old Speckled Hen    , Open all hours  Former Courage pub. Now Enterprise, ex-Courage via Unique (not Free). Built in 1859.   (Lat/Lon 51.5822639465332 -0.01305900514125820) map



E17:  Ringwood Castle, 49 Gosport Road. E17 7LX. (A2/28). Greene King. Version <49> Greene King. Previously reported as being converted to residential but now demolished in late 2010/early 2011.      Ex Magic Pub co now owned by Greene King.   (Lat/Lon 51.5790824890136 -0.02671941183507440) map



E17:  Rising Sun-RS Lounge,  Woodford New Road. E17 3PR. (D2/29). Bass. Version <44>No real ales     Closed and building work ongoing in 2007. Reopened and renamed RS LOUNGE, no real ale.   (Lat/Lon 51.5879325866699 -0.00670133158564568)



E17:  ROSE & CROWN, 55 Hoe Street. E17 4SA. (B2/30). Enterprise Inns. Version <44>  Fullers London Pride, ., .  + Guet Beers    , Former G Met Trumans pub. Now Enterprise,ex-S&N.   (Lat/Lon 51.5869026184082 -0.02036173827946190) map



E17:  Roual; StandardD-The Tryst, 1 Blackhorse Lane. E17 6DS. (A1/31). Ind Coope. Version <51> Closed December 2011. (Lat/Lon 51.5887947082519 -0.03986433148384090) map



E17:  Sportsman-Couples-Common Gate Hotel, 131 Markhouse Road. E17 8QD. (A2/32). Free House. Version <36>No longer a pub.    Former Bass pub.Renamed Couples.Renamed again to JD's. Now (2004) the Common Gate Hotel ie No longer a pub. (Lat/Lon 51.5784835815429 -0.02010399475693700)



E17:  TAVERN ON THE HILL-Warrant Officer, 318 Higham Hill Road. E17 5RG. (A1/33). Ex Punch ex Ind Coope. Version <51>Courage: Best Bitter by May 2011.    Open all hours  The warmth of an Irish welcome. This pub has been modified into a one-bar only house and tastefully decorated. Looks better inside than out. Darts an .Renamed Warrant Officer. Originally HIGHAM HILL TAVERN. Note current address is 318 Higham Hill Rd. Promised real ale has not yet materialised.  (Lat/Lon 51.5963516235351 -0.03488129004836080) map



E17:  TOWER HOTEL-GOOSE & GRANITE-GOOSE, 264 Hoe Street. E17 3AX. (B2/34). Bass. Version <49>  Fullers London Pride.  Open all hours  Current guest beer is Everards Tiger. Darts and pool. Garden and function room. Cooked meals lunchti me and snacks other times. Open all permitted hours. Adjacent to Walthamstow Central Station. Tendsto change with current fashion. Formerly Flanagans Tower. Town, ex-Bass (see appendix at above). (Lat/Lon 51.5837211608886 -0.01933076418936250) map



E17:  Victoria, 186 Hoe Street. E17 4QH. (B2/35). Free House. Version <46> Greene King: IPA. Reinstatement of real ale. Open all hours  Acquired by the Ambishus Pub Co from Regent Inns. Keg. One long T-shaped room.Pool. The once busy restaurant/tea room of Theodore Komisarjesky's Granada cinema has now become a pub. Some of the original decoration can stil l be seen but drinkers should try to visit the cinema foyer at least to sample the remaining delights of this early exercise in fantasy architecture.In the main cinema the original decoration with its grand Spanish features is largely intact. (JH).  (Lat/Lon 51.5859565734863 -0.02036173827946190) map



E17:  VILLAGE, 31 Orford Road. E17 9NL. (B2/36). Free House. Version <44 > Adnams Broadside, Greene K IPA, ., .    Open all hours  New pub that opened in 1989. +3 guests. Now Pearmans Pub Co, ex-Wessex Taverns.s Morland Old Masters. Childrens room. Food till 9 pm. Garden.  Display of over 50 cameras.   (Lat/Lon 51.5826950073242 -0.01168437302112580) map



E17:  White Swan, 84 Wood Street. E17 3HX. (C2/37). G Met Watneys. Version <40>No Longer a pub     Closed 2004. Converted to a betting office 2006.   (Lat/Lon 51.5881881713867 -0.00446755439043045)



E17:  Windmill, 20 Grosvenor Park Road. E17 9PG. (B2/38). Whitbread. Version <47> Now converted to residential use.  Used as residential accommodation (bedsits), despite having planning permission (in conservation area) for 'public house' only Closed.   (Lat/Lon 51.5800285339355 -0.01546461135149000)



E17:  Woodman, 150 Higham Place. E17 6DD. (A1/39). Courage. Version <51> Enterprise, ex-Courage via Unique, converted to residential use by May 2011. (Lat/Lon 51.5912857055664 -0.03393623232841490) map



E18 Woodford

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Stations - South Woodford(Central). This small district is an area of inter war suburban development at the south end of Woodford and bifurcated by the Central Line and the North Circular road. On the south side it merges imperceptibly into the Snaresbrook end of Wanstead. All the pubs are owned by the Big Four (although Woodford proper has more variety) and all have but a single bar.

E18:  Boar & Thistle - Wall Street - Hermans, 142 Hermon Hill. E18 1QH. (B2/1). G Met Watneys. Version <31>No longer a pub.    Once Fir Trees and Firs. Renamed Wall Street Feb 95 - Keg. Renamed again to Hermans then Joe Public then Hoofers. Then a restaurant called Mojo's. Now renamed again to Ark, a fish restaurant. Closed Mondays.   (Lat/Lon 51.5883636474609 0.02835178747773170)



E18:  GEORGE,  70/74 High Road. E18 2QL. (A1/2). Bass. Version <37 > Hancock HB, Fullers London Pride, 6X.  c/o George Lane. One-bar pub with young clientelenext to the cinema. Pool and pinball machine. Outs ide drinking area. Live music (Irish and traditional) Sunday lunchtime. Lunchtime food. Open Friday- Saturday and Monday 11-11,  Tuesday ,  Wednesday and Thursday 11-3 and 5-11.  (Lat/Lon 51.5933456420898 0.02268142998218540) map



E18:  Hogshead-Slub & Lettuce, 184 George Lane. E18 1AY. (A1/). Whitbread. Version <49> Now Town & City, ex-Laurel via Bay Restaurant Group. Opened June 1999. Renamed Hog's Head: Laurel, ex-Whitbread. Renamed SLUG & LETTUCE. Originally HOGSHEAD.   (Lat/Lon 51.593832 0.024579) map



E18:  Mortimer's,  186/188 George Lane. E18. (A1/). Free House. Version <51> Renamed Lizard Lounge, still no real ale.  New keg free house/bar.   (Lat/Lon  )



E18:  Napier Arms,  Woodford New Road E18 2QD. (A1/3). Bass. Version <51 >Enterprise, ex-Bass, no real ale.  Open all hours  Comfortable recently refurbished two bar pubwith patio area. Beer range may vary. Live music o n Sundays,  organ,  drums and floor singers (pre electronic karaoke). Occasional function nights. Darts. Snacks at all times.   Car park with fish stall   (Lat/Lon 51.5996170043945 0.01348857767879960) map



E18:  RAILWAY BELL, 87 George Lane. E18 1JJ. (B1/4). Spirit Group. Version <34 > Fullers London Pride, Taylors Landlord, .  Former Courage pub.Now Tanner Pub Co.Occasional live music. Darts,  pool and bar balliards. Barbecues in the garden in summer. Open Monday to Friday 11-3 and 5-11,  Saturday 11-4 and 6-30-11.   (Lat/Lon 51.5915412902832 0.02800812944769860) map



E18:  White Hart, 159 High Road. E18 2PA. (A1/5). Bass. Version <43> Renamed Flunky Mojos.   (Lat/Lon 51.596695 0.021241) a href=" map


E20 Westfield Stratford.

E20 CALF, 150-152 The Street, Westfield Stratford City, Montfichet Rd, E20 1GL. Wells: Young’s Waggledance (seasonal), London Gold. New temporary ‘pop up’ Young’s Geronimo ‘bar & eaterie’ opened in June and licensed until the end of December. Daughter to the COW around the corner, it’s located in a shopping mall and is close to the Olympic Park and Stadium. Fitted out to resemble an Alpine cowshed cum ski lodge with simple rustic bar, furniture and bovine related bric a brac with timber entry arch, shelving and screens. A mixture of stools with straw barrel tables, chairs and benches and sofas with eating area to the side and rear room available for private parties. British fare with fresh food table. Chalked greenboards display food and drink. Kitchen open 12-10 (9 Sun). Fenced outdoor drinking area at front. Pub open 11-11 (12 Sat/Sun), 12-10.30 Sun.

E20 COW, Westfield Stratford City, 4 Chestnut Plaza, Montfichet Road, Stratford, E20 1GL 020 8291 8644 thecow@geronimo-inns.co.uk http://www.geronimo-inns.co.uk Four varying cask ales (e.g. Adnams, Redemption, Sharps, Young’s Gold). Large, brand new Young’s (Geronimo) pub, styled a ‘Freehouse and Kitchen’, opened 13 September on a corner site at the western edge of the new Westfield shopping and entertainment centre. Planting boxes and milk churns enclose a small outdoor drinking area under a canopy at the front. The ground floor bar is decorated in rustic style with large windows, bare wood-clad walls,exposed ventilation and mixture of functional benches, tables and chairs with a small 'club room' to the rear. Stairs lead up to a mezzanine level with more seating and on to an upper bar/restaurant area, offering views over the Olympic Park with Canary Wharf beyond. A large picture of a cow showing meat cuts in the form of a menu adorns the wall. Background rather intrusive 'music'. Open 11-11 Mon-Sat, 12 10.30 Sun.

E20 TAP EAST, The Great Eastern Market, Westfield Stratford City, Stratford, E20 1ET Opening times Mon-Sat 11:00-23:00 Sun 12:00-22:00 Please check opening times with the pub before making a special journey is what the Fancy a Pint website suggests. Their first brew is due for release at 4pm on Nov 9th. The brewer is Eddie who used to brew the Sweet William beers at William IV. Map. A permanent bar has now replaced the temporary one and an in-house 2.5 barrel brewery is now installed at the rear. Six handpumps dispense varying real ales from in-house and other micros and 10 keg taps dispense American and continental beers.




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EC1:  ALL BAR ONE,  91/93 Charterhouse Street EC1M 6HL. (/). Bass (M&B). Version <45>No longer a pub.     New pub opened in 2004. Open 11.30-11 Mon-Fri only. Converted to ‘Groucho’ restaurant with small bar but no draught beer; delete from pub database.   (Lat/Lon 51.5200220000000 -0.10131900000000000) map



EC1:  Al's,  11/13 Exmouth Street. EC1R 4QD. (/). Free House. Version <26>No real ales.    New keg bar.   (Lat/Lon 51.525532 -0.110086)



EC1:  ANGEL, 73 City Road. EC1Y 1BD. (D1/1). Ascot Estates. Version <49 >Range now Fuller: London Pride; +Greene King: IPA; +Wells: Bombardier. Now Orchid, ex- Taylor Walker via Spirit. A delightful one-bar pub which will send your food and drinks up to you to the upstairs restaurant that doubles as a function room.  Hot meals at lunchtimes and by request in the evenings  Snacks at all times. Darts upstairs except when there are functions there. Opens Monday to Friday 11-11 and closed weekends   (Lat/Lon 51.5247001647949 -0.08737505227327350) map



EC1:  ARTILLERY ARMS, 102 Bunhill Row. EC1Y 8ND. (D1/2). Fullers. Version <1c > Fullers London Pride, Fullers ESB. Chiwick. Small ex-Hanbury Buxton Truman pub. Very keen darts house. A tradition of live piano on Wednesday evenings with jazz on Friday night.  There is food at all sessions and a feature is roast Sunday lunch. Open Monday to Friday 11-11,  Saturday 11-3 and 7-11 and normal Sunday hours. Function room/restaurant.   (Lat/Lon 51.5233268737792 -0.09012431651353840) map



EC1:  Bar Rock-Mint,  182-6 St John Street. EC1. (/). Free House. Version <38>No real ales.    New keg bar. Renamed Mint   (Lat/Lon  )



EC1:  Barley Mow, 50 Long Lane. EC1A 9EJ. (C2/3). Whitbread. Version <50>No Longer a pub. Closed 2006 to let and/or freehold for sale. Was a Hogshead Ale House. Reopened. Now Free, ex-Whitbread. Free, closed again and to let. Now converted to restaurant (Apulia) use.  Closed again. (Lat/Lon 51.5192031860351 -0.09974674135446550) map



EC1:  BETSEY TROTWOOD, 56 Farringdon Road. EC1R 3BL. (A2/4). Shepherd Neame. Version <44 > Shepherd Neame Bishops Finger, Spitfire, Sheps Master Brew    , Guest beers  Formerly the Butchers Arms and latterly the Betsey after the Dickens character in David Copperfield. Wine bar,  and function room which is available for small parties etc. Hours: 11.30 - 11.00 Monday to Friday,  closed Saturday but open normal Sunday hours. Darts.  Cooked meals lunchtimes. Good to see a small brewer who is not frightened of the gust beer (currently Harveys Best) policy.  (Lat/Lon 51.5232391357421 -0.10790870338678400) map



EC1:  Bilbo Baggins Beer & Banjo Empor-Baileys, 122 Newgate Street. EC1A 7AA. (C2/5). Version <22>No longer a pub.      No longer a pub 1997   (Lat/Lon 51.5161972045898 -0.10155094414949400)



EC1:  BISHOPS FINGER, 8 West Smithfield. EC1A 9JR. (B2/5). Shepherd Neame. Version <36 > Sheps Master Brew, SN Bishops Finger, Sheps Best Bitter.  Also known as the Rutland. Large one bar pub withupstairs restaurant/function room. Name recalls that which used to be given in Kent to signposts shaped like an index finger. Largest and clearest price  list we've ever seen,  no doubt here what you are paying,  no need to hide the area's cheapest pints outside of happy hours. Darts. Snacks at all times with cooked meals at lunchtime. Open 11.30-10. 30 Monday to Friday. Sat 11.30-3. Closed Sun eves.  (Lat/Lon 51.5184288024902 -0.10189469158649400) map



EC1:  BLEEDING HEART TAVERN, 19 Greville Street. EC1N 8SB. (/). Free House. Version <26 >Adnams Bitter.    Opened Dec 1998. 11-11 Mon-Fri only.   (Lat/Lon 51.5193330000000 -0.10767600000000000) map



EC1:  Blue Angel - BRB @ THE ARK,  Torrent Street. EC1V 1NQ. (/). Punch Taverns. Version <48 >    New pub replacing one on the same site. Opened late 1991? The original pub was named the Blue Coat Boy with a 20 foot high figure depicted in the tiles fronting the pub. Renamed BRB at the Ark and run by Punch Taverns. Greene King: IPA from new style eye level pump.  (Lat/Lon 51.532222 -0.10508) map



EC1:  Blue Posts-Jacomo's,  86/89 Cowcross Street. EC1M 6BP. (B2/6). Bass. Version <33>No longer a pub.    Renamed Jacomo's (May 96), was a cafe style bar, keg. Eatery called EAT. (Lat/Lon 51.5199737548828 -0.10275375097990000)



EC1:  Bottlescrue,  Bath House 52/60 High Holborn EC1. (B2/). Davys Free House. Version <43>Pub Demolished. .    Demolished 2007.   (Lat/Lon  )



EC1:  BRITANNIA, 94 Ironmonger Row. EC1V 3QR. (C1/7). Whitbread. Version <19 > Whitbread Flowe.    The present building dates from 1939. Range (Mar 96) Pedigree, Brakspear Bitter, Boddington, London Pride plus a guest beer (was Tolly Cobbold IPA). Live music Friday,  Saturday and Sunday are the attractions in this pub with a circular bar where the o riginal doorways to the snug and saloon remain. Cooked meals lunchtime and snacks are available in this friendly local which is open Monday to Saturday 12-11 and normal Sunday hours.  (Lat/Lon 51.5267639160156 -0.09424821287393570) map



EC1:  British Lion-Central St Bar, 169 Central Street. EC1V 8AU. (C1/8). Whitbread. Version <38>Keg.    Renamed Central St Bar in 2005. This is one of the few out and out music pubs. Monday night is talent night with music for everyone Thursday,  Friday,  Saturday and Sunday evenin gs. Hot and cold food available at all time weekdays. Open Monday to Thursday 11-11,  11-1am Friday and Saturday and normal Sunday hours.  (Lat/Lon 51.5283830000000 -0.09731000000000000) map



EC1:  Bulls Head-Monaghans, 125 Central Street. EC1V 8AP. (C1/9). Free House. Version <31>No real ales     Former Charrington pub becoming free in 1993.   (Lat/Lon 51.5275040000000 -0.09746200000000000) map



EC1:  Burgundy Bens-Honkers-Bar 108-Zyrus- Muprhi's,  102/108 Clerkenwell Road. EC1M 5SA. (B2/10). Free House. Version <43>No real ales     Renamed Honkers American Bar & Diner. Renamed again to Bar 108 and then Zyrus. Now  Muprhi's.   (Lat/Lon 51.5224647521972 -0.10490169376134900) map



EC1:  BUTCHER'S HOOK & CLEAVER,  60/63 West Smithfield . EC1A 9DY. (/). Fullers. Version <36>  LondonP, Fullers Chiswic, .   New Fullers Ale & Pie House opened November 1999 on the corner of Cloth Fair.ESB plus two seasonal beers. Food til 9pm. Open 07.30 for breakfast - 11pm Mon-Fri only   (Lat/Lon 51.5188670000000 -0.10054600000000000) map



EC1:  Café Med, 370 St John Street. EC1. (/). Free House. Version <28>No real ales.    New bar in former pub (many moons ago, the New Clown ?).   (Lat/Lon  )



EC1:  CASTLE, 34 Cowcross Street. EC1M 6DB. (B2/11). Bass. Version <1c>  Bass.  , Large busy semi-circular bar: a pawnbroker's sign and a large painting commemorate a former licensee of this pub lendingGeorge IV money for a bet,  some of which he accepted as reward the right to practise as a pawnbroker which of course has not bee n used for many years. Darts,  pool and function room. Snacks at all times and cooked food lunchtime. Open 11-11 Monday to Friday but closed weekends.  (Lat/Lon 51.5202293395996 -0.10421438515186300) map



EC1:  CHEQUERS, 44 Old Street. EC1V 9AQ. (C1/12). Free House. Version <50> , Closed Feb 1995. Ex Whitbread now free. 28 Re-opened (Feb 96) as a free house. Closed 2006. Two reports 1. Renamed IL CICCHETTO and now an Italian bar, 2.From Colin Price “I went past the Chequers today (Monday 27 June 2011) and it was open. One Adnams Handpump.”  



EC1:  Cicada,  132-136 St John Street. EC1. (/). Free House. Version <26>No real ales.    New keg bar.   (Lat/Lon  )



EC1:  CITY PRIDE, 28 Farringdon Lane. EC1R 3AU. (A2/13). Fullers. Version <1c > Fullers Chiswic, Fullers London Pride, Fullers ESB.  Formerly the White Swan (Charrington),  a Toby house bought by Fullers and expanded to take on neighbouring premises. Bright and friendly. Function roo m with dartboard. Food at all times including Sunday. Open all permitted hours.  (Lat/Lon 51.5228118896484 -0.10653407126665100) map



EC1:  Cloak & Habit,  55/63 Goswell Road. EC1. (B1/). Free House. Version <34>No longer a pub.    Opened March 1995 having being closed for some time. Previously called Oceans.Closed 1999. Was Oceans/Morgans Diner. Closed March 1994, re-opened March 1995 and renamed. Closed again  but Reopened as a tapas bar and restaurant Meson Los Barriles.  (Lat/Lon  )



EC1:  CLOCK HOUSE, 82 Leather Lane. EC1N 7TR. (A2/14). Greene King. Version <50 >Former Charrington pub became GK in 1993.Has a most unusual mirrored ceiling. Renamed CRAFT BEER CO in late June. Sister pub to the Cask Pub & Kitchen), SW1, it is also leased free of tie from Greene King by licensee Martin Hayes. Sixteen handpumps dispense Clerkenwell Pale (3.7% house ale) from the new Kent Brewery plus 14 varying real ales from microbreweries (e.g. Bristol, Daleside, Dark Star, Five Towns, Fyne Ales, Ilkley, Naylors, Otley), and a cider. It also has 21 keg taps dispensing Clerkenwell Lager (5% house lager) brewed by Mikkeler from Denmark, varying craft beers from Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, USA etc and Camden Town Helles Lager. In addition, a choice of 150 speciality bottled beers from 42 brewers in nine countries are kept in cabinets behind the bar. All beers are served in house ‘Craft Beer’ badged red lined glasses ensuring full measures. Cask beers are priced according to strength in bands from £3.40/pint (up to 3.9%) to £4.50/pint (up to 6.9%). Spirits include house gin and vodka from Slipsmith distillery in Hammersmith. Food is limited to hand raised pork pies and scotch eggs. The small ground floor bar with cream decor and ‘house’ wallpaper retains its unique clock face mirrored ceiling with chandelier, and there is an upstairs lounge. Limited seating. Knowledgeable staff. The only regret is that its original name could not have been retained in some form. Open 11-11 Mon-Sat, closed Sun. A very welcome addition to the London beer scene, heralding what hopefully could become a chain of specialist beer bars.   (Lat/Lon 51.5211791992187 -0.10954108089208600) map



EC1:  COACH & HORSES,  26/28 Ray Street. EC1R 3DJ. (A2/16). Ind Coope. Version <31 > Adnams Bitter, Youngs Bitter, Fullers London Pride.   available on visit late October 2002.Five pumps.   (Lat/Lon 51.5230674743652 -0.10911151021719000) map



EC1:  COACH & HORSES-Bear, 2 St John's Square. EC1M 4DE. (B2/15). Enterprise Inns. Version <47>Renamed No.2 the Square, The Square and (Dec 95) BLAKES. Then renamed the BEAR. Enterprise, ex-Whitbread via a spell leased to Geronimo Inns, Fuller: London Pride; Harvey: Sussex Best Bitter; occasional guest beer.    (Lat/Lon 51.5220375061035 -0.10352706909179700) map



EC1:  Cock Tavern-Breakfast & Brunch Bar,  East Poultry Avenue-Central Markets. EC1A 9LH. (B2/17). Free House. Version <52> Renamed Breakfast & Brunch Bar in 2010, Independent, H unused. (Lat/Lon 51.5186004638671 -0.10344114899635300) map



EC1:  Colonel Jaspers-Bavarian Beerhouse,  190/196 City Road. EC1V 2QH. (D1/18). Free House. Version <39>No real  ales.    Renamed Bavarian Beerhouse, H removed. Sold by Davys and now a Free House/Bavarian basement bar and restaurant. Has 8 German keg beers from Diebels, Erdinger, Hofbrauhaus, Kuppers, Paulaner and Warsteiner breweries plus occasionalspecials. £6.90/litre, £3.60/0.5 litre, £2.20/0.3 litre. Bare floors, long tables and benches. German food including lunchtime specials. Waitress service only. Open 11-11 Mon-Thurs, 11-1am Fri, 1pm-1am Sat, 11-10.30 Sun.   (Lat/Lon 51.5278950000000 -0.09111000000000000) map



EC1:  Crosby Head-Bar 170-Bar Ria-Road Trip Bar, 243 Old Street. EC1V 9EY. (D1/19). G Met Trumans. Version <45>No real ales     Renamed Bar 170. Was Bar 150 but since prices went up by 10p it's now called Bar 160. I suppose at one stage it could have been the Bar 20? Then it would have been the ranch of Hopalong Cassidy.Not a lot of people know that and even fewer care. Name of Hopalong Cassidy's horse? Name the actor? Closed. Re-opened, renamed Bar Ria. Closed again. Reopened and renamed Road Trip Bar  (Lat/Lon 51.5266250000000 -0.08432200000000000) map



EC1:  Crown & Woolpack, 394 St John Street. EC1V 4NJ. (A1/20). Courage. Version <44>Pub Demolished. Was a Japanese restaurant in 1995. Converted to retail use. (Lat/Lon 51.5314025878906 -0.10584675520658500) map



EC1:  CROWN TAVERN, 43 Clerkenwell Green. EC1R 0EB. (B2/21). Bass (M&B). Version <45 > Fullers London Pride, Taylors Landlord, .     , Look for the snob screens. Restaurant doubles as a function room. Opens Monday to Friday 11.30-11. Saturday 12-11. Closed Sunday. Now believed to be owned by Bass. + Guest beer.  (Lat/Lon 51.5232391357421 -0.10507352650165600) map



EC1:  Dovetail, 9 Jerusalem Passage. EC1V 4JP. (/). Free House. Version <26>No real ales.    New keg bar selling 7 Belgian draught beers.Open 12-10 Mon-Fri only.   (Lat/Lon 51.523177 -0.104014)



EC1:  Drum & Monkey, 167 Whitecross Street. EC1Y 8JT. (C1/22). Whitbread. Version <31>No longer a pub.    Formally the British Queen.  Closed April 2000. Now part of the YMCA.   (Lat/Lon 51.5238418579101 -0.09364689886569980) map



EC1:  Duke of Wellington,  21/25 Lever Street. EC1V 3QU. (B1/23). Ind Coope. Version <32>No longer a pub.    Closed July 2000, demolished October 2002   (Lat/Lon 51.5264167785644 -0.09948908537626270)



EC1:  DUKE OF YORK, 156 Clerkenwell Road. EC1R 5DU. (A2/24). G Met Watneys. Version <51> Renamed CLERK & WELL by November 2011, Range now Caledonian: Deuchars IPA; +Wychwood: Brakspear Oxford Gold. Enterprise, ex-Unique, previously leased to Massive and now relet.  One bar pub decorated in Laura Ashley/Habitat style. Cooked meals at all times. Open all permitted hours except Saturday and Sunday evenings when it is closed. Function room. ex-Watney.   (Lat/Lon 51.5221252441406 -0.11091571301221800) map



EC1:  Dust, 27 Clerkenwell Road. EC1M 5RN. (/). Free House. Version <26>No real ales.    New keg bar.   (Lat/Lon  )



EC1:  EAGLE, 159 Farringdon Road. EC1R 3AL. (A2/25). Free House. Version <1c> B&T Shefford, Ruddles Best.  , Free house with a bottle tie to Watney. The food is based on European Farmhouse style. Upstairs is an art gallery. Open noon to 11pm Monday to Friday . Closed weekends.  (Lat/Lon 51.5243568420410 -0.11005657166242600) map



EC1:  EAGLE & STUMP-MOLLY BLOOMS-TRADER, 142 Whitecross Street. EC1Y 8QJ. (C1/56). Free House. Version <48> Pedigree, C. Wells Bombardier. Open all hours  Ex Grand Met. Had been renamed the Eagle & Stump, it was originally the Spread Eagle. Now renamed TRADER. Freehold sold at auction for £1.08m, together with another five pubs, in May 2010, but Enterprise will continue to operate them under a 35 year leasehold agreement.  (Lat/Lon 51.5239257812500 -0.09338907152414320) map



EC1:  Empress of Russia, 362 St John Street. EC1V 4NR. (A1/26). Free House. Version <35>No longer a pub.    Called itself a free house before being converted to flats and pizza restaurant. Converted to fish and chips shop from a pizza restaurant. Though no longer a pub (The Fish Shop on St John Street  www.thefishshop.net) it does sell bottled conditioned beer from Pitfield but the waiters do not know how to pour it out!  (Lat/Lon 51.5297698974609 -0.10472986847162200)



EC1:  EXMOUTH ARMS, 23 Exmouth Market. EC1R 4QL. (A1/27). Free House. Version <51 >Open all hours. Now a free house, ex Courge. Varying beers from micros (e.g. Oakham, Redemption) on four handpumps, +unusual keg and bottled selection. Refurbished. (Lat/Lon 51.5260772705078 -0.10893967747688300) map



EC1:  Extra Time, 1 Long Lane. EC1A 9HA. (/). Free House. Version <26>No real ales.    New keg bar.   (Lat/Lon  )



EC1:  FARRINGDON BARS-Mynt-Babuska,  25-27 Farringdon Road EC1. (/). Regent Inns. Version <36 > Bass, G King Abbot, Handcock HB, Youngs Bitter      Opened October 1998. Open 11-11 Mon-Sat only.Renamed Mynt. Seems to be a restaurant now.Renamed BABUSKA.   (Lat/Lon  )



EC1:  Fountain-Filthy McNasties Whiskey Cafe, 68 Amwell Street. EC1R 1UU. (A1/28). Ind Coope. Version <41 > Adnams Broadside.  Open all hours  Renamed FILTHY McNASTIES WHISKEY CAFE.Original features  made it a gem. Contrary to erroneous report that it was converted to a restaurant, it is still operating as a pub.   (Lat/Lon 51.5301971435546 -0.11040022969245900) map



EC1:  Fox & Anchor, 115 Charterhouse Street. EC1M 6AA. (B2/29). Bass (M&B). Version <49> Now has five guests (e.g. Adnams, Purity, Sharp’s (c£3.90/pint). This pub has an exceptional frontage where the name has been worked into the wall and floor in a most unusual style. It can be seen that the central windows have been doors possibly indicating that this was a three bar pub. Restaurant/function room.Open Monday to Friday 6am-3pm. Closed weekends. Now believed to be owned by Bass.  (Lat/Lon 51.5204887390136 -0.10069188475608800) map



EC1:  GEORGE & DRAGON-PEASANT, 240 St John Street. EC1V 4PH. (B1/30). Free House. Version <41 > C. Wells Bombar.    Now sells Bombardier and guest beers.   (Lat/Lon 51.5259895324707 -0.10326932370662700) map


EC1:  George IV, 39 Goswell Road. EC1V 7EQ. (/). Courage. Version <1c>Pub Demolished. .


EC1:  Golden Hind-Central  Bar-Play, 58 Old Street. EC1V 9AJ. (C1/31). Free House. Version <50> . Formerly the Vertical Refreshment Co. and Golden Hind. Renamed Play.  Seemed to be more of a Thai restaurant. Converted to ‘Nomad’ night club in August 2010. (Lat/Lon 51.5240440000000 -0.09593400000000000) map


EC1: THE GREEN, 29 Clerkenwell Green. EC1R 0DU. (/). Davys Free House. Version <37 > Fullers London Pride, Taylors Landlord.  ,  Opened Dec 2004 in former restaurant. Food lunchtime and eves. Open 11-11 Mon-Wed, 11-12 Thu-Sat, 1-11 Sun. function room.   (Lat/Lon 51.5229570000000 -0.10598300000000000) map


EC1:  Green Man & Still, 161 Whitecross Street. EC1Y 8JL. (C1/32). Free House. Version <44> Ex Courage. Was a free house subtitled MCLOUGHLINS. Now converted to coffee shop called Fix.   (Lat/Lon 51.5231552124023 -0.09321723878383640) map


EC1:  GRIFFIN, 125 Clerkenwell Road. EC1R 5DL. (A2/33). G Met Watneys. Version <1c > Websters, Ruddles Best    , Guest beers, Open all hours  Stands on the site of Reid's Griffin Brewery. Two bar pub with darts and pool. Tongue-and-groove pan elling give this pub a particular welcoming atmosphere. Live music at weekends. Darts and pool. Food at all times. Open all permitted hours.  (Lat/Lon 51.5221252441406 -0.10893967747688300) map


EC1:  GUNMAKERS, 13 Eyre Street Hill. EC1R 5ET. (A2/34). Free House. Version <452 > Taylors Landlord.  Open all hours  Cat swinging still not practical.  Clerkenwell's heritage of world renowned clockmakers who in some instances manufactured gun mechanisms is remembered in this delightful pub  Dropped the Arms. Now sells four real ales. Beer range varies but often includes Taylor: Landlord and Theakston: Old Peculier. ?   (Lat/Lon 51.5225524902343 -0.11057205498218500) map


EC1:  HAND & SHEARS, 1 Middle Street. EC1A 7JA. (C2/35). Scottish & N. Version <46 >Range 2009: Courage: Best Bitter; Adnams: Bitter; Wadworth: 6X. This pub was closed late 1990 for six months whilst supportive repairs were made to this listed building. Panelling had to be takenout and replaced. The standard of work was very high and to a casual glance no changes are visible except for a short door. There is now an upstairs bar in the restaurant/function room bringing the total of bars to four. Darts. Open Monday - Friday 11.30-11 and Sunday lunchtime.Now Trust Inns, ex-S&N.  (Lat/Lon 51.5192871093750 -0.09871584922075270) map


EC1:  HARLEQUIN, 27 Arlington Way. EC1R 1UY. (A1/36). Ascot Estates. Version <35 > Fullers London Pride, Taylors Landlord.  , Hot and cold snacks at all times bar Sunday.Look carefully and note many original features. Open Monday to Saturday 11.30-3 and 5.15-11.30 and S unday lunchtime only. Try celebrity spotting here.  (Lat/Lon 51.5300292968750 -0.10610450059175500) map


EC1:  Harrow-Compton's Bar & Bistro, 64 Compton Street. EC1V 0BN. (B1/37). Free House. Version <20>No real ales     Ex Grand Met, renamed Compton's Bar & Bistro (1996).   (Lat/Lon 51.5245285034179 -0.10249608755111700) map


EC1:  HAT & FEATHERS, 2 Clerkenwell Road. EC1M 5PQ. (B1/38). Ind Coope. Version <50>  Shepherd Neame Spitfire.    Reopened in late November 2006 after 16 years’ closure, this former Taylor Walker pub and listed building has been sensitively renovated as a Free House, with lots of wood and glass. A ‘pub and dining room’, though food does not predominate.Retains original and unique external signage.   (Lat/Lon 51.5233268737792 -0.09940316528081890) map


EC1:  HAT & TUN - DEUX BEERS CAFE BAR, 3 Hatton Wall. EC1N 8HX. (A2/39). Punch Taverns. Version <45 > Fullers London Pride, Adnams Broadside.  , Snacks at all times and hot food lunchtime and on request in the evenings. Function room available. Open Monday to Friday 11-11. Closed weekends. Renamed Deux Beers Cafe Bar (2000).Now Punch (leased to ETM), ex-Bass.   (Lat/Lon 51.5216064453125 -0.10833827406168000) map


EC1:  HEADS & TAILS-DISTILLERS,  64/66 West Smithfield. (/). Free House. Version <50 >    Varying real ales. Recent beers have been Caledonian;Deuchars IPA, Flying Scotsman. Now Pocket Pubs, ex-Hartford Group. Independent free house in former bank premises. Opens at 7am for market breakfasts.   (Lat/Lon  )


EC1:  HOGS HEAD-SLUG & LETTUCE,  Unit 4 Cowcross Place. EC1M 6DH. (/). Version <50 > Renamed SPORTS BAR & GRILL (FARRINGDON) in March 2011, Range now Greene King: IPA; Ringwood; Best Bitter. Now part of small pub/restaurant chain, ex-Laurel via Bay Restaurant Group. Open 7.30am-11 Mon-Fri, 9-11 Sat, 9-10.30 Sun.  Nearly opposite the Three Compasses behind number 21? White Horse Alley? Opened in June 2000(?)Renamed SLUG & LETTUCE.    (Lat/Lon 51.5203070000000 -0.10339800000000000) map


EC1:  Hogshead-Slug & Lettuce,  171-176 Aldersgate Street. EC1A 4JA. (/). Laurel. Version <50 > New outlet that opened in March 2001 in former office block. Renamed SLUG & LETTUCE.  Ex-Laurel, closed by January 2010.  ex-Bay Restaurant Group. Now converted to ‘English Pig’ restaurant with a small bar area only for diners; delete from pub database. (Lat/Lon 51.5202150000000 -0.09772200000000000)



EC1:  HOPE, 94 Cowcross Street. EC1M 6BH. (B2/40). Unique Pub Co. Version <46 >Young: Bitter; +guest beer (e.g. Nelson Loose Cannon). Now Enterprise, ex- Unique.  c1855,bowed and curved,  etched windows,  silver in laid mirrors mark move of live animal market to Caledonian Market. Built as an inn during the days between the medieval and modern market in an area w hich was then parkland. It is alleged that the pub was erected over the Path of Hope leading to a sanctuary church,  which condemned prisoners from Newgate Prison were led ,  if they received a last miniute reprieve. 6.30-9.30am & 11-6 M-F. Clsed w/end. Is apparently leased from Unique Pub Co?  by the landlord? ex Inntrepreneur, G Met Watney.  (Lat/Lon 51.5198020935058 -0.10223834961652800) map


EC1:  HORSESHOE, 24 Clerkenwell Close. EC1R 0AT. (A2/41). Courage. Version <46 >Range now Greene King: IPA; Sharp: Cornish Coaster.  Many original features under threat of refurbishment. Function room and garden. They hope to extend cooked meals to the evenings.Snacks at all times. Open Monday to Friday 11-1,  Saturday 11-3 and 7-11. Closed Sundays. A keen darts pub.  (Lat/Lon 51.5241813659667 -0.10687772929668400) map


EC1:  Horseshoe & Magpie, 5 Topham Street. EC1R 5HU. (A2/42). Version <22>No longer a pub.    Ex Grand Met  


EC1:  JERUSALEM TAVERN, 55 Britton Street EC1M 5UQ. (B2/). St Peters Brewery. Version <19 >    Opened 28th October 1996 at noon.  http://www.stpetersbrewery.co.uk/london/default.htm (Lat/Lon 51.5216800000000 -0.10378700000000000) map


EC1:  Joint & Gem,  Cowcross Street. EC1. (/). G Met Watneys. Version <1c>No longer a pub.       (Lat/Lon  )


EC1:  KING OF DIAMONDS, 1 Greville Street. EC1N 8PQ. (A2/43). Bass (M&B). Version <50 >Renamed ARGYLE after refurbishment by Stonegate and branded ‘Classic Inns’, range Sharp; Doom Bar; +2 guest beers (e.g. Redemption; Sambrook).  An unusual feature of this pub is the upstairs patio garden (open from Easter) which overlooks the market. Children welcome. Two function rooms and a restaurant which is open at lunchtimes only. Darts. Open Monday to Friday 11-9,  Saturday 11-3.Closed Saturday evenings and all Sunday.  Castle. See appendix above.(Lat/Lon 51.5191580000000 -0.10851900000000000) map


EC1:  Kings Arms, 18 Moreland Street. EC1V 8BB. (B1/44). Banks & Taylor. Version <1c>Pub Demolished.



EC1:  KINGS HEAD, 49 Chiswell Street. EC1Y 4SA. (D2/45). Greene King. Version <51> Reopened after four years’ closure and renamed JUGGED HARE in March after major refurbishment by ETM Group, ex-Greene King. Adnams: Bitter; East London: Foundation Bitter (4.2%); Redemption: Trinity; Sambrook: Junction. Beers may vary. The Grade II- listed building was formerly part of the adjacent Whitbread Brewery complex. A small bar area for drinkers at the front features a cased taxidermy display and stag’s head. A large dining room at rear has open-to-view kitchen specialising in roasted and grilled game, meat, fish and shellfish. The basement houses a ‘walk-in’ wine room to select favourite wines and a private function room also used for wine tasting. White decor with oak timber flooring, exposed ceramic tiles and some original brass ironmongery from the Whitbread brewery. Sambrook’s have brewed a special ‘Jugged Hare’ pale ale (4.2%) in bottles available at the pub. Open 11- 11 Mon-Wed, 11-midnight Thu-Sat and 12-10.30 Sun. Food 12-3.30/6-10.30 Mon-Fri, 12-4/6-10.30 Sat, 12-9.30 Sun. Was Greene King, ex- Whitbread (Hawkins & Co) via Laurel.  (Lat/Lon 51.5207481384277 -0.09115529060363770) map



EC1:  Knights-Terry Neills Sports Bar-Mr Davids-School d, 54 Holborn Viacuct. EC1. (B2/46). Free House. Version <43>Pub demolished.   Renamed O'Neill's,  Mr David's Bar, Restaurant and Tapas. Renamed School Dinners.Demolished 2007.   (Lat/Lon  )



EC1:  Lady Owen Arms, 285 Goswell Road. EC1V 7NT. (A1/47). Ind Coope. Version <23>Pub Demolished. Demolished 1998 and replaced by flats.



EC1:  Langton Arms, 1 Norman Street. EC1V 3PQ. (C1/48). Bass. Version <25>No longer a pub.    Converted to flats 1999.   (Lat/Lon 51.5264167785644 -0.09519327431917190)



EC1:  LEGION, 348 Old Street. EC1V 9NQ. (/). Free House. Version <35 > Adnams Bitter, Fullers London Pride.  , Free House opened Nov 2003 in former printworks premises.  Open 12-12 Mon-Sat and 12-10.30 Sun. Food.   (Lat/Lon 51.5265790000000 -0.08099400000000000) map



EC1:  Leopard, 33 Seward Street. EC1V 3PA. (C1/49). Free House. Version <31>No longer a pub. .  There has been a pub on this site since 1740. Has been demolished. Ten flats built on the site.   (Lat/Lon 51.5263328552246 -0.09785662591457370)


EC1:  LITTEN TREE - WILLIAM BLAKE,  174-180 Old Street EC1V 9BP. (/). Free house. Version <48>Renamed WILLIAM BLAKE. Taylor: Landlord and up to five beers mainly from Wells & Young’s. Now Town & City, ex-SFI.  Opened December 97. Open Mon-Sat 11-11 only.   (Lat/Lon 51.5250260000000 -0.09048700000000000) map


EC1:  LONDON APPRENTICE, 333 Old Street. EC1V 9LE. (D1/50). Free House. Version <52>Fuller: London Pride; Wells: Courage Directors. Reopened and renovated as a pub after 15 years. Was converted to a nightclub ‘333 Club’ by 2000, but this was unreported.   



EC1:  London Spa-Don Pedro-Coco, 70 Exmouth Market. EC1R 4QP. (A1/51). Free House. Version <36>No real  ales.     , Open all hours  Formerly Youngs.Was closed in October 2002. Reopened as Don Pedro as tapas/free house/cocktail/restaurant with no real ale. Spanish or Jamaican lager anyone?Renamed Coco a Caribbean Bar and Cocktail Lounge.   (Lat/Lon 51.5261573791503 -0.10799461603164700) map



EC1:  LONGROOM-GATE, 20 St John Street. EC1M 4AY. (B2/). Free House. Version <26 > 6X, Adnams Bitter.  , New bar  Renamed Gate 1996.   (Lat/Lon 51.5204790000000 -0.10125700000000000) map



EC1:  Lord Nelson, 17 Mora Street. EC1V 8BT. (C1/53). G Met Watneys. Version <33>No longer a pub.   Former strippers pub turned into flats, named Lord Nelson Court.  



EC1:  Lord Nelson-Bar Acquarium-Horns,  262/4 Old Street. EC1V 9DD. (D1/52). Capital Pub Co. Version <50> H removed. Now a strip and lap dancing bar with free entrance. Renamed Horns. (Lat/Lon 51.525892 -0.085189) map



EC1:  LORD RAGLAN, 61 St Martin's-le-Grand. EC1A 4ER. (C2/54). Version <50 >Range now Fuller: London Pride; Greene King: OSH; Sharp: Doom Bar; Young:London Gold. Now Spirit (branded Taylor Walker), ex-S&N.  Called the Bush and then the Mourning Bush until its reconstruction in 1855. Multibar pub with eating and drinking on about four levels. This pub wasonce entitled to open 24 hours a day by royal edict after the landlord opened to King Charles II in the early hours of the morning. The present name is in memory of a hero of the Crimean War.   (Lat/Lon 51.5165367126464 -0.09656790643930440) map



EC1:  MASQUE HAUNT,  168/172 Old Street. EC1V 9BP. (/). Wetherspoons. Version <1B >    Opened December 1994. Wetherspoons Free House onsite of former pub White Hart.   (Lat/Lon 51.525026 -0.090487) map



EC1:  Match,  45-47 Clerkenwell Road. EC1. (/). Free House. Version <51>No real ales.    Renamed GIANT ROBOT in 2010. Now a ‘bar cafe deli diner’, still no real ale.   (Lat/Lon  )



EC1:  MELTON MOWBRAY, 18 High Holborn EC1N 2LE. (B2/). Fullers. Version <2 > Fullers London Pride, Fullers Chiswic, Fullers ESB.  New pub opened Sept 93   (Lat/Lon 51.517711 -0.11028) map



EC1: YE OLDE MITRE TAVERN,  Ely Court. EC1N 6SJ. (B2/55). Fullers. Version <45 > Fullers London Pride, ., .  Ask for the handout on the history of the pub. Darts are played upstairs and hot and cold food at all times. Function room and outside drinking area.No music. Open Monday to Friday 11-11. Closed weekends. Acquired by Fuller’s from Punch (Spirit) in April 2009. ends.  (Lat/Lon 51.5182533264160 -0.10756504535675000) map



EC1:  MURPHY TAVERN-SGLUEPOT-NELSONS RETREAT, 1 Vince Street. EC1V 9HB. (D1/57). G Met Watneys. Version <34 > Greene King IPA, Spitfire.  , Renamed NELSON'S RETREAT. Range on visit in June Greene King IPA (210p) and Spitfire (220p). Sells Bad Jelly in four flavours. Formerly the Gluepot. A two-bar pub that has livemusic for the family on Saturday night. Darts and pool. Hot lunches and snacks at all times. There is also an outdoor drinking area in this one of three pubs belonging to Murphys Taverns. Open Mondayto Friday 11-11,  Saturday 11-4 and 7-11 plus all Sunday hours.  (Lat/Lon 51.526238 -0.085996) map


EC1: New Market-26 SMITHFIELD, 26 Smithfield Street. EC1A 9LB. (B2/58). Now Punch, ex-Bass. Version <51> No real ale.  , Was the Frog & Fiddle for a while. Renamed 26 SMITHFIELD.   (Lat/Lon 51.5182533264160 -0.10249600559473000) map


EC1:  New Red Lion-Bull-Queen Boadica, 292 St John Street. EC1V 4PA. (B1/59). G Met Watneys. Version <51>Renamed BULL, then the Queen Boadica. Renamed BLACKSMITH & THE TOFFEE MAKER. From their website “We have four hand pumps with two main stays and a couple of rotating guests. If there’s anything you’d particularly like to see us stock please do let us know”.   (Lat/Lon 51.5281333923339 -0.10447212308645200) map



EC1:  Oakley Arms-Jack Beard's-32, 32 Hall Street. EC1V 7NA. (B1/60). Free House. Version <44>  Greene King Abbot.    A very large pub which has a tiled exterior and style of glazing that has almost disappeared from the London area. Darts,  pool and jukebox are playedRenamed 32. Ex Trumans.   (Lat/Lon 51.529295 -0.100876) map



EC1:  OLD FOUNTAIN, 3 Baldwin Street. EC1 9NU. (D1/61). Version <51 >Changing guests include Brodies, Crouch Vale, Kent and Summer Wine, plus 18 different bottled beers from Kernel. Independent, ex-Whitbread. This 200 year old pub. itmay well get its name from a local well or fountain in an area that was noted for underground rivers. The old style of the pub has been well kept up and there is a preservation order on the building. Hot food lunchtimes and snacks at all times. Open Monday to Friday 11-11,   only.  (Lat/Lon 51.527062 -0.08909) map



EC1:  OLD RED LION, 418 St John Street. EC1V 4NJ. (A1/62). Punch Taverns. Version <45 > Harvey: Sussex Best Bitter, Fullers London Pride, Greene K Abbot, Adnams Bitter    Open all hours  Pool is very popular in this two-bar pub. The long bar is separated by a most unusual engraved glass partition. Snacks available at all times.   (Lat/Lon 51.5314025878906 -0.10584675520658500) map



EC1:  One of 2-Fence,  67/69 Cowcross Street. EC1M 6BP. (/). Fullers. Version <40>No real  ales.    No real ale, handpump unused. New Fullers cafe-bar that opened in February 2000. Open 12-11 Mon-Fri only Renamed Fence but still keg.   (Lat/Lon 51.520036 -0.10276) map



EC1:  ONE TUN, 125 Saffron Hill. EC1N 8QS. (B2/63). Free House. Version <51 >Adnams: Bitter;+Harvey: Sussex Best Bitter; +Wadworth: 6X;+Wychwood: Brakspear Oxford Gold. Beer range varies. Now Free, ex-Watney.   (Lat/Lon 51.5200614929199 -0.10679181665182100) map



EC1:  Penny Black-$, 106 Farringdon Road. EC1R 3EQ. (A1/64). G Met Watneys. Version <38>No longer a pub   , Reopened and renamed $ a grill and martini bar. It used to be called 'The Clerkenwell Tavern'. 



EC1:  PHEASANT & FIRKIN-OLD IVY HOUSE, 166 Goswell Road. EC1V 7EB. (B1/65). Shepherd Nea. Version <33 > .  Ex Bruces pub now owned by Stakis Leisure,  formerly the Old Ivy House (Charrington). Renamed  just Firkin and sold  Bass and Tetley. Now renamed again, this time back to the one it was born with, OLD IVY HOUSE and run by Shepherd Neame.  (Lat/Lon 51.528473 -0.100636) map



EC1:  Poets Corner-Pavillion-Nylon-Rocco-Spectator, 6 Little Britain EC1. (/). Free House. Version <42>No real ales    Opened late 1996. Renamed PAVILION. Now Porter Black Holdings. Renamed again to NYLON. Handpumps removed.Now Rocco' Italian restaurant.No real ale. A Free House/bar in former Italian restaurant premises. Formerly NYLON, PAVILION and originally POETS CORNER.   (Lat/Lon  )



EC1:  Print Works, 117 Farringdon Road. EC1R 3HJ. (/). Wetherspoons. Version <51>  (corner of Ray St), was a Wetherspoon pub. 2005 Converted to a Lloyds. Closed and sold then converted to a late night club, ‘Ghost’ by May 2009 but now closed again and for sale as a bar.   (Lat/Lon 51.522865 -0.108092) map


EC1, PRIORY, 53/54 St Johns Square. Free house/bar. Version <50>Old Cottage Priory Ale. Opened June 2004 by Large Bar pub group. Free House acquired by Capital Pub Co (CPC) in June 2011 and taken over by Greene King in July. 2011.


EC1:  RELIANCE, 336 Old Street EC1V 9DR. (B1/). Free House. Version <40 > Gales HSB, Fullers London Pride, Adnams Bitter.  Opened Sept 96.  Near the junction of Charlotte Road. Upstairs restaurant and planned function room. Open: bar, 11 11 Mon-Sat, 12.00-10.30 Sunday. Restaurant: 12.00-14.30 Mon Fri, 6pm-10.15 Mon-Sat, 1pm-3.30 Sunday.Now a Remarkable Restaurants Free house.   (Lat/Lon 51.526598 -0.081613) map



EC1:  RISING SUN, 38 Cloth Fair. EC1A 7JQ. (C2/67). Samuel Smith. Version <36 > Sam Smiths OBB.  Grave-diggers used to meet here in the upper roomto discuss sale of cadavers to doctors at nearby Barts. The building was for a few years used as offices until purchased by Sam Smiths a couple of yea rs ago. It was previously a Courage house. The restaurant doubles as a function room in the evening. Cooked meals and cold snacks at all times. Darts. Open Monday to Friday 11.30-11. Saturday 12-3 and 5-11 plus normal Sunday hours.  (Lat/Lon 51.5191154479980 -0.09974682331085210) map



EC1:  Roseberry-Barex,  59/61 Exmouth Market. EC1R 4QL. (A1/68). Free House. Version <47>No longer a pub. .  Renamed BAREX. Became a Pizza Express but now an Italian restaurant.   (Lat/Lon 51.5260772705078 -0.10893967747688300) map



EC1:  Royal Mail (Wall's Free House), 18 Myddleton Street. EC1R 1YY. (A1/69). Bass. Version <42>Closed     Closed 2007.   (Lat/Lon 51.529326 -0.108934) >a href="http://www.streetmap.co.uk/streetmap.dll?Postcode2Map?code=EC1R+1YY "> map



EC1:  ROYAL STAR, 220 City Road. EC1V 2PN. (C1/70). Enterprise Inns. Version <44>  Fullers London Pride, ., .  Darts and pool plus a disco at weekends. A horseshoe-shaped bar gives the pub a two-bar style. This wood-panelled pub has hot food lunchtimes and snacks at all times. There is also an outside drinking area. Open Monday to Thursday 11-3 and 5-11,  Friday 11-11,  Saturday 11-3.30 and 7-11 plus normal Sunday hours. Enterprise, ex-Watney via Unique,   (Lat/Lon 51.5282211303710 -0.09235809743404390) map



EC1:  SEKFORDE ARMS, 34 Sekforde Street. EC1R 0HA. (B1/73). Young & Co. Version <1B > Youngs Bitter, Youngs Special, Youngs Winter W.  Formerly a Charrington pub and latterly a free house. The pub is built on landbelonging to Thomas Sekforde,  who died in 1588. The Sekfordes came originally from Suffolk andthe pub still maintains its contacts there in Wood bridge with inter-pub visits. Opens Monday to Friday 11-11,  Saturday 8pm-11pm and normal Sunday hours. Excellent food at all times  (Lat/Lon 51.5240135192871 -0.10447212308645200) map



EC1:  SHAKESPEARE, 2 Goswell Road. EC1M 7AA. (C2/74). Ind Coope. Version <50 >Range now Greene King: IPA; Sharp: Doom Bar. Now Punch ex- Spirit. ex-Taylor Walker. Evening food 6.30-10.00. A large pub with lots of nooks and crannies. One can check on any weight loss in the gents,  normally a facility of train stations. Two bars ,  one L shaped,  the other a small one at the other end where  the sofas are. Lively and comfortable in an effortlessly smart style. Hot and cold food at all times. A jukebox provides the music. Open 11-11 Monday to Friday. Saturday 11-5 and 7.30-11. Sunday 12-3.  (Lat/Lon 51.5224647521972 -0.09734122455120090) map



EC1:  SHAKESPEARES HEAD, 1 Arlington Way. EC1R 1XA. (A1/75). Courage. Version <1c > Courage BB, Courage Directors.  , Small immaculate theatre pub just behind SadlersWells. Food at all times. Open Monday to Saturday 11-3 and 5.30-11. Normal Sunday hours.  (Lat/Lon 51.5294265747070 -0.10679181665182100) map



EC1:  Shakespeares Head-LMNTII, 46 Percival Street. EC1V 0HS. (B1/76). Bass. Version <43>No longer a pub.     Punch, ex-Bass, renamed simply SHAKESPEARES by April 2005 and by October 2007 converted to’ LMNT II’ restaurant.   (Lat/Lon 51.5262451171875 -0.10077771544456500) map



EC1:  Sidney Arms, 9 Wakley Street. EC1V 7LT. (B1/77). G Met Watneys. Version <36>Pub Demolished.     Closed with planning permission for flats.Demolished and being replaced by flats.  



EC1:  Simpsons, 58 Hatton Garden. EC1N 9LS. (A2/78). Free House. Version <1B>No longer a pub.    This ex-Bass house was called the Rose. Now a sandwich bar, ‘Tuffo’s Place’.  



EC1:  SIR CHRISTOPHER HATTON-GOOSE (AT HATTON GARDEN), 4 Leather Lane. EC1N 7RA. (A2/79). Nicholsons FH. Version <51 >Fuller: London Pride; +St Austell: Tribute; +Sharp:Doom Bar; +guest beers. Now M&B (Nicholson), ex-Bass.  Large cellar bar with outside drinking area. Darts . Snacks and cooked meals are available at lunchtime only. A jukebox supplies the music.Open Monday to Friday 11-11. Closed weekends. Renamed GOOSE (AT HATTON GARDEN).Reverted to SIR CHRISTOPHER HATTON, Improvement in beer range and quality following transfer by M&B to its Nicholson chain.  (Lat/Lon 51.5179977416992 -0.10851010680198700)



EC1:  SIR JOHN OLDCASTLE,  Farringdon Road EC1M 3JF. (B2/). Wetherspoons. Version <21 >    comer of Greville Street. New Wetherspoon pub opened in Dec 96.   (Lat/Lon 51.519873 -0.106025) map



EC1:  SLAUGHTERED LAMB,  34/35 Gt Sutton Street . EC1V 0DX. (/). Free House. Version <36 > Taylors Landlord, C. Wells Bombardier.  , New free house opened April 2004 in former offices.Specialises in fish & chips including shark & chips and fish finger sarnie. Open 11-11 Mon-Sat, 12-11 Sun.   (Lat/Lon 51.523306 -0.101428) map



EC1:  Slug & Lettuce-Moazic,  36-42 Clerkenwell Road. EC1. (/). Version <34> No longer a pub.New pub opened in May 2003 and was real. Renamed Moziac and keg. A bar and restaurant. Closed 2005.Converted to Gunshot poker bar in 2006 and subsequently to a kitchen showroom in 2008.   (Lat/Lon  )



EC1:  SMITHFIELD TAVERN, 105 Charterhouse Street. EC1M 6HR. ?Now SPORTS BAR & GRILL (FARRINGDON) an independent pub/restaurant? (B2/81) Bass. Version <50> Two varying real ales (e.g. Hop Back Summer Lightning, Wychwood Hobgoblin) plus two ciders from small producers, on handpump.  No longer uses early morning license. No longer has bar billiards. Renamed Wicked Wolf and handpump removed. Reverted to SMITHFIELD TAVERN.   (Lat/Lon 51.5199737548828 -0.10129328817129100) map



EC1:  Smithfields Free Hose,  334-338 Central Markets. EC1A 9NB. (B2/80). Free House. Version <1B>Closed.  .  Closed.   (Lat/Lon 51.5183410644531 -0.10438621044158900)



EC1:  Sportsman, 315 City Road. EC1V 1LA. (B1/82). Whitbread. Version <44>Pub Demolished.     Closed. Demolishd May 2005. Replaced by flats.   (Lat/Lon 51.5302848815917 -0.09905950725078580)



EC1:  ST JOHN, 26 St John Street EC1M 4AY. (B2/). Free House. Version <38 > 6X, Black Sheep Bitter, 6X.  Range 2005 Black Sheep: Best Bitter; Wadworth: 6X; +occasional guest beer.   (Lat/Lon 51.520479 -0.101257) map



EC1:  St. John of Jerusalem, 160 St. John Street. EC1V 4JY. (B1/71). Ind Coope. Version <15>Pub Demolished. Closed late 1992. On the site of the former Cannon Brewery. (Lat/Lon 51.5247001647949 -0.10326932370662700)



EC1:  St. Pauls Tavern, 56 Chiswell Street. EC1Y 4SA. (D2/72). Whitbread. Version <50> Reopened and renamed CHISWELL STREET DINING ROOMS, a ‘modern British restaurant and cocktail bar’ operated by ETM Group with keg beers. Latterly a Greene King pub. Part of the redevelopment of the former Whitbread Brewery site for an hotel and two pubs. (Lat/Lon 51.5207481384277 -0.09115529060363770) map



EC1:  STICK & WEASEL-PROGRESS BAR-OFFSIDE, 273 City Road. EC1V 1LA. (B1/83). Free House. Version <49 >Renamed NEW RED LION in October 2010, H unused, run by Red Lion Theatres. Open all hours. Formerly the City Arms (Charrington). Renamed PROGRESS BAR then OFFSIDE.   (Lat/Lon 51.530363 -0.099073) map



EC1:  Surprise-Little Litten-The Bowler, 32 Bowling Green Lane. EC1R 0BJ. (A2/84). Free House. Version <4>Renamed Little Litten. Renamed Charlottes, Harlem Yacht Club and (Jan 96) the LITTLE LITTEN. Renamed back to SURPIRSE. Pub signs for Brakspears though article in the Evening Standard said it was a Regent Inn.Renamed THE BOWLER. www.thebowler-ec1.co.uk   SFI, Up to three varying beers from the Marston’s portfolio. Reopened after refurbishment. (Lat/Lon 51.5244407653808 -0.10799461603164700) map



EC1:  SUTTON ARMS, 15 Great Sutton Street. EC1V 0BX. (B1/86). Free House. Version <40 > Fullers London Pride, Taylors Landlord.    Ex Whitbread since 1993.   (Lat/Lon 51.5233268737792 -0.10000448673963500) map



EC1:  SUTTON ARMS, 6 Carthusian Street. EC1M 6EB. (C2/85). Remarkable Restaurants Free house. Version <50 > Fuller: Chiswick Bitter, seasonal beer, Ex Charrington became GK late 1993.Remarkable Restaurants Free house, ex Greene King.    (Lat/Lon 51.5206642150878 -0.09811437129974370) map



EC1: The Thomas Wethered-Oriental Spice-Circle². 33 Rosoman Street. EC1R 0HU. (A1/87). Enterprise Inns. Version <47> Renamed Clerk & Well, then Oriental Spice. Was owned by Gibbs Mew (now Enterprise). Renamed Circle², Bar and Restaurant and keg.Renamed again to Leonards Bar & Restaurant. Converted to ‘A la Cruz’ Latin American restaurant and bar with no draught beer.   (Lat/Lon 51.5255584716796 -0.10739322006702400) map



EC1:  THREE COMPASSES, 66 Cowcross Street. EC1M 6BP. (B2/88). G Met Trumans. Version <1c > Websters, Ruddles County, Fullers London Pride, REAL CIDER    Guest beers  The change in beers since the last guide in 1986 reflects the lack of brewing commitment by Grand Met. Live Jazz and Blues piano has continued at thi s smart pub. Cooked meals available lunchtime andcold snacks at all times. Open Monday to Friday 11-11. Saturday 11-3 and 5.30-11 with normal Sunday hours. Restaurant doubles as a function room.  (Lat/Lon 51.5199737548828 -0.10275375097990000) map



EC1:  THREE CROWNS- O'HANLONS-MULLIGAN'S -OLD CHINA HAND, 8 Tysoe Street. EC1R 4RQ. (A1/89). Free House. Version <45 >    Four varying guest beers including those from O'Hanlons, Sharps, Oakham etc. Acquired by new owner originally from Hong Kong, hence the name change.Retains light and airy cream décor. Screen for sport.  Late licence up to 2am Mon-Fri. Opens 12 Sat/Sun. Was renamed OLD GRINGO for a short period in 2008 with a Mexican theme but has now reverted to its previous name.rs.  (Lat/Lon 51.5266761779785 -0.10893967747688300) map



EC1:  THREE KINGS-KINGS OF CLERKENWELL, 7 Clerkenwell Close. EC1R 0DY. (B2/90). Free House. Version <26 > Boddingtons, Fullers London Pride, Old Speckled H.  Was Kings of Clerkenwell Green for a while.Now a free house. Ex Grand Met Watneys.  (Lat/Lon 51.5231552124023 -0.10593266785144800) map



EC1:  Turnmills-Las Bravas-ANEXO, 63 Clerkenwell Road EC1M 5NP. (B2/91). Free House. Version <44>No real ales.    Renamed Las Bravas, now a bar and restaurant. Renamed ANEXO by April 2005.   (Lat/Lon 51.5219497680664 -0.10567492991685900)



EC1:  TWO BREWERS, 121 Whitecross Street. EC1Y 8JH. (C1/92). Enterprise Inns. Version <50 > Harveys Sussex Best Bitter and Sharps Doom Bar. This pub was one of the houses where Whitbread Gold Label Lager (a real lager served by handpumps) went on trial,  it appears to have lost the case. One long bar with darts.Now Enterprise, ex- Whitbread.   (Lat/Lon 51.5223808288574 -0.09287358075380330) map



EC1:  Vaults-Sex In The City- Boudoir-Parker McMillan, 42 Chiswell Street. EC1Y 4SB. (D2/93). Whitbread. Version <47>Closed.Renamed SEX IN THE CITY then Boudoir a bar/restaurant. Renamed PARKER McMILLAN. Now a nightclub and venue for hire.  (Lat/Lon 51.5210037231445 -0.09167078137397770) map



EC1:  VIADUCT TAVERN, 126 Newgate Street. EC1A 7AA. (C2/94). Fullers. Version <37 > Fullers London Pride, Fullers Chiswic,    Visit the Newgate Prison cellar by arrangement with Pub Walks (see Time Out for details). Cooked meals and snacks at all times. Open Monday to Friday 11.30-11,  Saturday 11.30-3 and 7-11,  Sunday 12-2 and 7-10.30. Became a Fullers tied house.  (Lat/Lon 51.5161972045898 -0.10155094414949400) map



EC1:  Victoria, 25 Charterhouse Street. EC1. (/). Ind Coope. Version <1c>Pub Demolished.



EC1:  WHITE BEAR, 57 St John Street. EC1M 4AN. (B2/95). Bass. Version <1c >    Nice frontage well worth a visit to see a pub that has not suffered too much at the hands of the brewers. Many original features. The site of the B aptists Head is behind the White Bear in St Johns Lane. Across the road to the right can still be seen the sign in relief of the Cross Keys pub. Snacks at all times,  hot food lunchtime. Darts. Function room. Open Monday to Friday 11-11,  Saturday 11-3 and 6.30-11. Normal Sunday hours.  (Lat/Lon 51.521208 -0.101861) map



EC1:  White Hart, 7 Giltspur Street. EC1A 9DE. (C2/96). Bass. Version <51>Punch, ex-Bass, demolished. Now offices. Was near Barts Hospital. The pub was established before 1796. (Lat/Lon 51.5167961120605 -0.10189469158649400) map



EC1:  WHITE LION, 37 Central Street. EC1V 8AB. (C1/97). Enterprise Inns. Version <40 > Adnams Bitter, Greene K IPA, .  It is a pleasure to find that nothing has changed in this immaculate one-bar pub. Live piano music is still a feature onFri,  Sat,  Sun and Mon evenings. Outside drinking area. Open Monday to Friday 11-11,  Saturday 12-4 and 8-11 plus normal Sunday hours. Now Enterprise, ex-Whitbread.  (Lat/Lon 51.525357 -0.096499) map



EC1:  WILMINGTON ARMS, 69 Rosebery Avenue. EC1R 4RL. (A1/98). Greene King. Version <15 > Greene King IPA.  Open all hours  Magic Pub co now owned by Greene King.   (Lat/Lon 51.526109 -0.110177) map



EC1:  YE OLDE RED COW-Long Lane, 71/2 Long Lane. EC1A 9EJ. (C2/66). Free House. Version <49 four rotating guests (e,g. BrewDog, Dark Star, Oakham, Redemption, Sambrook’s). Also 12 numbered keg taps (including British and continental beers and one rotating US guest craft beer and house lager from Belgium) and bottled beers. Independent pub now operated by small pubco ‘Pubs of Distinction’ which also runs the Dean Swift, SE1. Grey decor, mixture of tables and high stools, chandelier, pine flooring. Upstairs drinking/dining area. Simple English food. Open 12-11 (12 Fri/Sat, 10.30 Sun).  Ex Grand Met.The cellars and ground floor are reputed to go back to the 1400s. Unexplained happenings give rise to the thought the pub is haunted. Reopened and renamed LONG LANE.  Now independently run, ex-Shepherd Neame. Free, closed again and for sale.Reopened and renamed OLD RED COW.  (Lat/Lon 51.519207 -0.099897) map




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33 Pub 15 should be on the corner of Sun Street.


EC2:  49 GRESHAM STREET-RED HERRING, 49 Gresham Street. EC2V 7EH. (/). Fullers. Version <31 > Fullers London Pride.    New pub opened in March 1994 on the corner of Wood Street. Downstairs wine bar can be hired for functions. Open weekdays only 11.00-21.30. Renamed RED HERRING.   (Lat/Lon 51.5158510000000 -0.09424300000000000) map



EC2:  ALL BAR ONE,  18/20 Appold Street. EC2A 2AS. (/). Bass. Version <35 > Adnams Bitter, Fullers London Pride.  , Opened c1998. Open 11.30-11 Mon-Fri only. Owned by M&B now.   (Lat/Lon 51.5200250000000 -0.08325800000000000) map



EC2:  All Bar One, 34 Threadneedle Street. EC2R 8AY. (/). Free House. Version <46> Opened in Oct ? 97. Opens 11-11 Mon-Fri only. Owned by M&B now ex Bass Now operated by 'Zone One Bars' and Free.   Converted to ‘Ballroom’ cocktail bar, bottled beers only. Delete from pub database. It had previously been renamed ‘Star’ and ‘Apartment’ and has now been renamed ‘Mercer’.(Lat/Lon 51.5141200000000 -0.08513500000000000) map



EC2:  ALL BAR ONE, 127 Finsbury Pavement. EC2A 1NS. (/). Bass (M&B). Version <52>Fuller: London Pride; Sharp: Doom Bar.   Opened November replacing the demolished London General. Open 11-11 Mon-Fri only. M&B, ex-Bass, H removed.   (Lat/Lon 51.5203760000000 -0.08771200000000000) map



EC2 ANTHOLOGIST, 58 Gresham St. Fuller: London Pride. Large bar and restaurant opened on ground floor of office block in April 2010 by small expanding Drake & Morgan pub company. Mixture of eating, separate restaurant area and open-to-view kitchen. Open 8am-11pm Mon-Wed, 8am-1am Thu/Fri, 9.30pm-1am Sat with soul music, closed Sun.



EC2:  Apples & Pears,  Opp platforms 15-18 Liverpool Street Stn. EC2. (/). Free House. Version <1c>Pub demolished.       (Lat/Lon  )



EC2:  ARBITRAGER BAR,  27a Throgmorton Street. EC2N 2AN. (/). Version <14 > Courage Directors, Websters.  , Map B2 next to pub 39a .Open weekdays only and closes early.   (Lat/Lon 51.5150810000000 -0.08611800000000000) map



EC2:  BANGERS, 2 Wilson Street. EC2M 2TE. (B2/1). Davys Free House. Version <1c > Davys Old Wallop.    Called Bangers because they serve traditional old English sausages. Downstairs beer is served in pin t pewter tankards or copper half gallon jugs. Food at all times. Open Monday - Friday 11.30-3.30 and 5-30-8.30. Closed weekends.  (Lat/Lon 51.5189476013183 -0.08591450750827790) map



EC2:  Bar Med-Context, 14 Finsbury Square. EC2A 1BR. (/). Free House. Version <26>No real ales.    New keg bar. Called Worship before it closed.  (Lat/Lon  )



EC2:  Barbican Tavern,  London Wall,near Museum of London. EC2. (/). Version <1c>Pub Demolished.



EC2:  Barley Mow, 127 Curtain Road. EC2A 3BX. (B1/2). Free House. Version <52> Was Remarkable Restaurants Free house. Now roepened again as a restaurant.  (Lat/Lon 51.5261573791503 -0.08067372441291810) map



EC2:  Bishop of Norwich, 91 Moorgate. EC2M 6SJ. (A2/4). Davys Free House. Version <51> Demolished by August 2011 for Thameslink 2000 building works.(Lat/Lon 51.5178260803222 -0.08874968439340590) map


EC2 BLUU-TOKENHOUSE:  4 Moorgate.(/). Fullers. Version <52> Acquired by Fuller’s from Marston in early November 2011. Renamed TOKENHOUSE and refurbished by Fuller’s including large cellar bar, +Fuller:ESB. Range may expand but likely to be limited to Fuller’s beers. A ‘bar and brasserie’ opened June 2008 by Marstons in former bank premises, not previously reported. Retains grand facade with large open plan interior with grey decor in modern style, metallic bar top, wooden flooring, exposed ventilation, mix of furniture etc. Balcony area overlooks street. Open-to-view kitchen with traditional British menu sourced from local and regional suppliers. Open 7.30am-11pm Mon-Wed, 7.30am-midnight Thu/Fri, closed Weekends.


EC2:  Bonapartes-Wren,  Liverpool St Station Concourse. EC2M  7QH. (/). Free House. Version <51>Renamed MERCHANT OF BISHOPSGATE by Select Service Partners in late April and completely refurbished and expanded to take in two adjacent former fast food outlets at a cost of £1.2 million. Fuller: London Pride; Greene King: IPA, Abbot; Sharp: Doom Bar; 2 guest beers (e.g. Greene King: Ale Fresco and Libertine). Now styled a ‘Freehouse & Kitchen’, it is a large bar and restaurant in modern style with white tiled exterior, mixture of seating, exposed brick pillars and ventilation ducts, pine tiled flooring etc. Food includes hot and cold ‘grazers’ and traditional pub classics. Open 7am-12.30am (11.30pm Sun).   Opened August 1993. Renamed Wren. Now a Select Service Partners Free House, ex-Travellers Fayre.   (Lat/Lon 51.5179610000000 -0.08187500000000000) map



EC2:  BRICKLAYERS' ARMS, 63 Charlotte Road. EC2A 3PE. (B1/5). Free House. Version <39 > Speckled Hen, Spitfire, C. Wells Bombar.    , Basic pub with a couple of table outside. Beautiful Whitbread mirror behind bar. Darts. Restaurant. Function room. Two regular guest beers. Open Monday - Friday 11-11. Shadow of its former self.  (Lat/Lon 51.5262451171875 -0.08110329508781430) map



EC2:  BROADGATE EXCHANGE, 2 Broadgate Place. EC2M 2QA. (B1/). Version <49>Ex Grand Met Watneys,  Ex S&N owned. Renamed WHITE HORSE. Geronimo pub acquired by Young’s in December 2010. Ex-Tattersall Castle Group in October 2010, ex-Spirit in 2005, previously S&N. Refurbished in ‘industrial rustic’ style with a mixture of seating, sofas and reclaimed furniture. Open 7.30am for breakfast-11pm Mon-Fri, closed weekends.   (Lat/Lon 51.5199000000000 -0.08230000000000000) map


51 BROWNS, 8 Old Jewry. Fuller: London Pride; Sharp: Doom Bar. Part of M&B bar and restaurant chain with real ale installed by August 2011.


EC2:  BULL, 4 Devonshire Row. EC2M 4RH. (B2/10). Version <51 >Sharp: Doom Bar; +2 guest beers (e.g. Dark Star Hophead, Wells Bombardier). Ex-Spirit, ex-S&N but still badged ‘T&J Bernard’.  Ex Grand Met Watneys Darts. Open Monday - Friday 11.30-11  ,  Saturday 11-3 only . COLLINS: Now S&N owned. Renamed back to BULL London Pride (not always available). Recently refurbished. Loud music and pop videos now predominate.  (Lat/Lon 51.5168838500976 -0.08015823364257810) map




EC2:  Bunker,  Cavendish Court off Devonshire Row. EC3. (B1/). Free House. Version <1B>No real ales     Opened 1993 selling a range of ales all on pressure   (Lat/Lon  )



EC2:  Butlers Head-Telegraph, 11 Telegraph Street. EC2R 7AR. (A2/6). Nicholsons FH. Version <31>Pub Demolished. Was believed to be owned by Bass. Is/was at 11 Telegraph Street but all I see is a new building. Demolished and replaced by The Telegraph.   (Lat/Lon 51.5155067443847 -0.08892151713371280) map



EC2:  CANTALOUPE,  35/42 Charlotte Road.  EC2A 3P. (B2/). Free House. Version <22 > Flowers IPA, 6X.  , New pub opened Oct 96 (?) Open 11-12 Mon-Fri, 612 Sat, closed Sun.   (Lat/Lon 51.5253000000000 -0.08090000000000000) map



EC2:  CITY HOUSE, 86 Bishopsgate EC2N 4AU. (/). Young & Co. Version <50 >closed and demolished in 2011 along with surrounding office buildings.  Former Finch's pub.   (Lat/Lon 51.5158000000000 -0.08140000000000000) map



EC2:  CITY PIPE, 33 Foster Lane EC2M 7QN. (A2/9). DavysFree House. Version <40 > Davys Original, Daveys Old wall.  , New Davy's Free House/basement bar in former restaurant under office block replacing the bar demolished along with the site further along the lane. Grey tiled and bareboard flooring, cream décor, spot lighting and display cabinets in typical modernised Davy's style. Restaurant area to side and area to rear for private functions. Open 10am-11pm Mon-Fri, closed weekends.   (Lat/Lon  )



EC2:  CITY TAVERN, 29 Lawrence Lane. EC2V 8DA. (A2/8). Whitbread. Version <39 > Greene K IPA, Greene K Abbot, .  Restaurant upstairs,  function room downstairs. Three bars - one on each floor but real ale only at ground level. Refurbished internally in 1991. L sha ped bar and more open drinking area replacing old snugs. Open Monday - Friday 11-11. Formerly the City Grill. A Hawkins & Co establishment.  (Lat/Lon 51.5140000000000 -0.09280000000000000) map



EC2:  Crispin, 3 Finsbury Avenue. EC2M 2PA. (/). Version <51> No longer a pub. Now Punch, ex-Spirit, ex-S&N. Ex Courage.  (Lat/Lon 51.5197143554687 -0.08411030471324920) map


EC2:  CROWDERS WELL-WOOD STREET,  Andrewes House - 185 Fore Street. EC2Y 5. (A2/11). Free House. Version <48> Greene King IPA and Abbot.    EX Charrington became GK 1993. Was a Greene King pub.Now a free house run by Peermans Pub Co.Re opened and renamed WOOD STREET, now a 'bar and restaurant'. Open from 11.30 Monday - Friday.   (Lat/Lon 51.5170000000000 -0.09040000000000000) map


EC2:  DIRTY DICKS,  202/204 Bishopsgate. EC2M 4NR. (B1/12). Youngs. Version <1c > Youngs Bitter, Youngs Special,   .   Expensive. Wines also a speciality. Ground floor and basem ent bars. Restaurant and function room. Open Monday - Friday 11-9,  Closed Saturdays but open for the market trade on Sunday at lunchtime.  (Lat/Lon 51.5178260803222 -0.07938500493764880) map



EC2 DRIFT, Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate. Version <51 >Fuller: London Pride; Woodforde: Wherry. Stylish Drake & Morgan bar and restaurant in new office development opened July 2011. Ground floor bar with outside seating with tall external windows and bar back lined with wine bottles and bric-à-brac stretching to upper level bar and restaurant (with no real ale). Open 12-11.30 (12.30am Fri & Sat, 5.30 Sun)


EC2: YE OLDE DR BUTLERS HEAD,  Mason's Avenue. EC2V 5BT. (A2/13). Shepherd Nea. Version <31 > Sheps Best Bitter, Spitfire, Sheps Master Brew.    Now owned by Shepherd Neame having been bought from the Laurel Pub Company. Split-level one-bar pub with seating area roped off. Two upstairs restaurants. Function room. Gas lit. Pub on the site since 1610. Building dates from 1666. Dr Butler was a specialist on nervous diso rders whose miracle cures included holding consultations on London Bridge during which the unfortunate client would be dropped through a trapdoor into the torrent below. He was court physician to James I. Open Monday - Friday 11-11.  (Lat/Lon 51.5157623291015 -0.09012431651353840) map


EC2:  FINCHS-MASTER GUNNER,  12a Finsbury Square.  EC2A 1AN. (/). Youngs. Version <37 > Youngs Bitter, Youngs Special.  , New Youngs pub. Open Mon-Fri 11-11 only. Proports to be 12a Finsbury Sq EC2 but supect it should be City Road EC1?Renamed Master Gunner April 2005.   (Lat/Lon 51.5218000000000 -0.08740000000000000) map



EC2:  FLEETWOOD, 36 Wilson Street. EC2M 2TE. (B2/14). Fullers. Version <1c > Fullers Chiswic, Fullers London Pride, Fullers ESB.  Modern pub with light-wood fittings with outside drinking area. It has become a favourite CAMRA drinking place. Cooked food lunchtime and snacks at other times. Open Monday - Friday 11-9 and Saturday 11-3    (Lat/Lon 51.5189476013183 -0.08591450750827790) map



EC2:  FLYING HORSE, 52 Wilson Street. EC2A 2ER. (B1/15). Courage. Version <39 > Adnams Bitter, Greene K IPA, Fullers London Pride.  Darts and pool in upstairs room which can be used as a function room. Lunchtime snacks. Open Monday-Friday 11-9.30.A much improved, but still traditional pub following its Oct 2005 refurbishment. SF.   (Lat/Lon 51.5204048156738 -0.08496944606304170) map



EC2:  FOX, 28 Paul Street. EC2A 4LB. (A1/16). G Met Watneys. Version <39 > C. Wells Bombar, .       Circular bar,  wooden floor,  prints on walls,  withupstairs lounge (bookable for private functions). Cooked meals lunchtime,  snacks at all times. OpenMonday - Friday 11.30-9.30.  (Lat/Lon 51.5238000000000 -0.08390000000000000) map



EC2:  GABLE, 25 Moorgate. EC2R 6AR. (/). Lewis & Clarke Free House. Version <40 > Adnams Bitter, Fullers London Pride.  , Lewis & Clarke Free House/gastropub opened c. August 2005 on ground floor of new office development. LargeL-shaped bar with open-plan kitchen at rear. Bare floorboards, exposed ceiling ventilation ducts, large windows to front and side. Mixture of seating areas. Rear entrance also on to Moorfields. 'Cellar' bar downstairs (without real ale). Available for hire for functions, including weekends. Open 9am (for breakfast) - 11pm Mon-Fri only.  (Lat/Lon 51.5161940000000 -0.08935700000000000) map



EC2:  GALLERY,  10/11Austin Friars. EC2N 2HG. (/). Lewis & Clarke Free House. Version <40 > Adnams Bitter, Fullers London Pride.  , Lewis & Clarke Free House/gastropub opened c. 2004 in former bank tucked away off Old Broad St. Large windows to street with high ceilings, the bar is fitted out in basic style with bare woodenfloor, concrete pillars and steps, exposed brickwork, red covered seats, grey décor and exposed metallic ventilation ducts. Open-plan kitchen to rear. Small balcony seating area upstairs. Open 7.30 (for breakfast) - 11 Mon-Fri.   (Lat/Lon 51.5157060000000 -0.08529900000000000) map



EC2:  GEORGE,  Great Eastern Hotel. EC2M 7QN. (/). Free House. Version <37 > Adnams Bitter, Greene K IPA, C. Wells Bombar.  New (2000) bar open from 11-11 Mon-Sat and 12-10.30 Sun.   (Lat/Lon 51.5173000000000 -0.08120000000000000) map



EC2:  GLOBE, 83 Moorgate. EC2M 6SA. (A2/17). Bass. Version <49>  Now a Nicholson pub (no longer Keats etc). Range now Fuller: London Pride; +Sharp: Doom Bar; +Taylor: Landlord;+guest beers. Now M&B (Nicholson), ex-Bass.  Open plan downstairs built mostly of light wood. Restaurant upstairs. Old adverts decorate the walls. Open Monday - Friday 11-9.30.   (Lat/Lon 51.5176582336425 -0.08874968439340590) map



EC2:  Great Eastern Free House-Terminus,  Great Eastern Hotel - Liverpool Street. EC2M 7QN. (B2/7). Free House. Version <38> No real ales     Renamed Terminus and styled as a Grill, Bar and Restaurant. Keg. Open: M-F 10-10.30, Sat 11-3, 5-11 and normal Sunday Hours.Formerly the City Gates.   (Lat/Lon 51.5173480000000 -0.08122300000000000) map



EC2:  GREEN MAN, 1 Poultry. EC2R 8EJ. (/). Wetherspoons. Version <39 >    New Wetherspoons free house. Opened Dec 98.Open all permitted hours.   (Lat/Lon 51.5132000000000 -0.09080000000000000) map



EC2:  GRIFFIN, 93 Leonard Street. EC2A 4RD. (B1/18). Free House. Version <39 > Greene K IPA, 6X, Speckled Hen, ., .    , Any of three beers could be on from GK IPA, 6X and Speckled Hen. Hasy night). Function room. Cooked food and doorstep sandwiches lunchtime with snacks at other times. Open Monday - Friday 11-11,  closed weekends exceptfor functions.  (Lat/Lon 51.5248000000000 -0.08200000000000000) map



EC2:  HAMILTON HALL,  Liverpool St Station-Bishopsgate Entrance.  EC2M 7PD. (/). Wetherspoons. Version <4B >     Wetherspoon free house opened early 1992.  Range 2010: Greene King; Abbot and Marston: Pedigree; +Greene King: Ruddles Best Bitter; +five guest beers. (Lat/Lon 51.5178000000000 -0.08090000000000000) map



EC2: The Hand Pump,  185/7 Bishopsgate. EC2M 3TT. (/). Whitbread. Version <1b>Pub Demolished.



EC2:  Heeltap & Bumper- Vinum,  2-4 Paul Street EC2A 4JH. (/). Version <50>No real ales     Corner of Worship Street next to Davy's Pulpit. New pub that opened in June 2001(?). Closed 2010. Will be reopened as Blueberry Bar & Grill  (Lat/Lon 51.5226100000000 -0.08407200000000000) map



EC2:  Henry's, 4 London Wall Buildings Blomfield Street. EC2. (/). Greenhalls. Version <52>Closed   Cafe bar acquired by TCG in 2005, ex-Greenalls via S&N and Spirit in 2003, closed, signage removed and future uncertain.



EC2:  HOGSHEAD-PHEONIX, 29 Throgmorton Street. EC2N 2AN. (/). Whitbread. Version <38 > Deuchars IPA, Adnams Bitter, Fullers London Pride, Bass      London's first completely no smoking pub. Opened Dec 99. Open 11-11 Mon-Fri only.   (Lat/Lon 51.5150000000000 -0.08610000000000000) map



EC2:  Hole in the Wall, 1 Mitre Court. EC2V 8AL. (A2/20). Scott & New. Version <38>Pub Demolished.  .  ,    (Lat/Lon  )



EC2:  HORSE & GROOM, 28 Curtain Road. EC2A 3NQ. (B1/21). Greene King. Version <39 > Greene K IPA, Greene K Abbot.  , Ex Charrington pub became GK in 1993. Near the site of Shakespeare's first theatre.   (Lat/Lon 51.5222053527832 -0.08067372441291810) map



EC2:  Jazz Bar,  Opp platforms 2-7 Liverpool Street Station. EC2. (/). Free House. Version <1A>Pub Demolished.



EC2:  KINGS ARMS, 27 Wormwood Street. EC2M 1RP. (B2/23). Scottish&New. Version <49 > Range now Greene King: IPA;+Taylor; Landlord; +Young: Bitter; +one or two guest beers. Beers may vary. Now Punch Pub Co, ex-S&N via Spirit. One of 106 managed pubs (92 in London) that are being badged by Punch as ‘Taylor Walker’ although, so far, the name appears mainly restricted to ‘A’ boards on the pavement and menus and is not a full scale rebranding exercise. Taylor Walker was a London brewery dating back to 1730 and brewed its Barley Mow beers in Limehouse until taken over by Ind Coope in 1960. At its peak, it operated 600 pubs. which eventually became part of Allied Domecq. The name, currently owned by Carlsberg UK who have licensed it to Punch, was revived for a while in the late ’70s when Taylor Walker lanterns appeared outside former Ind Coope pubs. After Allied was taken over by Bass in the ’90s, the pubs were spun off to various pub companies, some ending up with Punch. There appears to be no direct relationship between the current badging exercise and the original or ’70s Taylor Walker estates. The Kings Arms, for example, was a Trumans pub.    (Lat/Lon 51.5166244506835 -0.08316524326801300) map



EC2:  London General, 127 Finsbury Pavement. EC2A 1NQ. (A2/24). Bass. Version <23>Pub Demolished.    .  Formerly the Ship.   (Lat/Lon 51.5199737548828 -0.08797645568847660)



EC2:  LORD ABERCONWAY, 73 Old Broad Street. EC2M 1QS. (B2/25). Bass. Version <46>Range now Fuller: London Pride; Taylor: Landlord; two guest beers (e.g. Skinners Splendid Tackle and Thwaites Nutty Black).Formerly the Station Buffet. Unusual frontage makes the upstairs drinking area seem very spacious. Cooked food lunchtimes. Open Monday to Friday 11-8. Closed weekends.Now believed to be owned by Bass (was Ind Coope).  (Lat/Lon 51.5167961120605 -0.08264975249767300) map



EC2:  Magogs-Vino Vertas Cheapside, 8 Russia Row. EC2V 8BL. (A2/26). Version <48> Ex-S&N, converted to a pizza restarant by July 2003 and later demolished to make way for a new building including a pizza restaurant.    (Lat/Lon 51.5143928527832 -0.09381864219903950) map



EC2:  MAGPIE, 12 New Street. EC2M 4TP. (B2/27). Bass. Version <47 >Fuller: London Pride; +Caledonian: Deuchars IPA; +Taylor: Landlord; + real ales from a ‘seasonal list’ of 13 from breweries large and small on a total of 10 handpumps. There are four seasonal lists a year. Now M&B (Nicholson), ex-Bass. Unimaginative restoration spoilt a pub that had a genuine old fashioned feel to it. Yet another victim of the theme pub syndrome.  Darts and function room. Hot food and snacks lunchtime. Open Monday to Friday 11.30-8.30. Closed weekends.Once believed to be owned by Bass (was Ind Coope).  (Lat/Lon 51.5171394348144 -0.07921317219734190) map



EC2:  Moorgate Oriental, 45 London Wall. EC2M 5TE. (/). Free House. Version <38>No longer a pub.    New keg free house. Now a restaurant.   (Lat/Lon 51.5169480000000 -0.08811500000000000) map



EC2:  MOORGATE-KEAT’S AT THE GLOBE., 85 Moorgate. EC2M 6SA. (A2/28). Bass (M&B). Version <44>  Bass, Fullers London Pride.  Unusually it is next to another pub (the Globe). Bar food lunchtime only. Open Monday to Friday 11-9 .30,  Saturday 11-3.Renamed JOHN KEATS AT THE MOORGATE now KEAT’S AT THE GLOBE.   (Lat/Lon 51.5176582336425 -0.08874968439340590) map



EC2:  OLD BULE LAST, 38 Great Eastern Street. EC2A 3ES. (B1/29). Trumans. Version <51>One guest beer (e.g. Everard: Trumans Runner).  Large one bar pub. It claims to have been the first pub to sell Porter. Built 1700 re built 1876. Lunchtime snacks.  (Lat/Lon 51.5242691040039 -0.07998640835285190) map



EC2:  OLD KINGS HEAD, 28 Holywell Row. EC2A 4JB. (B1/30). G Met Trumans. Version <39 > Websters, Ruddles Best, .  Two little girls,  one of which was suffocated,  are said to haunt the cellars: it is said an appearance to a member of staff resulted in his resignation. This small corner pub boasts a pianist on Friday nights from 5-8.30. Rather unusual hours but he has to get to another pub by 9. The River Holywe ll runs beneath the pub. Hot food lunchtime and on request in the evening. Open Monday to Friday 11-11 and Saturday and Sunday lunchtimes. Darts  (Lat/Lon 51.5230000000000 -0.08240000000000000) map



EC2:  OLD MONK-PRODIGAL-CAPE, 10 Aldermanbury. EC2V 7RF. (/). Barracuda. Version <44 > Adnams Broadside, C. Wells Bombardier.  , (corner of Wood St/Love Lane ). Now run by Barracuda.Renamed PRODIGAL in Nov 2003. Renamed CAPE 2008. Free house opened in November 2000. Open 11-11 Mon-Fri only with food 11.30-10. +Archers: Golden.  (Lat/Lon 51.5161210000000 -0.09367000000000000) map



EC2:  Old Monk-Stone House, 128 Bishopsgate EC2M 4HX. (B2/). Free House. Version <51 >Antic, closed and awaiting demolition in December 2011 along with whole corner building. Opened March 1995.Renamed STONE HORSE by Puzzle Pub Co.   (Lat/Lon 51.5166210000000 -0.08077800000000000) map



EC2:  Olde Gresham, 54 Gresham Street. EC2. (/). Free House. Version <48>Pub Demolished.     Free, converted to ‘Jamies’ wine bar site now occupied by offices.    (Lat/Lon  )



EC2:  One Of 2, 45 Old Broad Street.  EC2N 1HU. (/). Fullers. Version <52 > One of 2-Wall. Renamed Babble after acquisition from Urbium by Novus c2010, still no real ale. Formerly ONE OF 2 (Fuller) until 2006. Opened June 99. Open 11-11 Mon-Fri only.   (Lat/Lon 51.5160000000000 -0.08300000000000000) map



EC2:  Pacific Oriental-Prohibition, 1 Bishopsgate. EC2N 3AQ. (/). Free House. Version <51>Renamed Prohibition, Free, closed and to let as a restaurant by June 2011.>   Opened in October 1998.   (Lat/Lon  )



EC2:  Pitcher & Piano, 200 Bishopsgate. EC2M 4NR. (/). Marstons. Version <49> Marston, closed by April 2011 and site acquired by Boots. (Lat/Lon 51.5179820000000 -0.07932300000000000) map



EC2:  Plough,  St. Alphage Highwalk - Fore Street. EC2Y 5EL. (A2/33). Free House. Version <42>Closed.  , ., .    , Closed and boarded up 2007.   (Lat/Lon 51.5177383422851 -0.09261584281921390)



EC2:  Podium,  St Alphage Highwalk - Fore Street. EC2Y 5EL. (A2/34). Whitbread. Version <46>Greene King, ex-Whitbread via Laurel, closed, future uncertain. One-bar pub in the high-rise walkway in Barbican. (Lat/Lon 51.5177383422851 -0.09261584281921390) map



EC2:  Primrose, 229 Bishopsgate. EC2M 3UD. (/). G Met Trumans. Version <1b>Pub Demolished.


EC2:  PRINCESS ROYAL-PRINCESS, 76 Paul Street. EC2A 4NE. (A1/36). Whitbread. Version <48> +Adnams: seasonal beer; +Meantime: London Pale Ale; +Sambrook: Wandle.      Large one-bar pub used as such for 120 years. The restaurant doubles as a function room. Snacks in the evening on request. Darts.  (Lat/Lon 51.5254010000000 -0.08373900000000000) map


EC2:  Prophet,  5-11 Worship Street. EC2A 2BH. (/). Free House. Version <52> Closed due to fire in neighbouring premises. Balls Bros, ex-Lewis & Clarke in 2006, now demolished. City Road end.    (Lat/Lon 51.5223130000000 -0.08627600000000000) map



EC2:  RACK & RENTER,  Tenter House 45 Moorfields. EC2Y 9AE. (A2/32). Wizard Inns. Version <52>range now Brakspear Bitter; +Marston: EPA, Pedigree, Ringwood Best. Marston, ex-Wizard in 2004. Ex Regent Inns. Best to visit the pub when empty if you want to view the stamp collection which appears to be unappreciated by most drinkers. Patio. Hot and cold food lunchtime only. Open Monday to Friday 11-9.30. Closed weekends.  (Lat/Lon 51.5184288024902 -0.08900751173496250) map



EC2:  RAILWAY TAVERN, 15 Liverpool Street. EC2M 7NH. (B2/37). Whitbread. Version <39 > Greene K IPA, Greene K Abbot,    The railway insignia are interesting and hard to miss. Darts can be played upstairs. Function room.Plus Greene King seasonal beer or guest.  (Lat/Lon 51.5174827575683 -0.08411030471324920) map



EC2:  RED LION, 1 Eldon Street. EC2M 7LS. (B2/38). Scottish&New. Version <18 > Websters, Ruddles Best, Ruddles County.  A very busy expensive pub with an upstairs eating area. What appears to be original tongue-and-grove ceiling remains. Hot lunches and snacks at all t imes. Open Monday to Friday 11-9. Closed weekends.Now S&N owned.  (Lat/Lon 51.5186882019042 -0.08548493683338170) map



EC2:  ROOM, 10 Copthall Avenue. EC2R 7DE. (/). Free House. Version <24 > Spitfire.    Open Mon-Fri 11-11 only.   (Lat/Lon 51.5161030000000 -0.08760300000000000) map



EC2:  SCOTTISH POUND-POUND, 50 London Wall. EC2M 5TE. (/). Greene King. Version <45>No Longer a pub  .  , Renamed POUND. Converted to beauty clinic by December 2008.   (Lat/Lon 51.5168838500976 -0.08806236833333970) map



EC2:  Shorts-City Tup, 66 Gresham Street. EC2V 7BB. (A2/41). Labatts. Version <48>Closed 2006.then demolished. Became a modern office bock by 2010. Formerly City Tup originally THREE BUCKS.  (Lat/Lon 51.5148200988769 -0.09124120324850080) map



EC2:  Sir Paul Pindar, 213 Bishopsgate. EC2M 3TT. (/). Bass. Version <1c>Pub Demolished.

EC2:  SIR PAUL PINDAR-FIRST & LAST, 14 Bishopsgate Arcade, 175 Bishopsgate EC2M 3YD. (/). Bass. Version <48> Renamed ALL BAR ONE, rebranded by M&B, Sharp: Doom Bar. New pub replacing the demolished Sir Paul Pindar.Renamed back from FIRST AND LAST.   (Lat/Lon 51.5187280000000 -0.07983900000000000) map



EC2:  Slurping Toad,  232/238 Bishopsgate EC2. (B1/). Eldridge Pope. Version <38>No longer a pub. Became a Boots and now a Pizza Express.       (Lat/Lon  )


EC2 Strongroom, 120-124 Curtain Rd. Version <51 >No real ale. ‘Bar and kitchen’ opened by November 2008 in former warehouse and associated with Strongroom Recording Studios. Home to a successful London breweries cask ale festival in April which may encourage the introduction of real ale on a permanent basis.


EC2:  TALBOT-O’NEILLS, 64 London Wall. EC2M 5TP. (B2/40). Bass (M&B). Version <51 >Closed December 2011. Former free house. Renamed O'NEILL'S (Sept 96).   (Lat/Lon 51.5167961120605 -0.08660182356834410)


EC2:  TELEGRAPH, 11 Telegraph Street . EC2R 7AR. (/). Fullers. Version <34 > Fullers Chiswic, Fullers London Pride.  , Seasional beer will rotate with ESB.Ring 0207 920 9090 for your Christmas booking. Opened in July. Partly on the site of the Butlers Head. Open 11-11 Mon-Fri only. Food 12-9pm.   (Lat/Lon 51.515647 -0.088314) map


EC2:  Three Crowns, 5 Old Jewry. EC2R 8DU. (A2/42). Greene King. Version <26>No longer a pub   , Former Magic Pub Co. then Greene King.Converted to private medical centre.   (Lat/Lon 51.5142211914062 -0.09046797454357150)



EC2:  Throgmorton Restarant, 27 Throgmorton Street. EC2N 2AN. (B2/39). Bass. Version <44>Closed.  Former Joe Lyons restaurant. Three seperate drinking areas, two below groundlevel with two restauranng areas, two below groundlevel with two restauranNow believed to be owned by Bass. Dropped the restaurant Ex Ind Cope. Closed, future uncertain.   (Lat/Lon 51.5149879455566 -0.08608633279800420) map



EC2:  Truscott Arms-Papermill,  2/6 Curtain Road. EC2A 3NQ. (B1/). Free House. Version <39> , 6X.  New pub opened in 1993.Pumpclips for Courage Best and Directors seem to be permanently reversed, but maybe I'm just unlucky (SH).Formerly a printing works. Opens at 8am for breakfast. Licensing hours: 11-11 Mon-Fri, closed weekends. Renamed PAPERMILL.   (Lat/Lon 51.5222053527832 -0.08067372441291810) map



EC2:  Udder Place-Davy's of Russia Court,  Russia Court - Russia Row - 1/6 Milk Street. EC2V 8AN. (A2/44). Davys Free House. Version <38>Pub Demolished. . Demolished c2001.   (Lat/Lon 51.5149879455566 -0.09381864219903950)



EC2:  WATERMARK CLUB, 35 Scrutton Street. EC2A 4RQ. (/). Free House. Version <38 > Bass, Greene K IPA.  , Draught Bass (£2/pint). Despite its name it is a pub proper: small wood-panelled local with bare floorboards; steps lead down to a lower room with pool table. Open 1111 Mon-Fri only, may close earlier, dependent on customers. Apparently in existence for 30 years and originally a club serving the local print industry. Under current management for 18 months.   (Lat/Lon 51.522834 -0.081814) map



EC2:  WHITE HART, 121 Bishopsgate. EC2M 3TH. (B2/46). Bass. Version <47> A similar range to the Magpie on eight handpumps. Now M&B (Nicholson), ex-Bass.  , Typical City pub in an area of Bass houses. WineVaults is the name of the downstairs wine bar. ked food lunchtimes and snacks other times. Open MUp to four changing real ales from regional brewers  (Lat/Lon 51.5167961120605 -0.08136104047298430) map


EC2:  White Hart, 24 Clifton Street. EC2A 4ES. (B1/45). Bass. Version <38>Pub Demolished.  .  , Changed its address to Crown Place. Demolished 2005. Site now developed for offices. 



EC2:  Windmill, 27 Tabernacle Street. EC2A 4DE. (A1/47). Bass. Version <40>No real ales    Former free house now destroyed by the 'need' for office space. It is festooned with memorabilia including some old beer bottles of note above the bar. Noisy. Nice photos of windmills: examples of post,  smock and tower are represented but their names and locations are not indicated for those of you who are windmill fans. Hot food lunchtime. Darts.Open Monday - Friday 11-9. Closed weekends.  (Lat/Lon 51.5230674743652 -0.08651591092348100) map



EC2:  WOODINS SHADES, 212 Bishopsgate. EC2M 4PT. (B1/48). Bass. Version <48 >Fuller: London Pride; Taylor: Landlord; +five guests from micros and regionals, An example of the recent increase in beer range in M&B’s Nicholson estate.  Extremely popular pub with two bars and a restaurant. Handy for the Petticoat Lane Market. Cooked fo od lunchtime. Open Monday to Friday 11-8,  closed Saturday but open Sunday lunchtime.  (Lat/Lon 51.5182533264160 -0.07929909229278560) map



Click here for the map


EC3:  ALL BAR ONE, 16 Byward Street. EC3R 5BA. (/). Bass (M&B). Version <52>Fuller: London Pride; Sharp: Doom Bar. Formerly the Broker but unreported. Opened Sept 98. Open Mon-Fri 11.30-11and Sat 12-6 only.   (Lat/Lon 51.5097920000000 -0.07893200000000000) map



EC3:  ALL BAR ONE, 107/8 Hounsditch. EC3A 7BD. (/). Bass (M&B). Version <47> Fuller: London Pride; Harvey: Sussex Best Bitter. Now M&B, ex- Six Continents. Opened October 2001 no doubt replacing the Drum & Monkey at 104. Open 11-11 Mon-Fri only.   (Lat/Lon 51.5157300000000 -0.07911500000000000) map



EC3:  Angel-Missouri Angel, 14 Crosswall. EC3N 2LJ. (A1/1). Bass. Version <42>No real ales!   , Reopened and renamed MISSOURI ANGEL. No real ale, H removed. An independent bar/restaurant with Sierra Nevada and Anchor keg beers.  . (Lat/Lon 51.5116424560546 -0.07569067925214770)



EC3:  ASSEMBLY,  14-15 Seething Lane. EC3N 4AX. (/). Free House. Version <33 > Adnams Bitter, Fullers London Pride.  , Free house/bar that opened in October 2002. Run by Lewis & Clarke.   (Lat/Lon 51.5098390000000 -0.07960700000000000) map



EC3:  Bangers Too, 1 St Mary at Hill EC3R 8EE. (B2/2). Davys Free House. Version <52> Closed in June 2012 due to expiry of lease.      (Lat/Lon 51.5100059509277 -0.08368073403835300) map



EC3:  BAR EXCELLENCE-PITCHER & PIANO, 28/31 Cornhill. EC3V 3ND. (/). Wizard Inns. Version <47> Marston: seasonal beer; +Wychwood: Brakspear Oxford Gold. Now Marston, ex-W&D.   (Lat/Lon 51.513208 -0.087119) map



EC3:  BRITANNIA, 20 Monument Street EC3R 8AJ. (/). Bass. Version <50 > Fuller: London Pride; Marston: EPA; Taylor: Landlord in this Stonegate pub. New pub opened late 1991 replacing one in the same street. Town, ex-Bass. See appendix above.  (Lat/Lon 51.509761 -0.085807) map



EC3:  Bulla-McDaids-Pitcher & Piano, 9 The Arches Crutched Friars. EC3N 2AU. (B1/24). Free House. Version <48>No real ales     Renamed McDaids then Pitcher & Piano. Renamed BAVARIAN BEERHOUSE, still no real ale. Has the same branding as the branch in City Road, EC1, including German keg beers, food, exposed brickwork and waitresses in traditional Bavarian dress. Now operated by small Bavarian Beerhouse Group, ex-Marston. Formerly the Savage Grill.   (Lat/Lon 51.51127 -0.077458) map



EC3:  Bulls Head, 80 Leadenhall Street. EC3A 3DH. (/). Version <1c>Pub Demolished. . (Lat/Lon 51.5133590698242 -0.07826811820268630)



EC3:  BUNCH OF GRAPES/GRAPES, 14 Lime Street. EC3M 7AP. (A2/3). Bass. Version <1c>  Bass, Fullers London Pride.  One bar pub with a restaurant. The bow frontage has a preservation order. Open Monday to Friday 11- 9.30. Closed weekends.  (Lat/Lon 51.5121574401855 -0.08342298865318300) map

EC3:  Canterbury Arms, 20 Fish Street Hill. EC3R 6BY. (B2/4). Whitbread. Version <1c>Pub Demolished.



EC3:  CHAMERLAIN,  130/134 Minories. EC3N 1NU. (/). Fullers. Version <31 > Fullers London Pride, Fullers Chiswic, Eagle.  ESB and seasonal beer. Open all permitted hours.New Fullers Ale & Pie bar attached to a converted office block in November 2001.   (Lat/Lon 51.5122680000000 -0.07583000000000000) map

EC3:  CHAPMANS WINE LODGE-WINE LODGE, 145 Fenchurch Street. EC3M 6BL. (B2/5). Free House. Version <44>  Harvey: Sussex Best Bitter, ., Spitfire.  Closed 2007.  Reopened and now independent, ex-Young. Formerly CHAPMANS WINE LODGE. +Waggledance.   (Lat/Lon 51.5117225646972 -0.08247792720794680)



EC3:  CHESHIRE CHEESE,  48/50 Crutched Friars. EC3N 2AP. (B1/6). Version <1c>> Bass. >Under a railway arch. Gaslights. Cooked food lunchtimes and snacks at other times. Open Monday to Fr iday 11-9.  Town, ex-Bass. See appendix above. (Lat/Lon 51.5112953186035 -0.07861177623271940) map


EC3:  CITY F.O.B.,  Adelaide House. Lower Thames Street. EC3R 6DJ. (B2/8). Davys Free House. Version <50 >Closed c2010 after 32 years, the acronym standing for ‘Free On Board’ in shipping terminology.     (Lat/Lon 51.509473 -0.086929) map



EC3:  City Food & Ale House-City Litten, 1 Seething Lane. EC3N 4AX. (B1/7). Free House. Version <38>No longer a pub.   CITY ALE & WINE HOUSE: Renamed CITY FOOD & ALE HOUSE. Now renamed CITY LITTENClosed.Whole building appears to be being converted to an hotel.   (Lat/Lon 51.5097503662109 -0.07998640835285190)


EC3:  CITY OF LONDON YEOMAN-GOOSE AT FENCHURCH-WINDSOR, 2 London Street. EC3M 4AJ. (B1/9). Bass (M&B). Version <40 > Fullers London Pride, Greene K IPA.  Two dartboards. Restaurant. Open Monday - Friday 11-9. Closed wekends.Now M&B, ex-Bass. Renamed GOOSE AT FENCHURCH. Ex Ind Coope. Town, see appendix above. (Lat/Lon 51.5113830566406 -0.07826811820268630) map



EC3:  Clanger-Drum & Monkey, 104 Hounsditch. EC3A 7BD. (A2/10). Bass. Version <38>Pub Demolished. Demolished c2000 after bing renamed DRUM & MONKEY   (Lat/Lon 51.5161972045898 -0.07938500493764880)



EC3:  COCK & WOOLPACK, 6 Finch Lane. EC3V 3NA. (A2/11). Shepherd Neame. Version <45>  Shepherd Neame Bishops Finger, Sheps Best Bitter, Spitfire, ., .    , + seasonal beer; guest beer (e.g. Oakham JHB). Former Free House acquired and reopened by Shepherd Neame in 2002 but not previously reported.   (Lat/Lon 51.5136184692382 -0.08591450750827790)

EC3 CORNEY & BARROW, 25 Fenchurch Ave. Hook Norton: Best Bitter (£3.70/pint). Chain wine bar now with draught beer. Version <48>


EC3:  COUNTING HOUSE, 50 Cornhill. EC3V 3PD. (/). Fullers. Version <25 > Fullers Chiswick, Fullers London Pride.  , Opened Dec 97. Full fullers range.Open Mon-Fri 11-11only.   (Lat/Lon 51.513192 -0.084986) map



EC3:  CROSSE KEYS,  7-12 Gracechurch Street. EC3V 0DR. (/). Wetherspoons. Version <26 >    New Wetherspoons free house that opened in June 1999. Open all hours.   (Lat/Lon 51.512734 -0.08502) map



EC3:  CRUTCHED FRIAR, 38 Crutched Friars. EC3N 2AE. (/). Version <50 > Bass, Fuller: London Pride; +St Austell: Tribute; +Sharp: Doom Bar; +Taylor: Landlord; +two guest beers. Core range may vary.  New pub. Open Mon-Fri only. Nicholson. See appendix above.  (Lat/Lon 51.51131 -0.078782) map



EC3: Ye Olde Crutched Friars, 15 Crosswall. EC3N 2LB. (/). G Met Watneys. Version <1b>Pub Demolished. (Lat/Lon 51.5109558105468 -0.07612024992704390)



EC3:  EAST INDIA ARMS, 67 Fenchurch Street. EC3M 4BR. (A2/13). Shepherd Neame. Version <40 > Shepherd Neame Bishops Finger, Sheps Best Bitter, Hancock HB, Kents Best      Reverted to Bass after 21 year lease to Youngs expired. Now Shephaer Neame. Nofrills pub in the heart of the City. Note the unusual handpumps. No jeans.   (Lat/Lon 51.5124168395996 -0.07869768887758260) map



EC3:  EASTERN MONK-SPRINGBOK BAR, 133 Houndsditch EC3A 7BX. (A1/). Free House. Version <51 >Renamed ALCHEMIST by November 2011, Fuller: London Pride; +Sharp: Doom Bar; +Wells: Bombardier. Opened Nov 96(?). Wheelchair access. Renamed Springbok Bar.Run by Barracuda. No smoking area, no music. Open 11-11 Mon-Fri only.   (Lat/Lon 51.51551 -0.07774) >a href="http://www.streetmap.co.uk/streetmap.dll?Postcode2Map?code=EC3A+7BX "> map



EC3:  ELEPHANT, 119 Fenchurch Street. EC3M 5BA. (B2/14). Youngs. Version <1c > Bass, Youngs Bitter.  , Hogarth used to live on the site. Locally called the Zoo. Snacks at all times. Open Monday to Frida y 11-10.30.  (Lat/Lon 51.5119819641113 -0.08127512782812120) map



EC3:  FINE LINE,  Equitable House 1 Monument Street. EC3R 8AH. (/). Fullers. Version <27 > Fullers London Pride.    New fullers pub opend in Sept 99.Open 11.30-11 Mon-Fri only.   (Lat/Lon 51.51015 -0.085979) map



EC3:  Fine Line-Mary Jane,  124-127 Minories. EC3N 1NT. (/). Fullers. Version <44>No real ales     New Fullers bar/cafe that opened January 1999. Open 11-11 Mon-Fri only.Renamed MARY JANES, H removed. Now operated by Mint Group, ex-Fuller’s.   (Lat/Lon 51.512268 -0.07583) map



EC3 FOLLY, 41 Gracechurch St. Fuller: London Pride; Woodforde: Wherry (£4.20/pint). Spacious and stylish bar and restaurant occupying ground floor and basement of office building. Opened November 2010 by Drake & Morgan pub company. Has in-house deli, wine shop and flower shop. Open-to-view kitchen and potted plants throughout. Open 7.30am-11pm Mon-Wed, 7.30am-1am Thu/Fri, 10am midnight Sat, 10am-7pm Sun.



EC3:  FT s Free House & English Club (The English Club), 26 a Savage Gardens . EC3N 2AR. (/). Free House. Version <48> Is a Thorley Tavern Converted to ‘Orpheus’ restaurant. No longer a pub.  (Lat/Lon 51.511201 -0.077633) map



EC3:  HABIT, 65 Crutched Friars. EC3N 2AE. (/). Davys Free House. Version <39 > Davys Original, Daveys Old wall.  , Davys Free House in large modern office block.   (Lat/Lon 51.51131 -0.078782) map



EC3:  Hogs Head-Slug & Lettuce, 1 America Square. EC3N 2LS. (/). Laurel. Version <52>Bay Restaurant Group, ex-Laurel, no real ale. Opens 11-11 but closed weekends.Renamed SLUG & LETTUCE. Ex-Whitbread. Formerly HOGSHEAD. Now the Revolution Bar.  (Lat/Lon 51.511014 -0.076099) map



EC3:  HOGSHEAD, 25 St Mary Axe. EC3A 8AA. (/). Whitbread. Version <39 > Black Sheep Bitter, C. Wells Bombardier.  , Opened in March (update 29). Renamed SLUG & LETTUCE in 2006. A welcome retention of real ale despite the change of name.   (Lat/Lon 51.514865 -0.081169) map


EC3:  HOGSHEAD-MONUMENT, 18 Fish Street Hill. EC3R 6DB. (/). Greene King. Version <42 > Old Speckled Hen.  Opened late 97 Now Green King owned and renamed Monument.Opens Mon-Fri 11-11 and Sat 11-5 only.   (Lat/Lon 51.510027 -0.08669) map


EC3:  HOOP & GRAPES, 47 Aldgate High Street. EC3N 1AL. (A1/15). Now M&B (Nicholson), ex-Bass. Version <47>  Fullers London Pride. Taylor: Landlord; +two guest beers (e.g. Adnams, Ryedale). Darts. Restaurant. Listed Building dating from the 11th century although it has been a pub for only the last 100 years. It missedthe Great Fire of London by a few yards and is one of only a handful of timbered buildings still left in London. Open Monday - Friday 11-10.30,  clo sed Saturday but open Sunday lunchtime for the Petticoat Market trade.  (Lat/Lon 51.514089 -0.074428) map



EC3:  HUNG, DRAWN & QUARTERED, 27 Great Tower Street EC3R 5AQ. (B1/). Fullers. Version <19 > Fullers London Pride, Fullers ESB.  , New pub opened Dec (?) 1995. Open Mon-Fri 11-11, 12 6 Sat, closed Sat evening and all Sunday.   (Lat/Lon 51.509574 -0.080988) map



EC3:  JAMAICA WINE HOUSE,  St Michaels Alley - Cornhill. EC3V 9DS. (/). Shepherd Neame. Version <45 > Sheps Best Bitter, Spitfire, .  Also a guest beer that changes every six weeks. Two bars with real ale in the basement only. Lunchtime snacks. Old business centre for the Jamaica trade. The original building was burnt down in the Great Fire of London. The present building dates from 1674. Open Monday - Friday 11.30-8. Closed weekends. Free House acquired by Shepherd Neame in April 2009.  (Lat/Lon 51.513022 -0.085628) >a href="http://www.streetmap.co.uk/streetmap.dll?Postcode2Map?code=EC3V+9DS "> map



EC3:  LAMB TAVERN,  10/12 Leadenhall Market. EC3V 1LR. (A2/16). Young & Co. Version <1c > Youngs Bitter, Youngs Special, Youngs Winter W.  It was a free house until 1985. Darts and function room. Cooked meals lunchtime,  snacks other times . Open Monday to Friday 11-9.30. Multi-layered pub in a magnificent Victorian covered market. Crowded lunchtimes and early evenings.  (Lat/Lon 51.5125846862792 -0.08333707600831990) map



EC3:  LIBERTY BOUNDS, 15 Trinity Square. EC3N 4AA. (/). Wetherspoons. Version <24 >    Opened March 1997.   (Lat/Lon 51.509745 -0.07879) map



EC3:  Mailcoach, 1 Camomile Street. EC3A 7BH. (A2/17). . Version <50> Spirit, ex-Punch Pub Co, ex-S&N, now demolished along with surrounding office block..   (Lat/Lon 51.5155944824218 -0.08101738244295120) map



EC3:  MINORIES, 64 Minories. EC3N 1DD. (/). Laurel. Version <46> Fuller: London Pride; +Wells: Bombardier. New large pub in railway arches near Tower Gateway DLR station. Darts. Restaurant. Wall to wall yuppies. Disco Thursday and Friday (no jeans). No smoking area. Often queues on Friday. Open Monday - Tuesday 11.30-8.30,  Wednesday - Thursday 11.30-10.30,  Friday 11.30-11. Closed weekends. Renamed LITTEN TREE? Mentioned in an offer in the Evening Standard of October 17th. News? Former SFI Free House acquired by Laurel. Now Town & City, ex-Laurel. (Lat/Lon 51.5120697021484 -0.07526110857725140) map



EC3:  NEW MOON, 88 Gracechurch Street. EC3V 0DN. (A2/18). Greene King. Version <42 > Greene King IPA, Old Speckled Hen, Websters.  Darts. Cooked meals lunchtime and snacks at other times. Split level pub. Lounge downstairs. Open Monday to Thursday 11-10,  Friday 11-9,  Saturday 11.30-3 and Sunday 12-2.Now Greene King, ex-Whitbread via Laurel. Has seasonal beers.   (Lat/Lon 51.5127563476562 -0.08419621735811230) map



EC3:  Old Monk- Pause, 80 Leadenhall Street EC3A 3DH. (/). Free House. Version <39>No longer a pub.     New pub opened Nov 96(?).Converted to 'Pause' cocktail bar, bottled beers only.   (Lat/Lon 51.513433 -0.078303)



EC3:  OLD TEA WAREHOUSE,  6-8 Creechurch Lane EC3A 5AY. (A2/). Greene King. Version <22 > Greene K Abbot, Greene K IPA.  , Originally a tea warehouse opened in Oct 96. Open 11-11 Mon-Fri only but may close from 9pm depending on trade. Available for hire weekends.   (Lat/Lon 51.513742 -0.079054) map


EC3 OLD TOM’S BAR, 10-12 Leadenhall Market. Sambrook: Wandle; Young: Bitter; guest beer (e.g. Redemption Trinity). Young’s basement bar under Lamb Tavern, now operated separately but under same management as pub above, with its own entrance on Whittington St, opened October 2011. Also has keg and ‘craft’ bottled beers from Meantime and Camden Town, and Sipsmith gin. Quality cheeses, artisanal cold meals and jars of nuts and olives. Green and cream tiles, bare bricks, polished wooden floor and mix of tables, chairs and sofas. Open 10am-11pm Mon-Fri only.


EC3:  PEACOCK, 41 Minories. EC3N 1DY. (A1/19). Scottish&New. Version <44 >Black Sheep Bitter, Ex Grand Met Chef & Brewer.  Open 11-11 Monday to Friday. Harvey: Sussex Bitter; +guest beer.   (Lat/Lon 51.5119018554687 -0.07517519593238830) map



EC3:  Poets-Poets Corner-Lowlander., 20 Creechurch Lane. EC3A 5AY. (/). Free House. Version <51> New free house that opeend in Dec 1998. Open 11-11 Mon-Fri only. Renamed POETS CORNER. closed early 2006 but not previously reported. Sold and renamed CHRISTOPHERS BAR & GRILL for a short while but, prior to opening, sold on again to be renamed LOWLANDER (GRAND CAFÉ). Closed October 2009. Reopened and renamed JAMIES. No real ale. Now part of Jamies wine bar and restaurant chain operated by Kornicis Group by June 2011 with keg beer. (Lat/Lon 51.5137429 -0.079054) map



EC3:  PUMPHOUSE, 82 Fenchurch Street. EC3M 4BY. (A1/20). Bass. Version <44>Closed.  ., .  Closed along with whole building (82-86), pending redevelopment.   (Lat/Lon 51.5127563476562 -0.07766671478748320) map



EC3:  RAVEN-FEN,  Fenchchurch Street Station Concourse. EC3M 4AJ. (B1/21). Free House. Version <41 > Fullers London Pride, Greene K IPA.  , Renamed FEN,   (Lat/Lon 51.511446 -0.078315) map



EC3:  Red Lion, 8 Lombard Court. EC3V 9BJ. (B2/23). Bass. Version <47 >Closed. Now believed to be owned by Bass. Ex Nicholsons .  (Lat/Lon 51.5116424560546 -0.08634407818317410) map



EC3:  Red Lion-O'Neill's-WHITE HORSE, 31 Houndsditch. EC3A 7DB. (A2/22). Bass (M&B). Version <45>  Fullers London Pride, Taylors Landlord, .  Renamed WHITE HORSE by September 2008.   (Lat/Lon 51.5149879455566 -0.07852585613727570) map



EC3:  SHIP, 3 Hart Street. EC3R 7NB. (B2/25). Scott & New. Version <50 >Adnams: Bitter; +St Austell: Tribute; +Sharp: Doom Bar; +guests (e.g. Everard Beacon). Now S&N PC, ex S&N.    Cooked meals lunchtime and snacks other times. Darts. Restaurant and function room. Open Monday to Friday 11-9.30. Closed weekends.  (Lat/Lon 51.5107803344726 -0.07990048825740810) map



EC3:  Ship & Compass-Walkers of Fenchurch St, 18 London Street. EC3R 7JP. (B2/26). Nicholsons FH. Version <30>Pub Demolished.  .   Believed to be owned by Bass. Demolished.   (Lat/Lon 51.5119819641113 -0.08007232099771500)



EC3:  Ship & Turtle-Vino Veritas Leadenhall-Vine, 122 Leadenhall Street - P&O Building. EC3V 4PT. (A2/27). Scottish&New. Version <44>Pub Demolished.   , Former Courage pub.   (Lat/Lon 51.5136184692382 -0.08247792720794680) map



EC3:  Ship Tavern, 27 Lime Street. EC3M 7HR. (B2/29). Enterprise Inns. Version <52> Now a Nando's restaurant.    (Lat/Lon 51.5119819641113 -0.08342298865318300) map



EC3:  SHIP TAVERN, 11 Talbot Court EC3V 0BP. (B2/28). Bass. Version <51 >Range Fuller: London Pride; +St Austell: Tribute; +Sharp; Doom Bar; +5 guests from regionals and micros. Now M&B (Nicholson), ex-Bass.   Cooked food lunchtime and snacks in the evenings.Function room. Open Monday to Friday 11-8.30. Now believed to be owned by Bass. Ex Nicholsons.  (Lat/Lon 51.5110397338867 -0.08479762077331540) map



EC3:  SIMPSONS TAVERN,  Marlow House - Lloyds Avenue. EC3V 9DR. (B2/30). Free House. Version <41 > Bass.    Note correct address. Two bars,  ground floor and basement. Lunchtime food. The pub was founded by Thomas Simpson in 1757 and is currently owned by E.J. Rose but was for sale as was the Jamaica Wine House. Open Monday - Friday 11.30-3.30. Closed weekends.   (Lat/Lon 51.5130157470703 -0.08600042015314100) map



EC3:  Sir John Falstaff, 17 Eastcheap. EC3M 1BN. (B2/31). Free House. Version <24>No longer a pub.     Greene King Abb    Converted to a shop.   (Lat/Lon 51.5108680725097 -0.08496944606304170)



EC3:  Slug & Lettuce, 100 Fenchurch Street. EC3M 5JD. (/). Version <47> Fuller: London Pride; Wells: Bombardier. Real ale recently introduced. Bay Restaurant Group, ex-SFI via Laurel.   Mentioned in an offer in the Evening Standard of October 17th 2003. This from London Drinker " Originally PARISA and part of a small chain opened c.’99/2000 but not previously reported. Believed acquired by SFI and renamed c. 2002, and acquired by Laurel in 2005".   (Lat/Lon 51.512881 -0.078658) map



EC3:  STERLING, 30 St Mary Axe. EC3A 8BF. (/). Lewis & Clarke Free House. Version <40 > Adnams Bitter, Fullers London Pride.  , Lewis & Clarke Free House/gastropub opened c. April 2005 on ground floor of landmark 'Gherkin' office building. Entrance is at rear of building, approached through a large outdoor drinking andeating area. Large glass windows, narrow bar area with mixture of seating, cream décor and open-plan kitchen. Small upstairs seating area. Open 8am (for breakfast) - 11pm Mon-Fri only.   (Lat/Lon 51.5144740000000 -0.08034900000000000) map



EC3:  SWAN,  Ship Tavern Passage. EC3V 1LY. (B2/32). Fullers. Version <1c > Fullers London Pride, Fullers ESB.  , Became a Fullers pub in 1993.Larger bar upstairsthat can be used as a function room. Darts. Luncht ime snacks. Open Monday - Friday 11-9,  Saturday 11-3. Closed Sunday.  (Lat/Lon 51.5122413635253 -0.08445396274328230) map



EC3:  Tanners Hall,  Philpot Lane. EC3M 8AA. (B2/33). Whitbread. Version <32>No longer a pub.   Closed and now (2002) appears to be converted to a job agency.   (Lat/Lon 51.5110397338867 -0.08436805009841920)



EC3:  THREE LORDS, 47 Minories. EC3N 1DD. (/). Young & Co. Version <1c > Youngs Bitter, Youngs Special, Youngs Winter W.  Darts in the downstairs bar. Open Monday to Friday 11-11. Closed weekends. Built on the site of the old Franciscan nunnery - hence Minories. On dissolution the parish was granted the full privileges of the nunnery,  including marriage without banns or licence and licensing their own publicans. The nameThree Lords comes from three Jacobite Lords executed after the '45 rebellion.  (Lat/Lon 51.5120697021484 -0.07526110857725140) map



EC3:  THREE TUNS-HENNESSYS, 36 Jewry Street. EC3N 2EX. (A1/34). Version <51 >range Sharp: Doom Bar. Independent, ex-Bass in 2001.  Cooked meals lunchtime and snacks other times. Opens Monday to Friday 11am until quiet. Renamed HENNESSYS 2003  (Lat/Lon 51.5124969482421 -0.07689348608255390) map



EC3:  Tiger Tavern,  Bowring Building - Tower Place. EC3Y 5BT. (B1/35). Bass. Version <31>Pub Demolished. 2002 update: Where's the Tiger Tavern? Not to be confused with where's the tigers head to which the reply would be "four foot from its tail". Seems to me it has been demolished. (Lat/Lon  )


EC3 TRIDENT, 29-31 Mitre St. Version <51 > Crouch Vale: Brewers Gold from cooled cask on bar (G). Small independent bar with downstairs restaurant. Formerly a gentlemen’s club. Open 12-mid evening Mon- Fri.



EC3:  UNDERWRITER, 15 St. Mary Axe. EC3A 8AH. (A2/36). Scott & New. Version <43 > Old Speckled Hen, Greene K IPA,  Courage Best.  Basement bar under Commercial Union Building. Now Trust Inns, ex-S&N.   (Lat/Lon 51.5142211914062 -0.08127512782812120) map



EC3:  WALRUS & CARPENTER, 45 Monument Street. EC3R 8BU. (B2/37). Bass. Version <50 >Fuller: London Pride; St Austell: Tribute; Sharp: Doom Bar; +guest beers (e.g. Brains, Harviestoun, Kelham Island and Leeds). Now M&B (Nicholson), ex-Bass.Formerly called the Cock. Two lounges,  a wine barand function room as well as a restaurant. Open Monday to Friday 11.30-8.   (Lat/Lon 51.5094070434570 -0.08411030471324920) map




Click here for the map


EC4:  ALBION-Forester & Firkin-O'Neills,  2/4 New Bridge Street. EC4V 6AA. (B2/1). Young & Co. Version <49> Young: Bitter; +Young: Special; +guest beer (e.g. Bath Gem); +real cider on handpump. The pub had a cider only licence until c1954 and was probably the last cider house in the City.    Renamed Forester & Firkin. Renamed O'Neill's and keg 2000. Reverted to ALBION. Acquired by Young’s from M&B and added to their ‘pub and dining’ chain after refurbishment. Bare floorboards,sofas, chandeliers etc.  Open Monday to Friday 11-11,  Saturday 11-6 and Sunday 12-3. Ex Ind Coope.  (Lat/Lon 51.5137863159179 -0.10464395582675900) map



EC4:  All Bar One, 103 Cannon Street EC4N 5AD. (A1/). Bass (M&B). Version <40>No real ales!   , Opened in July 97. Opens 11-11 Mon-Fri only.   (Lat/Lon 51.51174 -0.089688) map



EC4:  ALL BAR ONE,  44/46 Ludgate Hll EC4M 7DE. (A2/). Bass. Version <51> Fuller: London Pride; Sharp: Doom Bar (seasonal highlight!). Is M&B, ex-Bass.   New bar opened (May 96?) in office block. Opens 11.30-11. 00 Mon-Fri, 12-7 Sat.   (Lat/Lon 51.514085 -0.101782) map



EC4:  BANKER,  Cousin Lane. EC4R 3TE. (B1/6). Fullers. Version <1c > Fullers London Pride, Fullers Chiswic, Fullers ESB.  The pub is formed by an arch of Cannon Street BR Station bridge with two smaller arches forming a tunnel effect from which the river can be viewed. Interesting use of unpainted wood decorated in largely an Art Deco style. Patio. Cooked meals and snacks at all times. OK for the disabled. Open 11-3 and 5-9 Monday to Thursday,  all day Friday but closed weekends.   (Lat/Lon 51.5101814270019 -0.09175669401884080) map



EC4:  Bar Excellence-Shoeless Joe's-Metroplis, 2 Old Change Court. EC4M 8EN. (/). Wolverhampton and Dudley. Version <52>No real ales.    Renamed Shoeless Joe's and handpump removed. Was Eldridge Pope and Wolves & Dudley. Open 11-11 Mon-Fri only. Renamed METROPOLIS (BAR & GRILL). Still no real ale. Renamed Yager c2010, still no real ale.  (Lat/Lon 51.512513 -0.097452) map



EC4:  BAYNARD CASTLE-GOOSE AT THE CASTLE-COS BAR, 148 Queen Victoria Street. EC4V 4BY. (B2/2). Bass. Version <40 > Courage Best, Fullers London Pride, Greene K Abbot.  This pub has a medieval look with beams etc; the name commemorates a nearby castle; some of the remains can still be seen,  built by Baynard,  a mate of William the Conqueror. The pub has numerous levels and an upstairs games room (pool). A friendly place. Hot and cold meals and snacks at all times.Open 11-11 Monday to Friday and 11-3 on Saturday. Renamed GOOSE AT THE CASTLE 2001 and COS BAR 2006.  (Lat/Lon 51.5122413635253 -0.10155103355646100) map



EC4:  Bell, 6 Addle Hill. EC4V 5AY. (/). Bass. Version <24>Pub Demolished.        



EC4:  BELL, 29 Bush Lane. EC4R 0AN. (B1/4). Courage. Version <39 > Courage Best, Deuchars IPA, Spitfire, Youngs Bitter      At the time of surveying this old pub was surrounded by new building works for which extensive demolition was required; fortunately a preservation order prevented the Bell from becoming a casualty. Lunchtime food. Open Monday to Friday 11-10. +Guests (e.g. Wye Valley IPA). Now Enterprise, ex-Courage. Map ref should read: B1/4.  (Lat/Lon 51.511007 -0.089416) map



EC4:  Bier Rex-Coolin-Ochre,  2/3 Creed Lane EC4. (/). Free House. Version <41>No real ales.    New keg bar renamed already as Coolin. Former Free House now run by Faucet Inns.   (Lat/Lon  )



EC4:  BLACK FRIAR, 174 Queen Victoria Street. EC4V 4EG. (B2/5). Bass. Version <51 >Range now; Brains: SA Gold:+Fuller: London Pride; +Sharp: Doom Bar; +up to 5 guest beers. A listed M&B Nicholson’s branded pub. Built in 1875,  this house was remodelled by H. Fuller Clark in 1905. Rich and elaborate marble alabaster and mosaic wall and ceiling designs,  in art nouveau. It was restored by Larkin,  May & Co. in 1983. Look for nursery rhymes in the Grotto bar. Outside drinking area. Food lunchtimes. Open Monday to Friday 11.30-9.30. Closed weekends. Now believed to be owned by Bass. Ex Nicholsons. + 3 or 4 guest beers from M&B list.  (Lat/Lon 51.512121 -0.103752) map



EC4:  BLUE ANCHOR,  Rolls Passage-Chancery Lane. EC4A 1HL. (A2/). Scott & New. Version <48> Fuller: London Pride; Greene King; IPA; +guest beer. Now S&N Pub Co, ex-Youngers via S&N PE.    New pub opened early 1992.   (Lat/Lon 51.516311 -0.111548) map



EC4:  Bull Bear & Broker-Sports ACademy-DIZZY'S, 24 King William Street/Arthur Street. EC4R 9AJ. (/). Free House. Version <51 >Free, converted to ‘Be at One (B@1)’ cocktail bar with no draught beer of any kind.Replaced the Square Rigger. There are two drinking establishments on this site,  the upstairs sports a champagne bar which host toilets for the disabled.Renamed DIZZYS. Fitted out with bare floorboards and sofas. Ground floor only, kitchen now in basement. Opens 11- 11 Mon-Fri only. Is a Free House, ex-Bass. Renamed Sports ACademy 1997. (Lat/Lon 51.510636 -0.087111) map


EC4:  Cannon, 95 Cannon Street. EC4N 5AD. (A1/7). Bass. Version <43>Pub Demolished.  Ex-Bass, demolished by July 2007. (Lat/Lon 51.5117225646972 -0.08969474583864210) map


EC4:  Cannon Street Buffet Bar - Cafe Bar-Bonpartes,  Cannon Street Station. EC4N 6AP. (B1/8). Free House. Version <47 > Free, demolished to facilitate rebuilding of station. Renamed Cafe Bar. Renamed  BONAPARTES 2004.  (Lat/Lon 51.5113629 -0.090251) map


EC4:  Carriage House, 54 Farringdon Street. EC4. (/). Free House. Version <48>No real ales.    New keg free house/bar. Renamed PLUM TREE, still no real ale. 


EC4:  CARTOONIST, 76 Shoe Lane. EC4A 3JB. (A2/9). Scottish&New. Version <48> Marston: Pedigree; +one more beer from Marston portfolio. Now Enterprise, ex-S&N.  , Former eX Grand Met Watneys. Outside drinking area. Open Monday to Friday 11-3 and 5-11.   (Lat/Lon 51.5158500671386 -0.10661999136209500) map



EC4:  CASTLE, 26 Furnival Street. EC4A 1JS. (A2/10). Ex Ind Coope, now a Red Car free house (since October 2007). Version <46>   , An ex-tenanted house,  now managed. Upstairs bar which becomes a function room when required. Darts. Cooked food lunchtime and snacks other times. Open Monday - Friday 11-11. House Beer (brewed by Nethergate); +seven guest beers from small breweries.   (Lat/Lon 51.5167121887207 -0.11031430959701500) map



EC4: YE OLDE CHESHIRE CHEESE, 145 Fleet Street. EC4A 2BU. (A2/11). Samuel Smith. Version <1c > Sam Smiths OBB, S Smiths Museum.  , This pub,  rebuilt shortly after the Great Fireof London.  Restaurant open 12-2.30 and 6-9 Monday to Saturday withthe bar open from 11.30-11 Monday to Saturday.  (Lat/Lon 51.5143051147460 -0.10739322006702400) map



EC4:  CITY RETREAT, 74 Shoe Lane. EC4A 3BQ. (A2/18). Youngs. Version <1c > Youngs Bitter, Youngs Special.  , Was Dizzys and Two Brewers. Former Bass pub.   (Lat/Lon 51.5160217285156 -0.10670590400695800) map



EC4:  Clachan-Serjeants,  Old Mitre Court. EC4Y 7BP. (B2/12). Scott & New. Version <41>Closed.    .  , A large downstairs bar in addition to another upstairs.  Mark this pub as one to be visited in an area of remarkable hostelries.  ex- S&N, closed and boarded up.   (Lat/Lon 51.5135307312011 -0.10936924815177900)



EC4:  COACH & HORSES, 35 Whitefriars Street. EC4Y 8BH. (B2/13). Greene King. Version <10 > Greene K IPA, Greene K Abbot, .  Former Bass pub.Grade II listed building. Nicknamed Old Scotch Doors . Snacks lunchtime only. Darts. Function room.Open Monday to Friday 11-930. Closed weekends.  (Lat/Lon 51.5139617919921 -0.10704956203699100) map



EC4: YE OLDE COCK TAVERN, 22 Fleet Street. EC4Y 1AA. (B2/15). Spirit Group. Version <45 > Adnams Bitter, Fullers London Pride, Greene K IPA, C. Wells Bombardier, + Guet Beers    , Former Grand Met Trumans. Two function rooms,  a cocktail bar,  and a compact disc jukebox from which silence can be obtained. The original Cock Tavern was located across the other side of Fleet Street. Open Monday to Thursday 11-9,  Friday 11-10. Closed weekends.   (Lat/Lon 51.5136184692382 -0.11057205498218500) map



EC4:  COCKPIT, 7 St Andrew's Hill. EC4V 5BY. (B2/14). Enterprise Inns. Version <42 > Adnams Bitter, Pedigree.  , Interesting galleried pub handy for cock fights in days gone by. Cooked meals and snacks at all times. Open Monday - Friday 11.30-9.30.Now Enterprise, ex-Courage via Unique.   (Lat/Lon 51.5129318237304 -0.10129328817129100) map



EC4:  CROWN & SUGARLOAF,  98-99 Fleet Street. EC4Y 1DE. (/). Samuel Smith. Version <36 > Sam Smiths OBB.    Tiny pub opened by Sam Smiths in June 2004 and occupying the area which was formerly par of the bar of thePunch Tavern of which Sam Smiths owns the freehold. It was partitioned off when the rest of the Punch Tavern was sold and extended in 1997 and has remained vacant ever since! Renovated in traditional style with dark woodpanelling, etched glass windows, brown marble bar top, leather covered ben ches, chandeliers and a fireplace complete with candles. A no smoking pub with food restricted to soup and cold snacks (12-2.30, 6-9). Open 11-11 Mon-Fri only.  (Lat/Lon 51.514017 -0.104812) >a href="http://www.streetmap.co.uk/streetmap.dll?Postcode2Map?code=EC4Y+1DE "> map



EC4:  Dandy Roll,  Gateway House - Bread Street. EC4M 9BH. (A1/16). Whitbread. Version <24>Pub Demolished.     Demolished 1998.   (Lat/Lon  )



EC4:  Davy's, 10 Creed Lane EC4V 5BR. (/). Davys Freehouse. Version <52> Closed 2010 after 23 years. Building work underway along whole side of street. (Lat/Lon 51.513419 ( -0.101190) map



EC4:  Deacons, 6 Walbrook. EC4N 8DQ. (A1/17). Bass. Version <50> Renamed DEACONS COFFEE HOUSE by 2006, M&B, ex-Bass, demolished for huge Bucklersbury House redevelopment. (Lat/Lon 51.5125846862792 -0.09089754521846770) map



EC4:  Dome, 4 St Pauls Churchyard EC4. (/). Whitbread. Version <37>No longer a pub.    New keg bar/cafe Jan 98?Converted to a Strada pizza restaurant 2005.   (Lat/Lon  )



EC4:  EVANGELIST, 33 Blackfriars Lane EC4V 6EP. (/). Free House. Version <50 >Closed. Reopened and renamed SOCIETY by June 2011 Fuller: London Pride; Young: Bitter. Free house/bar run by Thomas & Carter 2002 replacing the demolished Queens Head.   (Lat/Lon 51.513155 -0.103233) map



EC4:  FIFTEEN 05, 13 All Hallows Lane. EC4R 3UL. (/). Free House. Version <35 > Adnams Broadside, Adnams Bitter.  , Seasonal beer. Opened underneath Cannon St Station in 2000 in former club premises. Food lunchtime and evenings. Open 11-11 Mon-Fri only.   (Lat/Lon 51.51097 -0.090498) >a href="http://www.streetmap.co.uk/streetmap.dll?Postcode2Map?code=EC4R+3UL "> map



EC4:  FINE LINE, 1 Bow Churchyard. EC4M 9HH. (/). Fullers. Version <24 > Fullers London Pride.    Opens Mon-Fri 11-11 only.   (Lat/Lon 51.513483 -0.094054) >a href="http://www.streetmap.co.uk/streetmap.dll?Postcode2Map?code=EC4M+9HH "> map



EC4:  George, 25 Old Bailey. EC4. (/). Elderidge Pope. Version <1c>Pub Demolished. .



EC4:  Globe-Toad in the Hole,  66/67 Shoe Lane. EC4A 3BQ. (A2/20). Greene King  Version <24>Pub Demolished. Former Magic Pub Co then Greene King before demoltion and redevelopment.   (Lat/Lon 51.5160217285156 -0.10670590400695800)



EC4:  GOLDEN FLEECE, 9 Queen Street. EC4N 1SP. (A1/21). Greene King. Version <1c > Greene K IPA, Greene King Abb.  , One of Greene King's growing estate in London,  this delightful pub was the scene of the launching of Rayments Special. A downstairs restaurant double s as a function room in the evenings. Children inrestaurant only (roasted or fried?). Open Monday to Friday 11.30-8.30. Closed weekends.  (Lat/Lon 51.5133590698242 -0.09261584281921390) map



EC4:  Green Man, 7 Bucklersbury. EC4 8AX. (A1/22). Scott & New. Version <12>Pub Demolished.



EC4:  HARROW, 22 Whitefriars Street. EC4Y 8JJ. (B2/23). Fullers. Version <1B > Fullers ESB, Fullers London Pride, Fullers Chiswick.  Became a Fullers tied house 2005. A tastefully refurbished hostelry with three bars,  one of which must be the smallest in the vicinity if not the whole of the East London & City area. Therestaurant doubles as a function room with bar. Hot food lunchtimes and snacks at other times. Open Monday - Friday 11-11.  (Lat/Lon 51.512898 -0.106775) map



EC4:  HATCHET, 28 Garlick Hill EC4V 2BA. (B1/24). Greene King. Version <1c > Greene K IPA, Bass, Greene King Abb.  Former Bass pub.from the Hatchet Trading Co. who were fur traders  ,  and not as previously thought from a nearby timber yard. Food lunchtime. Darts. Open Monday to Friday 11-9. Closed weekends. Former Charrington pub bcame GK in 1993.  (Lat/Lon 51.5119819641113 -0.09373272955417630) map



EC4:  HEELTAP &  BUMPER-WINE TUN,  2-6 Cannon Street. EC4M 6XX. (/). Davys FreeHouse. Version <41 > Davys Old Wallop.  Open Mon-Fri 11-11 only. Renamed WINE TUN, -beers listed; +Davys Ordinary, Old Wallop. Ex-style bar now a proper Davys.   (Lat/Lon 51.512692 -0.096825) map



EC4:  HOGSHEAD-SLUG LETTUCE,  5-11 Fetter Lane. EC4A 1BR. (/). Laurel. Version <42 > Deuchars IPA, Fullers London Pride, .  Opened July 99. Food 12-9.Open 11-11 Mon-Fri only.Now Laurel, ex-Whitbread. Formerly HOGSHEAD.   (Lat/Lon 51.514829 -0.109433) map



EC4:  Hoop & Grapes-Samuels Bar-MASH TUN, 80 Farringdon Street. EC4A 4BL. (A2/25). Shepherd Neame. Version <48>  +two beers from Shepherd Neame’s in-house micro, taking full advantage of range available.     Reopened as Samuels, Bar & Restaurant. Reverted to Hoop & Grapes. in June 2000? Acquired by Hall & Woodhouse.Renamed MASH TUN. Accquired by Shepherd Neame from Hall & Woodhouse. In March 2004. Snacks available 12-3 Mon-Fri, 6-8.30 Mon-Thurs. Open 11-11 Mon-Fri only. Ex Courage.  (Lat/Lon 51.5153350830078 -0.10498761385679200) map



EC4:  HORNS-HORN TAVERN-CENTRE PAGE, 29 Knightrider Street. EC4V 5BH. (B2/26). Free House. Version <52 >Fuller:Chiswick, Gales Seafarers. Now independent, ex-Front Page since 2005. Renamed St Pauls Wine Vaults and now Horn Tavern.2002 renamed CENTRE PAGE.  Was a Front Page Pubs free house. Will revert from Center Page following sale in January 2005 see www.horntavern.co.uk. Contact 02072363614 02072363615 fax. (Lat/Lon 51.5124168395996 -0.09854402393102650) map



EC4:  King & Keys-Scruffy Murphys, 142 Fleet Street. EC4A 2BP. (A2/27). Free House. Version <46> Converted to café use. Renamed Scruffy Murphy's. Then believed to be owned by Bass.Renamed Mahoneys from Scruffy Murphys. Renamed 2004 back to King & Keys. Then a free house. M&B, ex-Six Continents, closed along with whole building. Was MAHONEYS and SCRUFFY MURPHYS for a while.  (Lat/Lon 51.5143051147460 -0.10704956203699100)



EC4:  LAST, 83 Shoe Lane EC4A 3BQ. (/). Free House. Version <35 > Adnams Bitter, Fullers London Pride.  , Lewis & Clarke free house. Opened in Dec 2002 at entrance to Athena Place office complex. Food 12-9 (10 Thu/Fri). Open 12-11 Mon-Wed and 12-12 Thur-Fri only.   (Lat/Lon 51.516188 -0.106682) map



EC4:  LEARNED MONK-PUZZLE EC4, 1 Fleet Place EC4M 7RA. (A2/). Free House. Version <35 > Courage Directors, Fullers London Pride, Adnams Bitter.  Next to City Thameslink station (north exit).New pub. Ex the Old Monk Pub Co. chain. Accquired by Puzzle Pub Co. Open Mon-Fri 11-11. Renamed PUZZLE EC4.   (Lat/Lon 51.51631 -0.103679) map



EC4:  London Stone-Vino Veritas Cannon  Street, 105 Cannon Street. EC4N 5AD. (A1/29). Scottish&New. Version <21>No real  ales.   Former Grand Met Trumans. 1996 Renamed back to London Stone and now keg.   (Lat/Lon 51.5117225646972 -0.08969474583864210) map



EC4: YE OLDE LONDON-Bell, Book & Candle, 42 Ludgate Hill EC4M 7DE. (A2/28). Scott & New. Version <38>  Adnams Bitter, Adnams Broadside, Greene K IPA, Pedigree, C. Wells Bombar    , Was Bell, Book & Candle but now renamed back to its original name. Adnams: Bitter, Broadside; Greene King: IPA; Marston: Pedigree; Wells: Bombardier.A reinstatement of real ale and traditional décor, with good riddance to the dreadful 'Eerie Pub Co' horror theme. Now Spirit, ex-S&N. Bars on ground floor and in basement.   (Lat/Lon 51.5140457153320 -0.10172285884618800) map



EC4:  Ludgate Cellars, 1 Apothecary Street. EC4V 6EU. (/). Whitbread. Version <1c>Pub Demolished.



EC4:  MAGPIE & STUMP-FIREFLY, 18 Old Bailey. EC4M 7EP. (A2/31). Bass. Version <50 >Now Enterprise, ex-Bass, Young: London Gold, not always available. Leased to small chain with pubs in SW4 and SW12.      The present pub is a replacement for a superb replication that was erected in the 1930s and was inthe Tudor style. The present pub has been decorated in a quasi art deco style that appears to be taking over from the fake memorabilia syndrome. Very friendly staff in this three-bar pub that includes a restaurant. Function room. Facilities for the disabled. Open Monday - Friday 11-10 and Sunday lunchtime.Renamed FIREFLY,  (Lat/Lon 51.5155944824218 -0.10283974558115000) map



EC4:  Master Gunner, 37 Cathedral Place. EC4M 7ED. (A2/32). Youngs. Version <26>Pub Demolished. Demolished December 1999.



EC4:  McGOVERN'S-TILTED WIG, 32 Old Bailey EC4M 7BS. (A2/). Free House. Version <38 >    O'HANLONS CELTIC GOLD or BLAKELEYS NO.1 Large new Irish theme pub opened in March 1996 in former restaurant premises. Open 11-11 Mon-Fri only but may close earlier Mon-Wed if not busy.   (Lat/Lon 51.515491 -0.101998) map



EC4:  Monument Tavern, 60 King William Street. EC4R 9AA. (/). Fullers. Version <1c>Pub Demolished. (Lat/Lon 51.5106086730957 -0.08617225289344790)



EC4:  OLD BANK OF ENGLAND, 194 Fleet  Street EC4A 2LT. (A2/). Fullers. Version <2 > Fullers London Pride, Fullers ESB.  , New pub opened in August 1994 on site of old Bank of England premises (till 1975 after 94 years) and lately a Bristol & West Building Society office. Grade One Listed building. Open 11-11 Mon-Fri only.   (Lat/Lon 51.513963 -0.111487) map



EC4:  OLD BELL, 95 Fleet Street. EC4Y 1DH. (B2/34). Bass. Version <49 >Adnams: Bitter; +Caledonian: Deuchars IPA; +St Austell: Tribute; +Taylor: Landlord; +four guests from Nicholson seasonal list. Now M&B (Nicholson), ex-Bass.   (Lat/Lon 51.5139617919921 -0.10541718453168900) map



EC4:  OLD KING LUD-HOGS HEAD-Leon,  Ludgate Circus EC4M 7LQ. (A2/35). Whitbread. Version <38>No real ales!   , Re-opened 1993 known as the 'Hogshead in Ludgate'.Converted to 'Leon' restaurant. Formerly HOGSHEAD and originally OLD KING LUD. The loss of yet another famous London pub on a prominent site, once the flagship of the Whitbread estate.   (Lat/Lon 51.5143051147460 -0.10404255241155600)


EC4 OYSTER SHED, 1 Angel Lane. Adnams: Broadside; Sharp: Doom Bar, seasonal (Spring Cask Pilsner, 4.2%);Wells: Young’s Bitter, Bombardier, plus keg Camden Town Wheat Beer and limited bottled beers. Beers may vary. Brand new Young’s Geronimo-branded pub and restaurant opened late January on ground floor of Nomura office building. Large bar area with lower seating area with booths alongside tall windows looking out on the river. Modern decor with vague nautical theme, large chandeliers, light pine bar side and flooring, zinc bar top, mixture of chairs, tables and sofas and two large clocks at either end. One TV for sport and loud background ‘music’. Open-to-view kitchen, serving oysters (@£1.75 each), traditional British food including daily specials and 2/3 course ‘express menus’ for ‘City suits’ in a hurry. Stairs lead up to mezzanine floor overlooking the main bar area with a small bar (no cask ale), a restaurant and separate function room. Note the early 19th century German wall map of Europe. Limited outdoor drinking within roped off patio area. Open 11-11 Mon-Fri, closed weekends. Food available 12-3/5.30-9.30.


EC4:  PATERNOSTER,  2/4 Queens Head Passage. EC4M 7DX. (/). Young & Co. Version <35 >    Opened Dec 2003 replacing the Master Gunner demolished c1999. Open 11-11 Mon-Fri, 11-5/6 Sat, 12-5/6 Sun.   (Lat/Lon 51.514653 -0.100188) map



EC4:  PATERNOSTER CHOP HOUSE,  Warwick Court - Paternoster Square. (/). Free House. Version <37 > Greene K IPA, C. Wells Bombardier.  , Conran bar and restaurant with a very British menu. Opened 2005.   (Lat/Lon  )



EC4:  PAVILION END, 23 Watling Street. EC4M 9BR. (A1/36). Free House. Version <50> Acquired by Fuller’s from Marston in early November, range now Fuller:Chiswick Bitter, London Pride, ESB, seasonal beer (e.g.Bengal Lancer). ex-Wizard. Live sport coverage every day via satellite TV. Pricey yuppies' pub. A downstairs bar,  garden and fu nction room complete this rambling pub. Snacks atlunchtime. Open Monday to Friday 11.30-8.30. Closed weekends.  (Lat/Lon 51.5129318237304 -0.09399055689573290) map



EC4:  Pitcher & Piano-Calico,  67-69 Watling Street. EC4M 9DD. (/). Massive. Version <47 >Closed. Previously unreported outlet for the chain inherited by Wolves & Dudley from Marstons. Renamed CALICO on acquisition recently by Massive.   (Lat/Lon 51.513101 -0.093219) map



EC4:  Poppinjay, 119 Fleet Street. EC4A 2BD. (A2/37). Bass. Version <1c>Pub Demolished.        (Lat/Lon  )



EC4:  PORTERS LODGE, 17 Arthur Street. EC4R 9AY. (B1/38). Bass. Version <35 > Fullers London Pride, Spitfire.  , Range 2004.   (Lat/Lon 51.511439 -0.085045) map



EC4:  Printers Devil, 98 Fetter Lane. EC4A 1EP. (A2/39). Free House. Version <44>Closed.  Formerly the Vintner's Arms. The 'devil' is the urchin-like errand boy of tradition. Very friendly nicely renovated pub not overdone with memorabilia Now Greene King, ex- Whitbread via Laurel. Ex Greene King  Reopened as a Free House by operators Punch Taverns .  (Lat/Lon 51.5166244506835 -0.10928333550691600) map



EC4:  PUNCH TAVERN, 99 Fleet Street. EC4Y 1DE. (B2/40). Nicholsons FH. Version <43 > Theakston Best, .     Open all hours  Partly reopened selling Theakston: Best Bitter, now the sole real ale.   (Lat/Lon 51.514019 -0.104942) map



EC4:  Queens Arms-Vintry, 30 Queen Street. EC4R 1BR. (B1/41). Fullers. Version <27>Pub Demolished.     Former Courage pub then run by Fullers. Opened 1993. Closed in 1999.   (Lat/Lon 51.5114707946777 -0.09330324083566670)



EC4:  Queens Head, 31 Blackfriars Lane. EC4V 6EH. (B2/42). Ind Coope. Version <25>Pub Demolished. Demolished 1999.  



EC4:  Red Lion, 17 Watling Street. EC4M 9BB. (A1/43). Bass. Version <1c>Pub Demolished. Demolished 1997.   (Lat/Lon 51.5129318237304 -0.09399055689573290)



EC4:  RISING SUN, 61 Carter Lane. EC4V 5DY. (B2/44). G Met Trumans. Version <22 > Ruddles County, Fullers London Pride.  , Was named the Hedgehog & Hogshead beforereveting back.   (Lat/Lon 51.5130157470703 -0.10129328817129100) map



EC4:  Riverside Inn,  Queen Street Place. EC4R 1AY. (/). Free House. Version <1c>Pub Demolished.



EC4:  Rumboe-O'Donnells-Chamber Bar, 27 Old Bailey. EC4M 7HS. (A2/46). Free House. Version <51>  Converted to ‘Terranostra’ restaurant by November 2007. Free, already reported converted to restaurant, now demolished along with whole block.  (Lat/Lon 51.5145606994628 -0.10266792029142400) map



EC4:  Ryans Public House (Bar), 56 Carter Lane EC4V 5EA. (B2/). Free House. Version <51>No Real Ale! New (1997) Irish theme pub in former restaurant. Open Mon-Fri 11-11 only.   (Lat/Lon 51.513309 -0.101599) map



EC4:  Samuel Pepys,  Brooks Wharf - 48 Upper Thames Street. EC4V 3DE. (B1/48). Bass. Version <26>No longer a pub.    Converted to flats.  



EC4:  SAMUEL PEPYS,  Stew Lane, High Timber Street. EC4V 3PT. (/). Bass. Version <52 >Caledonian: Deuchars IPA; +Sharp: Doom Bar; +Taylor: Landlord. M&B franchised pub, Opened Dec 1999. Open 11.30-10.00 Mon/Tues and 11.30-11.00 Wed-Fri only.Replaced a pub of the same name nearby.   (Lat/Lon 51.510408 -0.096257) map



EC4:  SEA HORSE, 92 Queen Victoria Street. EC4N 4SJ. (B1/49). Scottish&New. Version <52> 64 Queen Victoria St, range now; Fuller: London Pride; +2 guest beers (e.g. Taylor Landlord). Enterprise, ex-S&N via Unique. Note correct address. Former Courage pub. Snacks at all times. Darts. Open open for functions at the weekends but normal times are from Mon day to Friday 11-11. Closed weekends.  (Lat/Lon 51.512586 -0.093616) map



EC4:  Shades-Old City of London Shades, 5 Bucklersbury. EC4. (A1/50). Greene King. Version <1c>Pub Demolished. Bought from Sam Smiths in February 1989. Demolished July 1994.



EC4:  SHAW'S BOOKSELLERS,  31-34 St Andrews Hill. EC4V 5DE. (/). Fullers. Version <44 > Fullers London Pride.  Opened Dec 97.Open Mon-Thurs 11-9.30 and 11-10.30 Fri only.   (Lat/Lon 51.512462 -0.101518) map



EC4:  Sir Christopher Wren,  17/19 Paternoster Square. EC4M 7DX. (A2/51). Scottish&New. Version <1c>Pub Demolished     Former Grand Met Clifton Inns. (Lat/Lon 51.5145606994628 -0.10017640143632900)



EC4:  Slug & Lettuce, 25 Bucklersbury. EC4N 8DA. (/). Laurel. Version <43> Demolished. Opened Dec 97. Closed and boarded up by October 2007.   (Lat/Lon 51.512595 -0.090877) map



EC4:  Slurping Toad-Jamies-Apostle,  34-36 Ludgate Hill EC4M 7DE. (/). Eldridge Pope. Version <42>No real ales!  .     Opened Nov 97.  Open Mon-Fri 11-11  and Sat 11-6 only.Renamed APOSTLE, still no real ale. Operated by Food & Drink Group. Formerly 34 LUDGATE HILL.   (Lat/Lon 51.514085 -0.101782) >a href="http://www.streetmap.co.uk/streetmap.dll?Postcode2Map?code=EC4M+7DE "> map



EC4:  SPATZ-OLD COBBLERS BAR & TERRACE-Walkabout-Alibi, Renamed KANOLA by November 2011.   Hill House - Shoe Lane. EC4A 3BQ. (A2/53). Free House. Version <35>No real  ales.    Former Courage pub.Renamed OLD COBBLERS BAR & TERRACE BRASSERIE. Then renamed Walkabout. Renamed Alibi.2005.  (Lat/Lon 51.516188 -0.106682) map



EC4:  Square Rigger, 2 Arthur Street. EC4R 9BS. (/). Bass. Version <1c>Pub Demolished.



EC4:  ST. BRIDES TAVERN, 1 Bridewell Place. EC4V 6AP. (B2/47). Greene King. Version <42 > Greene King IPA, Greene K Abbot, Old Speckled Hen.  Former Magic Pub Co.A plaque designates them as belonging to the Wor shipful Company of Gardeners.  Two bars of which the upstairs becomes a function room in the evening . Darts are played in this wood panelled room. Food available lunchtimes only.  Open Monday to Friday 11.30-11.  (Lat/Lon 51.5132713317871 -0.10464395582675900) map



EC4:  SUGAR LOAF-O'NEILLS, 65 Cannon Street. EC4N 5AA. (A1/55). Bass. Version  <41>  Fullers London Pride.    Renamed O'Neill's.   (Lat/Lon 51.5123291015625 -0.09295958280563350) map



EC4:  SWEETINGS, 39 Queen Victoria Street. EC4N 4SA. (A1/56). Free House. Version <1c > Arkells BB.    A restaurant selling an expensive pint of real ale. Open Monday to Friday 11-3. Closed weekends.   (Lat/Lon 51.5123291015625 -0.09295958280563350) map



EC4:  Temple Tavern-Sheekeys, 2 Budge Row-11 Queen Victoria Street. EC4. (/). Whitbread. Version <50 >Closed since 2009.  Renamed TEMPLE TAVERN-SHEEKEYS (Sept 96). ex-Whitbread, now demolished for Bucklersbury House redevelopment area. Formerly BENTLEYS (FORUM BAR). (Lat/Lon  )



EC4:  TIPPERARY, 66 Fleet Street. EC4Y 1HT. (B2/57). Greene King. Version <1c > Greene K IPA, Greene King Abb.  , Upstairs bar and food lunchtime. No jeans policy. Open Monday to Friday 11.30-9.   (Lat/Lon 51.5139617919921 -0.10756504535675000) map



EC4:  VINTRY,  Sherborne La EC4. (/). Fullers. Version <41 > Fullers London Pride.    Discovery. New Fuller’s pub tucked away at rear of an office building (with frontage on Cannon St),   (Lat/Lon  )



EC4:  Walkers of Holborn-Volupte,  Norwich Street. EC4A 1EJ. (/). Bass. Version <44>No real ales     New pub that replaced the White Horse in Dec 91.Ex Nicholsons. There are two bars and the upstairs is the smaller.converted to ‘Volupte’ cocktail bar, no draught beer.  (Lat/Lon 51.5164566040039 -0.10954108089208600) map



EC4: YE OLDE WATLING, 29 Bow Lane. EC4M 9DT. (A1/59). Bass. Version <1c>  Bass, Fullers London Pride.  Bar billiards as well as darts can be played herein this largely unspoilt pub reputedly built by Si r Christropher Wren. The upstairs restaurant doubles as a function room in the evening. Open Monday to Friday 11-9.  (Lat/Lon 51.5131034851074 -0.09330315887928010) map



EC4:  White Hart, 3 New Fetter Lane. EC4A 1AP. (A2/60). Scottish&New. Version <38>Pub Demolished. Former Courage pub. Demolished c2001.



EC4:  White Horse, 90 Fetter Lane. EC4A 1EQ. (/). Ind Coope. Version <1c>Pub Demolished. (Lat/Lon 51.5173110961914 -0.10928333550691600)



EC4:  White Swan,  28/30 Tudor Street. EC4Y 0BQ. (B2/62). Scottish&New. Version <27>Pub Demolished.     Former Grand Met Trumans.Demolished November 1999.  Demolished as part of Northcliffe House redevelopment. 



EC4:  WHITE SWAN, 18 Farringdon Street. EC4A 4AB. (/). Scottish&New. Version <26 > Websters, Ruddles Best, Ruddles County, Sheps Master Br, C. Wells Bombar    , Former Grand Met Chef & Brewer. T&J Barnard run.   (Lat/Lon 51.5156822204589 -0.10430029779672600) map



EC4:  WHITE SWAN-MUCKY DUCK, 108 Fetter Lane. EC4A 1ES. (A2/63). Bass. Version <39 > Youngs Bitter, Adnams Broadside, Fullers London Pride.  Beers available on 1 Feb 06 Real Perry also sold. A collection on of Fleet Street memorabilia and plates from many sources make it worth a visit. Two bars,  one ofwhich can be used as a function room if required.Open Monday to Friday 11-11,  Saturday 11-3 and 5-11 and normal Sunday hours.   (Lat/Lon 51.516196 -0.109434) map



EC4:  WILLIAMSONS TAVERN, 1 Groveland Court. EC4M 9EH. (A1/64). Bass. Version <34 > Bass, Adnams Bitter, Fullers London Pride.  Range 2003.Ex Nicholsons.   (Lat/Lon 51.5131912231445 -0.09407638758420940) map



EC4:  WITNESS BOX, 36 Tudor Street. EC4Y 0BS. (B2/65). Scottish&New. Version <49 >Now has five guest beers (e.g.Adnams and Shepherd Neame). Former Grand Met Watneys.There is also a wine bar cum restaurant. Function room. Musak. Snacks at all times. Open Monday - Friday 11-11.   (Lat/Lon 51.511987 -0.107144) map