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Taylor, Walker & Co Ltd, Barley Mow Brewery, Church Road, Limehouse.

Founded 1730 at Stepney as Salmon and Hare, later Hare and Hartford until 1796 when John Taylor acquired Hare's share. Isaac Walker became a partner in 1816. Moved to Fore Street, Limehouse by 1823 and the Barley Mow Brewery was built in 1889. Registered in March 1907. Taken over by Ind Coope Ltd in 1959 and brewing ceased in 1960. The Name was changed to Ind Coope (East Anglia) Ltd in July 1960.

Take overs:

1901 John Furze and Co Ltd, St. George's Brewery, Commercial Road, Whitechapel. Founded by Joseph Ticknell at Old Castle Street in 1823 and had moved to St. George's Brewery by 1848.

1912 Highbury Brewery Ltd, 52/54 Holloway Road. Founded c1740 by William Willoughby. Became Ufford and Oldershaw c1840. Registered March 1896 to acquire the business of Frederick Henry and Arthur Selmes Taylor. About 40 public houses. The brewery tap was used as the Hedgehog & Hogshead brew pub 1995-1998.

1927 Smith, Garrett and Co Ltd, Bow Brewery, 246 Bow Road. Registered 1882. Brewery plant offered for sale on November 8th 1927. The brewery was behind the Bombay Grab public house.

1930 Cannon Brewery Co Ltd, 160 St. John Street, Clerkenwell. Founded by Rivers Dickson c 1720. Registered in January 1895 with 110 public houses. Brewing continued until 1955 and the brewery was converted into a distillery and bonded warehouse in 1959, adjacent to Allied House, Allied Lyons (later Carlsberg-Tetley) headquarters. The premises have now been demolished. The Cannon Brewery had in turn acquired Holt & Co of the Marine Brewery, 52 Broad Street, Ratcliffe Road, East Ham in October 1912 with 27 public houses. Founded in 1837.

1930 Glenny' Brewery Ltd, Barking Brewery, 18 Linton Road, Barking. Founded by 1871. 15 licensed houses.


Ind Coope Ltd, Star Brewery, High Street, Romford and Burton on Trent. Founded at Romford in 1708 by Benjamin Wilson and the brewery was bought by Edward Ind in 1799 and he was joined by Octavius and George Coope in 1845 when the name was changed from Ind Smith. The Burton Brewery was established in 1856.

They took over Jeremiah Hill & Co, Brentwood Brewery in 1900 with 31 public houses. Ind Coope indirectly acquired an East London brewery, the Wilmington Brewery Co, Crown Brewery, 99 Loampit Vale, Lewisham was taken over by Thorne Brothers Ltd of Nine Elms in 1895, who in turn were acquired by Meux's Brewery Co Ltd of Tottenham Court Road in 1914 who were taken over by Friary, Holroyd and Healy's Brewery Ltd of Guildford in 1961 to form Friary Meux Ltd which fell to Ind Coope in 1964.



Charrington United Breweries Ltd, Anchor Brewery, Mile End. Founded in 1738 as Wastfield & Moss and became Charrington & Moss in 1766. Registered in July 1897 as Charrington & Co. Ltd. Also brewed at the Abbey Brewery, Burton on Trent which was founded in 1872 and was sold in 1926. Registered July 1897 as Charrington & Co. Merged with Bass, Mitchell & Butlers in 1967 to form Bass Charrington Ltd. The Anchor Brewery ceased production in January 1975 and the brewery has been demolished.

ABOVE: The Anchor Brewery looking west. Only the building to the right remains.

Take overs:

1911 Chandler's Wiltshire Brewery Ltd, 505 Hackney Road, Bethnal Green. Registered in May 1900 to acquire the business carried on by George Charles Porter and William Henry Dieseldorff as Chandler & Co. Ceased brewing 191and was offered for sale with 35 public houses in 1911 and a half interest was acquired by Charringtons. The brewery is still standing.

1916 E.J. Brooks, 133 Hill Street, Peckham.

1925 Savill Brothers Ltd, Maryland Road, Stratford. Founded in 1856. Brewing ceased but the premises continued in use as the Taplow Distillery.

1927 Edward Tilney & Co, Alma Brewery, Spelman Street, Whitechapel. The Alma public house marks the site of the brewery.

1929 Seabrooke & Sons Ltd, Thurrock Brewery, Bridge Road,Grays, Essex. Founded by Thomas Seabrooke 1799. Registered 1891 with about 12 public houses.

1929 Wests Brewery Co Ltd, Three Crowns Brewery, 313/315 Hackney Road. Registered 1895 with over 60 tied houses. Brewery plant offered for sale July 1930.

1933 Hoare & Co Ltd, Red Lion Brewery, Lower East Smithfield. Founded in 1492 as the Red Lion Brewhouse. Registered in November 1894 to acquire Hoare & Co with 11 public houses. The Red Lion Brewery was closed on June 23rd 1934. Hoare's trademark, a toby jug, still forms part of the Bass Charrington trademark. Hoare's themselves took over the following concerns: Herbert Santer & Sons, Albion Brewery, Caledonian Road, Islington in 1918: New Cross Brewery Co. Ltd, 26 Pomeroy Street. Originally registered as the Hatcham Brewery Co. Ltd in 1888 to acquire the business of Charles Morgan & Co. This concerned was dissolved in 1892 and was succeeded by the South Metropolitan Brewing & Bottling Co Ltd which was also short lived. A new company, Burney's New Cross Brewery Ltd was registered in December 1898 and was closed in 1905. Finally registered as above September 1905. Their public houses only were acquired by Hoares.

1965 Woodhead's Brewery Ltd, 112 St. Paul's Road, Islington. Registered 1915 as Edmund Woodhead & Sons Ltd and re registered as Woodhead's Canonbury Brewery Ltd April 1936 and finally changed as above in 1946. There were no tied houses, only 2 off licences. Woodheads' took over Albert Ward, Tower Brewery, Ashenden Road, Hackney in 1910 and the South London Brewery Ltd, 134 Southwark Bridge Road in 1944, founded in 1760 and was registered in April 1937 as Jenner's Brewery Ltd. The name being changed in 1939. All brewing was transferred to Southwark Bridge Road in 1949. Before their merger with Charringtons', Bass had acquired an East London brewery; the Wenlock Brewery Co Ltd, Wenlock Road, Shoreditch in 1961. Registered 1893 to acquire Glover, Bell & Co. Brewing ceased in 1962.



Courage & Co. Ltd, Anchor Brewery, Horselydown, Bermondsey. Brewery was bought by John Courage in 1787. Known as Courage & Donaldson 1797-1851. Registered as above in April 1888. Merged with Barclay, Perkins & Co. Ltd in 1955 to form Courage, Barclay & Co Ltd. From 1960 was known as Courage, Barclay, Simonds & Co Ltd and was renamed Courage Ltd in October 1970. Anchor Brewery closed in 1981 and redeveloped as housing, all brewing being transferred to a new brewery at Worton Grange, Reading. Taken over in August 1972 by Imperial Tobacco Group Ltd which was acquired by the Hanson Trust in 1986 who sold Courage as a separate concern to Elders IXL. Courage have now taken over all the Grand Metropolitan breweries. All Courage public house and 3/4 of Grand Met's houses are now run by a jointly owned company, Inntrepreneur Estates.

Take overs:

c1898 Park Brewery Co, 54a Southampton Street, Camberwell. Taken over by Thomas Phillips of West Malling, Kent in 1898 and later came under the control of Courage.

1930 Noakes & Co Ltd, Black Eagle Brewery, 27 White's Ground, Bermondsey. Founded in 1697 and was trading as Day, Noakes & Son in 1852. Registered in March 1897. Noakes acquired John Canning & Sons, Royal Brewery, Windsor in 1921 and brewing transferred to Windsor. 280 public houses. The Black Eagle Brewery is still standing adjacent to the rail approach to London Bridge Station.

1956 Reffell's Bexley Brewery Ltd, Bourne Road, Bexley, Kent. Founded 1874. Registered December 1898 and acquired the London properties of Showell's Brewery Co Ltd. 19 tied houses. The brewery is still standing.

1963 Charles Beasley Ltd, North Kent Brewery, Lakedale Road, Plumstead. Founded in 1845 as the Park Brewery and the name was changed to the Nortn Kent Brewery by 1878. Registered in 1943. The brewery is still standing.  

Another brewery which came under Courage control indirectly was

Thomas Norfolk & Sons Ltd, Deptford Brewery, Deptford Bridge, registered in 1894 and was taken over by the Dartford Brewery Co Ltd, in 1904 with 55 public houses. The Dartford Brewery was acquired by Style & Winch Ltd of Maidstone in 1924 and the Royal Brewery Brentford Ltd in 1924 and was later acquired by Barclay, Perkins in 1929.



Whitbread and Co Ltd, Chiswell Street, City. Founded in 1742 at the Goat Brewhouse, Old Street and moved to Chiswell Street in 1750. Samuel Whitbread became the sole owner in 1761 and brewing ceased at Chiswell Street in 1975.

Take overs:

1891 V. Nicholl Ltd, Anchor Brewery, 17 Lewisham Road. Registered November 1887. Converted into a bottling and distribution centre.

1900 Abridge Brewery Co. Ltd, Anchor brewery, Abridge, Essex.  

1924 Forest Hill Brewery Co Ltd, 61 Perry Vale, Forest Hill. Registered 1885 to acquire Morgan Brothers. The brewery was sold to United Dairies in 1927 and was converted into a bottling plant.



Mann, Crossman & Paulin Ltd, Albion Brewry, 172 Whitechapel Road.

Albion Brewery built 1808 by Richard Ivory, landlord of the Blind Beggar. Acquired by Blake & Mann of the Stanbridge Brewery, Lambeth in 1818. Robert Crossman, manager of the Border Brewery Berwick-upon-Tweed became a partner in March 1846 and Thomas Paulin of the Isleworth Brewery joined the partnership in the same year. Also brewed at the Albion Brewery, Burton on Trent 1875-96. Registered October 1901. Merged with Watney, Combe, Reid & Co. Ltd. 1958 to form Watney Mann Ltd. The Albion Brewery was closed in 1979 but the building (Grade II listed) still stands.

During the siege of Sidney Street in January 1911 a detachment of Scots Guards used the brewery tower to fine into the besieged house.

Take overs:

1924 S.R. Conron, exors of Old Hornchurch Brewery, Church Hill, Hornchurch. Founded 1789. Conron was listed as trading as Sweetman & Co, Francis Court Brewery, Dublin in 1889 and had moved to Hornchurch by 1905. Bought by Harman's Uxbridge Brewery Ltd 1924 and was sold to Mann's in 1925. Brewing ceased in 1929.

Reids's Brewery Co Ltd, Griffin Brewery, Liquorpond Street (now Clerkenwell Road), City. Founded 1757 when Meux & Murray acquired Jackson's Brewery, Mercer Street. Griffin Brewery built 1763. Became Reid & Co 1816. Registered 1888. Amalgamated with Watney & Combe 1898. The Griffin Brewery closed in 1899 but parts of the premises still exist as a tobacco factory.


Other breweries: Richard Reeve, West Ham Brewery, 242 Romford Road, Forest Gate. Brewery plant was for sale April 9th 1900. Brewery still standing.

Trunan, Hanbury & Buxton Co Ltd, Black Eagle Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, Stepney. Brewery built by Thomas Bucknall c 1666 and was acquired by Josepth Truman in 1679. Also brewed at Burton on Trent 1873-1971. Registered January 1889. Taken over by Grand Metropolitan 1971 as was merged with Watney Mann in 1974. Brewing ceased 1988

London & Burton Brewery Co Ltd, 12 Medland Street, Stepney. Originally registered on February 21st 1862 to acquire the Old Queens Head Brewery and Meakin's Brewery, Burton upon Trent. Wound up 1865. Registered as above 1892. Taken over by Watney, Combe, Reid & Co Ltd in 1929 and brewing ceased.


Richard W. Reeve, West Ham Brewery, 242 Romford Road, Forest Gate. Brewery plant offered for sale April 9th 1900. The premises which were later used as a piano factory are still standing.

Cygnet Brewery Co Ltd, 251 Bow Road, Bow. Registered in 1906 to acquire Wonderland Co Ltd. Receiver appointed in 1908. No public houses.

Falcon Brewery Ltd, Old Ford Brewery, Paines Road, Bow. Registered in 1906 to take over the Old Ford Brewery Co. Ltd. Went into voluntary liquidation in 1903.

Commercial Brewery Co Ltd, 500 Commercial Road, Stepney. Registered Febvruary 1887. Taken over by Hammerton & Co ltd in 1928 and was closed.

Best & Co, 5 Heneage Street, Whitechapel. Closed 1902.

Harvey Greenfield & Co, Eagle Brewery, 51 Wellclosed Square, Stepney. Brewery offered for sale on March 5th 1914.

City of London Brewery Co Ltd, Hour Glass Brewery, Upper Thames Street. Founded by 1431 and was acquired by the Calvert family in 1759. Registered in 1860 as above and was reconstructed as the New City of London Brewery Co. Ltd in 1891 and was reverted to the original title in 1895. Due to increased trade, brewing was transferred to the Swan Brewery Fulham in 1922 and the Hour Glass Brewery was used as a warehouse. Brewing continued at Fulham until 1926 when many public houses were sold to Hoare & Co. Ltd. In 1919 Nalder & Collyer's Brewery Co Ltd of Croydon was acquired. The majority of the Nalder & Collyer tied houses were sold to Ind Coope Ltd in 1936. The Hour Glass Brewery was destroyed in an air raid. The final connection with the brewing trade ended in 1968 with the sale of 20 public houses to Allied Breweries, but the company is still in existence as an investment trust.

Only one takeover, apart from the Wenlock Brewery Co Ltd, has been made by a brewery outside London. This was when Tollemache Breweries Ltd of Ipswich acquired Collier Brothers, Essex Brewery, St Jamess Street, Walthamstow in 1920. Founded by Williams Hawes in 1859. Brewing ceased in 1972 and the brewery has been demolished.


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