65c EC1, ALCHEMIST, 145 City Road, EC1V 1LP. Bar & Restaurant. Opens May 24th 65c EC1, ARTILLERY ARMS (Fuller's), 102 Bunhill Row, EC1Y 8ND. Members’ discount confirmed as 15% off real ales. 65a EC1, BAVARIAN BEERHOUSE (Bavarian Beerhouse Ltd), 190-196 City Road, EC1V 2QH. Closed. Building being developed. 65 EC1, BIRD OF SMITHFIELD (--individual--), 26 Smithfield Street. Leased by FRESHWATER PUB CO LIMITED and operated by Golden Brick Pubs Limited owned by Steve Cox of Faucet Inns! 65c EC1, BLACKSMITH & THE TOFFEE MAKER (Star (Heineken UK)), 292 St John Street, EC1V 4PA. Closed whilst new operator takes over and renames pub 65c EC1, BOURNE & HOLLINGSWORTH BUILDINGS (Ei Group), 42 Northampton Road, EC1R 0HU. One of the freeholds sold by Ei Group to Tavern Propco Ltd 65c EC1, BREWHOUSE & KITCHEN (Brewhouse & Kitchen), Torrens Street, EC1V 1NQ. Long standing Members’ discount added: 10% off real ales. 65b EC1, CHARTERHOUSE BAR, 38 Charterhouse Street, EC1M 6JH. Reopened after a long closure as BEERHAWK, a bar and Bottle shop with 12 keg lines and 2 cask ales. Card sales only. 65a EC1, CORNER BAR (--individual--), 125 Central Street, EC1V 8AP. No real ale. 3 handpumps unused. 65 EC1, DRAFT HOUSE FARRINGDON (BrewDog), 55 Charterhouse Street. Re-opened 30th November 2018 following a refurbishment. Three cask beers available along with many keg beers from Brewdog and others. Website: https://www.drafthouse.co.uk/locations/farringdon 65 EC1, FARE BAR + CANTEEN (Sager & Wilde), 11 Old Street. Modern bar on 2 levels. Keg Beer. Website: https://www.farebarandcanteen.com 65a EC1, GRILL ON THE MARKET (--other--Blackhouse (Living Ventures Restaurants)), 2-3 West Smithfield. CLOSED 65a EC1, LINO (Wright & Bell), 90 Bartholomew Close, EC1A 7EB. Opened in former Lino factory. More restaurant than bar. Prides itself on recycling and reusing and local produce. Keg Beer. 65a EC1, LOST RIVER (--unknown--), Canto Court, 122 Old Street, EC1V 9BD. Having opened by Feb 2018 closed by May 2018! 65a EC1, NOMAD (Ei Group), 58 Old Street, EC1V 9AJ. Opeartor now:- Decco London Ltd 65a EC1, NUALA (Ntd Restaurants Ltd), 70-74 City Road, EC1Y 2BJ. Closed suddenly in Jan 2019 65c EC1, OLD CHINA HAND (--individual--), 8 Tysoe Street, EC1R 4RQ. No longer offers a CAMRA discount. 65c EC1, OLD RED LION (Star (Heineken UK)), 418 St John Street, EC1V 4NJ. No longer Cask Marque accredited. For lease via Christie March 2019 65 EC1, OLD RED LION (Star (Heineken UK)), 418 St John Street. Real ale range now:- Fuller's London Pride; Sharp's Doom Bar; Woodforde's Wherry + a changing beer 65b EC1, SERATA HALL (Albion & East), 207 Old Street, EC1V 9NR. A co-working space, bakery, distillery, bar and restaurant. 5 keg beers. 65c EC1, SIMMONS (Simmons), 180 St John Street, EC1V 4JY. Lease for sale via AG&G May 2019 65a EC1, SINGER TAVERN (Barworks), 1-5 City Road, EC1Y 1AG. Real cider usually available. Guest beers now down to two. 65 EC1, SMITHFIELDS FREE HOUSE (--individual--), 334-338 Central Markets. Still boarded up January 2019 65a EC1, SPORTS BAR & GRILL (FARRINGDON) (Stonegate), Unit 3 Cowcross Place,19-25 Cowcross St,, EC1M 6DQ. No longer Cask Marque accredited. 65c EC1, THREE KINGS (Ei Group), 7 Clerkenwell Close, EC1R 0DY. Became a managed Ei Group pub in February 2019. 65 EC1, TRADER (Stonegate), 142 Whitecross Street. Reopened as The WHITECROSS TAP following refurbishment in November 2018. No longer sub-leased from Ei Group. Website: https://www.craft-pubs.co.uk/whitecrosstap-london Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheWhitecrossTap 65b EC1, WILLIAM BLAKE (Stonegate), 174-180 Old Street, EC1V 9BP. Rebranded as a SPORTS BAR & GRILL. Real ale discontinued. 65a EC2, BABBLE (Stonegate), 45 Old Broad Street, EC2N 1HU. Rebranded as a Be at One in March 2019. 65c EC2, BALLS BROTHERS (AUSTIN FRIARS) (Novus Leisure), 10-11 Austin Friars, EC2N 2HG. Owner now Stonegate. 65a EC2, BARLEY MOW (Remarkable Pubs), 127 Curtain Road, EC2A 3BX. Old Rosie cider now available. 65a EC2, BEDROOM BAR (--individual--), 68 Rivington Street, EC2A 3AY. Renamed LIGHTHOUSE BAR & CLUB. Real ale no longer available nor any draft beer. 65 EC2, CRAB TAVERN (--other--), 37 Broadgate Circle. Renamed MRS FOGG'S MARITIME CLUB & DISTILLERY. Now Mrs Foggs - a gin emporium. Keg and bottled beer available. Website: https://www.mr-foggs.com/mrs-foggs-maritime-club 65 EC2, PHOENIX (Metropolitan (Greene King)), 26 Throgmorton Street. Added to Membership Discount Scheme: 10% off real ales 65b EC2, RAILWAY TAVERN (Greene King), 15 Liverpool Street, EC2M 7NH. No longer offers a CAMRA discount. 65a EC2, SLUG & LETTUCE (Stonegate), 2 Love Lane, EC2V 7RF. No longer Cask Marque accredited. 65a EC2, WORSHIP STREET WHISTLING SHOP (Fluid Movement), 63 Worship Street, EC2A 2DU. Renamed LONDON COCKTAIL CLUB.  
Update No. 64 Aug-Dec 2018 includes Whatpub updates 18-31 has been incorporated with updates 1-63. Click here for a butchers as well as the guide. Go there now.  UPDATE 65 STARTS HERE Code:- 65 January, 65a February, 65b March, 65c April, 65d June. Any new keg bars included here may not always find their way into the guide.  Information marked with a * indicates local information which may not find its way into Whatpub updates in London Drinker.  Not all Whatpub information here finds its way into London Drinker. EC1                           65a EC3, ABBEY (Stonegate), Clare House, 30-33 Minories, EC3N 1DD. Renamed SLUG & LETTUCE. 65c EC3, BALLS BROTHERS (BURY COURT). (Novus Leisure), 38 St Mary Axe, EC3A 8EX. Renamed BALLS BROTHERS (BURY COURT).Owner now Stonegate. 65c EC3, BALLS BROTHERS (MARK LANE) (Novus Leisure), 2 Minster Court, Mark Lane, EC3R 7BB. Owner now Stonegate. 65c EC3, BALLS BROTHERS (MINSTER EXCHANGE) (Novus Leisure), 1 Minster Pavement, Minster Court, Mincing Lane, EC3R 7PP. Owner now Stonegate. 65a EC3, BAVARIAN BEERHOUSE (Bavarian Beerhouse Group), 9 The Arches Crutched Friars, EC3N 2AU. Closed due to increase in rent. 65a EC3, CRAFT BEER CO. (--other--Craft Beer Co.), 29-31 Mitre Street, EC3A 5BZ. Cider available in bag in boxes. 65 EC3, LION BAR & KITCHEN (Mitchells & Butlers), 31 Houndsditch. Changing beers now 3 65 EC3, MONUMENT (Greene King), 18 Fish Street Hill. Added to Membership Discount Scheme: 10% off real ales 65 EC3, NEW MOON (Greene King), 88 Gracechurch Street. Real ale range now:- Greene King Abbot; Greene King IPA 3 changing beersChanging beers now Added to Membership Discount Scheme: 10% off real ales 65 EC3, OLD TEA WAREHOUSE (Metropolitan (Greene King)), 6-8 Creechurch Lane. Added to Membership Discount Scheme: 10% off real ales 65 EC3, SHIP (Star (Heineken UK)), 3 Hart Street. New operator: - Hart Street Inns Ltd 65b EC3, SIMMONS (Simmons), 35 Eastcheap, EC3M 1DE. Opening soon. 65 EC3, STERLING (Novus Leisure), 30 St Mary Axe. No Real Ale. 65c EC3, TANK & PADDLE (Novus Leisure), Minster Court, 3 Mincing Lane, EC3R 7AA. Owner now Stonegate. 65 EC3, THREE TUNS (Bermondsey Pub Co (Ei Group)), 36 Jewry Street. Website now https://www.threetunsaldgate.co.uk/  65c EC4, BALLS BROTHERS (SHOE LANE) (Novus Leisure), 83 Shoe Lane, EC4A 3BQ. Owner now Stonegate. 65c EC4, BELL (Ei Group), 29 Bush Lane, EC4R 0AN. Owner now (Ei Group). Has become part of Ei's managed Bermondsey Pub Co division. 65 EC4, CASTLE (--other--Red Car), 26 Furnival Street. Renamed 26 FURNIVAL STREET. Gastro pub which has opened after the building was redeveloped. 3 Changing beers. Website: https://www.26furnivalstreet.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/26-Furnival-Street-543525959394465 65a EC4, CORNEY & BARROW (Drake & Morgan), 3 Fleet Place, EC4M 7RD. Renamed LITTLE FABLE. 65c EC4, FLEET PLACE (Fuller's), 1 Fleet Place, EC4M 7RA. Renamed CONDUCTOR. 65a EC4, GRAND UNION (Star (Heineken UK)), Rolls Passage-Chancery Lane, EC4A 1HL. Still closed - lease now on Star website - Jan 2019 65 EC4, PITCHER & PIANO (Marstons), 67-69 Watling Street. Lease acquired by Urban Bars. Being refurbished. Reopening March 2019 65a EC4, PITCHER & PIANO (Urban Pubs & Bars), 67-69 Watling Street, EC4M 9DD. Was an Argentinian restaurant. Reopened and renamed JUNO ROOMS. Currently on soft launch. Refurbished by Urban bars. Keg beer, bottles and cans. 65a EC4, TAPPIT HEN (Davy's (Davy & Co Limited)), 21-23 St Swithens Lane, EC4N 8AD. Part of Davy's chain.Modern Wine bar and restaurant. 3 keg beers. 65 EC4, WHITE HAUS (Hippo Inns (Ei Group)), 17 Farringdon Street. Alpine themed pub in a new development. Tank and craft beer along with 2 cask ales:-Sambrook's Wandle Ale; Timothy Taylor Landlord Website: https://www.thewhitehaus.co.uk/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thewhitehausldn 65a E1, ARCHERS (Ei Group), 42 Osborn Street, E1 6TD. Closed whilst being convert to the BUXTON, a pub with 15 rooms. 65c E1, ARCHERS (Ei Group), 42 Osborn Street, E1 6TD. To reopen as the BUXTON on 20th May. 65a E1, BAR & BLOCK (Whitbread Inns (Whitbread)), 66 Alie Street, E1 8PX. Attached to the Premier Inn. Modern Bar and Restaurant. 12 keg lines. 65a E1W, CAPE BAR (Parity Bars), 5 Thomas Moore Sq, Nesham Street, E1W 1YY. Reopened as the MORETOWN BELLE.operated by Belle Pubs & Restaurants. Modern bar with sports TV, 3 pool tables and 3 dart boards. 3 cask ales from the Marston's range.65a E1, COMMERCIAL TAVERN (Barworks), 142 Commercial Street. ex Punch Freehold sold to ELECTRICITY SUPPLY NOMINEES (SCOTLAND) LIMITED by BARWORKS Oct 2018 for £4.65m 65a E1, DISPENSARY (--individual--), 19A Leman Street, E1 8EN. Closed following increase in rent. 65c E1, DRAGON (Shoreditch Bar Group), 138-139 Shoreditch High Street, E1 6JE. Renamed PHOENIX. 65a E1, DUKE OF WELLINGTON (Mendoza), 12 Toynbee Street, E1 7NE. Closed for redevelopment into pub/hotel 65a E1, GUN (East London Pub Company), 54 Brushfield Street. Renamed GUN. Traditional pub built on the site of the previous pub named The Gun which was demolished in 2015. 4 Changing real ales (such as Caledonian Deuchars IPA;Otter Bitter).Website: https://www.thegunlondon.com/ 65b E1, MECHANIC BREWING COMPANY TAPROOM, Arch 22a, Cudworth Street, E1 5QU. Taproom for the Mechnic Brewing Company. 9 Taps and Bottles. 65b E1, OLIVER CONQUEST (Ei Group), 70 Leman Street, E1 8EU. Reopened as part of EI Group’s Bermondsey Pub Co managed division. At least two real ales, one was London Pride. 65b E1, SIR SYDNEY SMITH (Wellington), 22 Dock Street, E1 8JP. Now offers 50p off a pint of cask ale to CAMRA members. 65b E1W, VICTUALLER, 69 Garnet Street, E1W 3QS. Closed in November. Being coverted to a gym [D3]. Was the Three Suns. 65b E1, WATER POET (Spitalfields Bars), 11 Folgate Street, E1 6BX. Closed, whole area scheduled for redevelopment.  65a E2, CARPENTER'S ARMS (--individual--), 73 Cheshire Street. Real ale range now:- 2 changing beers 65c E2, GLORY, 281 Kingsland Road, E2 8AS. Freehold for sale via DCL early 2019 65c E2, HARE, 505 Cambridge Heath Road, E2 9BU. Now Cask Marque accredited. 65a E2, NELSONS HEAD (--individual--), 32 Horatio Street, E2 7SB. Closed for refurbishment in October 2018.Reopened January 2019 after refurbishment. No cask ale at present .Guinness and 2 US craft beers   65a E3, MULLER & BRIGGS (Rullos), 130 Cadogan Terrace. Situated on the side of Victoria Park this modern bar is in the development on the site of the Top o' the morning pub. Run by Rullo's restaurant chain. A range of keg beer. Website: https://www.mullerandbriggs.co/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MullerandBriggs 65a E3, OLD DUKE OF CAMBRIDGE (--individual--), 20 Reeves Road, E3 3PH. Converted to flats by Nov 2017 65b E4, KING'S HEAD (Stonegate), 2B Kings Head Hill, E4 7EA. Now offers 10% off real ales to CAMRA members. 65c E4, MOUNT, 30-32 Old Church Road, E4 8DD. Still closed. Lease for sale via DCL Apr 2019 65 E4, OLD HALL TAVERN (Star (Heineken UK)), 200 Hall Lane. Real ale reduced to Fuller's London Pride. No longer Cask Marque accredited. Website: http://www.oldhalltavernchingford.co.uk 65a E4, STATION HOUSE (--individual--), 134-138 Station Road. CLOSED 65c E5, CROOKED BILLET (Ei Group), 84 Upper Clapton Road, E5 9JP. Sold by EI Group to pub operator London Ordinaries March 2019 65b E5, MERMAID (Grace Land), 181 Clarence Road, E5 8EE. Leaseholder now Ye Olde Pub Company Ltd (Freeholder SENTIDALE LIMITED) 65a E6, CENTRAL HOTEL (--individual--), 150 Barking Road, E6 3BD. Having closed in 2017, planning granted to convert to residential with a commercial unit (later changed to nursery) on the ground floor. 65a E6, DENMARK ARMS (Greene King), 381 Barking Road. Opened after refurbishment. Antic pub. Real ale range now:- Volden Pale Ale; Volden Porter + 2 changing beers. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/denmarkarmse6 65a E6, EARL OF WAKEFIELD (--unknown--), 72 Katherine Road, E6 1EN. Converted to church 2014, nursery & HMO 65b E7, FOREST GATE HOTEL (Star (Heineken UK)), 105 Godwin Road, E7 0LW. Real Ale discontinued. 65a E7, HOLLY TREE (Strike Leisure), 141 Dames Road. Freehold sold by GK to STRIKE LEISURE LIMITED in 2004 purchased by REMARKABLE PUBS 13/12/2018 65a E7, SIMPSONS (--unknown--), 342 Romford Road, E7 8BS. Closed since 2015. Three planning applications refused since 2016, the last two involved retaining the pub with flats above. 65c E8, ALIBI, 91 Kingsland High Street, E8 2PB. Now residential. 65c E8, BEER CLUB TAPROOM, Hackney Walk, Arches 7&8, Bohemia Place, E8 1DU. Bar showcasing local breweries. Taps and Bottles. 65c E8, HEART OF HACKNEY, 255 Mare Street, E8 3NS. Renamed HACKNEY HEART 65b E8, MARTELLO HALL (--individual--), 137 Mare Street, E8 3RH. Opeartor now:- Albion & East 65a E8, OSLO (--unknown--), 1a Amhurst Road. No Real Ale. 65c E8, PRINCE ARTHUR (Gorgeous Pubs), 95 Forest Road, E8 3BH. Being refurbished. Due to open April 2019 65a E8, PRINCE ARTHUR (Gorgeous Pubs), 95 Forest Road, E8 3BH. Closed. 65b E8, ST JOHN AT HACKNEY BREWPUB, 16 & 17 Bohemia Place, E8 1DU. Renamed HACKNEY CHURCH BREW CO. 65 E9, BEER MERCHANTS TAP (--individual--), 99 Wallis Road. Website : https://beermerchantstap.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beermerchantstap 65c E9, BREWDOG HOMERTON (BrewDog), 23 Homerton High Street, E9 6JP. Reopened and renamed PLOUGH by Tiny Dancer Group. Sharp's Doom Bar, Atlantic and a guest beer. 65c E9, DEVIANT & DANDY TAPROOM, Arch 185, Nursery Road, E9 6PB. Taproom for the DEviant and Dandy Brewery. 65a E9, HEMINGWAY (Star (Heineken UK)), 84 Victoria Park Road, E9 7JL. Sold to Wellesley Capital Investment Ltd (associated with the Wellington Pub Co) 65c E9, HOSPITAL TAVERN, 32 Homerton Row, E9 6EA. Closed in 2013 and demolished in September 2015. Replacement building should have had a pub at ground floor level. Planning granted in 2019 to convert the empty shell to flats 65 E9, PEOPLE'S PARK TAVERN (Laines), 360 Victoria Park Road. Owner now Young's. 65a E10, OLIVER TWIST (Whitbread), 90 Church Road, E10 5JP. Conversion to 9 flats approved August 2013 and completed the following year 65a E11, BIRDS (Star (Heineken UK)), 692 High Road, E11 3AA. Sold to Wellesley Capital Investment Ltd (associated with the Wellington Pub Co) 65a E11, EAGLE (Toby Carvery (Mitchells & Butlers)), 73 Hollybush Hill, E11 1PE. No Real Ale. 65b E11, LEYTONSTONE TAVERN (Coex Properties LLP), 119 Harrow Road, E11 3PX. Opeartor now:- Taverns East Ltd 65a E11, LEYTONSTONE TAVERN (Coex Properties LLP), 119 Harrow Road. Reopened. Large two bar pub which has been recently refurbished. The main bar is modern with wooden floorboards,tables and booths. The second bar is wood paneling and traditional tables. The hand pumps are in the second bar. Ex Savill's pub. Serves 2 changing real ales.. 65a E11, LORD ROOKWOOD (Ei Group), 314 Cann Hall Road, E11 3NW. Owner now --individual--. Bought by LORD ROOK WOOD LIMITED July 2018 for £1.5m ex Ei Group.Closed 2013. Planning app granted to convert upstairs to flats and on land adjacent to pub. 65c E11, LUPPOLO, 36-38 High Street Wanstead, E11 2RJ. Real Ale discontinued. 65a E11, NORTHCOTE ARMS (Ei Group), 110 Grove Green Rd, E11 4EL. Reported as no longer owned by Ei Group (awaiting Land Registry confirmation). 65b E11, SOLVAY SOCIETY TAPROOM, Arch 223, Madeira Road, E11 4AF. Keg beer. 65a E12, EARL OF ESSEX (Ei Group), 616 Romford Road, E12 5AF. Dec 2018: Planning app approved keeping pub/restaurant on ground floor with 9 flats above 65a E12, ROYAL BRITISH LEGION (MANOR PARK) CLUB (Newham Council), 30a Church Road, E12 6AQ. Now a for hire event venue 65a E12, RUSKIN ARMS (--unknown--), 386 High Street North, E12 6PH. Already reported closed, license surrendered following incident 65b E13, ARMY & NAVY, 36 New Barn Street, E13 8JA. Closed. Unlikely to reopen. 65a E14, 5B URBAN BAR (--individual--), 27 Three Colt Street, E14 8HH. Found CLOSED on Friday 26 Oct 2018. Reopened as a Live Music venue. 65a E14, ABERFELDY TAVERN (Brakspear Pub Co.), 26 Aberfeldy Street, E14 0NU. Closed c.2013 and demolished the following year - the promised replacement pub never materialised 65a E14, CRAFT BEER CO. (Star (Heineken UK)), 576 Commercial Road, E14 7JD. 65a E14, FINE LINE (Fuller's), 10 Cabot Square - Fishermans Walk, E14 4DH. Renamed LIMEHOUSE. 65a E14, GREENWICH PENSIONER (--individual--), 28 Bazeley Street, E14 0ES. Reopened after refurbishment.. 65a E14, LORD STANLEY (--unknown--), 55 Carmen Street, E14 6NW. Closed. Planning app from 2013 timed out. A 2017 plan to replace with new pub and flats was rejected 65c E14, ROCKET BY BALLS BROTHERS (Novus Leisure), 2 Churchill Place, E14 5RB. Owner now Stonegate. 65a E14, ROYAL CHARLIE (Wellington), 116 Chrisp Street, E14 6NL. Demolished 65a E14, SHIP (Ei Group), 290 Westferry Road. Now Cask Marque accredited. 65a E14, STAR OF THE EAST (Ei Group), 805a Commercial Road, E14 7HG. Reopened by the Old Spot Pub Company setup by EI Group with partners Dave Ford (Director at Field to Fork) and Bernard O’Neill (Director at Productivity Mentor), both experienced operators, currently run an award-winning pub in Warwick and other restaurants in London. Fuller's London Pride and 3 changing real ales from the likes of East London Brewing and Rebellion. 65c E15, CHEVY CHASE, 11 Leytonstone Road, E15 1JA2. Having been a restaurant now a solicitors. 65a E15, LEYTON STAR (--individual--), 116 High Road Leyton, E15 2BX. Now Cask Marque accredited. 65a E15, MANBY ARMS (--unknown--), 19 Water Lane, E15 4NL. Nov 2018: Planning app to demolish and replace with flats retaining facade 65c E15, RAILWAY TAVERN, 131 Angel Lane, E15 1DB. Planning granted Dec 2017 for Redevelopment of the site to provide a 298 room hotel ranging in height from 3 to 8 storeys (incorporating a semi enclosed roof terrace) together with the retention (in part) of the existing Railway Tavern. 65a E15, TROWEL & TELEGRAPH (Enterprise Inns), 51 Church Street, E15 3JR. Demolished 2015 65a E16, ANCHOR (--unknown--), 20 Star Lane, E16 4RG. Work taking place 2018 in relation to student accommodation scheme 65a E16, NEW GOG (--unknown--), 38-40 Freemasons Road, E16 3NA. Purchased by NOTTING HILL HOME OWNERSHIP LIMITED in 2015 but still no planning app Feb 2019 65b E16, REACH BAR, Gallions Hotel, Albert Basin Way, E16 4BF. Renamed Galyons Bar & Kitchen. 65a E16, ROYAL OAK (--unknown--), Woodman Street, E16 2LN. Planning app to build 3 extra floors retaining part of pub at ground floor and basement level approved Mar 2018 65b E17, COLLAB (--unknown--), 198 Hoe Street, E17 4BF. Collaboration between Signature Brew and We serve Humans, a food vendor. At least 12 taps. 65a E17, CYPRUS EMPIRE (--unknown--), 20 Woodford New Road, E17 3PR. Renamed EMPIRE LOUNGE. 65a E17, FLOWERPOT (Ei Group), 128 Wood Street, E17 3HX. No longer has Cask Marque status. 65a E17, GROVE TAVERN (--individual--), 74 Grove Road, E17 9BN. Flat conversion underway in 2014 but still covered by hoardings in 2018 65a E17, KELLY'S SPORTS BAR & GRILL (--individual--), 30 St James's Street, E17 7PF. Renamed GOERGIO'S SPORTS BAR & GRILL. 65b E17, QUEENS ARMS (Ei Group), 42 Orford Road, E17 9NJ. Opeartor now:- Youngertabbitt Limited 65c E17, VILLAGE, 31 Orford Road, E17 9NL. Owner now Urban Village Pub Company. 65a E17, WALTHAM FOREST CORPORATION SPORTS & SOCIAL CLUB (--club--), Town Hall, Forest Road, E17 4JF. Having closed 2016 demolished during 2018 65a E17, WILD CARD BREWERY-LOCKWOOD (--individual--), Unit 2, Lockwood Way, E17 5RB. Renamed WILD CARD BREWERY TAPROOM. 65a E17, WILD CARD BREWERY-RAVENSWOOD (--individual--), Unit 7, Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Shernhall Street, E17 9HQ. Renamed WILD CARD BREWERY BARREL ROOM. 65a E18, RAILWAY BELL (Greene King), 87 George Lane. Added to Membership Discount Scheme: 10% off real ales 65a E18, WHITE HART (Ei Group), 159 High Road, E18 2PA. Reopened and renamed GALLERY as a fine dining establishment. The ground floor bar has a couple of keg beers. There is also an upstairs cocktail bar. Thanks to Colin Price and London Drinker. Updated  27 May 2019 Return to Pigs Ear site